New Space Upgrades

Is your Media Library feeling crowded? I’m betting our new space upgrade levels might help.

Based on feedback we received from our users, we decided to add two new space upgrade options: 50GB and 100GB.

To access either of these upgrade levels, go to your blog’s dashboard and click on Upgrades. Select the space upgrade that you want to purchase. It’s super simple. Price information is included on this page, too.

After your purchase is complete, go to your Media Library. You will see that the upload space remaining for your blog has been increased. Enjoy!

You might be asking yourself “Why do I need a space upgrade?”
Our space upgrades support page can explain it better, but space upgrades allow you to upload music in addition to images. You cannot upload audio files or music without the space upgrade.

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  1. Taufik

    thks for the information
    and for the upgrade :D

  2. Andrew

    WOW! Thanks a lot, guys!

  3. guard13007

    Well that’s nice, now I just need some money…

  4. gh05th4ck

    Nice .

  5. WonderGoon

    Nice. Thank you.

  6. Elena

    Thank you! another great thoughtful addition from WP.

  7. xCae

    sounds great dude. i dont need more space though but this will come in handy in about 2 years

  8. Barz

    What a Good Idea. Now we could add music without using another hosting’s service. It’ll be easier…

    Keep da Good Work!

  9. whittmadden

    That is pretty awesome! You guys are constantly rolling out updates!

  10. alamendah

    (sorry) FIRST securing permission FIRST. Can you?!

    Which is very encouraging news for loyal users like me wordpress

  11. 洗脑工作室

    good news

  12. John Ryan Recabar


  13. dreamsburnred

    Not bad, I highly doubt anyone will get that far in there media library. The prices are absurd (50GB $159.97 — 100GB $289.97). Sure yes its the cloud but a new HD for $280 is almost 2TB.

  14. Kuya Marc

    That’s good to know. Thanks for the update.

  15. Mary

    I’ll keep this in mind when I’m running out of space.

  16. Sara

    Wow, this is fantastic. Thank you, WordPress! :mrgreen:

  17. raditherapy


  18. Globalsavior

    Lol, you got funny cheeks. I don’t understand a word you just typed. But I’ll try it out.

  19. faeriequeenebuknoy

    great news!

  20. ឡង់ឌី

    yeah.. i need to upgrades my space

  21. EtodaC


  22. mulenmar

    The space is great, although I don’t need it yet — I only upload small images and screenshots. :)

    I was wondering, though — any chance of being able to create folders for our media? :D

  23. revil

    must we pay for it?
    hehehehe :D

  24. brianrizadhani

    Nice man . But, i’m still child . I don’t have fund !!!

  25. VAJRA, South America

    Fantastic…Thanks Team!

  26. Pearlie

    Will keep in mind for the time that I run out of space..

  27. Raja R.K

    Wow, this is fantastic. Thank you, WordPress! :mrgreen:

  28. Janne

    Price Price We don’t want any price. In Blogspot you can add Weather,Radio,and Google widgets and Themes from HTML or XHTML in WordPress you can’t do anything!!!!!! If we wan’t anything extra you will have money.No Please add the widgets functions we want first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So fix your problems with widgets first before you screaming about PRICE!
    Is Money all for WordPress????? Shame on WordPress !!!!!!!!!

  29. cOokie

    Yupiiii :D Thanks !

  30. fancywriter

    Thank you for this useful information

  31. disembedded

    Wonderful. Have been waiting for something like this for a long time. It’s great for those of us who publish a lot of multi-media on our sites. Thanks so much!

  32. James a.k.a. The Gunter

    cool 100 gb but i have a little-big problem im out of money XD

  33. scarletsculturegarden

    Haven’t used up most of the free usage yet but thanks for letting us know!

  34. knuckleworld


  35. the rufus

    For audio you can integrate some nice youtube videos if you add some pics to the sound :lol:

  36. nancysmoments

    Just when you think you have enough space, you don’t and now there’s an option to make sure you don’t run out. It’s like closets and cupboards – you can always use more room! Thanks guys.

  37. Fateh 4 Tech

    Merci ;)

  38. henfre

    Nice! I think I might have to consider that once my library gets bigger… but that’s huge!

  39. Rebecca's Daughter

    I want to post home videos once in a blue moon, and so I have to upgrade, right? Will the space you described above – that was difficult for me to interpret as well – support mini-movies?

    BTW, I LOVE the Twenty Ten template and created what I think is a nice, clean, AND me look for my blog.

    Yet, another question/comment. I wish there was an easier way to change my blogaddress w/o having to delete my blog and start all over.

    Since I’m “on spray,” here is another query: I want to publish my first year’s blogs into a hard copy volume. Any suggested sites where I can do this.

    AND, I have a feeling you’re going to tell me to post questions somewhere else as this is a COMMENT/REPLY window, and please MOVE ON. Right?

    Thanks for listening, anyway. Renae

    • Matt

      To post movies, you probably want the VideoPress upgrade.

      For the other queries, you should contact support. They’re really nice!

  40. joenaimada

    great…thanks wp

  41. photo ex machina

    Thanks dude! :D :D :D :D :D

  42. clearlycomposed

    Very cool. I will keep this in mind. :)

  43. seaportsoapopera

    How nice!!

