New Theme: Twenty Ten

Over the weekend, we turned on a new theme called Twenty Ten. Twenty Ten is a big deal for us — it’s our first update to the “default” theme (the one you see when you start a new blog) on Our goal with Twenty Ten was to create something stylish, customizable, simple, and most of all, readable. Since every new user will be seeing Twenty Ten, we wanted to design an example of what a WordPress theme can do — that meant inventing some new features as well as utilizing a few that you may not know about yet.

Twenty Ten screenshot

Twenty Ten — click the screenshot to visit the demo blog.

Custom Headers

The background image selector

Twenty Ten comes with a selection of great header images. It’s easy to switch between any of the included header images or upload your own. You can even use a different custom header image for each post by including a Featured Image when you publish a new post.

Custom Backgrounds

Custom header & background, plus Typekit

One of the easiest ways to customize a theme to your personal style is with a custom background image or color. Twenty Ten is the first theme to use WordPress’ new custom background feature, so it’s easy to pick a new background color, upload an image, and tweak its tiling and positioning. If you’ve ever had to write CSS or muck about with code just to change your background color, we think you’ll really dig this new feature.

Drop-down menus

Drop-down Menus

Twenty Ten neatly organizes your pages into a menu right in your blog’s header, and includes drop-down menus for multiple levels of nested sub-pages. There’s more coming with the menu, but give us a few days.

Special styles for Asides and Galleries

A gallery followed by two asides

Twenty Ten includes special styles for posts that you file in the “Asides” or “Gallery” categories. When viewed on an index page (like your home page or a list of posts from a particular month), asides get a simplified look that seamlessly fit between full-length posts, while galleries give a peek at the photos that lie within. If you don’t already have those categories on your blog, just add them and start assigning posts to them. Twenty Ten will recognize the category name and start applying the correct styles automatically. For an example of what inspired us here, check out Matt’s blog and how he intersperses shorter posts and galleries.

Editor Styles

If you’re like me, you constantly find yourself hitting the Preview button while composing so you can see what your post will look like with your theme’s styles. Twenty Ten aims to break that addiction by using the editor styles feature of WordPress. Now, the Visual Editor in WordPress can mimic the look of your theme, so you get a perfect visual representation of your post while you’re writing. I think this will be a really popular feature with new themes once people try it out.

A blog post in Twenty Ten's visual editor

Choosing a Page Template

One and two-column templates

By default, Twenty Ten uses a two-column layout with lots of room for widgets. If you’d like to hide the widgets and focus on the writing for a particular page, just choose the “One column, no sidebar” template.

Widgets Galore

Footer loaded with widgets

Because we know you can’t get enough widgets, we’ve included two sidebar widget areas (extra-useful for those of you who customize your CSS) as well as four footer widget areas. It’s easy to load Twenty Ten up with lots of widgets without sacrificing your blog’s design.

Beautiful in Print

We’ve all experienced unpleasant surprises when trying to print an article from a web site. Twenty Ten includes special styles for printing, so you’ll get printed copies that are just as easy to read as the original.

To see more of Twenty Ten in action, visit the theme demo blog. If you already have a blog, you can find Twenty Ten under Appearance → Themes. If you don’t yet have a blog, just sign up and Twenty Ten will be waiting for you when you log in. Twenty Ten will be default for users when WordPress 3.0 launches in May. (What’s the difference between and

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Matt (Thomas) Miklic


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  1. dhimasln

    Woww,, a very nice theme. i will try it. thanx.
    keep the good work :

  2. Shaquille

    Woe, thanks Matt. I’m waiting for this.

  3. Heather

    Saw it this weekend and switched… 2010 is AWESOME! WordPress is the best!

  4. krysjez

    Nice! Great to see that this theme will help expose users to some of’s new features. It looks a bit too cold for my taste though (as compared to Kubrick).

  5. Cyndy Otty

    Are other themes going to be utilizing Asides, too?

  6. AA

    Excellent fonts, excellent layout. Thanks. Question, what is the difference between primary widget area and secondary widget area? They both appear to be same to me. Also, on the theme demo site, I see the first post highlighting with different background color, but the same isn’t the effect on my blog’s first post.

