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Based on your feedback, you are loving the Custom Menu feature we launched two weeks ago. It’s natural to want that feature enabled for your favorite theme, too. We’re working on adding it to all themes.

In the meantime, you can find themes with Custom Menu support in Appearance→Themes by choosing Custom Menu from the Feature Filters menu.

Custom Menu filter enabled in Appearance→Themes.

We’ll also keep an updated list on the Custom Menu Support page.

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Lance Willett


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  1. David W. Boles

    This new menu functionality is great. I was able to remove two widgets — Pages and RSS Feed — from my sidebar when I moved up to the Greyzed theme with the embedded Custom Menu. Extremely handy, thank you!

  2. Stanciu Floryn

    I’m verry happy about this! 10x

  3. Pulkit Kaushik

    Thanks!! That is awesome! I was waiting for it!!

  4. Janie

    Yes! This is the filter I like: Custom Menu. Love this function! :) So, I am changing my theme to Enterprise in order to use it! Thank you.

  5. vish3116

    I am unable to find any such layout for options with checkboxes on the theme Greyzed! Am I amiss here?

    • Lance Willett

      @vish3116 This isn’t related to a specific theme. You’ll find the filter options by going to Appearance→Themes, then at the far right near the search field, click on Feature Filters to reveal the menu.

  6. Andrew

    This will make things easier for sure. Thanks!

  7. Veronica Twizzler

    Thank you!!!

  8. ileaneb

    It’s hard to find the right theme when there are so many options that I like – seems there is no one theme that has it all. I’d like a three column theme with the custom menu feature. Wish me luck. Thanks!

  9. Lulu

    Thanks for the update!! it’s getting cooler and cooler, and I am hooked!

  10. Richard Rj. Liew

    Love it, saves time for searching a new theme.

  11. NDZULO

    Thanks for this helpful tip. Looking forward read more from the support page.

  12. Lee

    Thanks! This is really helpful.

  13. Gouthaman Karunakaran

    You guys are doing a great job. I always wanted to add Custom links to the menu title and this addition has enabled me to do it. Thanks heaps. God bless.

  14. Guy

    Ah… how much of a difference is there from just enabling it from the widget area? O.o

  15. M Shodiq Mustika

    Good news. I love custom menu feature.

  16. Gladys Hobson

    New things, ways to increase visitors, so much going on. Frankly, I feel as if I am sinking. Not understanding computer talk, mesmerised by high tech features, I feel I am left behind and powerless to even tread water!

  17. Mary

    Love it! Thanks!

  18. Lulu

    My theme Bueno only supports one menu, I wish it supported more. I like the theme, but should I change it to another theme that support more than one menu? That’s not really my idea. What themes support more than one menu?

  19. angeladoption

    GREAT! I was wondering the best way to find the themes that have the support for the new menu feature!

  20. Andrew

    It seems that my lack of enthusiasm for custom menus puts me in a minority of one. I am struck by this commitment: “We’re working on adding it to all themes.” New features usually go into new themes, leaving the older ones behind. Making an exception for this feature makes a strong statement.

    • Lance Willett

      Thanks for your thoughts, Andrew. To be clear, this isn’t an exception—in the past we’ve retrofitted older themes with new theme features (such as threaded comments) and we plan on continuing to improve older themes with features such as Custom Background and image/gallery improvements.

  21. Mormon Soprano

    Very cool! Thanks.

  22. Olivia

    You rock! Thanks. This one is superb. Now, we can experiment and create a more personalized theme.

  23. phatpast

    I still did not use the custom menu as of yet, but the more options the better, thanks!

  24. Aivis Linde

    Thank you! Great job! :) It will be helpfull because i thought how can i easier find what i need!

  25. Sara

    This is great! Now, I finally want to make my own custom menu.
    Thanks so much! :mrgreen:

  26. Slik

    I am so glad the custom menus feature made it to thank you guys for adding the filter in the theme section makes it so much easier now to find the right theme that is custom menu enabled… :)

  27. riversrun

    Thanks! You know, it’s awesome things like this that make me glad I joined WordPress.

  28. Anne Lessing

    Awesome! I still have to check this thing out…but it sounds really neat. I’m hoping to consolidate two or more of my widgets so I don’t have quite so much in my sidebar–and I don’t want anything in my footer!

  29. nickie wang

    Everybody loves custom features. Thanks WP team!

  30. LO

    Yes, loving the new menu feature! Thanks again.

