New Theme: Vostok

Vostok is an elegant one-column theme sporting a dark background and light text that is readable and easy on the eyes. The minimal layout is perfect for publishing your personal lifestream in a clutter-free layout.

Vostok's layout is simple and clutter-free.

Options include a custom header image, custom background image and color, and a full navigation menu in the header. For a completely steamlined look—and to put the focus completely on your content—both the header image and header navigation menu are hidden unless you choose to display them.

Example display using a custom image header and full navigation menu in the header.

Two columns at the bottom of the page are ready for all your widgets, and a full page navigation menu is always visible in the footer.

Two-column widget area below the main content.

The Vostok theme is now available for your blog and, for self-hosted blogs, from

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Lance Willett

  • May 4, 2010 @ 10:15 am
  • Themes


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  1. alex wyler

    Nice! I like it!

  2. Palak Mathur

    Nice! But not as good as previous few! But individually it is good!!

  3. shamballa9944

    Very nice… Peaceful.

  4. sylviahubbard1

    Though clean, I’m so fond of sidebars I just can’t use this, but I’ll keep it in mind for the VideoPress blog I was thinking of. This makes a great theme for a channel. Thanks.

  5. weavehole

    Right purdy.

  6. jayantraj7

    Rubbish theme this time… Structure theme was very good.

  7. Ummati

    This is a nice Theme. I will to try it. Thank you.

  8. Andrew

    Nice man! Love black… my favorite.

  9. KaushiK™

    It would have been better if there was a wider column choice as well. I saw the demo, looks good though. But it seems there will be too much chaos in the footer area.

  10. ileaneb

    This will be great for using your logo as the header image and my Twitter or Buzz stream as content. Thanks.

  11. dom

    Awesome! I’m gonna use a new theme for my blog when summer starts and this one just might be my pick. :)

    Great work, as always! :)

  12. taytom

    This is so nice…

  13. arali2008

    Yes, yes, yes. Specifically for the sporting image, perhaps also for other special images. It’s beautiful. Congratulations.

  14. dismas not dimas

    Thanks for the theme… good creation… what a nice dark themes.

  15. rubiescorner

    WordPress has come up with another creative idea! Thanks!

  16. Stanciu Floryn

    Wow. I love colors, but I hate one-column templates!

  17. kodegeek

    Awesome, let me try it.

  18. Big Roy

    Neat indeed but colours used are a little like one of the existing themes… :)

  19. Lagunatic

    I got all excited when I saw the “Vo” in hopes that the rest would be “dka”….but this is great too.

  20. Mukundh

    Good work! Was looking forward to a one-column theme. Thanks! :D

  21. Mike

    Sorry. I’d still prefer a Blogger style template designer than themes with options. I can never get the options to change the things that I want to change, like fonts, type size, number of footer widgets, colours…

    I find many of these new themes have text that is too small for me. Twenty Ten is better but lacks the options to make it look as I want.

    You need to create a Blogger/Squarespace type dashboard area where I can set the template to look as I want it. A couple of options simply doesn’t offer sufficient choice.

  22. lightsound4rent

    This is great.

  23. neoconjure

    Sure! This seems decent and worth for giving a try!


    I think It is suitable for young peoples. Thank you.

  25. Chee Yi

    Sweet and minimalistic. I like it. =)

  26. guard13007

    Looks like a good theme, but I’m afraid I won’t be using it. Sorry, but I like my current theme.

  27. Risa Triandari

    Custom background image and color? Wow that is pretty new in WordPress, I think? Good job! :D

  28. Sajib

    Well, it’s great to see regular release of new and gorgeous themes. But one column theme is just not right for me. :-( Couldn’t be happy with it. It will help others who are OK with one column.

  29. yoriyuliandra

    Awesome… Theme and theme again. Keep up guys. It makes WP better.

  30. M Shodiq Mustika

    A very beautiful minimalist design. I think it is perfect for personal blogs highlighting photographs.

  31. quintinsmith

    This theme is like a warm one it’s so easy to read and nice and very nice colors and header. Looks like it’s getting better, keep it up WordPress.

  32. Wesley

    Cool Beans! It seems that WordPress has gone thematically crazy!

  33. VAJRA, South America

    Hello, good Morning: yes, nice color and elegant… but I am still waiting for layout with dark colors and 3 columns. Thanks!

  34. riversrun

    Wow — Vostok looks nice!

  35. freemasonry

    Nice… it’s simple.

  36. Lee

    Is there ever going to be one just for me? None of these but Vigilance I can work with, and even that one is a little off.

  37. tylerandalyssa

    Looks neat! I just might make this my summer theme.

  38. ahlifacebook

    Wow, clean and minimalist. How about if we add a black minimalistic frame. :)

  39. intelligentchallenge

    Looks great, good work.

  40. Breland Kent

    Wow! That’s really nice… I might use this one. Thanks for the awesome design. ;)

  41. agnesleung

    Really nice!

  42. ramonakent

    I like it, very plush. Thank you for the great work!

  43. Rusman R. Manik

    Wow… great for blogging photos.

  44. Josh

    I think it would be better if the blog title and page text’s colour was editable on Theme Options in addition to the background colour etc. The blue is a little garish! Great otherwise.

  45. Simple views

    Looks nice!

  46. mrasherkade

    Nice! It would work wonderfully for people like my younger sisters who don’t blog regularly, don’t have a lot of widgets, and are not tech savvy. I am madly in love with the Structured theme. When do you think we will get some new widgets?

