An Awesome Success Story

When Neil Pasricha started his blog, 1,000 Awesome Things, he decided to highlight one awesome thing each weekday to help him keep a positive outlook.

That was three years ago, and now, the awesomeness just keep rolling on in for Neil: He has not only become a successful blogger and earned three Webby awards, he also can consider himself a critically acclaimed author.  The Book of Awesome - Based on 1,000 Awesome Things WordPress blogThe Book of Awesome” went on sale last month and was warmly received by reviewers.

“Now I’m writing a page-a-day calendar, meeting with TV producers, and basically trying to catch my completely spinning head,” Neil says of his success.

All this and Neil has still got 505 more awesome things to blog about!

Congrats, Neil, and we wish similarly awesome success to all our bloggers.

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Joy Victory


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  1. David W. Boles

    Great news!

    It’s terrific to read how social networking can directly lead to business successes beyond the crass and the ordinary and into greater exaltation.

  2. Andrew

    That is awesome!

  3. Jamais

    Fantabulous news! Congrats, Neil :)

  4. onebigadventure

    Really great news. Well done! :)

  5. Aiden R

    I’ve been following Neil’s site religiously for over a year now and he deserves every bit of success that’s sent his way. Way to go, Neil. You are truly…


  6. Rivertrekker

    Awesome. I love a positive outlook.

  7. thechemistryisdead

    I’ve also been reading this blog for a while and I’m thrilled at what he’s achieved! Well done!

  8. zoomyummy

    Congrats! What a great job! I’m so happy for you Neil. :)

  9. ●.ℓנє98

    Just one example of how WordPress can transform people’s lives!

  10. Mahfooz Hasan

    Great news, congratulations on getting the book published. Also would like to wish all the bloggers out there good luck :-)

  11. mrasherkade

    I am so happy for you Neil! You deserve it! It’s wonderful when being positive about life is not only rewarding mentally and physically, but financially!

  12. bebeebill

    I love success stories. Thanks for sharing. All the best…

  13. 003sharon

    A job well done, is always a success story. Congrats Neil. You deserve it!

  14. grandawn

    Just a quick check of this blog. Looks very uplifting. Will definitely check out more! Congratulations, Neil!!

  15. Adriana

    Haha, that’s so great. I love it when people find things like this to blog about. The simple things that turn out to be more complex.

  16. Dan North

    It’s an excellent blog, beautifully written and genuinely funny. Neil deserves all his success and more.

    I bet, though, that the day is not far off when the writers of books get offered contracts to write blogs and not the other way around…….

  17. peggyhogan

    How inspiring. Obviously it is awesome and I think it’s great that his blog touts a positive message.

  18. nancysmoments

    What a pleasure to read Neil’s blog. You get caught up in his awesome writings and smile, smile, smile.

  19. jeweld

    Always good to hear about anothers happiness.

  20. shauna lee lange

    awesome is as awesome does

  21. iluvcoco

    so where could i find that book?

  22. Dominik

    Wow, that’s awesome! I need that book! :) Congrats, Neil!

  23. bighindu

    Add this to his 1000 awesome things!

  24. sabahsongs

    Great that he made a success of being POSITIVE, and that the world doesn’t just love the cynical and crass. I’m going to his blog right now.

  25. alexisview

    This is fabulous and exciting. Congratulations Neil. :)

  26. Barry Wallace

    Awesomeness is so awesome!

  27. Sarah

    Wotcher WP Team!

    Beautiful! I’m going to have to buy that book. :D


  28. elenaramirez

    That is so awesome, and great news. I will check it out, praying God bless you. Nice to hear of someone doing well. Elena

  29. leocheungblog

    Thank for the successful story. I hope I can have those awesome things in my life. My life is kind of boring.

  30. Sara

    Wow, congrats to him. I love reading stories about how blogging can lead to bigger and better things. Good luck, Neil! :mrgreen:

  31. Emmanuel Ibok

    Congrats to him…We as writers and bloggers need inspirations like this.

