Surprise Me

It’s the start of a beautiful weekend. Whether it’s raining or shining outside, if you’re reading this you can probably count yourself among the most fortunate folks on the planet.

Perhaps you’re feeling particularly adventurous. You should check out the new “Surprise Me” feature.

To activate, go to your Personal Settings page, check the appropriate box, and save.

I’m not going to tell you exactly what it does. If you’re open to new things and serendipitity in your blogging life try leaving it on as you go about your normal blogging activities of posting, commenting, checking your stats, and such, and see what pops up.

Enjoy the weekend, let me know what you think, and on Monday I’ll be able to reveal more.

Update 1: This was the result of a collaboration with the artist Evan Roth at the Rhizome Seven on Seven event, where we just presented it. As I said, there will be more on Monday in the New York Times. :)

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  1. Harshad Joshi

    What is it?? *surprised*

  2. Jennifer

    OK Matt – Checked the “Surprise Me” box while gritting my teeth. If I get hit this weekend with a whale or a pot of flowers falling from the sky, I know who to call. :)

  3. deathgleaner

    First one to comment! And the first to try it out. Hmmm… what suspense this gives me!

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  5. jaded16

    If people can automatically come out and hit my head with a mallet because of the “Surprise Me”, I’m sending my medical bills to you.

  6. raditherapy

    wow, what is it?

    activate the new “Surprise Me” feature then :D

  7. kansir

    OK. I activated “Surprise Me” feature. I hope you really “Surprise Me” ;)

  8. Stanciu Floryn

    What is it?? I think this is good, for my blog… I hope.

  9. Neeraj Bhushan

    I did it. Blindly. And I am waiting for the surprise to unfold. O God, what’s up for me?

  10. Milo and Alfie

    Intriguing, I’ll give it a go!

  11. lemasney

    Looking forward to your surprises. This is one of the reasons that you are the best blogging platform in the world.

  12. marcampbellja

    I am ready so this better be damn good.

  13. TheresaZphotography

    Trying it. Lets see what surprises are in store. = )

  14. Norman

    I signed up … but surprise the Wise Olde Owl? Nevah! :)

  15. Harshad Joshi

    What’s the surprise? I didn’t see anything surprising other then my regular stuff..! Now was that a surprise?? :o

  16. raditherapy

    hahaha… I already figured it out, what this “surprise me” all about.

    nice :D

  17. Remain.Simple

    Tell us all, what happens when any of you find out please. To what surprises you get when you activate the surprise me box.



    You will give me special something? :D

  19. postscripter

    Activated. Excited.

  20. technogran

    I’m a brave user, I have ticked the box. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  21. Sagarika

    Matt I did check the ‘Surprise me’ option and will be looking forward to what is it,actually? :)

  22. zoomyummy

    I am going to try it! Oh my…

  23. taytom

    woah, this is exciting :lol:

  24. spocrep

    what is it? I’m definitely excited!

  25. VIKAS |

    Fingers crossed! I am very busy and will definitely try it in late May!

  26. Gabriel...

    “Surprise me. (Fun mode.)” so… is there going to be a not-so-fun mode? And, speaking of surprises, whatever happened to the “Random Blog” button?

  27. Rogue|Hero

    Hey Matt!

    I’m sooo anticipating the surprise, whatever it is. I think you should have more events like this! It’ll keep our blogging lives more fun!


  28. tsironakos

    When I posted a few hours ago. Under the private or public option there was a setting “This post is super-awesome”…

    I guess that it is related with “Surprise me” setting.

  29. Calvin

    I found something. Under new post at the publish box. There’s a small check box for “This post is super-awesome”. Still figuring out what this does.

  30. blackcabbit

    This is thrilling! I’m in for a surprise ^_^b

  31. June Malone

    As if using WordPress wasn’t already fun enough!!! You guys…XXX

  32. Richard Liew

    Activated it. Wonders what’s the surprise is gonna be. =) Hope it’s nothing TOO shocking =P

  33. ivankay

    Can’t wait… I hope it’ll be something we could use on our blogs… and not some scary stuff… you know those videos that make you focus then a ghost or monster face comes at ya… AIKS! Happy surprise to WordPress team!

  34. quixoticzephyr

    Oh yay! I thought I’ve received my share of surprises for one day when I actually baked gingerbread without releasing inferno or gasmask-worthy fumes in the kitchen!

    Ah, I love these days. :)

  35. Torch

    Very spooky my friend. Holding my breath!!

  36. కే.కే

    Me too activated.. But let us knw whts the real surprise behind this “surprise me” ?

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  38. randomgeek1

    It might be a trap. I think I’ll sit this one out.

  39. th3sha`

    Hmmz.. what is it ??

  40. RandomizeME

    Okay, checked the box. Now I hope the surprise isn’t that my blog will end up as a big fiery ball in space or something like that ;-)

  41. Kunal Umrigar

    ticked it… surpise me………… :D

  42. buyathread

    Oh, why not?

