Contact Form Update

Do you use a contact form on your site? If so, you’ll enjoy today’s update. Our [contact-form] shortcode has always been boring. It never had any configuration options and didn’t work in widgets. Today we’re giving the shortcode a makeover.

The old shortcode would send an e-mail message to the author of the post or page. Now you can send the message to any e-mail address you wish. You can even send to multiple e-mail addresses.

[contact-form to=""]
[contact-form to=",,"]

Maybe you never liked the [Blog Title] Post Title style subjects on the e-mail messages. Set your own default subject.

[contact-form subject="My Contact Form"]

You can even let the visitor set the subject by showing a subject field on the contact form.

[contact-form show_subject="yes"]

Use as many or as few of the options as you need. The old [contact-form] without any options will still work as it has in the past, but you now have the flexibility to do something like:

[contact-form to=",," show_subject="yes" subject="Contact WordPress Family"]

These changes allow us to improve the consistency of the built-in contact form from the following themes: Blix, Flower Power, MistyLook, and Sweet Blossoms. The contact page template in those four themes allowed your visitors to send you a message, but didn’t work in the same way as our shortcode. With today’s update, the contact page template in those themes will work just like using [contact-form] with any other theme.

For more details on how to use the contact form feature, head over to the Contact Form page on our Support site.

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Nick Momrik


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  1. Dominik

    Oh, what a nice update! With these new possibilities I definitely will use the Contact Form more often! Thank you, guys! You’re great!

  2. ileaneb

    I’m looking forward to seeing more great upgrades like this. Thanks for doing this. I’m sure many bloggers will make use of it and I’ll share the news.

  3. Adriana

    Definitely liking this. It will be a lot more convenient to use the Contact Form now–especially it will make it easier to send it to tech illiterate friends (moms! :D) who would be cautious to open emails with foreign subject lines.

  4. Rob Hoffmann

    Just so nobody gets a surprise… after playing with the code, it appears that the word “yes” in the show_subject flag has to be in all lower-case. :) “Yes” doesn’t work.

  5. timethief

    Excellent features. Thanks so much for this update.

  6. xCae

    nice job wordpress. i didnt even know there was a contact form

  7. Charles Fernando

    I just wish I could use it in a widget as I can use [ archive ], just like formspring… but It’s a improvement!

  8. Ronnie Riggs Jr

    Yeah, I had no idea there was a way we could use a contact form. I’m relieved! Thanks.

  9. Eric

    Wow this will help my blog a lot! Thanks.

  10. Mary

    Did not even know about this, I’ll take a look now. :)

  11. Serewwka

    I did not even know about [contact-form] shortcode.
    I think this is just an additional source of spam

  12. masbadar

    great, nice update. this is what I’ve been waiting for.. thanks Nick!!

  13. cepet

    Yeah! I love this update! Couldn’t have come at a better time, as my contact form is getting used a lot lately!

  14. Sara

    Really nice work! I’m sure a lot of people have been looking forward to this. I’m going to have to check it out. Thanks, WordPress! :mrgreen:

  15. Mark Jaquith

    Looks nice. Going to release this as a plugin?

  16. Arthur

    The Grunion Contact Form on the WordPress plugin directory is updated too?

  17. Chris van Hasselt

    I’m a little confused…on the MistyLook contact page on my site, when I logout I get I nice form with Name, Email,, Website, and a textbox for comment. How do I add subject? How do I configure who the page sends to? Otherwise, it is great to see new features. While the new themes are great, I’m more interested in seeing new features and updates to my theme!

    • Nick

      You’ll have to switch the page template back to the Default Template and then manually add the contact-form shortcode to the content of the page where you can configure the options.

  18. Sven Seebeck

    Sweet. Will definitely take advantage of that. Thanks for the update.

  19. M Shodiq Mustika

    :) I have waited this feature for a long time. But now I may make contact-forms as many as I want. Thank you.

  20. Steve

    So, at the beginning, you mentioned how the code used to not work in widgets. Does it now?

  21. pranabchatterjee

    OK! This is AWESOME! Well. Now with all these options coming up, I am wondering if I need to go to at all! I am confused. HELP!!!

  22. rav

    I like it already!!

    *Double like*

  23. bassitone

    Wow, I didn’t even know this shortcode even existed…implementing it right now hehe.

  24. dhenztm

    Interesting, I may have to use this one over my current use of comment box hehe

  25. WonderGoon

    Awesome. Thanks for the updates on this. I always wanted to put in a subject line to reduce the headaches of figuring out where the emails were coming from. Much appreciated.

  26. Gabriel...

    Making more stuff available to put into the widgets is fantastic…

  27. Joey Chong

    Thank you, this really helps.
    Esp the “subject” field for me :)

  28. moregeous

    Will amend my contact form today. Is there a widget WordPress can create to ensure all post visitors then find themselves under severe mental pressure to contact the blog writer and request to utilise their business services? Just wondering ;-)

  29. traditionalsecrets

    Thanks a million for this update. In fact just the other day I’d been struggling with sending updates to friends etc…but this feature is sure going to make my life a lot easier. ;)

  30. phoxis

    Very good update, really adds flexibility.

  31. arthurscount

    Great invention, WordPress never ceases to impress.

