Gravatar-Powered Profiles

We’ve always sort-of had profiles here on — you probably remember giving your name and such when you first signed up for — but they’ve always been a little lame. You’d see your information when you wrote comments, or with some themes, or on the forums. Such basic functionality worked, but you guys have been asking for richer profiles that showed a bit more personality and were as easy and ubiquitous as your Gravatar.

These days you’re not just blogging on WordPress, you’re also posting photos on Flickr, updating your friends on Facebook, and Tweeting (Buzzing?) about everything in between.

What if your Gravatar wasn’t just an image that showed up when you comment, but you could attach more of yourself to it to better represent your style, flair, and personality not just with more photos but with links to all the cool stuff you’re doing around the web.

That’s what Gravatar profiles are, and they’re now live to the world and easy to edit right inside your dashboard.

We’re continuing the tradition of complete openness and transparency that Gravatar (and WordPress) has been known for, so nothing you put into your profile will be locked behind proprietary APIs or a scary terms of service — what you choose to share in your profile will be open to the world.

You’ll find some cool features on the new profiles: you can have a gallery of your favorite photos, add a variety of contact methods, and link your other profiles. Every linked account is verified so you know it’s not an impostor, and we also might be able to do cool stuff in the future like aggregate your content or update your avatar in multiple places when you update Gravatar.

While we’re all getting familiar with this new system, you will only be able to view your own profile on, so you’ll have a bit of time to spruce it up before we’re out of beta. Check out this handsome fellow:

Sample profile on

To edit your profile on just click this link. From there you can edit all of your information to build out your profile. Some of the links will go through to, since that is the engine behind all of this, and you can also go edit it on instead, it’s the same thing.

Edit your Public Profile

Personal settings and options now have their own page in the “Personal Settings” sidebar menu under “Users” in your dashboard.

Profiles will become public for everyone soon so make sure to check yours out and update it to include (or leave out) exactly what you want. If you remove all information from your profile, then other people will only be able to see your Gravatar, just like right now.

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Beau Lebens


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  1. timethief

    Thanks for this.

  2. akhdian

    Nice Feature :)

  3. Harper

    Thanks much, Beau; this, as almost everything else, is quite handy.

  4. Andrew


  5. ishabelle

    nicey… :)

  6. Mary

    Awesome advancements, thanks!

  7. Doreen Gatien

    Yahoo! Sounds great!

  8. Michael Pick

    Awesome. But someone replaced the cheeky handsome Australian fellow with a chubby unshaven guy with big glasses on mine, which came as somewhat of a let down.

  9. Ady Mat

    I have just tried to update my profile page, to my astonishment it could not update the information filled by me there. Only last option which was Verified External Services could be updated. I am feeling like give no more try to it.

    You can moderate this comment also like the last time unnecessarily, made on server down post here. I am surprised by WordPress second time in my almost 1 and a half year interaction with it. Personally I consider WordPress a model, which can do no wrong.

  10. Victoria

    Great feature…

    … but, when I try to authenticate with LinkedIn, it says “An Authorization Token was not supplied”

  11. Victoria

    It’d be nice to be able to change the picture size, too. Even on my 1280×1024 monitor the photo takes up all the screen. It’s a bit much.

  12. Victoria

    And no spam protection on e-mail addresses… and adding websites is booby trapped with an extra “http://” which you can’t see but which magically appears as soon as you paste something into the box, but you don’t see that because the caret is at the end of what you’ve pasted… and there’s no edit of what’s already there.

    This feature will be really ace, but it needs a little bit of polish doesn’t it.

    • Beau Lebens

      Emails will be masked before profiles are made public, but for now there’s no way for anyone but you to access your information.

  13. dotjenna

    Wow! I was wondering where those profiles were. It’s like 1/2 way built or something now, so I knew they were coming. Thanks for this!!! How can we thank you enough?????

  14. RandomizeME

    Pretty cool! I’m glad that it’s customized so you can give out or hide as much info as you want. WP service as always!

  15. Aiman Amani

    Lol, yeah… this is more like it :) I’ve been waiting for this

  16. phoxis

    This is a very neat and clean feature

  17. %u0639%u0644%u06CC %u062F.%u0628.

    Can’t we write our profiles in our own language? (Unicode?)
    This is my name after saving profile:
    “%u0639%u0644%u06CC %u062F.%u0628″
    (It used to be “علی د.ب.”)

  18. marmaladeangel

    Yes…! I think this is really cool and GREAT…!

  19. navedz

    Much welcome feature. Thank you guys!

  20. exavolt


    But is there any plan to add OAuth API for gravatar?

  21. Gerrit Eicker

    Great! You’ve been waiting for a very long time now. – What about social networking?

  22. Gerry Ashley

    Thanks but no thanks.

