New Theme: Neutra

Today, we’re bringing you another new theme. Neutra is a simple and elegant theme. Dabs of color accent this typographically focused theme built upon a solid grid-based design.


The design is extremely inviting. Colors accent the white and gray design, helping showcase your content without distraction. The headers are quite warm and inspiring.

Neutra's Colorful Headers

Nice icons accompany the post metadata that sits at the bottom of the post.

Post Metadata

To make organization of pages easy, there is a nice styled drop-down menu.

Drop-down Menus

Drop-down Menus

Neutra was designed by maxxu and is available in your dashboard or in the themes directory.

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  • Mar 25, 2010 @ 9:02 pm
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  1. Avgirl10

    Thanks for the new theme!

  2. paul

    nice, maybe I can use this one! thank you.

  3. KaushiK™

    seems it can be used as a photoblog theme as well as a normal blog’s theme. i expect this theme to load faster due to the simple design. it would look more attractive if there were 3 footer widgets, but this is also very nice.

  4. technogran

    I like this one, might try it out! Thanks and keep the themes coming!

  5. akhdian

    Very simple .. thanks

  6. sickr

    Thank you. This and the previous design you posted are fantastic showcases for webdesign. Please keep them coming : )

  7. shamballa9944

    Nice and clean! I like it!

  8. J-Slyde

    Yet another quality theme. :))

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  10. El Santo

    Ah, very clean. I like it!

  11. Declan

    sweet i think i’ll try it

  12. th3sha`

    sO cooooooool !!! Yupii ! i like it !!

  13. timethief

    This one looks promising so I’ll be checking it out. Thanks Noel.

  14. Moco Scribe

    Nice clean theme. Should work well for photo sites.

  15. Rogue|Hero

    Another fabulous theme! Keep them coming! I’ll try this out.

    Thanks very much WordPress!

  16. Tatu

    Nice and clean

  17. Kris

    wow. i think i might change my theme anytime this week.

  18. yuriyuda

    ohohoho thanx bro,, nice work :),,

  19. Moses

    very classy… me like!

  20. Mary

    Nice and simple, the way I like it. Thanks a bunch!

  21. hisyam hananto

    Thank for your theme, i like it

  22. 便当小兔儿


  23. emailoke

    Theme for the nice theme, I’ll try for my next web site

  24. Sara

    Beautiful and very classy, like me! (just joking :) ). I love the drop-down menu for pages! It’s not the theme for me, but I haven’t seen a theme like it in awhile.
    Keep up the great work, WordPress! :mrgreen: Sara :mrgreen:

  25. Anne Lessing

    This looks like too tame of a theme for me, but I appreciate it! It’s extremely appealing.

  26. barbara

    I do like those drop-down menus.
    Thanks, guys, for all the new themes.

  27. Jean-Luc Crucifix

    Nice and clean.

  28. lisalesa

    I am apply this instead of chaos…
    Let me preview and I’ll make a leap of faith

  29. danliew

    This theme is so cool! Was using DePo Square previously.

  30. sweetman

    oooooh! neutra! very cool!

  31. Arya Utama

    Thanks, i like drop down menus….

  32. cherielee

    lovely! will try that out :)

  33. Rookie Photographer

    Simple and Beautiful………….

  34. CosTin ™

    Beautiful theme. But when will we see a theme with more option,? Something like how to find areas. Com etc..
    I for one I’d like a theme with the opportunity to make a video right in the header I want the above posts u place my articles to be written in the magazine. Like a movie. The Cpanel option, and more. You are the strongest I can not believe that WordPress does not afford to improve a little homework and option, the cPanel.
    So ….. come on guys and want to see something new.
    How about? You? That gives you challenge. To see you ;)

  35. nimatime1

    Great new theme! thanks for the options! You guys are Great!

  36. mrasherkade

    Too boring for me….why can’t WordPress get some color????????

  37. Nishu

    Neutra is a beautiful theme. Thanks for adding it to

  38. Tom Baker

    Yet again another great theme! Gracias!

  39. kshal

    beautiful natural theme…i love it….thank you

  40. Rian Farisa

    Noel seems to be really productive lately. Thanks for your hardwork as usual. ^^

  41. Car

    I like it already

  42. deepbellylaugh

    Good clarity and inviting layout. This would suit the content of quite a lot of blogs. For now I’m sticking with mine though, but it’s been exciting to have so many themes released lately. It’s becoming a good selling point for joining WordPress.

  43. zie0269

    want to try this…

  44. Mae

    Loving the string of new themes. Keep them rolling!

    I wish there were more with custom headers though.


    I am considering to change my theme, but there is no really suitable with my taste yet.
    Please, give me more, Noël. Thx

  46. RandomizeME

    Cool- I’m checking this out, love having another optional theme if you want drop down menus!

