New Theme: Notepad

Today’s new theme is Notepad. A richly styled and beautiful, personal theme inspired by iPhone’s Notes application.

The Notepad Theme

With Notepad you have the option of displaying expertly designed icons that link to your profile on Twitter, Facebook or Flickr. Simply add the appropriate URL in Appearance > Theme Options. There’s even an optional RSS feed icon that fits in perfectly.

The optional Notepad header icons

I really like the Notepad theme’s bubbly drop-down menus—great for keeping all your pages neatly organized—and I think you’ll like them too.

The Notepad theme drop-down menus

I hope you’ll find the Notepad theme’s visual flourishes and careful focus on graphical detail as exciting as I do. Check it out. It just might be the perfect theme for your blog.

The Notepad theme is available in your dashboard under Appearance > Themes and, for users, in the themes directory.

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Ian Stewart

  • May 21, 2010 @ 8:30 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Victor Mendonça

    COOL. A really nice theme. Congrats. ;D

  2. mahfoozhasan

    A brilliant theme, thanks a lot. Can you change the theme colour?

  3. vjp

    Nice. Just don’t like the colors.

  4. Sandra Lee

    Beautiful! It’s great that you are including drop down menus in the new themes. I will give this one a look, but I’m very happy with Bueno now that I have the CSS upgrade. And it wasn’t difficult to learn to do at least the simple things like changing fonts and colors with the upgrade. Thanks, Theme Team!

  5. Sarah

    AWESOME!!! Thank you SO much WordPress!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D I absolutely adore it. :) :) :)

  6. JoV

    Every reason for me to cheer when a neatly styled theme with corporate fonts (no script fonts) is produced! I love it! :D

  7. ileaneb

    Nice way to add your social icons. Keep ‘em coming. Thanks WordPress!

  8. Pedí3Deseos

    Wow! You are creating great themes. I like this one but just as with Sandra Lee, I’m very, very happy with my muy Bueno theme. Thanks a lot!

  9. Eric

    This is an awesome theme! Thanks for making it =)

  10. whittmadden

    This is a really nice looking theme! I like the colors!

  11. Marmoset

    I probably won’t use it but I really like it! I kinda adore notepads, lol.

  12. mrasherkade

    I wish it had a custom background … among other things … it’s nice though.

  13. Emmanuel Ibok

    Another WordPress bomb…You guys rock to the fullest. I will keep on repping WordPress with my Blog updates. Refined with the finest and simplest words. Well done.

  14. art predator

    I’m in love with my new blog on Bueno but I love how this one has the links to twitter, facebook etc! Wow! Just like an org blog!

  15. Tito Salgado

    Awesome new theme!

  16. Rokugatsu

    This one looks really great. I would love to use it if we could change color, add header, etc.

  17. Slik

    I really like the theme but the white background behind the images is whats stopping me from using the theme.

  18. timethief

    This is a nice looking theme but I’m in love with another (Inuit Types) which has far more features. :)

  19. Troo

    VERY pretty!

  20. jazzyiphoneblog

    Very nice indeed! Well done!!

  21. Dan North

    Beautiful colours. I’m going to switch themes soon, I reckon. Just can’t resist the temptation for novelty much longer…..

  22. shamballa9944

    Very nice. It has a relaxed and “handwritten” feel to it. Love the drop downs too!

  23. John Ryan Recabar

    I hope you come up with more. I love this one.

  24. M Shodiq Mustika

    Almost perfect for an online personal diary. I wish I could customize the image header or the colors.

  25. Mike Martinez

    Ian… great theme. Very nice. Some of my team are already using it! Lol.

  26. ליאור

    Wow, it’s not for my needs but it looks amazing and I’d definitely would think of using it for a more me-centered blog.

  27. xCae

    I don’t like the colors, personally, but it’s perfect for an online diary.

  28. Wez

    Very nice. It’s only going to get harder to stick with a theme choice for more than a couple of weeks from here on in. Good work theme team!

  29. O'Brien

    Nice work, a winner… shame about the colour.

  30. Lord Vader

    Color scheme matches ideally with lions and savannah. :)

  31. Aiman Amani

    Oooooh… This is simply marvellous! I love the colours, drop down menu, style, (almost everything actually).

