New Theme: Paperpunch

Today we are pleased to introduce Paperpunch, a clean and versatile theme featuring a subtle, textured background and hand-crafted icons.

To go along with a widget-ready sidebar, Paperpunch offers no fewer than four columns at the bottom of the page to display many more widgets.

If you want to customize the look a bit, use the Custom Background option found in your Dashboard under AppearanceBackground to change the background color or add your own background image.

To dress up the design even more, you can easily enable gorgeous typography for Paperpunch with two Typekit fonts: Chunk for the site title in the header and Junction for the titles and headings.

Since the correct CSS selectors are already in place for both fonts in the theme stylesheet, you can simply sign up for Typekit, enable Chunk and Junction, refresh, and enjoy! (Learn more about using Typekit with Paperpunch.)

For a working demo of Paperpunch with the optional Typekit typography, visit

Paperpunch was designed by The Theme Foundry and is now available for your blog and, for self-hosted blogs, from the Themes Directory.

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Lance Willett

  • May 26, 2010 @ 10:02 pm
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  1. Brigitte

    Very nice and clean, I like it a lot!

  2. Dominik

    This theme looks really nice and clean! It’s awesome, how many themes have been published in the past view weeks! Therefore it’s hard to decide, which one is the best for my kind of content. ;)

  3. Jerry Jacques

    I’m keeping my Structure theme, but this one is so nice and clean! Great job guys, it’s getting better and better!

  4. James Turnbull

    I love, and I’m grateful for all the new themes recently, but unfortunately almost all of them have been useless for us bloggers who already have hundreds of wide images on their blogs. Can you please, please provide more WIDE themes?

    Seriously, I’d argue that The Journalist is the only decent wide theme I can use without knowing CSS, and even though I don’t want to, the lack of choice I have makes me think about going self-hosting every day. Judging by all the thin new themes you’ve provided recently, I don’t think you realize how big of an issue this is for many bloggers.

    But don’t get me wrong: thanks for the great service you provide here, and this is my ONLY problem with! :)

    • Lance Willett

      @James Thanks for the feedback. We are trying hard to launch themes that we think will appeal to a broad audience, but we fully understand that this particular one will not please everyone. On that note, though, have you tried an image gallery with the Twenty Ten theme to showcase your wide images? It works really nicely, and displays a 900px wide image in one column without the sidebar. Check out an example on the 2010dev blog.

  5. devilevilgod

    It seems like a very nice theme. Gotta try this later! Good job guys, keep up the good work.

  6. M Shodiq Mustika

    What are the hand-crafted icons? I have not found them yet.

  7. Sarah Baram

    I love all of these themes, and I truly appreciate how frequently new ones have been coming out… But, we have 94 themes and I can’t help but think that most of them are slight variations of a previous theme. This one reminds me so much of the Enterprise theme, along with many others. How about something far out from the WP norm?

  8. breakthroughtogod

    Have to agree with James. Wider themes are a must for many of us. They are more pleasant to read and give a better visual context. I won’t use skinny themes and it is disheartening to see that wide themes are being almost completely ignored. WHY is that?? Can we have at least one other theme built on the Journalist platform, but with color options, more widgets, a header picture and so on. It really doesn’t have to be fancy.

    I’m also not being ungrateful and believe WordPress is the best blogging platform out there. But any thoughts on this issue at all?

  9. Lee

    The themes…they’re starting to look alike…

  10. Slik

    Very nice simplistic theme. :) Thank you for all the themes that have been released in such a short time frame.

  11. SquarerootZ

    Keeping my Vigilance theme for now but if there were theme that combined these options along with a custom header, I’d definitely think about switching. Nice that WordPress is getting a lot of themes pushed out for it’s users though. Good job!

  12. Sara

    It looks like a nice, simple theme. I really love how the RSS button is on the top of the page. Although, I wish it had a custom header option! I wish we had more themes where you can customize the header, background, and colors of the blog and have a wider layout to display larger pcitures. A button for twitter and the RSS feed at the top would also be a great bonus! I’m quite certain that would be the “perfect theme” for many bloggers.
    Thanks, WordPress :mrgreen:

  13. Mary

    More widgets? Awesome!

  14. kendylau

    Very clean and organized theme! Not my style though, but thanks for providing! You guys rock!