  47. planejaner

    Wow — I really like this. Calm, yet with POP for the eyes. Again, thanks to all of you for your creative, wonderful, hard work. It’s amazing to see what people can do… when they are doing what they love.

  48. helios2k6

    Looks cool.

  49. Therese

    Wow! I’ve been loving your new themes! I’ll be using this one.

  50. Macabre vampire

    I love the new theme. I am using it now. :)

  51. Leah

    Hooray for new themes!

  52. Anne Lessing

    This is a great new theme! I’ll definitely consider using it. I’m thinking of starting a blog in which I write one haiku every day for a year, so this would be a wonderful theme for that.

    Thanks so much for giving me another reason to sit down and commit myself to haiku-a-day! :)

  53. seaportsoapopera

    I like the previous one better but the custom background/color is always a nice option!

  54. dbbradle

    I think this will appeal to more people who are looking for themes similar to those of Tumblr. I suspect it will see lots of activity!

  55. Elena

    Beautiful and different cool layout. Variety of themes is so important. I am just too used to sidebars ;(

  56. rav

    Looks good… I might try it! :)

  57. Emmanuel Ibok

    LOVELY!!!… Big ups to WordPress and the team. There is an obvious, massive improvement.

  58. Pearlie

    Very nice… Like it a lot…

  59. stickinsect

    This theme offers no distractions. I like it and may give it a go soon.

  60. ARiTRA

    Nice, but till date haven’t seen any theme as simple, as elegant and sophisticated as the Pressrow theme by Chris Pearson.

  61. {JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After


    I just love how often you guys are whipping out the themes lately! WordPress, I am a fan. :)

  62. nancysmoments

    Again – thanks for giving us more choices to ponder over. This theme is very simplified – nice and tidy.
    Sometimes it’s nice to see the whole reason behind a blog – get to the subject of the matter.
    The heart of its purpose without any distractions.

  63. A x e l - F

    Very nice design.

  64. udosero

    I like the colors, but I would prefer to make it wider.

  65. millylee

    The design is very succinct, I like it.

  66. Edwin Ouellette

    It looks a bit too bland… I guess if you’re going for minimalistic or simplistic, it’s a catch though.

  67. princeconnoisseur

    Interesting. Looks very nice.

  68. Mary

    This one is really nice, so elegant!

  69. datchickneeks

    It’s not my style, but still decent for those that want the simple clean look.

  70. Simone Aversano

    Another nice theme, you’re a good team! Anyway, any chance to see a magazine (or such) theme on

  71. devilevilgod

    It looks good, gotta try it. Keep on the good work.

  72. jefferyrn

    I like that all the gagets and clutter drop to the bottom after the posts. The colors are a little dark for my taste.

  73. Carros Antigos

    You should try a theme with more options and let us choose among them the ones that fit our interests. Don’t split the features between themes with strange names when what some of us need are a piece of every template available so far. Kind of a Frankenstein, but we have the right to make it. Give us full control!

  74. kendylau

    It looks elegant and very simple, but not my style though… I personally prefer those themes with changeable background-option and sidebars.

  75. critix

    Vostok looks nice. For a photographer, maybe. But I really preferred Inuit Types, it just looks more professional.

  76. relansat

    Not so impressive.

  77. amartist

    Too many clean themes! Bring on the dirty messy cluttered ones. PLEASE!

  78. Daedalus

    Not so impressive. Same as Relansat. ;)

  79. Raoul

    I LOVE the color scheme of this theme, but it’s too narrow for my existing content. It squishes my photos. Could you please introduce a way to adjust the width of the themes, or at least make them wider from the get-go.

  80. gracesmusings

    I like it. It looks really clean.

  81. Olivia

    This one looks good, neat.

  82. The Necromancer

    Like a rocket into cyberspace.

  83. mrasherkade

    LOL at amartist… I like dirty and messy too! (And it’s not what you think, so get your head out of the gutter!)

  84. AssassinDX

    Looks good, simple and very professional. I’ll definitely consider using it once I’ve had enough of my current theme.

  85. hayes2686

    Good work… NICE.

  86. scarletsculturegarden

    It’s quite clinical but I like it! Nice work churning all these new themes out!

  87. Sara

    This is very good for people who enjoy simple themes. The custom header and background can add a really nice touch to this theme!

  88. Çetin Demir

    Nice one… the theme team works!

  89. pbeug

    Not for me, but it is really nice. The simplicity of it could come in handy for someone.

  90. citydaters

    Looks great but not sure how I could use it for my blog. Still getting to grips with WordPress.

  91. memartine

    That looks awesome, going to preview it on my blog right now!

  92. Zac

    Keep up the good work!

  93. Sean

    Not bad. I liked the last two better, though.

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  95. neil

    Very minimalistic. Nice!

  96. Sarah Baram

    Another theme that looks just like the others. Nice.

  97. Sandra Lee

    Very interesting! Elegant, stylish. I like the blue background, though I know it’s optional. I’m sure it will be well suited to some of us.

    I would like to see more Inuit Types like themes with the featured thumbnails and excerpts on the front page. Would love to see Inuit Types with a white widgets on white instead of the heavy colors on sidebar.

    The Theme Team rocks!

  98. arbons

    I like it, it’s a very nice theme.

  99. Sitopatop

    Good work… nice theme.

  100. sadiakomal

    Another good theme.


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