    • Matt Thomas

      The primary and secondary areas can be used interchangeably. They’re for the benefit of folks who want to customize their theme with CSS — the primary and secondary widget areas can be positioned independently, making things like 3-column layouts a possibility.

  7. Emir

    Just tried it out, works great, thank you for this new theme.

  8. martín

    Very classy, simple and neat. Congrats!

  9. technogran

    Wow! You guys are really on a roll now! I will try this one out and see what it looks like. Keep em’ coming Theme Team!

  10. Drahpish

    plain but pretty : D

  11. crypticwriter

    I think this is WordPress’s best theme yet!

  12. Yogi prasetiya

    i love it…

  13. Aiden R

    Neato bandito. Looks like one of the best new themes yet. And now to play…

  14. Stefan

    It’s amazing. Thanks.

  15. Mark Holman

    Looks great :)

  16. dizivesarki

    thanks very good :)

  17. Piotr Kaźmierczak

    Brilliant. I was actually watching Matt’s blog some time ago wondering if will ever get these “aside” and “gallery” posts features. And here they are, you’re reading my mind!:)

  18. John DeStefano

    Sweet! Really nice theme. Nice work. Thanks!

  19. dhitzunako

    Wow, this is exactly what I want! Can’t wait for tomorrow to select this theme for my other blog. Thx WP!

  20. dynaboa

    Cool theme. I’ll use it! Great job guys, keep it up!

  21. Sue Ling

    Wow it looks beautiful!!! Can’t wait to try it out. I haven’t found a theme I’d like to use long term since INove came out :D

  22. lojol

    This is the one!

  23. Denise

    So cool! You just might get me to try this one…

  24. Josh

    Sweet. Changed to this now; already had it on my mess-about blog.

    Is there anyway to get a link to a post on the dropdown menu or can it only link to pages?

  25. Jared

    clean and elegant; beautiful! nice work, guys! i’m definitely trying this out! :mrgreen:

  26. Rick Daddario

    oh. yeah. this looks way good. just about what i could have dreamed up only already done and with a few added things i hadnt thought of which are ideal advances as well. yes. all of it. sounds great. outstanding. ya know i’m going for it. … okay, i just want to explore the links you have in this post and then i’m going for it. cool on WP Theme Teamers.

  27. Stephen Watkins

    I’d been hoping for a theme that allows for custom backgrounds. That’s awesome! Will we soon see a theme with both Custom Backgrounds and selectable font colors? That wouldn’t just be awesome. It would be sublime.

  28. JawGeX

    Very nice, a new theme :D

  29. fotdmike

    Wow! Thanks guys. Just taken a look at the demo blog and this theme seems to contain all the features I’ve been looking for in a theme for ages. And it’s gonna come as the default theme? Unreal!
    Right, off now to start giving it a trial run… cos I can’t resist the temptation.

  30. taeri

    How can I pick the one-column template? I can’t find it in the list?

    • Yoav

      It’s part of the Twenty Ten theme – you can select the one column template for pages right from the page editing screen.

  31. Yasser

    it looks amazing, i tried to view it in preview, it’s not displaying my custom widgets in preview? can you confirm is that only a preview problem or would all my widgets get disappeared if i apply twenty ten Theme. Many thanks.

  32. Hanna

    Amazing <3 can't wait to try it out.

  33. Debbie Mihal

    Beautiful! I just switched my theme, but may have to try this one on . . .

  34. taeri

    Thanks for the quick reply Yoav, so I can’t have the blog itself in one-column in other words?

    • Matt Thomas

      That’s right — You can turn on the one-column template on a per-page basis. If you’d like to remove the sidebar entirely and are comfortable writing CSS, it’s quite easy to do with the Custom CSS upgrade.

  35. ishabelle

    wow! very cool theme!!! :)

  36. Gerry

    I really like this theme and its adaptability. I’m particularly excited by the printing styles option because I’ve often thought I would like to have a hard copy of my blog. I use Mistylook which looks terrible when you go to print – is there any chance that other themes like Mistylook will acquire this printing option?

    • Matt Thomas

      I agree that all our themes should look great in print, Gerry. I’ll be sure that we take a look at printing in our other themes and see where we can improve things.

