New Theme: Wu Wei

The Taoist concept of “Wu Wei” involves knowing when to act and when not to act. It’s also the name and neat description of the design philosophy behind today’s new one-column theme. Let’s take a look at Wu Wei.

The Wu Wei theme

Wu Wei is a gorgeous theme but we’ve also made sure it’s packed with features for you. Starting from the top, beautiful, fully customizable, drop-down menus using the Menus feature in Appearance → Menus, and an optional Custom Header. You can add a header image below the text, and if you’re uploading your own logo here, choose to hide the text altogether.

Wu Wei's customizable menus

And, at the bottom, totally optional Widget areas in the footer of every Wu Wei-themed page of your site. To keep things simple, they’re turned off by default. Visit Appearance → Widgets and add your own Widgets to any of the three available areas to automatically turn the footer Widget area on.

Wu Wei's optional footer widgets

Wu Wei also comes with an alternate, dark color scheme.

The dark color scheme

Turning on the dark color scheme is simple. Just visit Appearance → Theme Options, check off the option to use the dark color scheme, and click the save button. Both the color schemes are beautiful so this might be a tough choice!

You also have complete control over the background for this theme in Appearance → Background. The choice of dark or light color schemes works really well with this.

Designed by Jeff Ngan, Wu Wei is now available for and, for self-hosted sites, from the Themes Directory.

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Ian Stewart

  • Jun 14, 2010 @ 3:26 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Veronica Twizzler

    Very beautiful as always!

  2. sammydaviesjr

    Looks quite nice. Like the fonts.

  3. Alex Wyler

    Nice theme! I like it!

  4. لؤي

    It’s really nice. Thanks (loved the light colors) ;)

  5. Dominik

    Oh, what a nice, awesome, clean theme! Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. WordPress! ;)

  6. Olivia

    I am all ready to experiment with this one. Looks clean and simple and elegant too.

  7. Nigel

    Wow. Cool theme. Great job again!

  8. jaesexxx

    I like. Will try this out now just because of its customization capabilities.

  9. leokid

    Now this is what I like! Simple, monochromatic! I might even seriously consider this to replace Vostok!

  10. Aiman Amani

    Oh, this is beautiful too… I just love your themes…

  11. Pearlie

    A simple theme. Looks nice.

  12. craftystaci

    I love the simple themes. Thanks!

  13. Maria

    Wow very nice! Thanks a lot:)

  14. Atticus

    A very professional looking, clean and yet again an elegant design. Well done WP team! I may need to give this theme a try. Also, nice concept by the way : )

  15. Sarah Baram

    Beautiful theme. I just wish the links didn’t show orange and that there was a side bar for widgets!

  16. savael

    Yes, finally this one looks really awesome!

  17. gbvaz

    I like it! Looks very promising. Beautiful.

  18. Jerry Jacques

    Wow, this looks great. Simple and clean.

  19. Mahfooz Hasan

    Very cool and minimalist theme, I really like it!

  20. David W. Boles

    Love the wider themes! This one is nice and clean.

    You care about your bloggers, you listen to feedback, and then act upon it to please them. Well done!

  21. Sami Malallah

    I love it :)

  22. Shinrin

    Cool, it’s packed with my favourite features. This’ll be one of my favorite themes! I just wish I knew how to use the drop-down custom menu…

  23. Olivia Tejeda

    WOO WEEE, I love Wu Wei! Looks very nice, especially the drop down menus at the top.

  24. rawqueen

    I love the minimalist feel and customization options. I might have to try this one out.

  25. carsonmatthews

    Looks like a great option for my photography blog. I’ll try it out.

  26. Sandra Lee

    I love the simple, elegant themes like this one that you are releasing! Very nice. I would like to see more themes similar to Inuit Types though with thumbnail extracts on the front page and beautiful serif font. Thanks Theme Team.

  27. timethief

    It’s lovely. Thanks so much for all the work you do to give us theme options. :)

  28. chefhermes

    Looks beautiful, may actually consider changing from my Structure theme

  29. taeri

    Great theme, needed something a little better than white as milk, and TADAH! :)

  30. mrasherkade

    I like the fonts too. Too bad it’s a single column!
    Anyway we could have this in three column? Or even two?

  31. El Salón de mi casa

    I was actually thinking on moving to .org just to use this theme. You guys bought me back again.

  32. helios2k6

    Wow, that looks so clean. I like it!

  33. nancysmoments

    I love surprises on a Monday! “Know when to act and when not to act.” Great words of wisdom. It’s a simplistic theme with strength behind it’s features. Thanks!

  34. Mary

    Very pretty :D

  35. nevinovat

    I’m going to test this, thank you.

  36. Anne Lessing

    Beautiful! I love it!

  37. DonOfTheWorld

    Awesome theme!!!!!

  38. Chocolate-Covered Katie

    Looks great for photos…
    I’m STILL looking for the perfect theme, so I’m off to check this one out now :).
    Thanks for continuing to add new themes; I’m always excited when a new one’s posted!