  31. radiomovies

    This is certainly an improvement. Have to be careful that too many quirky things don’t creep in. The featured image option is really temperamental sometimes.
    But, on balance there’s nothing coming close to WordPress. I like integrating it with SoundCloud – very very neat.

  32. nancysmoments

    Anytime custom is mentioned – I’m all ears. Thank you for this addition to an already incredible list of options we have!

  33. Justin C

    Love it! WordPress you are the motor in my blogging car.

  34. batmonline

    This new menu feature has been a lifesaver in allowing me to construct my site to display our bible teachings in a list rather than as front page blog entries!

    Thanks for a great service and for keeping it fresh and lively!

  35. shamballa9944

    Thank you, WP, for being so responsive to our requests!

  36. goofballreferee

    Please add it to Blix soon! I’m really looking forward!

  37. Judith

    I switched to Twenty Ten for the aside feature which is great, but I’d like to have more than one menu – I realise only Enterprise supports this feature at the moment . I’d also like Twenty Ten to support a narrower header image as an option.

  38. Eric

    Oooh! Nice update!

  39. s3koteng

    Thank you, It is helpful for filtering and searching themes.

  40. kendylau

    Nice and handy update! Thanks!

  41. vish3116

    Thanks. I missed clicking on Feature Filters. My bad.

  42. Pranav

    Really cool feature… Thanks!

  43. davidjrodger

    Absolutely fab, as usual!

  44. Cris. is getting crazier! -read: better and better! Checked the custom menu a week ago and this is IMO one of the best features that has been introduced. Now let’s get creative with ‘em!

  45. Cris.

    PS: how long would it take for all the old themes (e.g. Cutline…) to be updated with the menu feature – approximately?

  46. Shiblee

    Thanks for letting us know.

  47. Brenda Nepomuceno

    I was feeling like a weirdo, being the only one who was not excited about this new feature. Then I figured it must have been because I didn’t get it and went to check the support page for it. And now… wow! That’s absolutely amazing! I knew I was lacking enthusiasm, since everything the WP team does is fantastic! ;)

  48. gbvaz

    Nice, thanks! Should be helpful.

  49. illage3

    I love the menu feature. It’s amazing, and works well.

  50. chuckhowington

    It’s true. I like the custom menu feature. Thanks for keeping up with me.

  51. luizinhobareto

    Please add it to Blix soon! I’m really looking forward

  52. Frankie

    Thank you for the new menu feature. I’m sure everybody loves this… Great job!

  53. Little Professor

    Do you think you could update older themes (such as Motion) so that they can benefit from the new features that are coming out so fast? I don’t want to give up Motion but I don’t want to be left out when new features arrive.

    • Ian Stewart

      Yep! We don’t want you to be left out either. We’ll be going through the theme archives and carefully updating older themes with new features like Custom Menus.

  54. amabala251

    Great feedback. I’m a rookie-blogger but a menu is something my blog is lacking. Not sure if it will work on the Black Letterhead theme but we’re going to give it a shot.

  55. staff

    Recently used this feature to make my blog much easier to navigate. VERY nice feature. Didn’t really see the potential at first, but then caught on. Thanks for this.

  56. Music

    Thank you very much for the custom menu feature. It’s very helpful and makes it easier for me to free up my sidebar. Much appreciated!

  57. sid

    I hope the team will finish the task of integrating custom menu for all themes… thanks for the info. :)

  58. Eric

    I have a suggestion: can you make it so all themes have a place where there is an icon that links to Twitter/Facebook/Flickr? I’m using Titan and it doesn’t have Facebook and I’d really like it if you could do that. Thanks!

  59. ku82

    Good custom filter… I like it!

  60. butnerc

    I LOVE the custom menu theme. Thanks a lot for it!

  61. garrymagma

    Customizing my menu was so great, love it.

  62. Emmanuel Ibok

    Nice…will check it out.

  63. Leah

    Thanks, I just used it!

  64. Johnny

    I love the custom menu thing. It changed everything! Thank you!

  65. mattvolke

    You guys rock!

  66. Exiled in Outer Space

    The custom menu feature was really helpful, especially how the Greyzed theme allows for dropdown menus. I just hope you could extend not just the custom menu but also this dropdown menu function for other themes as well. Really, it helps to make a blog look orderly. thanks!

  67. hometipsandstuff

    Looking forward to more themes including excerpts feature. Keep up the good work!

  68. Dr. D.

    Thanks for the new feature. I’m always cautious about trying new things, but after reading all these comments I’ll give it a try. :)


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