  37. kchellouf

    Aaaah!!! This is just what I was looking for!!! Thank you, Matt.

  38. Sven Seebeck

    Awesome. But of course I was just done tweaking the previous one ;-)

  39. art predator

    wow–looks fantabulous!!

    I’m teaching a college summer school writing class where the students will blog. I look forward to seeing what they do with this template–so much easier on MY eyes than a sea of Kubrick until I show them how to change it!

  40. aizatto

    Does this mean the Twenty Ten theme is finalized, even on the WordPress 3.0 code?

    • Matt Thomas

      There’s always the chance that there may be some last-minute additions before WordPress 3.0 is finalized. Part of the process is responding to feedback on, you guys get to help us make Twenty Ten ships as good as it can be. :)

  41. Jimmy Jazz

    Hmmmm. Now what would it looks like with tweets posted as asides?

    Otherwise, kudos, looks great.

  42. timethief

    My thanks to the Theme Team much for this lovely addition. I appreciate it and spent the weekend playing with it in my test blog. :) Although I like it, I prefer Inuit Types and have been a happy blogger since it was introduced.

  43. Jennifer

    Up and running on my primary blog for the past two days when I happened upon it in Appearance>Themes. Looking forward to exploring all its features.

  44. Dinuka Harshana

    Really good work.
    I like it.

  45. Bryan Lee

    Love it, new themes are rowing out so fast.
    I could not even make up my mind :)

  46. egomaniac

    Cool! Maybe I think it’ll soon become my long lasting theme! :-p

  47. Mr. Singh

    Great theme! I love it. However, some users might find the default size of the font too large for their taste. i worked around it by selecting the content and using the style ‘heading 5′ instead of ‘paragraph’. ( Would there be any other easier way to change the default font size?

    The editor feature and the hosts of widgets are especially awesome.

    • Matt Thomas

      The funny thing about web design is that basically all desktop browsers use 16px as their default font size. We’ve all been trained to make the fonts smaller when we design web pages. But my colleague Ian Stewart had a good idea — what if we used that default font size, as big as it is, to try to make a really readable theme. So Twenty Ten is that theme if you dig it. If you don’t, there are lots of great themes with smaller fonts, but there’s also the Custom CSS upgrade if you’re comfortable creating your own stylesheet.

  48. {JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After

    This is like the theme from dreams!

  49. Sajib

    You guys, come on, take a break (Well, I mean, don’t ;) ). I love this theme. By the way do you confirm that from now on this theme will be the default on every new blogs and 3 installation? If you confirm then I could write a post about this amazingly exciting theme on my blog,


    One more question, does this theme allow to upload multiple custom header images to rotate on each refresh?

    • Matt Thomas

      Thanks, Sajib! This is now the default theme on all new blogs, and when WordPress 3.0 is released next month, it will be the default theme for all self-hosted WordPress 3.0 blogs, too. Sorry, no way to rotate between a set of images, but if you choose a “Featured Image” while composing a new post, you can set it as a custom header just for that post. We’ll have more information available about Featured Images soon.

  50. terrydarc

    1. I notice that I can’t add comments to the features discussions shown by links off the new Twenty Ten test blog – all of the pages have comments but there is not add comment that I can see.

    2. Like the dropdown menus very much. Are these only for Twenty Ten now or will they be added to other themes later?

    3. Could not figure out what the discussion on WYSIWYRG visual editor. I certainly understand the need for such an editor – single most frustrating thing on WP, easily – but php, CSS, and the comments off Ozz’s “tip” are baffling. I’m just happy that someone at WP understands the need for a WYSIWYRG editor.

    Now, if you could just simplify vertical positioning with text and images, I’d be a happy man.

    • Matt Thomas

      Hi Terry. I’ve turned off comments on my older development blog posts so all Twenty Ten comments come to one place — just helps with my sanity. :) Dropdown menus will be increasingly popular with our new themes, and could be added to our existing themes where the design supports it. I’ll pass that idea along to the rest of the theme team.