  44. JawGeX

    this should be good, as i’m adding atleasst 2 pictures in every post i do!

  45. craftystaci

    Good to know when my space starts running out. Thanks!

  46. Little Professor

    I love the extreme!

  47. Lance Karasti


  48. Tetkorax

    I want to add one audio file. Why should I pay for it 20 bucks a year?

  49. justmytruth

    Will this space upgrade expire every year as the others do?

  50. Xarbi

    Great !!

  51. scifi75

    This sound great news and thanks for the update

  52. Dev

    Why dont you people increase the space available by default to something like 20 GB or atleast a tenner??
    That would be wonderful.

  53. nickie wang

    Great, this one’s cool!

  54. Muhammad Joe Sekigawa

    Siiipp… Thanks a lot :-)

  55. Iain Hall

    For me Its not so much space that I need need for our media library but the ability to put content into separate folders would be a great addition that way images that are used repeatedly can be easily found .

  56. norppa1

    That’s really awesome! Thanks : )

  57. BoGdANUTZ

    Mhh! Yea GOOD!

  58. BROOKE

    Thanks, Dude ;)

  59. Laura C

    Woot Woot :D

  60. The Editors

    Upgrades are great, but the downloads “exports” from the blogs are still not working and timing out. When are you guys going to fix those and include the “google search” so that archives can be retrieved. The current “search” stinks.

  61. designhabitat

    100GB for a blog? I just started but I would not know how to come close to that

  62. jessiepeace

    great but I don’t have the money!

  63. Play Syndicate

    We will switch over to over the next month. We will miss this nice and friendly Community for sure. :)

  64. riversrun

    Awesome! Since I plan to add pictures to my blog, this is a welcome upgrade. And music, too…. Think of the possibilities….

  65. Ron

    Re:- “You cannot upload audio files or music without the space upgrade.”

    Is that because you don’t think we’d have enough room or you won’t permit it? Not that I want to, just curious, as I reckon I have enough space for a few small audio files. An mp3 track, for example would be about, what, half a meg?

    Could you clarify please.

  66. Neeraj Bhushan

    Option to add music with space upgrade is enticing. Thanks.

  67. Dan North

    I thought I didn’t want space upgrades, but now that I clicked this link I’m thinking about it so that I can post audio files and the like and subject my readers to some dodgy looped tracks I knocked up on Garage Band. Sold!….

  68. yarnaholic

    Not being a huge multimedia blog, it will be *years* before I come anywhere close to using up the free 3G of space that offers. It’s cool that people who need it know it will be there for them when the time comes.

    Happy blogging!

  69. vickyvicks0

    awesome! I don’t use it really cause I mostly post form URL but its nice to know! ;)

  70. pranabchatterjee

    Ah, now all I need to do is to rob a bank somewhere. You go guys!!!!

  71. Aiman Amani

    I still have more than 95% of free space :D !

  72. Alex Mar

    Adding music might be nice, but I think for those upgrade prices that it just makes way more sense to upload images/videos elsewhere (like Flickr, Youtube) and embed them into posts… Anymore, I think the people that need that kind of space already have cheaper ways of getting it.

  73. musik4ever

    ty so much i plan to add music to my blog and also more photos soo ty soo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

  74. Yasir Imran

    oh, I thought you have given more space to free accounts, when are you going to do that?

  75. twistedt

    One thing about, you can have 100 GB of media files and the speed of your site will always be the same: fast!

  76. pc håndværkeren

    Neat’o… I like it – I want to use this feature.

  77. sugarland101

    Wow! This is really cool! B)

  78. sugarland101

    Sweet this upgrade is awesome! ;-)

  79. atypicalmormonchick

    I’ve been using wordpress because it’s what I was first introduced to – and was hyped as being great. Unfortunately – a lot of what I’m seeing leaves me disappointed. The themes available (for example) are dismal in comparison to Blogger – which allows you to plug in any theme you want, edit CSS, etc. for free – rather than being stuck with what’s on a list (it’s nice to see recent improvements there, but there’s still a lot of room for growth). Of course, this is what I hear from friends who use the service – I have yet to test it out for myself. I’m beginning to wonder what the hype is about.

    I like the program, but there seem to be a lot of restrictions unless I want to start paying. I feel like we’re being nickel and dimed for what other blogging programs provide for free.
    I hope there can be some improvements there.

  80. djlxr1314

    thanks indeed
    it’s quite usefull to me ,as i want to send some medias somedays ago

  81. dreamboxinc


  82. sylvaine vaucher

    Done…its great. I feel like home. And not too expensive !

  83. gstvrck

    Thank you Brian !

  84. Teodor Popescu

    i wish i had enough money

  85. niceartlife

    WordPress is the best, but with this service even better!! Great, thanks a lot!

  86. shamballa9944

    Options, options, options. Love having choices :) !

  87. Asop

    I must collect the money first! ^__^ :)

  88. brotharic

    I look forward to needing that much space. I’m just starting out.

  89. tamzal

    where can i get the space upgrades? im new here. thanks


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