    While this feature may be fine for many of your customers, I would hasten to point out that in volatile political times such as we’re going through now, it might be advisable for those of us involved in politically oriented blogs to release as little about ourselves as possible. There are extremists on both sides of the political picture and the last thing I want someone whose politics is 180 degrees from mine, is for that person to know how to get in touch with me and what I look like. Especially when I have no idea what he or she looks like. Thanks, but that’s one advantage I prefer not to give up. That’s an invitation to disaster.

  23. eicker

    LinkedIn: “An Authorization Token was not supplied”

    • Beau Lebens

      Thanks eicker. A few people reported that, and I discovered that LinkedIn changed something recently that broke our implementation. Should be working now!

  24. ecclesiaapologia

    This looks like a really interesting feature, thanks :)

  25. Car

    thanx peace.

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  27. yoriyuliandra

    what a lovely feature… keep working :D

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  30. Dee-Ann LeBlanc

    Just some feedback for some features:

    For those of us who have more than one Twitter account, it would be nice to be able to add them. I have 2 very different businesses and have them separate.

    I found it a little ironic that I was in WordPress and had to tell it who I am in WordPress. :)

    • Beau Lebens

      We’re looking at possibly allowing multiple entries for each type of information in the future, but for now we wanted to just see how people were going to use this thing :) Lots of cool things to come!

  31. T3CK

    Thank you! :)

  32. xentek

    The profiles are so clean. Love them.

  33. Moco Scribe

    That sounds great can’t wait to get started!!

  34. Gerrit Eicker

    Thanks, Beau, LinkedIn works fine now.

  35. Ron

    Just bear in mind, folks – publishing your contact details would be a seriously bad idea – unless you’re addicted to spam and want to attract the attention of every psycho out there.

    Heed, too, the comments from Gerry Ashley, above, and don’t just dive into this blindly.

    • Matt

      I gave up trying to obscure my email address a few years ago. Once the spammers have it, they have it. And they appear to get it no matter how much you try to hide it. I now focus on stopping it once it gets to my account so it never shows up in my inbox. Gmail gets better at this every day, and I use SpamAssassin.

  36. Marina_Ukraine

    Hello from Ukraine !

    Yes, the very good feature, thank you for it.

    Sincere wishes to you,


  37. Cyndy Otty

    Very snazzy!

    So, will this eventually replace the (rather lame) profiles that are linked to in the forums?

    • Beau Lebens

      Once people have had a chance to check and update their information, you’ll probably see them start popping up all over the place.

  38. Raheel

    Great! It was something, definitely missing at WP.

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  40. deepbellylaugh

    Powerful addition. So much activity stalking!

  41. Sara

    Wow, so cool. I love the clean look of the profiles and the profile feature. I’m going to check it out now!

  42. opalkatze

    according to @gerry ashley i’m not fully happy with that kind of features. maybe most of us/you love spreading personal details around the web – i don’t. the more ‘linking to’-platforms develops, the more i have to take care of and to look after. i’m really dreaming of one single application that allows to control all my connections (sort of one-for-all remote control), but this will have to stay a dream, i presume. :(

    • Beau Lebens

      The new profiles feature definitely doesn’t *require* you to spread anything around, you’re more than welcome to keep everything here at! If you do have other content or information that you’re publishing around the place though, then adding them to your profile will help other folks to find them.

  43. Julie McLeod

    I like this! But, my gravatar image is pretty low res because for a gravatar it doesn’t need to be big. But, then when it posts on the profile page it’s enlarged to the point of pixellation. Any way to change the size that displays or assign an image other than the actual gravatar to be the large paper-clipped one on the profile page?

    • Beau Lebens

      If you upload a higher resolution version for your gravatar, it will be automatically resized to whichever size is needed, based on the original. That way if it’s displayed in a large format, it’ll be nice and crisp, but it will also be resized to be a nice small file when shown smaller.

  44. Bill

    Hi: I do have a question which I hope isn’t inappropriate. A few years ago, I published several web-sites through a different web-host. My contact info was included on my sites. Over time, I actually received many thousands of internet-attacks through my e-mail account. Has your technology made this former threat null and irrelevant? I hope so. Is it reasonably safe to include my e-mail address in my profile?

    • Beau Lebens

      Although it’s not currently, when profiles are made public, your email address will be obscured via javascript, making it much more difficult for spammers to harvest it programmatically. That being said, if you’re concerned about “someone” getting your email by putting it on your profile, then just leave it off, as that’s always the best way to make sure it stays private!

  45. sami ben gharbia

    Thanks Matt for mentioning Global Voices Advocacy here, really appreciated! By the way, you can check out our last project “Threatened Voices” that maps the suppression of online free speech, especially towards political bloggers.

  46. nadya

    super nice … thx! :)

  47. Danica

    This is awesome! FINALLY!

  48. Deepika Dutta Kapoor

    Beau – Cool addition
    How soon do you plan to make these profiles public?