      Regarding the WYSIWY”R”G editor — it’s a highly technical discussion for now, for sure. It’s something that all theme developers should be considering, for the benefit of the people who use their themes. Most bloggers shouldn’t need to know anything about it — they should just have a Visual Editor that works really well! We hope Twenty Ten’s use of this existing feature will spur on more theme developers to make use of it.

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  53. murato

    First thx for all, then, i can just say sorry. because vigilance still rules.

    but this could be the only option to become my next theme if i am bored of vigilance in the future.

    why its ranked 2nd for me; dark borders of header makes it cold. and also main page is not listed on drop down menu.

  54. Sajib

    You mean image related to particular post will be shown in the header? :O DAMN You guys rock!

  55. dhenztm

    This is beautiful! Wow! Thanks guys! :)

  56. ShadowWing Tronix

    I just changed a few weeks ago to the Dark Wood theme, but I may still go ahead and see if this is better for my needs. Do the custom backgrounds work for behind-the-text stuff or just the surrounding area (like Vigilance’s colors). I kind of like the wood backdrop, but the text is kind of small and the custom headers will definately work to my advantage creatively.

  57. ShadowWing Tronix

    Just adding that the best part is that the theme will let me see what the final product looks like without hitting Preview all the time.

  58. Brigitte

    I love it too but I agree with Mr. Singh, the font is massive! That’s the only thing stopping me from switching though :D it’s a great theme.

  59. Amit Singh

    i reviewed it before you did :)
    Been using it for two days now and i am loving it.

  60. Wolfi

    a gaming clan template would be perfect for me (and those people, who want to set up and use a template easily). That would be a profit for wordpress, because many clan-leaders are looking for something like that. (sorry for my bad englisch) :P

  61. параклис

    great choice. several years ago, when wordpress started, it was known for the readable type. as people started using larger monitors with greater resolution, that was lost – but is now regained. thumbs up.

  62. Raluca

    You people are great. All those new themes totally rock. Keep it up, I can’t wait to see what’s coming ;)

    (sugestions: I’d like to see more flexible-width themes, as well as some with customizable colors. That way, we can personalize what we chose or make a change, but not a major one. I hope you see my point:) )

  63. kendylau

    Sweet! I’m using Twenty ten right now and I have to admit that this is the most awesome WordPress theme that i have been used. The most feature I like is background option, which I can change the back ground I like:P..aajaja . Need to edit the CSS to make it better though:),I love the see my background is blinking and the header works perfectly with the its color:)

  64. sylviahubbard1

    i love you Matt! oh my lawd! I’m in love!

  65. Sajib

    Problem report: Please visit my blog and you’ll see that my bio isn’t shown properly. I don’t know what happened. I’ve written a few lines about myself in “My Profile” page and saved it. But at the end of the post, the complete bio isn’t shown. Suggestions?

  66. izaakmak

    I love it! I was considering switching from iNove to Vigilance to allow for a custom header and for briefer results from category and search results, but I think this one might just be a better choice. I am concerned about what will happen when my posts that have a lot of formatting html code are displayed in a theme designed to create those effects for me. :???:

    • Matt Thomas

      I’d try to preview the theme first, but if things don’t look right you can always switch back to your previous theme without affecting the formatting of your posts.

  67. nancysmoments

    You guys just get better all the time with the design of new themes. It’s like going shopping every day with these awesome choices we have to express ourselves. The focal point is the theme of blogs and the more eye catching…….the more people are apt to stay and read what the blogger has to say on their site.

  68. cmblake6

    Ooooh! I like it! I may end up using that if I decide to update from what I’m on now! So far the nicest alternative, I may have to experiment.

  69. draabe

    You’re really cranking out the new themes – and it’s much appreciated in this 24/7/365 world where a New York Minute is now a lifetime!

  70. Paul

    Outstanding! This has all the elements I’ve been looking for. Will look forward to seeing how this applies to my content.

  71. Neeraj Bhushan

    cool. i am happy wordpress’ new themes are frequent now. blogging is new experience.

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  73. Rokugatsu

    Looks great! Too bad its default; too many people will be using it, hehe :P

  74. Kojiki

    This theme is the best so far and very flexible and clean. The only thing I want is a nicer look with the links color. But the rest of it is WOW!

    Thanks for all your work!

