New Theme: Inuit Types

Inuit Types is one of the sharpest looking themes around and I’m excited to let you know that today it’s now available on Let’s take a look at what it has to offer—including the alternate dark color scheme.

Inuit Types

Inuit Types

The image above highlights the optional featured posts (available from Appearance->Theme Settings) that take advantage of the new Post Thumbnail module available from your Edit Post page when using the Inuit Types theme.

Inuit Types features a clean drop-down menu with lots of room for multiple pages.

Inuit Types' clean drop-down menu

Inuit Types' clean drop-down menu

And now, a look at the front page intro widget area—a great place to add an extended introduction to your blog.

The front page widget area

The front page widget area

There’s a lot of really cool details in Inuit Types—things like full-width image attachment pages or the custom default avatar image for comments—but the thing I think you’ll be most excited about are the layout options and alternate color schemes available from Appearance->Theme Settings.

Here I’ve set up my Inuit Types demo blog with the included dark color scheme and full width featured posts. I’ve also chosen to display the sidebar on the left side of my content. Check it out.

Inuit Types' dark color scheme

Inuit Types' dark color scheme

Pretty cool, huh? And—besides looking great—the dark color scheme is one of the most readable I’ve ever seen; I love it. I’m pretty excited about Inuit Types. I hope you will be too.

Inuit Types is available in your dashboard and, for users, in the themes directory.

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Ian Stewart

  • Apr 15, 2010 @ 8:48 pm
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  1. John James Jacoby

    I like it.

  2. 便当小兔儿

    two columns! i love this one! thanks!!!

  3. Sven Seebeck

    Wonderful. Interested to see how this will look on my blog.

  4. nancysmoments

    Very rich looking with the black. Has character to it which makes a person’s posts look classy.

  5. carmelo blandino

    I like the flexibility of this. Very clean and sharp. Great for contemporary settings!

  6. Sajib

    WOW! The Theme Team has brought a new theme this quick! Cool, guys!

  7. quintinsmith

    Finally, more themes. You guys are great. You should make one with a changeable background and copyright thing like i-nove. And more high quality ones That would be cool. thanx for the new theme.

  8. 2nihon

    Where do we suggest new themes? I suggested Freshy 2.0 a while back, because it’s nicer than Freshy, but I don’t think that thread is still there.

  9. Tito Salgado

    Awesome Theme!

  10. Mary

    Looks pretty cool and rich. :)

  11. Rogue|Hero

    Wow! It really looks legible and is reminiscent of the current one that I use. Thanks very much for this theme inclusion! You guys are great!

  12. ccg

    nice,but iwant a three column theme.can i change this in any color besides black or white?

  13. Z's Cup of Tea

    I love it! Very professional-looking, gorgeous design!

  14. starlaschat

    Looks like it showcases photos nicely!

  15. Moses

    I like the sharp contrast! =)

  16. Sara

    Very classy and beautiful- like me! Just Joking…
    I love the drop-down menus and the clean look on the pages. The way the widgets are displayed add a very organized look to the theme. I think the black color makes this a good theme for bloggers with a lot of pictures, black really helps the pictures “pop”.
    Keep up the good work WordPress.

  17. C.L. Dyck

    Okay, I just got truly, genuinely excited about a blog theme. Sweet look, and I’m likin’ the features. The front page text widget, dual columns and drop-downs are three things I’ve wanted to see in combination for awhile.

  18. Wez

    sweet, not ready for a change yet but I’m loving all the new themes that are rolling out and looking forward to seeing more and more

  19. J-Slyde

    Great theme! So clean and fresh!

  20. Fabius Maximus

    Please put new theme announcements on its own email thread. Most of the time most of us are not shopping for new themes. The transition is too difficult (which is in itself a problem, no doubt to be solved by WordPress in a future iteration!).

  21. terrydarc

    Very, very nice in the Dark Theme esp. for photos. Really sets ‘em off beautifully. Thanks for keeping ‘em coming!

  22. timethief

    I’m visually challenged and I can read the font on this black background theme that has so many handy features. Only one thing disappoints me. The size of the font in the blog title is so large that it does not accommodate my blog title. :( Aside from that I do like the theme very much. Thank you for this addition.