  32. ghiboz

    Great! For me too it is new information!

  33. chrisisright

    This is great! Aside from the additional features, the tip you mentioned upstream – that it can be used in a text widget – is brilliant, too. Suggested feature for your next update: If used in a widget, have an option to automatically pull in the page title on which the widget appears. So, if someone is contacting from the homepage, nothing is added, but if someone is contacting from a post/page, it pulls in the post/page title if so configured. Thanks for all your hard word to improve an already great blogging platform.

  34. Jennifer

    Excellent! Thank you so much for this update!

  35. Olivia

    Thats a super awesome update- thanks for working towards this..

  36. Aiman Amani

    Cool! I don’t even know about this form. I wished that I knew this before.

    But if I knew it then, it won’t be as interesting as it is now, lol :)

  37. shamballa9944

    Wow…endless possibilities! Always a good thing!!

  38. geekgardener

    I like the additions. Been using it for a while and now I can customize it :).


  39. Paul

    wow..e VERRY IMPORTANT UPDATE..thanks a lot :)

  40. v000nix

    Using two contact-forms on the same page still isn’t possible…Maybe with the next update? ;)

  41. Raoul

    Never even knew a contact form was available via shortcode! :-) Awesome, thanks!

  42. taalib

    That’s so nice. I was wondering if I could do that.

  43. sekoteng

    Nice feature update… Thanks, this is cool.

  44. Teodor Popescu

    Very nice and very important update.

  45. RandomizeME

    Well, I was already pretty happy with the old contact form, but extra bells and whistles certainly don’t hurt!

  46. antonioliao

    Cool! This update can help me a lot.

  47. Tom Hogarth

    Brilliant, just added a contact form to my blog with the new code.

  48. sportsbetplaza

    This is a very handy update, very much appreciated.

  49. Mohammad Elsheimy

    Just what the doctor ordered :) Thank you!

  50. clearlycomposed

    What a cool new feature to have available! :)

  51. abdbasset

    Thanks. Very good update.

  52. Giorgio

    This update is really a good thing!

  53. lynnsideedition

    You can send the email to any email address? Methinks you have enabled us to send messages to the powers that be.

  54. blue2004

    I’m new here in wordpress. Thanks, it will help a lot!!

  55. joanne

    Awesome. I wanted to have the form send messages to a different email address for quite a while. You just checked one thing off my wish list.

    By the way, I added the code [contact-form subject=""] and the subject box shows up blank. Now, that’s perfect!

  56. bigstarlet

    You guys are the awesomesauce! Thanks so much!

  57. Q80BOY

    Thank You very nice stuff keep em coming! :)

  58. hackworm

    Great but we need a captcha.

    • Nick

      Sorry, we will not be adding a captcha. The messages pass through Akismet to check for spammers.

  59. Yasir Imran

    Great addition. Now users don’t need to add plugins for this purpose.

  60. Great Services

    This is good… Captcha is really necessary thing in the present cyberworld to avoid thousands of junk mails in one day.

  61. badwalker

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I love this stuff. Something more to learn.

  62. majjood

    Thanks a lot guys. It’s really nice work.

  63. onebigadventure

    Good update! Thanks. :)

  64. Hana

    Great feature. I know I would love to put in my WordPress blog. Thank you.

  65. Johz

    I like the idea, but it looks like the box comes out too big for my needs. Could the next update for this particular piece of code be to allow me to change the size of the box? That would be fantastic. Otherwise, I may use it around. It is quite a good idea.

  66. Part Tyme

    Love it! Definitely needed!

  67. leocheungblog

    Cool update I will try it on my blog to see how I like it. Thanks!

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  69. Admin

    Wow, I never knew that I also can use contact form on hosted blogs too, I thought we just can use a plugin on self-hosted blogs. BTW great update, thank you so much WordPress.

  70. han87

    Good update. :-)

  71. krysjez

    I never knew about this feature. Awesomesauce, now I won’t have to hide my email behind a reCAPTCHA page.

  72. back2americasroots

    Love it, never new till now that you could get this feature. Two suggestions. I think it would be great if one could chose which author the email is directed towards. Another is, where can we find the code for and what other features one can add like the contact me thing?

  73. suprederm50

    great update

  74. livelyfish

    The Option I would really like is to not display the Website field. I have had many comments from people visiting my website that find this confusing. The field is not very well explained for people with limited web skills. It says just Website and several people have asked me which website am I referring to. Many people do not have a personal blog or website and don’t understand what is required here. If removing the field is not practical, then a better explanation of what is required might help.

  75. treatmelovely

    Would a guy be able to customize this contact form for people to put there phone numbers in a certain box or different boxes for different subjects? Or is some things like that going to be in the works for the future?

  76. godzoned (Debbie)

    fabulous!!! thank you so much… so easy…. You are awesome!

  77. friendlywebdesign

    Can you provide a release date for the Grunion Contact Form plugin update?

  78. cuehaven

    Not sure what I’m doing wrong but after adding an additional address I’m still only getting mail in my default/owner mail box.

    I did [contact-form to="second address"] but it doesn’t send the message to the new address. Should I use the quotes or not? Sorry to sound slow!


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