  32. Andrew

    Well I do enjoy the brown.

  33. bassitone

    I like it… might be actually worth switching to.

  34. gomestavares

    Beautiful theme! Excellent theme for a blog.

  35. guard13007

    Good, good. I like this one.

  36. imcoolyoto

    Hmm… the brown and the tiger look good.

  37. elwahyu

    Nice theme… I like it.

  38. twistedt

    Great theme… so much potential if you could offer other colors.

  39. kirinjirafa

    I love the brown.

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  41. Mary

    This is so cute and stylish!

  42. gailsserenity

    I love it – the colors are really warm and beautiful. I love the lion. For myself I would need something that isn’t so obviously masculine.

  43. riversrun

    Nice! I really like the brown/yellow layout, but more colors would be great too.

  44. gbvaz

    Looks really nice and useful!

  45. Shinrin

    Great theme, just wish it had a custom background and custom header, then it’d be perfect! The drop down menu design is awesome. I also like that the foreground isn’t white.

  46. Anne Lessing

    Amazing! I love it so much. It’ll be perfect for a writing-oriented blog like mine. I’ll consider switching, definitely.

  47. deepbellylaugh

    I like that you said “Today’s new theme is…” like new themes are the norm. Enjoying new theme news so much. Notepad’s so clean, cute and pop-uppy (not a word, but oh well). Would be awesome if it had more colour choices. I’m looking for something with 3 columns at the moment. Hopefully it will come soon.

  48. 人事長工

    The type is too small.

  49. Ali Reza

    More theme options, please. We don’t wanna have a-same-appearance-blog with others

  50. brbrenda

    This is really nice! I can see nature in it. :)

  51. Wellsy

    The theme team is awesome. Keep it up guys.

  52. Neema Shaw

    This is a stunner … I’m off to give it a go … cheers, mate.

  53. peggyhogan

    Looks pretty good but scared to change!

  54. Sara

    It is a good theme that is organized nicely, but I hate those colors! :mrgreen:

  55. Barz

    This is good!!! It doesn’t seems like “the real notepad” in windows … This is great!!

  56. revil

    i like it very much…!! :D

  57. osamaao

    Nice and stylish work! Having other theme colors would be nice too.

  58. purydhink

    It’s quite simple for the personal blog. Cool!

  59. Dạ Vũ

    I like it, very nice. Thank you so much. I’ll try it for my blog.

  60. viviantlyours

    Great theme, I just don’t like the colors :( Maybe in a blue? Or green?

  61. seaportsoapopera

    I love love love the expertly designed icons and bubbly drop-down menus but it will be perfect if there are custom header, color and background. I believe that I will see a new theme with all these very soon!! : )

  62. taiwanpop

    I like but I wish that there was some choice for the color—It is so hot in the eyes. Plus, I wish that there were some featured post too.

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  64. krgarcia

    Had switched to this theme… I love how my social networking sites are being part of my blog. Good Job!

  65. yongsheng

    This is such an elegant theme on the whole. What a pity the colours are not brilliant.

  66. phoxis

    Very clean and soothing theme, except the background color, it should be changed to white.

  67. marilynkaydennis

    I love the colours. I probably would have chosen this if I hadn’t found Motion first. I think that the one that I already have probably goes better with the name and subtitle of my blog. I might have to create another blog to be able use this one. I really, really like it.

  68. WonderGoon

    I like everything about it, except the color. (I don’t know enough CSS to change the colors with the upgrade, so I’ll stick with what I’ve got.)

  69. Ranziy

    Terrific!! I’m going to change my theme as fast as I possibly can!

  70. zerolinesofcode

    Nice, but need something like this for a technology and business blog.. I am staying with Neutra for the time. :)

  71. technogran1

    Each theme introduced always has something missing, with this one, its the choice of colours, with others its that you can’t choose the width, or choose the header etc. I just wish you would give us all a theme that had everything in it. Customised header, customise width, background,colours, etc. There’s always something not quite obtainable for me.