    • Beau Lebens

      We don’t have a specific date yet, we want to give as many people as possible a chance to change their details before things are made public, because we’re very aware that a lot of folks don’t want even their real name being published. Once it looks like the majority of people have made any changes they wanted to make, we’ll open things up.

  49. kansir

    Can i have Traditional Chinese characters in the profile?
    i find that the gravatar profile can’t display chinese.

  50. Karanvir Singh Sangha

    thanks for this guys. :D

  51. plrang

    Pretty cool, just like more standarized About page, I like it and waiting for going public.

  52. barrycyrus


  53. Darnell Clayton

    This is really cool, but the only suggestion I would add is to give us a shortened url of the link to our public profile in order to make it “friendlier” to outsiders.

    Example: Everyone recognizes @Twitter means, and Facebook has a shortened URL for users which is

    I was wondering if something similar could be used for Gravatar?

    • Beau Lebens

      You already have a short URL, based on your username. For example, mine is For now you are the only one who can access your URL though. Once profiles are public, these will be included on your Edit Profile page so that you can easily copy-paste it, send it to friends etc.

  54. Hank Roberts

    You need a bigger warning of this, I just saw a little note once that was replaced with some other announcement when I paged back to read it again, then it took a while to find this out.

    > we’re very aware that a lot of folks don’t want even their real name being published.
    Good so far.
    > Once it looks like the majority of people have made any changes they wanted to make, we’ll open things up.

    Wrong. This is very wrong. You should _invite_ people to _opt_in_ to having their personal information published.

    Don’t do it to everybody as soon as it “looks like a majority” has noticed it’s going to happen.

    Always: default to “opt in” not “opt out” and especially “opt out after we surprise you.”

    Please. It’s a big world.

    Lots of your customers might be put at risk if you make their personal information public without their specific OK.

    • Matt

      Just to clarify: nothing is being made public that isn’t already public. Everything on profiles is already public, and there’s only extra if you’ve explicitly added it.

  55. Tom Scott

    WordPress isn’t alone in this – but why do you want Gravatar to “upload, edit and replace photos” on Flickr? It seems to me to be an unnecessary security hole – external services should only have access to the minimum set of functions.

  56. Anne Lessing

    What an awesome new feature! I’m off to update my profile! Thanks so much, WP.

  57. Taufik

    awesome stuff

  58. screamoinside

    such a great features!
    thanks for this!

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  60. Emmanuel Ibok

    More support to WordPress’s elbow.

  61. Stacy

    I’ve tried the feature and I can honestly say that I hate it! It takes forever for the Gravatar page to load and it keeps trying to close done my window. I prefer the old, easier profiles. I feel sad to see them go, for this! :cry:

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  63. Matthew Guay

    It would be great if we could rearrange the order item appear, for instance, which picture shows up first or which website is listed first. Right now to change them you basically have to delete it and then re-add them in the order you want. Otherwise, great work, and I can’t wait to see the future of WordPress/Gravatar/Automattic as a social network that spans across multiple independent sites :)

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  65. anauthorsorchard

    WOW! I like it! :))

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  67. Charlie Stout

    I loved this idea so much in 2008 I started a blog about it. I didn’t keep up with the blog because I felt as though I’d exhausted the topic after a few short posts detailing a hypothetical scenario of establishing social connections between consumers and producers of online content.

    This is a Facebook-killer.

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  69. Paul B.

    Are you guys behind Gravatar? Because what I’d like is a way to turn G. off or on on-the-fly, for privacy reasons. The lack of ability to do that is why I stopped using G.

  70. Lagunatic


  71. musicofourheart

    A most novel feature!

  72. Jo Lord

    Thanks! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. I really like this idea.

  73. Hana

    Great WordPress news. I do love more personalized G. Great feature to show the world that we are exist and easier for someone out there to see us as a unique blogger. I can’t wait for aggregate feature coming.

  74. Jinelz

    Pretty nice.

  75. J-Slyde

    Fantastic idea!! :)

  76. fathur2010

    OK. I’ll try to my blog. Thx

  77. Wellsy

    Interesting feature. Perhaps I’ll use it.

  78. webmistress

    Just updated mines, hopefully my other fellas will do the same….thanks for posting

  79. waveboard24

    Sounds interesting!

  80. thislovelybunny

    Will do .. !!!

  81. Screwed Loose

    This is great! WordPress has been needing a feature like this for a while. :) Thanks!

  82. aggressivesoldiers

    That’s wonderful. God bless all.

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  85. xmamy

    WOW! I like it!

  86. Alycia @

    I love Gravatar!

  87. waynesmall

    Love how easy this works!

  88. alilovesyablog


  89. markmcdougall

    Good idea, WordPress is getting better. Any chance we can have more themes?! :)

  90. trisma oktavia

    OKe :D

  91. storytyme

    Oooh, I like this feature! I would definitely use it. Unfortunately, I think I’m too lazy to even bother doing it. Maybe I’ll attempt making a profile later. xD

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