  32. Nasifriet

    Thanks for sharing. What an inspiration….congrats, Neil!

  33. sonsothunder

    Yes, truly awesome…Great Job Neil…

  34. tillybalou

    Truly Inspirational !! … Well done and ThankYou xx

  35. BornFeetFirst

    Awesome! Congrats.

  36. wiredthroughwords

    I’d buy that book. Cheers man!

  37. ileaneb

    I love hearing success stories. Congratulations to Neil for this one. His positive attitude has truly paid off!

  38. blogmella

    Good for him! My efforts are a little less uplifting but I’m all for people making a career out of their blogging!

  39. Mary


  40. pbeug

    Wow, that’s awesome! I’m gonna have to check out his blog and book now! Kinda gives me hope that people out there do actually read blogs.

  41. aimeeshealthyliving

    Congrats on the great success!

  42. Hana

    Neil’s blog is awesome. I visit his blog often and love his writing so much. Congrats on him

  43. Olivia

    Awesome indeed.. extraordinarily brilliant..
    Congratulations Neil..
    The success stories definitely give a certain high..

  44. spielplatzjunge

    Thanks for sharing the awesome things!!!

  45. qaroline

    Very cool. Ill definately start reading that blog. I wonder what he’ll do when he’s reached 1000 things.

  46. izikavazo

    That is a great blog, I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with him. It’s especially enjoyable because most blogs are extremely negative rants but he’s always positive, even when his life isn’t so swell.

  47. deathgleaner

    Congratulations! That is truly inspiring!

  48. imcoolyoto

    OMG that book is just awesome ,(maybe awesomeness)

  49. clearlycomposed

    His blog is first class and this acknowledgment to his success is well deserved. :)

  50. Myrtle

    Wow, inspiring indeed!

  51. Sandra Lee

    What a wonderful shot of inspiration and positivity. Congratulations, Neil! Thank you for sharing this. I wish for ALL blogs to be so successful (if they want to be!).

  52. shamballa9944

    What a fabulous (just to shake things up a bit) story! I look forward to checking out the blog, and maybe the book!

  53. koumbouhien

    Congratulations! It is good to read a success story.

  54. Tea K. Jackson

    I read the author’s name as “Neil Patrick Harris” at first and thought, “This doesn’t count as a success story!”

    Then I realized I was wrong. Haha, congrats!

  55. RandomizeME


    Just curious, how many (and which) WordPress.Com blogs have been turned into successful books? Maybe that can be your next blog post?

  56. Lu2Ar

    truth be told, since I joined wordpress, I have had more than 20 ideas what to blog about, and this does not happen in any other blog platforms I have.

  57. blackgirlgone

    Just made my day. Thanks for recognizing the awesome!

  58. JaJaBa

    Indeed an interesting and awesome story! makes blogging quite easy and it certainly helps to have a bunch of features to help reach the audience. From watching my own “niche” readership grow and remain steady (so far) I can tell, that keeping posts mixed up is a good thing. Good luck with the book sales to Neil, if it comes out as e-book or softcover I’ll be ready to buy. ;-)

  59. musicofourheart


  60. Shafali

    Congratulations to Neil and to WordPress too:)

  61. bigskylifecoach

    That is so cool! Congratulations. Funny how sometimes something little we do can turn into something HUGE! This inspires me.


    Congrats Neil,
    I want to read the book.

  63. skillets

    I am in awe of the awesomeness of all this awesome business…

  64. hearttypat

    And it’s only 495 awesomeness to date. AWESOME!

  65. kaitmustwait

    How wonderful! It’s nice to see success from a positive humble source.

  66. thomaschalfant

    This is really the new revolutionary way to blow right by the gatekeepers, when it comes to breaking into the publishing world. Very sincerely, congratulaions, Neil!

