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Media is a big part of my life. Showing friends a slideshow of a weekend excursion is a common occurrence. When blogging these photos, displaying them in a long gallery doesn’t always make sense.There wasn’t any other option to show off the images uploaded to your blog until now.

Today, we’re rolling out 100% JavaScript powered slideshows. But, why did I bother to mention that they’re JavaScript powered? Most importantly, because we’re consuming the web in different ways. Our JavaScript powered slideshows will work in any browser that supports CSS and JavaScript – even the iPad and iPhone!

The slideshows are simple and straightforward. Upload your photos as a gallery, then click the “Insert slideshow” button, or use the [slideshow] shortcode. The slideshow automatically adjusts its dimensions to fit your blog’s theme.

Without further ado, here are some pictures I took while visiting some zoos over the years.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This feature is currently only available on A plugin will be available soon.

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  1. Milo

    Wow! At last! Extremely pleased to see this! Good call.

  2. dreamsburnred

    Very nice pictures.

    It’s nice to see integrate a moving slideshow feature :).

    Keep it up!

  3. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    O… M… G to the moon! Where were you when I uploaded too many pix onto our church blog earlier this week?!! This is ter-r-rific news! I’ll be sure to try it out. Thanks ever so much!!!

  4. StarSpry

    Cool! Thanks :)

  5. margopego

    This is a really cool idea! I can’t wait to start making use of this on one of my own blogs. :) Thanks for adding this to the WordPress tools.

    Amazing pictures in your zoo slide show, too. :)

  6. Oli

    .org plugin?

  7. kimdomkreatywny

    hey i dont understand how i can make a slide show;( where is the slideshow button…plis help!!

    • Sheri

      The Insert Slideshow button will show up in the Gallery tab when you have attached images to a post or page.

  8. Jason

    Fantastic work! Always wanted an on-site gallery option! Can’t wait to give it a try, thank you!

  9. 3dbloke

    This is NICE. Thanks for the update.

  10. izaakmak

    This is SO COOL! Thanks!

  11. Dr. CaSo

    Oh that’s great, it’s something I’ve dreamed of for a long time. Thanks :)

  12. mitten

    Wonderful! The students who run The Communicator are going to be so excited. We’ve been struggling with ways to do slideshows easily. Hopefully semi-native will help!

  13. Thoroughly Good

    Nice work.

  14. marcampbellja

    Thanks. I will try it soon.

  15. Giorgio

    really fantastic feature!!!

  16. th3sha`

    wOW !! Cool

  17. craftystaci

    I just looked for this feature earlier today. Glad to see it’s available now!

  18. Car


  19. ileaneb

    This is really hot! It will help me with tutorials as well. Thank you.

  20. AA

    Is this available for already published posts?

    • Noël

      Definitely! Just go in and add the shortcode – either by typing or clicking “Insert slideshow,” from the upload/gallery management pane.

  21. Ethan Banks

    I’m blogging through my hikes in the White Mountains, and people love the pictures. This is a great feature to add – better than embedding jpgs and scrolling. Can’t wait to try the slideshow. Guess that means I better pick another peak to climb. :)

  22. Sami Malallah

    Wonderful news, you keep on surprising us with new feature every week. Thank you.

  23. staffpopact

    cool! very interesting… bang up!

  24. deathgleaner

    Applause! If only the slide show had a “view all” option and was more customisable.

  25. Admin

    Great slideshow feature. I will try it soon.

  26. Dr. D.

    This is exactly what I was waiting for! I’m really glad I switched for!

  27. TRKN

    great news,thankssss!!!

    are we also going to have settings for it, like we do in gallery?

    such as captions, duration of photos, linking photos (to its original dimension for example) or resizing the whole slide show…

  28. Nishu

    lovely ! awesome ! running out of adverbs

    I was not expecting a js slideshow on

    thanks for adding

  29. Taufik

    whoooaaa..Awesome feature :)

  30. jesseluna

    Great feature!