  15. Adriana

    Love the widgets at the bottom. I’ll have to consider using this one–nicely crisp and clean. :D

  16. timethief

    This is a very simple and clean theme with some nice touches. However, the hand-crafted social networking icons are missing. On the version they are on the top right hand corner of the theme. Also the horizontal menu bar does static Pages with drop-downs to child pages that are in the version are missing from the version of the theme. Why so? Lastly, thanks for the Typekit Fonts tutorial you posted to the themes forum. I like the fonts the theme currently displays but others may not share that opinion. :)

    • Lance Willett

      @timethief The version is a bit different than the one we launched, mainly in that the version displays the hand-crafted RSS icon only. The page navigation drop-downs should be working correctly—please try reloading your browser in case you have a cached version of the CSS and JavaScript.

  17. fotdmike

    Excellent idea to have the CSS selectors already in place for the Typekit fonts. When I originally signed up with Typekit I had a hell of a job enabling a font for the headline etc (body text was no problem). Easy once one has it sussed… not so easy sussing out how initially though. So, good bit of forward thinking there.

  18. living journey

    Looks like a nice theme. Just wondering if you can bring out a theme that looks a little like a magazine? One that designed for information based blogs, that would be nice. :)

    • Lance Willett

      @living journey Stay tuned—more magazine style themes are on the way in the near future. And also check out our existing themes that work well for magazine-style layouts: Cutline, PressRow, The Journalist, DePo Masthead, and Vigilance. Maybe one of those would work well for you, though I truly think Grid Focus works nicely on your blog. :)

  19. deepbellylaugh

    Looks almost identical to Notepad, colour scheme aside. I think we need diversity more than “more of the same”. I personally find being so widget-heavy on the bottom isn’t really aesthetically pleasing or accessible. I have that at the moment but am hoping for a theme with 3 columns for a bit of a reshuffle.

  20. Nox

    Clean and elegant. Certainly something I’d use. Thanks a lot for all the themes lately and in general for the work you do on this site!

  21. rufatahmad

    Thank you for your diligence… you could do better!

  22. 7one

    Paperpunch looks good. It’s interesting and useful always to get these notifications. Thanks also for the Twenty Ten photoblog tip and example… food for thought.

  23. Eric

    Nice and clean. =)

  24. Emmanuel Ibok

    Great effort by the WordPress team. I appreciate your services and want to say “Thank You.”

  25. Aiman Amani

    Really nice… I really like this one.

  26. neil

    Wow! This is a very clean theme!

  27. agito

    It looks like the Enterprise theme with little improvement.

  28. katiejoyb

    I like it!

  29. Lance Willett

    @James Turnbull and @breakthroughtogod and anyone else asking for wider themes, I’m curious: what motivates you to wish for a wider theme? In order to not clutter up this comment thread—I posted my question to the Themes Forum: Please put your replies there instead of here. Thanks!

  30. Kojiki

    This theme is so elegant with some very elegant graphics also. One of the best! Yes I’ve got the punch really! Little joke here… Thanks for all the new themes they rock and so does WordPress… Thanks!

  31. Singh

    Very neat. Uncluttered with the customary tags not showing immediately below the title (or at the end of the post). The font family, size and line-height design makes the text easy on the eye and reading pleasant. I will use this for some other blog (current one needs me to have a custom header). The custom background is a huge plus.

    There was one problem I noticed though. The theme seems to be fixated upon having widgets in the footer, and even if I choose to not have any widgets in the footer area, the theme imposes its own choice. Any work around? As always, thanks to the Theme Team. Keep them coming and I might have my dream theme some day.

    • Lance Willett

      @Singh Lots of footer widgets being a problem is in the eye of the beholder. That’s a highly-requested feature—all the cool kids have huge footers these days. :)

      There aren’t official workarounds, but I think if you put an empty Text widgets in each footer column you can hide the default widgets.

  32. Anne Lessing

    I like it! Not for me, but still very sharp.

  33. nancysmoments

    This is so darn much fun! Previewing all the new themes. I love having an instant new look whenever the mood strikes me so thank you for providing us with another new theme… Paperpunch. You can never have too many widgets – love those!


    Simply, clean and light! I like it!

  35. JL

    All the themes seem to have been whipped together quickly without much effort. Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful that WordPress is working on so many new themes for bloggers, but I would say “quality vs. quantity”. I would rather there be some really useful and good themes once a month than one new theme a day without much substance. Just a suggestion, thanks so much either way!

    • Matt

      You’re fine to stay with any of the themes from before we started launching more of them. It’s all about choice. I don’t think quantity and quality are mutually exclusive, especially when it comes to WordPress.

  36. Kait

    I am loving have these new themes so often, thanks guys!

  37. twistedt

    I like how the simple theme brings out the colors in the photos. A nice clean design. One question how did the name Paperpunch come about?

  38. Nish

    Boring… looks very similar to Titan without too much novelty.

  39. Aufa

    Good, every time I look at the new theme I want to change my weblog theme. Hmmm, thanks.