  47. Amit Singh

    I think I’ll have to reconsider my decision to go self hosted.
    Thumbs up for the frequent update.

  48. art predator

    very classy, I like this! but prefer customizable headers

    I didn’t realize you could customize Dark Wood so much–will have to check that out

    thanks WordPress!

  49. navedz

    Looks nice, light-weight and simple. Can be used. Thanks.

  50. Dr Janardhana V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

    Am I the single fellow here, who did not like the above theme?

  51. Emmanuel Ibok

    Cool theme…From my opinion, I feel the older themes should be re-visited and given some modern touch cos new themes get to outshine them and make them useless. Some obvious errors made can be corrected with the present day eyes…#justsaying Keep up the good work.Cheers!

  52. dhimasln

    thank you very much, Noel. this is a very-very cool theme :)

  53. revil

    very very cool.. :D

  54. BaNi MusTajaB

    great work..i like it.

  55. pisikee

    very beautiful! =)

  56. Celebes

    Fantastic theme!

  57. Po

    I like it, with one exception:
    Why does the blog title has to be SO BIG and blue and so on.

    A small blog title, especially for this template is ideal, accompanied by an elegant font – would transform this temple as aesthetically correct.

  58. Thomses

    It’s so Creative man….!!!! I Like it !… :)

  59. Эдуард Фаттахов

    That’s real great!!!

  60. yoriyuliandra

    Thanks, let me try this simple one…


    nice theme…

  62. alamendah

    wow…… fantastic….!!!

  63. mssaar

    LOVE the drop down menu for my pages! So much cleaner!!! More with drop down menus, please, as I prefer a bit more color. Thank you.

  64. Andrew

    I don’t like this theme so much.

  65. Marina_Ukraine

    Hello from Ukraine !

    Oh, it looks good, simple, which as for me is always best, but, I do not see customizable header feature, which I need :-)


    good work………

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  68. technogran

    I like big headers! Shout it out I say! I am now using this theme for my blog. Keep them coming! You can’t have enough themes in my book.

  69. Radu

    excellent theme ;)

  70. Hana

    Neat, sweet, light and clean. Great WordPress theme.

  71. anauthorsorchard

    I am always waiting for a new theme!! Thanks!

  72. ddrD

    Very clean and nice, maybe it will be my next theme.

  73. realtorplus

    Yet another masterpiece – like – really like that cherry tree!

  74. NovembrineSoul

    Really really nice!

    Thank you!

  75. Karanvir Singh Sangha

    Thanks for such a beautiful theme WordPress… you guys are just great…..

  76. Thema Felix

    It’s beautiful! I switched right away.

  77. -dN5

    Like this…. Can i use it now..? ;)

    • Sheri

      Yep. You can find it in your blog dashboard under Themes > Appearance. Search for Neutra.

  78. Matteos

    The Adding Themes Rule: more means better.

    The New Theme Rule: a new cool theme is better than no new cool theme.

  79. Joan

    Thanks for the theme. But I would be very pleased if you could introduce a theme wich could be suitable for those one’s who use their blog most as a website. I mean a theme like “Digg 3″ but more stylized.


  80. PEZ

    Super nice! My blog looks really clean and beautiful now. I liked Titan too, but will run with this one now. Keep these themes coming!

  81. Madeleine

    I love it! The darned thing doesn’t have a spot for categories or half of the widgets, though, so I’ll not be using it, for now. ) :

  82. thecuriousbaker

    hmmm…the first theme that has made me actually consider changing my current one!

  83. Veronika Gunartati

    Seems simple and beauty. I will try. thanks.

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  85. 21dayconversation

    This theme is very clean cut… very nice!

  86. trollboy

    Wow great theme. I just switched to it!

  87. alicia19971127

    Clean and white. A nice theme for us bloggers!

  88. metaglossia

    I love the idea of the drop-down menu for pages. That’s great!

  89. Maria

    Uhh what a nice theme. Just what wordpress needed. Nice!

  90. insearchoff

    simply super

  91. butterflynotes

    thank u. this is beautiful.

  92. BaNi MusTajaB

    I am apply this themes right now. very simple..
    but i want to change font more bigger than now…can you help me?
    thank you

  93. sravan953

    OMG NICE! *__*

  94. virtuellerotique33

    Simple très joli thème

  95. jumatwage

    Nice Theme….I would like to change with this one…

  96. خدادادی

    very nice
    waiting 4 new themes :)

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  98. xKays

    wow, it’s not too out there.. yet it’s not too dull! well done! x

  99. daamer7r

    Hey nice theme, Very fresh and natural, I will try this as well. THANKS for the announcement!!!!!

  100. Sandra Lee

    Pure. I want to explore this one. Thanks!


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