    I’ve been experimenting with the slideshow but haven’t been able to create a Gallery without uploading a file for that post.

    Is that possible? Can we get a slideshow to work *only* by using items in our existing Media list?

    I’m planning on doing a video tutorial on this as soon as I figure out the rules of engagement. :)


    • Sheri

      Correct. A slideshow will work by using images which are attached to the post or page you are editing.

  31. joyknits

    Super – thanks so much!

  32. welcometothemiddleoflife

    Excellent new feature. Thanks!!

  33. piazzamanin

    Great, just what we were waiting for!

  34. barbaradavidsonmiller

    am i the only one who got question marks where there s/b images? even after hitting the ‘display images’ link

  35. barbaradavidsonmiller

    good news, right after i send the comment above, i immediately landed on your site and out of my email, so that was the fix, yay!

  36. ishabelle

    what an amazing feature… finally! :P

  37. jesseluna

    Just learned about how “Attached files” work. I think that answers my question above. The pictures must be attached to the post that will display the Slideshow.

  38. 便当小兔儿

    this is so cool!

  39. danliew

    Had been waiting for this. Hope this is not an April Fool’s joke (it’s definitely not).

  40. sweetman

    Things keep getting better and better! Thank you, Sweetman

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  42. Marina_Ukraine

    Hello from Ukraine !

    This another new feature, and this 1 very good for my Blog because I have much the foto’s that makes page load slow, thank you for this :-)

    Sincerely to you,



  43. Arun Shanbhag

    Love this, Love this, Love this!
    particularly if I could also include previously upload pics (as you replied in a comment).

    and iPad compatible? you rock!
    *fist bump*

  44. fotdmike

    Wow. That’s really neat. Just the thing for a photo-orientated blog. Excellent. Thanks a bunch :)

  45. Sara

    Amazing! :) I can see myself using this! I can’t wait to try it out later… Oh, screw it- I’ll try it now! :mrgreen: Sara :mrgreen:

  46. Bridget Willard


  47. AA

    I opened this as a thread just to see if other people have better ideas. I am hoping the auto-enabled option could be turned off.

  48. jakrapong

    Thanks for this! Really good to have this feature. :)

  49. Ian

    Is there going to be a widget for this? It would be nice to insert a slideshow into the sidebar.

  50. becomewhatyouare

    I love this. I’ve already edited some old posts to utilize this new feature. Makes sharing a lot of pics a lot better. Thanks!

  51. BlueSkyPoet

    Awesome and excellent feature. Just in time for some pics I wanted to post. But I strongly dislike the long blogs with tons of photos. This will be much better. However – can we caption each one?

  52. timethief

    This feature has been long awaited and is bound to make many bloggers very happy inseed. Thanks :)

  53. Jimbo

    Finally! Hurrah!!!!

  54. KaushiK™

    oh that will be great if we can add this into old posts too. i think the best part is, we can now show two or more different slideshows for different subjects, am i right? for example, you went to zoo and you can show tigers and lions grouped in different slideshows.

    i’ll wait for the .org plugin.

  55. Christina

    So relieved to see this feature! I cannot wait to give it a try!

  56. irisofthewayfarer

    Wow, thank you guys. I am so amazed. Constantly amazed. Brilliant and fantastic.
    *off to find pictures*

  57. Sugarcube

    Adding now! Exciting!

    Is there a way to change the background to white? I think it would be visually magical if the images floated on white space.

    But hey, I’m happy! Thanks

  58. heidialdin

    wow you must like going to the zoo.


  59. Earl

    Thanks and Finally!

  60. T3CK

    This is gr8 news thank you again for such a wonderful feature! :)

  61. ranman

    Oh well done! Thank you for all the hard work.

  62. Jess

    YES! This is exactly what I have been needing/wanting :)! THANKS!

  63. Gregory Curley

    Been waiting for something like this. Very nicely done!