  40. taiwanpop

    I agree with JL. I hope that you could create a theme that is quite different and does a better performance. Anyway, it is simple and pretty amazing though it is just like any other old WordPress themes.

  41. blogger2k9

    Tested it already in my local… very good theme. Pro version is much better I bet.

  42. Pearlie

    A bit too simple for me.

  43. sid

    Wow… the theme seems to be simple and effective. :)

  44. imcoolyoto

    Wow! This is a very clean theme! I like it. :)

  45. Sandra Lee

    This is a nice, clean simple theme, but I prefer serif fonts. Might look really hot with a good background. I’m happy with Bueno now that I have the CSS upgrade. Thanks so much Theme Team.

  46. Olivia

    Very neat. After 2010, I had been looking forward to yet another bottom widget theme. Here it is… is it already available to switch?

  47. Jacob Adriani

    Like it, but I would love it with a custom rotating header. Been wanting that for so long.

  48. Yogi prasetiya

    Hey, I really like this theme.

  49. Shaikul Akbar N

    Awwwwww … I am sorry, I couldn’t see any difference in this theme. I do have one question: “Why are all the themes available in WordPress are looking alike?” Is there anything happening to your creativity? Same old colors; allowing us to change the background is not going to help.

    • Ian Stewart

      Sorry this theme didn’t make the cut, Shaikul. We do try and enable a wide variety of themes here—we like creativity too! If you have any ideas for more creative themes you’d like to see on we’d love to hear them in our themes forum.

  50. ukiukisaki

    Simple and clean; I like it!

    But a little bit monotonous. And too much white (it’s domination) gives more radiation, I guess …

  51. domesticscene

    Kiaora from New Zealand. I currently use Pressrow for this blog, and Cutline for another, so I guess it is the “Magazine” style that I am aiming for: lots of visual content on the sidebar, and highly visual main content too. I also prefer the look of images in one at a time, rather than in as a ‘gallery’. I think this is because when I click on a ‘gallery’ I don’t know how long my experience there will last, whereas when images are entered in one at a time I can instantly see the length of the whole post. Understand? Perhaps we “Magazine types” want Custom Headers, Image rich sidebars, AND nice wider photos (preferably without the funny borders).

  52. 71mm0

    Very clear! Simple but elegant.

  53. onebigadventure

    Brilliant theme. :)

  54. raincoaster

    It’d be really handy if you would put the width of the main column in the blog posts about the new themes.

  55. hoho331

    I am loving having these new themes. :)

  56. Milo

    Am liking the new themes. They are a major upgrade on the old ones of several years back.

    Also, I would agree with the comment about wide themes. I’m also not a fan of narrow templates which has led me to ditch otherwise decent themes in the past. Currently using Twenty Ten and quite liking it.

  57. Alexa Marsden

    Y’all are making it really hard to pick just one of all the great new themes! :)

  58. athiq

    What a nice theme, I like it, so simple and clean… I have to try it.

  59. manoj1987

    Blogroll and Pages would be better when displayed on the right column. Eagerly awaiting your theme with such an implementation.

  60. tomodachi89

    The only thing which keeps me from using it is the lack of a custom header. I love making headers for my blog… so this is a no-go.

  61. trinabaker

    Simple, clean and versatile. I like it but sticking with my 2010 theme. Keep up the good work :)

  62. mrasherkade

    I am still keeping with Structured, but am glad that you guys are starting to think about fonts more. My older readers are having a hard time with the tiny print that goes with most of the themes. Additionally, I am excited to see what is in store for the future for new widgets and more fonts choices for those who don’t have an upgrade.

  63. mrasherkade

    Oh! Can we have a theme that puts a solid background to our posts (not the whole wite, just the post)? That way I can have more fun with crazy backgrounds and still have my posts readable. Also, I would love to be able to change the COLOR of my fonts in the sidebars,etc.

  64. isneha

    WordPress team! A black theme please!

  65. fairycube

    Another theme? You are very industrious. Thanks for the hard work and keep it up. I am really grateful to the WordPress team. You are the best! :3

  66. sportsbetplaza

    This is a very nice one and I like the additional columns. That will be very handy for many people!

  67. Ryan

    Can we please see more themes with 2/3 sidebars? The bottom widgets are great and everything… but some annoying readers don’t scroll that far. Also, this theme looks almost identical to Notepad, and most of the themes are the exact same thing with different color schemes or one extra feature. It would be nice to see quality, not quantity.

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  69. herndeggelsche

    Very nice and clean theme but I would also prefer a black theme. ;-)

  70. blue2004

    I like this new theme!

  71. Cafe Pasadena

    It’s good to see WP is finally accelerating the punching out of new themes. Playing catch-up to blogger.