  23. Jayson Peters

    Finally, a good magazine-style theme for users! Thank you.

  24. nomade51

    I will change to INUIT asap.

  25. Deden Rosdiyana

    very great theme.. I’m gonna try it,. l wonder if it fits on my photoblog with some text too,, thanx…

  26. deepbellylaugh

    A theme with a dark alter-ego! Fun concept. I particularly like the small box-sized blog abstracts, they look very inviting for further reading. Could definitely make a very slick, interesting page using this. Thanks!

  27. brelandkent

    That’s really plush…I might use it on my blog :)

  28. quixoticzephyr

    Beautifully modernistic. Would definitely be my second choice if I ever do get tired of mine (not likely, but I’ve mercurial behaviour and tastes).

  29. Lu Logic

    Very nice theme. Plain, simple and effective.

  30. Peter Wardley-Repen

    Oooh. Looks awesome (and I speak as an Englishman, not usually given to superlatives). The only problem I can see is that everyone will be using it… :-)

  31. Misou

    Score 1 for the Theme Team! Love this clean theme.

  32. Shaquille

    this theme is awesome. I use it now on my blog. Thanks ian :)

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  34. Aiman Amani

    Nice… I especially like the striking black look and the drop-down menu for multiple pages.

  35. mrasherkade

    I’ll check it out when I have time….seems more masculine and classy than my current one…plus it gives me more creative options…

  36. Raoul

    Going to try it right now. I really hope the post column width is 640px or more. A lot of your themes have such thin column widths…

  37. masterclasslady

    This is the nicest theme I have seen on here. I love Vigilance as well, but this one is pretty neat. No custom header though. Oh well, I managed before and can do so again. Thanks so much!

  38. Sandra Lee

    Very nice! I love the font, the white, the flexibility, the elegance. Will give this one a whirl. Thank you oh wonderful WordPress!

  39. Jubei

    Looks nice on the preview. Might try when tonight.

  40. bushaophie

    so cool, i like the colour and the position of the text

  41. xen

    I love it! Looks really professional. I might have to change the theme, again. :)

  42. Rashedul Kabir

    The idea with two column in the post area is very nice. but looks clumsy if the posts don’t have any images as you have shown in preview. also if the blog has long header text… it looks horrible

  43. andrewong2024

    Awesome guys!

  44. KaushiK™

    The dark color theme looks truly great; but the sidebar color in white color theme is exactly opposite to base color which makes it strike the viewers’ eyes more than the content area, a lighter shade of grey would have been better to balance the contrast.

  45. Lambang

    Wow. . nice!

  46. Brenda Nepomuceno

    This is a very versatile theme! I’m lovin’ it! I might even try it out later…

  47. planejaner

    That’s very nice. I will give it a preview. You guys never rest, do you? thanks!

  48. mangagirl33

    very Kawaii <3 i love it

  49. wahome

    Great theme nice looks and great customizations too.

  50. Tobias

    Looks awesome. I would like to try it soon.

  51. Mae

    Beautiful, sleek and clean. I’m still waiting for one with custom headers though.

  52. art predator

    really nice! very tempting! congrats on another excellent theme, wordpress!

  53. sravan953

    Looks okay… good work, keep it up. I would love to see more themes for a photoblog. ;)

  54. marmaladeangel

    Yes I agree , cool and clear for my style.

  55. navedz

    i love this.. thanks guys. will use it pretty soon!

  56. nicolasfotografi

    I’m going to try it out right now!

  57. seaportsoapopera

    Wow! I like it!

  58. Jarambah Cycling Club

    Does it have two child columns in article column ?, if so….. just great

  59. Maria

    Uh this looks very cool. Nice and clean. Thanks;)

  60. Reggie

    A very classy-looking theme, definitely readable, and with a large, bold, confident font for the headings. I particularly like that it uses more of the width of the screen. I also like the option of using post thumbnails. Well done.

  61. ishabelle

    Very cool theme… :)

  62. Brittany Amelia

    awesome, but not enough color…

  63. Sir Emeth Mimetes

    I like the customization.

  64. juliainleuven

    I love it! I’m sticking with journalist v1.3 because it shows full posts in tag and category overviews, but I’m hella-jealous of this beautiful new theme!