  64. Indian Homemaker

    Wow!! This is good :)

  65. misspegasus

    YAY!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!

  66. Wez

    I’m looking forward to using this feature. It adds impetus to sorting out a few photos. Cheers.

  67. NU

    Wow! That’s nice! Thank you! :)

  68. RandomizeME

    Very cool! I have been waiting for you guys to do this!!!

    WP rocks!

  69. Rogue|Hero


    This is one feature that I was hoping would be developed! Now, I don’t have to bother posting too many image thumbnails on a post! Is this available for a blog’s sidebar as well? As a widget, maybe?


  70. Neeraj Bhushan

    Wow! Beating the world. WordPress – No.1.

  71. VIKAS |

    Great feature! I wish it was more customizable but it’s still fine.

  72. Hana

    Wow, this is a fantastic WordPress feature. I’m going to use it for my tutorial artikels. Great improvement

  73. sally

    Brilliant. Thank you!

  74. Globalsavior


  75. yoriyuliandra

    That looks interesting…
    got to try this…

  76. mahmod3laa

    This is very gooood

  77. rosedalegardens

    Just used the slide show feature in my gardening blog tonight. I really, really like this feature. My daffodils look so much better. I plan to go back and do my other posts. Again thanks a lot. Mary

  78. 05EC01


    But why limit it to the pics from the gallery?? A great feature nevertheless :)

  79. Sven Seebeck

    Wonderful! I post occasionally images from the phone to the blog and this will be a nice addition.

  80. ELMalvaney

    This is great, and I love the dark background for photos–makes the colors pop, especially in white themes. One thing I’m still waiting on that will make this slideshow feature even better is a way to create multiple galleries in one post, so that I can show several pictures of one building in one slideshow and several pictures of another building in another slideshow, while adding explanatory text about each in between. Thanks for all the new stuff this last month!

  81. {JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After


    LOVE this! :)

    Can totally see myself using this to blog about one of my corny date days with my husband. :)

  82. Nigel

    Awesome feature! I’ve been waiting for something like this!

  83. shamballa9944

    Wow! This is the coolest upgrade ever! And since I’m on vacation in a glorious place just now, Sedona AZ, who knows it might be a perfect way for me to share special moments!!!

    Thanks so much for this very synchronistic upgrade to my blog!

  84. VAJRA, South America

    Hola! Very Good…I Like.

    Thank you.!

  85. jen uy

    great news!

  86. Sally

    This is good news for me as I live in the UAE where there is a firewall to block some sites and one major one is Flickr so I can’t link to a nice gallery very easily (Google Picassa is a bit clunky). This gets round this – can’t wait to try it out.

  87. Sue

    Fantastic! Any thoughts of doing a slideshow widget, too?

  88. japanexplorer

    This is a terrific news. Always wanted this, used before but this is more convenient. Thanks.

  89. lolivopalmsprings

    Awesome! This feature will save me precious times. Thanks so much W.P. You guys are great!.

  90. myvelleities

    At LAST!!! I’m really gonna wear this new feature out! Thanks!

  91. Lim Jun Jie


  92. wife in captivity

    This is great. Will all pictures in each post automatically be added to the slide show like with the gallery?

  93. realtorplus

    That’s one COOL feature. I took some great Tropical Flowers that I posted on our website for people to download. I can now feature them in a Slideshow on our blog.

    Thanks guys … very cool indeed.

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  95. troy

    Yes, this is good.

  96. Yasir Imran

    But try to improve wordpress gallery, that will be great feature.

  97. kodegeek

    Happy to hear the news for upcoming plugins. Love this

  98. Liss

    Wonderful!! Have been waiting for something like this!
    Thankyouuuu! :)

  99. mdee88

    At long last! This is excellent news and now I can put up my gallery page without further ado! Thank you.

  100. Krisu

    Thanks! I can see it’s possible to stop the slide BUT: can one enlarge the single photos from the slide if one wants to do so? Just wondering..


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