  72. shivas1regal

    Very good design. Like the drop down menus very much. Clean space. Would like to see more of the wide themes too. AND I wonder when WordPress will support the GPS location widget. ..? anyone got an idea how to add a gps to the blog?

  73. jeyaphoto

    Are WordPress themes only created by men? Anyhow, I would like to see a more softer theme and a photo theme :-)

  74. gotoya

    Simply, clean and light!

  75. Cris

    This might work for my blog/site -I’ll give it a try sometime!

  76. rokpool

    I have to admit I like it simple, clean and direct. Good, good.

  77. Pet Society Mystery

    Wow, so many themes come out every week.

  78. Gaizabonts

    It’s raining themes! Just one wish – can we have a few more themes that allow defining categories as the menu, rather than pages? Like the Monochrome theme?


  79. Neel

    When will we get wide themes? I have resorted to using Sandbox :P
    Really guys… what is the reasoning behind all the narrow themes?

  80. hannie96

    I like it. Will you be making some flower or pink themes? :)

    • Lance Willett

      @hannie96 Don’t forget we have lots of other themes that already match your question. :) For example, check out Sweet Blossoms, Flower Power, Fauna, Rounded, and Girl in Green.

  81. seaportsoapopera

    I am so excited to see new theme every week!

  82. jackholesrealm

    That’s sweet looking… it would be a waste for the content on my blog. :-)

  83. Dallas O'Malley

    What happened to colorful themes. Seems like everything you guys are putting out lately is white. The only color it gets is the pictures that are in the banner or post.

    • Lance Willett

      @Dallas Don’t forget there are 93 other themes in our Theme Directory. Lots of them are very colorful! And many bloggers prefer white- or gray-colored themes to allow their own images and content to take center stage.

      To explore all the colorful options, log into your Dashboard and go to AppearanceThemes, then click the “Feature Filters” link at the far right. That will give you drill-down options for all types of colors in our themes.

  84. platonisch

    Purists will like it, I do not.

  85. twistedmouth

    Nice and clean. Think I’m gonna try it out. Thanks, and keep the new themes coming.

  86. Alex Mendez

    I like the theme but I don’t like changing my themes too often. Maybe sometime down the line.

  87. Dallas O'Malley

    Sorry, I am aware that there are some colorful ones to choose from but those are the rather “older” layouts. I do currently use one. I was just merely commenting on all the new ones were white. So it just seems like they all resemble each other with a plain white background.

    But I agree I could be in the minority for the colored ones. Either way I do appreciate you guys putting out new stuff to choose from. :-)

  88. Dallas O'Malley

    I definitely agree with other post liking and requesting black themes. :-)

  89. simphiweotto

    Very plain. Not for me.

  90. shamballa9944

    I agree this is a nice clean theme. And I also agree that many are looking very similar. While I understand people may gravitate toward white or black backgrounds, it seems that a bit more creativity can be tapped into to get some unique themes going. One of the reasons I chose mine, Fjords04, because of the unique banner. Perhaps some of you creative folks at WP can focus on thinking more outside the box again. Perhaps its just about offering more choices in setting background colors, or patterns…something a bit off the wall even ;)

  91. niceandnew

    Best for people who want to add more and more widgets to their blog.

  92. John D. Antesberger III

    Very bland and unoriginal. It does look clean and I like that feature of it, but (from my standpoint) it really has nothing new. Another thing is it’s flexible for those who don’t write specific topics. I write original fiction, essays, poetry, ect., and the theme I chose for my site is one that resembles century-old books and pages. (

    Black themes are really hard on the eyes because they usually use bright colored text. Reading something that is that bright gives people migraines, and this isn’t just me.

    Anyhoo… Themes should be centered more around easy reading capabilities AND expressing the content of your entire site. People give first impressions when they visit websites, if you don’t make it look interesting no one is going to spend more than two minutes surfing your pages and posts.

  93. keeskee

    Love it!

  94. Truth RSS

    I agree with John D. Antesberger III… more of the same really.

  95. munir ardi WP

    I am using enterprise but here is a new theme again. It’s interesting.

  96. mostlymonochrome

    I am very tempted to change to this.

  97. insighttoanindividual

    As nice as this is I feel like it’s missing something. I’d really like something that stands out more, a bit bolder.

  98. andhief

    I LOVE IT.

  99. Graham Pointer

    Letting people customize the background color and image are great touches, something I have been looking for. Thanks!

  100. Pramod Parmeshwaran

    This is a great design and the design quality of recent WordPress themes is very high. I shall stick to the 2010 theme for now. Need more of wide image themes.


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