Ada Lovelace Day

March 24 was Ada Lovelace Day, an international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science. Over on the Publisher Blog we highlighted two women in the WordPress community.

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  • Mar 25, 2010 @ 3:09 pm
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  1. dhimasln

    emm,,, so, Happy Ada Lovelance Day! :)

    btw ane perTAmax

  2. Ampers

    Unfortunate surname.


  3. charlywalker

    How about just to women in general for achievement in mastering multi tasking….

  4. jennynutrition

    I often ponder observing the internet community and attend some pretty large events, how many men dominate this industry. I was encouraged and delighted with this article, it gave me hope that as a mature wrinklee and female learning all about the net, it gave me a smile and offered a sunshine moment for me. Thanks!

  5. th3sha

    Nice !

  6. Moses

    T’was a bout time they appreciated such advancements!

  7. Sami Malallah

    We need female bloggers especially in Kuwait to read their point of views and creative writings

  8. idiotnesia

    lol… it’s just few minutes before March 26 in my timezone…

    Happy Ada Lovelace Day

  9. Allegra

    Ada rocked!

  10. gerryrosser

    Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

  11. RandomizeME

    Hmm… had no idea. Thanks for the heads-up!

  12. maydelory

    Okay, go for it! Good luck

  13. Mary

    Happy belated Ada Lovelace Day!

  14. Tom Baker

    Ditto, happy belated Ada Lovelace Day to all!

  15. The Nooner Assistant

    I must be out of the loop. Who’s that again?

  16. lesdaprez

    That’s what’s up…. :-)

  17. pbeug

    Very nice. I’m glad to see that it’s being recoognized. :)

  18. Sara

    Wish I would have known sooner, it sounds like something good to write about. A week ago I had an excellent idea for a post about the achievements of women, yesterday would have been a great day to write it. Maybe next week I will.
    Thanks for the updates! :mrgreen: Sara :mrgreen:

  19. synclarity

    You want to see masterful women in science? So many of us forget nurses and technologists in hospitals. What they do and put up with should be lauded on a daily basis. After 42 years of working with you ladies I salute you now!

  20. Moco Scribe

    Well done Ada…whoever you are/were with a name made from left over scrabbel letters : )

  21. Lagunatic

    So glad I heard about this….today…instead of yesterday….when I could have done something about it ;)

    (I’m kidding, I wouldn’t have done anything more than what I just did which was to say, “Oh, isn’t that lovely!”)

    Happy Belated Ada Lovelace day!!

  22. moeycat

    Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

  23. grannygun

    Several years ago I was the adult leader to a club of homeschooling girls that studied women in history. We called the club Go Girls. Each month we would learn about a different woman and have an activity that had something to do with her accomplishments. We studied all sorts of women: Amelia Earhart, Marie Curie, Elizabeth Blackwell, Florence Nightingale, Helen Keller–to name a few. It was great fun! Women rock the world!

  24. madeleinelamas

    good to them!

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  26. Christina

    Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

  27. art predator

    Thank you for recognizing these amazing WordPress women! If I had known about this event earlier, I would have posted about it and recognized women in tech who I admire–like Kathy Sierra who I heard at WordCamp SF and tea Silvestre from my local community! next time, post this more in advance so we can join in!

  28. janestone

    wow, I had no idea there was a day for that, do we really have enough days if we are going to celebrate everything?

  29. rightways

    Well done! Women hold up half of the sky!!

  30. littlewolfe53




  32. thoyenx

    ikut aja dah…happy ada lovelace day

  33. lamebraincells

    this is great. :) acknowledgement for women. :D

  34. Jae Mie

    Lace is beautiful. I love it! <3

    Happy Ada Lovelace Day! Geeky Girls FTW.

  35. ralphpanes

    Happy Ada lovelace day ^.^

  36. umairp

    Really an awesome achievement by Her.

  37. selvaraja somiah

    Sorry never knew about this. Power to all the women. Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

  38. Hana

    Great start for women to achieve more. Happy Ada Lovelace Day.

  39. crocusgirl

    Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

  40. James Patrick

    I really appreciate Ada Lovelace Day. Being a doctoral candidate for computer science (still trying to get there), I remember programming in Ada in the early 70′s at UT (Go, Horns!).

  41. VAJRA, South America

    Fantastic and Happiness… Nice Day!

    Thank you.

  42. boscodagama

    I saw a biog of Grace Hopper at the library this week.