  75. starlaschat

    WOW Looks great! I like the readable part and custom headers fun. I was call them banners but headers OK. LOL It’s nice that you guys are working so hard on all the new themes it is appreciated.

  76. oceansoul

    I like this theme. Thanks!
    IMO the default size of the font is oversize but luckily I have Custom CSS upgrade… :)

  77. Loved

    Looks really neat!! Look forward to more tidy and neat themes with more widgets and stuff!! (:

  78. June Malone

    Cool, coool! Oh and cool! You seem to have thought of everything with this theme.

  79. starlaschat

    Do you need photos for your custom headers? Just wondering, I have lots of Montana photos. I do like the ones you have chosen so far. How about some digital art headers? Just thinking out loud. How about some with bright neon colors?

    • Matt Thomas

      Those all sound cool! We’ve got our final selection for Twenty Ten, but you should consider making your custom headers available on your blog! You could even design a Child Theme for users that include them. That’s got potential. :)

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  81. nexi

    Snapped it up immediately – really appreciate the readability of it and the size of the header. Would prefer a clear blogroll, though.

  82. alex wyler


  83. mrasherkade

    I think I will stick to the Inuit with black background…don’t know how to describe the style I have, but it gives only a SHORT synopsis of each blog, not the only shabang, which would give someone a head ache. Also, I have one short row going horizontally(signle column), and another longer one going vertically (two column) and my sidebar is on the left. I like how it’s not all going in one direction and how the blog posts are abbreviated until you click on one. It makes all the content I have seem more organized and visually appealing. I wouldn’t want someone to click onto my blog and get seizures from all of the pictures and youtubes and flashing stuff from each post…I wish you guys would get more themes with three columns and those columns going in different directions to break up the monotony! COLOR! We need more color! I love customizeable headers…the Inuit allows me to post a picture below my title.

  84. ratwell

    Great nesting and other features, very professional and clean. Good work!

  85. Matt Penniman

    I’m a big fan of the new customizable background and header in this theme — I work with many nonprofit clients who want to develop a simple website that 1) will be easy to update and 2) reflect their visual identity in a professional way; this leads some of them to use Microsoft Publisher or similar tools to produce sites full of spaghetti code. The additional flexibility here in Twenty Ten will make it much easier to point them in a more accessible, more professional direction.

  86. northernbelle

    How do you get that, I guess we can call it “feature post”, post in the blue box? Perhaps, sticky post is a better term.

  87. Kathryn

    I love it, too, except for the serif font.

  88. neurotype

    Amazing. High fives all around!

  89. Breland Kent

    That’s really classy looking :)

  90. Hana

    How lovely thank you

  91. bobmitchellinthe21stcentury

    Looks very good. Does anyone happen to know what the maximum pixel width is for images though? I never want to switch a theme in case the image sI already have burst the page. I

  92. ingridfnl

    Very nice!

  93. Zaeriuraschi (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    I just found a theme better than Vigilance! :)

  94. LaaraWilliamSen

    I’m soooo excited about 2010. You have just given me a wonderful present, especially the editor where I don’t have to preview the page all the time! Thank you!!!

  95. Sandra Lee

    Congratulations WordPress on introducing a new, elegant default theme with such a diversity of features. The ‘asides’ feature is great. I will experiment with this one on a test blog, but will probably stay with Inuit Types, which really tickles my fancy.

  96. brandon33447cpfreak

    Thats One Cool Theme!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. pranabchatterjee

    You guys, I hate you! Well, I don’t, but each time I think I have found the perfect look for my blog, you come up with another design which makes me wanna go change it all over again!

    Not complainin’! Loving it. Go Wp Team!

  98. Jopre

    Fantastic! Really like the idea of being able to customise headers for different posts. And drop down menus have been on my Pony list for quite a while.
    Any chance you could organise an extra day in the week so I can get enough time to really play with this one?!

  99. vodkabeforenoon

    Oh I like this one a lot! I have to try this out, once I have some time. Again, beautiful job!

  100. pbeug

    Hmm…. I do like the look of this one. I also really like it that you guys made a demo blog for it. It’s nice to be able to actually see the theme, instead of just from pictures.


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