  72. mammamalin

    A small suggestion:

    All these new themes are BEAUTIFUL, but they have one tiny, tiny thing in common, that makes me sadly ignore them right away. Without even the smallest of hesitation: They don’t show the submission time for each post!

    If I write two or more posts each day, I want to display the hours and minutes of the post, to keep track of things. Could you have an option to switch on and off the display of the time, maybe, to meet everyones’ needs?

    I truly love the Bueno theme, by the way!!!!!!! Would LOVE to see it with time stamp!

  73. Mohammad Elsheimy

    WOW, very hot :) and icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker are really amazing!

  74. Sean Davis

    I Just activated it on my iPhone blog :). Finally! An iPhone type theme! Can we get more iPhone type themes?

  75. Milo

    I like it but am unsure about the caramel colour scheme.

  76. PEZ

    Links to my Twitter/FB/Flickr accounts? I thought it was share-buttons. Now that would’ve been totally awesome. Gimme!

    That said, this theme is really beautiful.

  77. Pearlie

    Love the colour!

  78. NDZULO

    This is a cool theme. I definitely like it.

  79. R3D

    Looks pretty good, but from a design point of view, I think the social icons are a large for the location they’re in. To me, it seems like they’re interrupting the flow of the page, and the relative size of them is distracting.
    I suppose aligning them to the right, in line with the site description and then bumping the content up to the current location of the social icons would take away that jarring effect.

    Nonetheless, that’s just my opinion, and I appreciate all the hard work WordPress is putting into these themes.

  80. Linc

    What a beautiful theme! This is the first theme that I’ve REALLY liked for a long time.

  81. Guy

    1. I hope those twitter/facebook icons will make a migration to all other themes. I love them.

    2. I wonder, is there a way to do in this theme what you do with pages with categories? Some of us have categories and sub-categories, because that worked better on the older themes than pages and sub-pages, so transferring to this format would require a complete re-organization…

    Good theme.

  82. Louy

    A perfect theme! but having more colors would be appreciated :D

  83. SoniaDagger

    I’ve been waiting for a notepad/notebook theme for a long time! I will use this for now, but I’d still like to see a notebook theme. I’m not a fan of this one’s colors, but the Twitter and Facebook buttons are awesome.

  84. Paul

    Wow. One word: AMAZING! I will change my theme soon to notepad. It is perfect for a personal blog. GOOD JOB!!

  85. keikomushi

    I love this layout, and I don’t mind the colors either. Thanks for that, theme team.
    Any chance of a space theme at some stage? I am going to be starting a science fiction fiction blog soon and the current selection doesn’t seem to mesh with the content of the story that will be posted on the domain. If one isn’t made available soon I’ll just wait longer. :D

  86. phatpast

    I like the theme, just not crazy about the colors. Good effort.

  87. George Amoss Jr.

    It’s beautiful. But, like others, it italicizes block quotations in full, requiring a CSS upgrade to make it useful for me.

  88. dondeepak

    Really making our work easy. Simply superb

  89. C. L. Carver

    I love that wordpress is finally adding social network link icons and the like in the themes they make it so much easier to connect.

  90. marmaladeangel

    Oh what a lovely theme….great layout !

  91. Nigel

    Any development for other colours? This has potential.

  92. Olivia

    Overall a great theme with the look of a book.

  93. Michelle

    “A wee little baby page.” =)

    This theme is definitely on my “like” list.

  94. pbeug

    If I could have this theme with just darker colours, I’d change to it in a heartbeat.

  95. kendylau

    Amazing and neat looking, but honestly it is not my style and in fact id does not have any background or color changing options. However, thanks for providing us such a nice theme and I’m looking forward for another great themes !:)

  96. 2stevie2

    This is amazing! I love it! The colors and everything. Very nice.

  97. ahankwilliamsjournal

    Why not just let non upgrade-users make simple background color changes?

    • Ian Stewart

      In this instance, The Notepad background is tied a little too tightly to the design to make simple background color changes easy.

  98. nwcalm

    Love it. Brilliant. Just what I was looking for. Thank you!

  99. stitchlover

    i wish the colors were shades of pink or yellow…

  100. filmtronic

    Not for me, but cool nonetheless.


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