  65. grummelmaedchen

    Beautiful and, indeed, very flexible. Thanks! :)

  66. sid

    looks good…
    the dark theme is more appealing.
    i will try this theme soon :)

  67. sungame

    I love the flexibility, especially the two columns and the option of “featured posts” that run across both columns. If these features are combined with a custom image header, I’ll be sure to switch.

  68. Gabby

    love it, best new theme ive seen since joining wordpress :)

  69. tangentman

    I’ve always liked the black background; I’m utilizing the “Black – LetterHead theme currently. Love the twin columns here, along with the full width ‘top blog’. The drop-down menus have a ton of potential.


  70. Tom Baker

    Absolutely great. People have been wanting another great dark background. Keep up the excellent work. I keep getting people I know to use WordPress instead of the other less wonderful platforms.

  71. phoxis

    This is the best theme of the lot, excellent and professional setup. I think i would be using this theme in near future

  72. Krista

    Very nice theme, good work

  73. Sak

    wow! i loved it! the best <3!

  74. technogran

    I will use it for now but just wish the writing (blog) area were a trifle wider. Say 720 pixels? I am not keen on 3 column themes this one is more like it but just not wide enough. sigh.

  75. Fisama

    Nice, lovely theme… Thanks

  76. Kojiki


    Thanks for the new theme but I find it a bit hard with thumbnails. I want to say that Titan is one of the best themes ever.

    Thanks for all updates!

  77. cypherdid

    Looks nice

  78. Dev

    Theme team seems to be working out a lot… :-)
    can i suggest designs???

  79. Anne Lessing

    AWESOME! The Theme Team rocks!! :D

    I will definitely consider switching to this theme!! I love how you can have an introduction to the blog right on the front page!

  80. Rivertrekker

    Thanks,I love new themes :!:

  81. BohemianHamster

    This is cool. I’ll try it :)

  82. mesin kasir

    ohh it’s wonderful, i must try it

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  84. eel41064

    Wou … I really loved this beautiful, very interesting to visit

  85. inifnitedesigns

    Great work, nice layout.

  86. Jon

    Nice features…very good!

  87. BaNi MusTajaB

    i like it..good work.. thanks

  88. sylviahubbard1

    And this just gets more awesomer (it’s not a word, but it should be just for this theme.) Matter of fact that sounds like theme name. (yeah, you can borrow it.)

    I love the two colum wide features and knowing i can change colors wonderful.

    Plus the feature tab is cool too.

  89. morganbyrne

    a really neat new option- I hope we start seeing even more highly customizable themes!

  90. besserEsser

    Ready for (and working on) the change! Great features. Thx.

  91. belladaze

    six color schemes – inuit is impressive

  92. craftystaci

    Every time I think I’m happy with how my blog looks, you give me new options. It’s hard to find the time to play with it, but don’t stop!

  93. Daddy

    This does look pretty sharp. I’d love to include a background image or texture as opposed to flat black, though. Something like rough paper, clouds, diamondplate, dust, etc.

    I say this as someone who uses a dark theme, with a colored background (that I customized for width.)

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  95. Sandra Lee

    I’ve given it a whirl and there is SO much I like about this theme…but I don’t like the heavy black-sidebar on the white background and would SO much love it if this very same theme had the option of a white sidebar with the same text font (black)….in other words, super simplicity.

    Other than that, the font is so elegant, drop down menus awesome, the column flexibility and left/ride sidebar flexibility, the intro box, the extra page templates…well I could go on and on. It’s a gorgeous, professional theme.

    Thank you dream team (ooops Theme Team).

  96. sahilkathuria

    Nice use of both base colors… the menu bar is too nice.

  97. angryton

    Cool! – but I don’t really understand the name. The Inuit are the indigenous people of the arctic – Greenland, Canada and parts of northern Russia – what is the relation to these Inuit Types?

    • Ian Stewart

      I don’t think there really is much relation except to perhaps suggest that the theme’s elegant typography might be cool.

  98. newbiedm

    How in the world do you make a post “featured” ?
    Or does it default to your last post?

  99. Remain.Simple

    The more the merrier. Good work theme team.

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