  67. rtm

    Congrats and well done, Neil! Thanks for sharing such an inspirational story, WordPress… nice to see a positive vibe in the blogosphere amidst all the negativity. Just started a movie blog nearly a year ago, so this is definitely something for me to aspire to. Oh, and I love the word AWESOME! :)

  68. phoxis

    that’s a true success. And that shows what sort content is hosting ! Neil, Congratulations!

  69. arthurscount

    This is inspirational stuff. One day this will be me. One day….!

  70. marmaladeangel

    Yes very Heart Warming to know…It gives inspiration to me .

  71. Indie

    Very awesome and inspiring! Blog on Neil, keep making it awesome.

  72. yummeblog

    That’s awesome Neil, I wish you continued success!

    Yumm-e ; )

  73. megleigh

    Well done, Neil. That’s Awesome!

  74. ifeuma

    An inspiring success story for an ambitious newbie like me…

  75. winewood

    Thanks for shinning a light in the tunnel of life!

  76. Ms. NiceTee

    Whoot Whoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

  77. Randy

    Cool! Great job Neil you’re an inspiration congrats!

  78. bkkgirl

    this is amazing, well done! very inspiring!

  79. victoriabondmakeupartist

    How cool congratulations!!

  80. imogen88

    Well done! That’s fantastic!

  81. Iris

    Awesome cover.

  82. Joey Chong

    We should all try to stay positive, think it, be it, dream it and most importantly, live it.
    Congrats Neil.

  83. Tse Ndex

    Wow. Congratulations! Thanx 4 the Awesome inspiration.

  84. Emily Gooch

    Congratulations Neil! It’s so nice to read something positive.

  85. Anne Lessing

    Sounds like an awesome blog, no pun intended. And he’s not even halfway done yet? That’s amazing.

  86. thepeoplestherapist

    Big thumbs up!

  87. twistedt

    What a great story. to a book deal. Maybe it’s in the domain name

  88. Ashley

    This is great! Dreams do come true. Success can happen to anyone -you just have to be positive. It obviously worked for Neil. Way to go, Neil!!!!

  89. vanihegde

    Good Job,Well done Keep it up.

  90. rav

    Congrats Neil! does that inspire you to rename your blog to “1001 Awesome” Things to include the this awesomeness (if the word exists)!!! ;)

  91. nkspas

    Wow, thanks everybody!

    I am totally honored to be in featured on WordPress. I’ve loved this massively amazing community since I started 1000 Awesome Things a couple years back. I mean, it’s just so easy and friendly to use (“Howdy” always makes me smile). Plus, whenever I asked a question in forums or drop WordPress a line with something I’m confused about (this happens often), I always get really kind and sincere advice right away.

    This is a big reason why I put WordPress in the Acknowledgments of The Book of Awesome and wrote that I love how they give people all over the world a voice. I guess if we’re reading this we’re all in the lucky 20% of the world with Internet access, but I like thinking that more and more folks will get online and put themselves and their thoughts out there for us all to learn from and enjoy.

    Thank you so much for all your support. Have a great weekend everyone and WordPress forever.


    p.s. Here’s my past two years in a nutshell:

  92. craftystaci

    Congratulations Neil! The fact that your blog and book focus on something so positive is inspiring!

  93. pseudelly

    YAY! That is so cool! I am very excited for you, I wish you much awesomeness in your life :)

  94. campire

    Congrats Neil!


    I love it!

  96. xxrealizmxx

    So “blogging” does have it’s payoffs! Congratulations… I’m next! =^ )

  97. chicagoguy14

    Wonderful! Congratulations. This is good news for ALL.

  98. philipscottwikel

    It’s one of those things that seems so simple that it makes you ask: “Why didn’t I think of that?”
    Congratulations Neil.

  99. mountingandcounting

    Very encouraging :) I hope to have similar success one day!

  100. Tracy

    That’s super great Neil! We should ALL be more positive. Thanks for being an inspiration.


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