  43. 4leggedfriends

    They made a holiday representing women?!? Awesome

  44. Languish

    Happy Ada Lovelace Day :D

  45. Suke

    Ow, Awesome, Have a nice day :)

  46. Dodo

    have a nice day,,,,:)

  47. yoriyuliandra

    Lets keep blogging whether man or woman.
    We do care about science and technology

  48. chinarose

    Women bloggers rule. Yeah, lifetime achievement in multi-tasking. Thanks Ada.

  49. @nstone Architecture Design & Business info

    Happy Ada Lovelace Day

  50. thevanbrown

    Accomplishments, technical or otherwise, are not always gender-specific. Men do, however, have a much higher score especially in the area of making things blow up.

  51. essenceofblessings

    wow! what a day! blessings again!

  52. Admin

    Very nice. Happy Ada Lovelace Day.

  53. raphaelawasadiver

    Happy ada lovelace day!

  54. photoproducer

    I have faith in those who put fourth their efforts to influence our community to make a change for the better through technology.

  55. lebenzeichnendes

    “Die Frau, für die ich den Computer erfand” by Friedrich Christian Delius is a fascinating book about the achievements of Ada Lovelace. Konrad Zuse fell in love with her… ;)

  56. wawtricks

    Happy Ada Lovelace day!

  57. manshurzikri

    I’ve just added my Ada Lovelace Day 2010 URL already. SELAMAT ADA LOVELACE DAY!!!!! :)

  58. dellaanna

    wow, what an wonderful day, happy lovelace day :)

  59. moqblure

    Wat a coincidence! My name is ADA too!!! And i’m women too. I thought it was my Day wordpress given to me. Heheheh, Nway. happy day!

  60. eruvierda

    Happy Ada Lovelace day…

  61. canallovers

    nice idea.. happy ada lovelace day..

  62. ratnaningtyastuti

    Happy Lovelaceday all

    From Cheer Up Girl :)

  63. ellison80

    happy Ada Lovelace day from Philip and Maddy

  64. jaisreekumar v

    good… happy ada lovelace day..

  65. panosladas

    In 2006, my house was at “Lovelage Gardens” (and then I moved to Lovelace Road). At that time it was rather hard to do some research and find credible information about Loveace. There was no article in Wikipedia for Lovelace and Google was all meshed up with the “lovelace” keyword…

    Let’s celebrate this day, a day where EVERYTHING is in wikipedia and Google :) Thanks Ada!

  66. chibikaede

    Happy Lovelace thingy day!

  67. nayantaka

    Happy lovely day :)

  68. amycaidet

    hey…wow its been just 6 days ago here but heyaaaa..Belated.Happy Ada Lovelace Day

  69. jennaym

    Wow, well then Happy late Ada Lovelace day! That’s a pretty good thing to do. Honor women for doing something great. ^_^

  70. ellysuryani

    Ada Lovelace Day, hm…great even.

  71. blossomisme

    thanks ada! ^_^
    Happy Lovelace day all..


  72. Mazato

    Happy ada lovelace day. Sugeng rahayu :)

  73. dikijulius

    Wow, CooLz yow, happy lovelace day :)

  74. imageinme

    Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

  75. scripturesnapshots

    Congrats, Ada!!

  76. Dr. D.

    I love Ada Lovelace Day!

  77. Sonia

    fantastic! <3

  78. womanlyjourney

    that is an amazing thing to celebrate. i am so glad that so many people recognizied it as an impotant day!

  79. Michelle Elvy

    I’m a little late here, but this is great! It’s been a good month to celebrate. For anyone interested, you can see my March 9 post, “International Women’s Day Then and Now: Women Rocking the World in their Own Way.” I’m glad to see Jane Wells and Lisa Sabin-Wilson celebrated here too!

  80. brianrizadhani

    Happy Ada Lovelace Day !!!

  81. mrsmailey

    Thats cool, well done.

  82. eel41064

    Oh..ya??? it’s very good news…Ada lovelace Day,Congrats….!!!!

  83. renniepet

    > Ampers
    > Unfortunate surname.

    How’s that?

  84. Hara-kiri heroine

    Women test technology, technology tests woman.

  85. Margaret

    Congratulations to two very accomplished women making the world a better place. Thank you for using your talents in helping others.

  86. moondustwriter

    Way to go Ada!!! Thanks for helping out the techy ladies

  87. Arqam Zahreza R

    Good luck for “Ada Lovely Day”!
    It must be amazing chance for the women, nice!

  88. Doug Wildman

    Why congratulate someone for being successful women in the field? Seems to me they made a significant contribution. Period. Seems like a throwback. Maybe I’m missing something… I’m just saying.

  89. Ruang Hati Blog

    Ada Lovelace Day? Dimana? LoL

    Really Lovelace


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