  43. thecatsman

    Ok at least it’s not April Fool’s day so this has to be a good thing………..right? Either way I’m in..

  44. Admin

    Where is my surprise ??? Or it’ll take whole damn weekend, oh my God I can’t wait for so long……… Ehhh hurry let me know what is the surprise.

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  46. living journey

    Ok… so I have this ‘Surprise Me’ setting activated, and when I blogged about it [redacted by management :)] … very strange.

  47. juleslife

    Ok for FUN! But just don’t go promising a whole bunch of Cash and then say “just kidding!”

    Fun mode activated!

    cheers :lol:

  48. Sylvia

    OK nu har jag aktiverat mig!
    Väntar med spänning på din överraskning!

  49. ζÔ§Η

    I’m ready to be surprised!

  50. Johan Dahlberg

    I’m scared! I’m caught inbetween. To check or not to check. Argh, the suspense is too much!

  51. Лита

    I activated it too, and now just waiting something to happen ;)

  52. ayushbhopal0755

    wow O_O !!!

  53. Ted Leach

    Surprised at least once so far. We’ll see if I continue to like surprises as I keep posting.

  54. Kishiko

    Bet I’m going to regret it ;)

  55. ramdaffe

    Anyone got something unusual? Just activated it and instead of getting surprise, I get this itching curiosity.

  56. Reggie

    I’m in a playful mood, so I just ticked the box and saved it. And am now waiting in breathless anticipation!

  57. th3sha`

    I know now :D:D:D:D

  58. Koray BEK

    I did it as well! Looking for what the surprise is now :)

  59. heartshapedlies

    Okay, I hit it… aaand.. Nothing. Yet. :O

  60. magpie

    Is this ‘Surprise Me’ feature only on hosted blogs? My free version does not show it.

  61. randoni09

    No frontal nudity, please.

  62. Gabby

    I put my faith in you Matt from WordPress! This better not be some sort of delayed April fools… x

  63. Ady Mat

    I have activated Surprise me feature. I guess things won’t go other way… :)

  64. shamballa9944

    How intriguing!!

  65. Kartikay

    Enabled. But, I don’t see anything!

  66. turtlexpress

    Nothing happen………..

  67. the rufus

    Oh wonderful – ten time more hits on my site – what a surprise :mrgreen:

  68. berita19

    Thx.. I ‘ll be try

  69. Max Soutter

    Cant resist! Activated!

  70. Laura Victoria

    OK, I’m going for it too. I think WordPress is fabulous too.

  71. Giorgio

    well let’s try…

  72. nancysmoments

    Love surprises! Great way to start the weekend even though the “surprise” is still officially, a surprise! :)

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  74. deepbellylaugh

    Okay…I turned it on…*braces herself*

  75. Kam

    Curious about it… ^.^ Now checked. Dunno for what but thanks !

  76. omawarisan

    Somehow, I feel more, I don’t know…is human the word I’m looking for here?

  77. aspicco

    I hope this doesn’t embarrass me in front of my reading audience…

  78. aspicco

    April 1st was over two weeks ago…

  79. Dr. D.

    Okay, I checked the “Surprise Me” box. Now what? I’m still waiting …

  80. iluvcoco

    cool! i’m ready to open it.

  81. Masha Mogilevsky

    Activated, wonder what it isssss >.<

  82. jagdish bali

    What is going to be the surprise !

  83. Greg Tyler

    Checked the box. Waiting… I hope the surprise isn’t that “nothing happens”.

  84. Heather

    Well, umm . . . I did it, but now I can’t get into my site–I’m stuck on the dashboard, and things have disappeared. Or–have they just been rearranged? I’ll have to check it out.

  85. Heather

    Oh, okay–I clicked my way around and everything started to show up again–including the ‘visit site’ feature. Guess it’s all fun and games from here:).

  86. David Kapalu

    I’ve done the activation man! Hope this really turns out to be a “Surprise Me” feature.

  87. ian

    I don’t like surprises so I’ll keep punching the numbers in: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42…

  88. Manfredi

    What if it’s just a joke with no real surprise at all? :-) mmm, never mind, I’ve just activated it

  89. VAJRA, South America

    Good morning Matt:

    Thank you for the Surprise!….:)

  90. devilevilgod

    that sounds intriguing. let’s see what is it :o

  91. Bilbet

    Still waiting. Dang it, surprise me.

  92. ( ands

    A good way to make me more anxious about WordPress. I hope it’s worthwhile when it finally comes out!

  93. Aiman Amani

    Ok, I’m doing this… This is so surprising!

  94. ravikaushik

    Ahh… I’m beginning to see it…

  95. Lord Vader

    Amazing surprise!

  96. Panda


  97. Elena

    Thank you! I am intrigued…and in my book any surprise big or small is a wonderful thing.
    Well, as long as it is a good surprise, I can do without the bad ones ;-)

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  99. TEVG

    It’s Serendipity

  100. nadia

    Checking my blog stats has become fun! :)


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