  39. American Elephant

    Wu Wei is also the name of a very delicious tea. Nice theme.

    How about adding some of these nifty new features that you’ve been putting into recent themes into some of the more popular older themes?

    • Ian Stewart

      A lot of the new features we’ve been mentioning in recent theme announcements will be making their way to older themes.

  40. the domestic fringe

    This is a really nice layout. Very clean and minimal, but everything you need. I like it!

  41. Rogue|Hero

    This is an interesting theme that surely, bloggers with minimalist styles will go for. Thanks very much Theme Team and keep them coming!

  42. Milan Turek

    Lovely, I like it. I’m sorry it wasn’t published two months ago.

  43. ileaneb

    I like this one, but I’m still waiting for a 3 column theme with custom menu options. I don’t like to have the widgets at the bottom “below the fold”. It’s nice to see that a lot of bloggers are using the new themes it keeps things fresh.

  44. glencoe2

    Looks really slick.

  45. Eric

    An Asian theme, lol. Nice!

  46. shamballa9944

    Whoo wee! Perfect name for a beautiful theme!

  47. David Hutton

    At last! A decent theme!!!! Bwah!

  48. Adriana

    Simple and sweet, love it. :)

  49. elwahyu

    Looks very good.

  50. Taufik

    So stylish. I like it very much!!

  51. aeshahadlina

    This is beautiful. I prefer the black one but the white one is also nice. :)

  52. Brandon

    Great theme! I just converted from Neutra!

  53. Lewynn

    Clean and smooth. Keep them coming. =)

  54. Philip R

    I’ve changed to Wu Wei. But don’t understand why the nav tabs are limited to five across with much space between each. There’s plenty of room for a few more. I don’t like the look of the double row tabs with this theme, so I’ve removed a few from my custom menu.

  55. lrntn

    Very nice! (though I’ll probably stick w/unsleepable).

  56. Jia Jia

    Wow, great job.. I love it!!!!!!

  57. nuckrar

    I’m new here but Wu Wei is beautiful I love the colors.

  58. holeinaboxphotography

    I like how simple it is.

  59. oriflamevideo

    Nice, I want to try this.

  60. Bernadette

    Accurately represents Taoist belief of Wu Wei in a theme – very well done. I look forward to seeing more from you.

  61. masbadar

    Oriental name, isn’t it? Where are the ornaments?

  62. Sara

    Very simple and beautiful! I love the custom header and color schemes.
    I love it! :mrgreen:

  63. Vinh Thong Nguyen

    I dont like it, Greyzed is cooler

  64. sapi

    i love the dark one :)

  65. deepbellylaugh

    Wow, a theme that’s functional, aesthetically pleasing and a little bit philosophical! The team’s really outdoing themselves! Thanks. I am so tempted to convert themes….

  66. bookworm4evr

    Thanks for all the new themes. It’s like a little surprise present whenever I go on WordPress! I love it! Keep experimenting. It’s worth it.

  67. Ansgar Gerstner

    As someone who is using a Taoist title for his blog, The Tao of Business, there should not be any more suitable theme than Wu Wei. Bu since I have streamlined everything along the theme I have been working with so far, I will nevertheless have to think about it.

  68. Pet Society Mystery

    Very clear! Nice!


    Simply theme again! Thanks.

  70. sid

    This is looking great! Thanks to the theme team. :)

  71. art predator

    WOW!! THis one is soooo nice! I love it! Gorgeous work, WordPress! So much flexibility! I’m teaching a intro to blogging class to a group of artists and I bet they will like this one!

  72. sudhagee

    This is perfect for a photo blog.

  73. seaportsoapopera

    Very cool theme! I love it!

  74. phio_chan

    Nice new theme, as always. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  75. cintahidupmati

    It looks very nice and sweet.

  76. Carl

    Very minimal, looks good.

  77. Lopamudra~

    Lovely theme. Thank you. I have started using it.

  78. gaiaelascienzadellavita

    A really good work! I love the name too…

  79. Nishu

    One word… awesome. One more word… thanks. I just love this theme.

  80. JL

    I love this one! Thanks a bunch!

  81. Usup Supriyadi

    I like it! I like the black theme.

  82. Fisama

    Nice & simple theme!

  83. melaroza

    Clean and nice. I love possibility to change the color scheme! Thanks!

  84. Deena

    I really like this one. LOVE the name too. Something to aspire to – knowing when to act and knowing when not to act. Thank you!

  85. manoj1987

    Would be great if you place blogroll, meta and older posts on the right or left column rather than at the bottom.
    The reason is, if anyone visiting the blog, gets bored by the post, they just move away from the blog without scrolling down to see older posts.

  86. Indian Homemaker

    I like this theme. It’s clean, it’s available in white, it’s minimal, it has a customizable header and it’s packed with features :)

  87. stickinsect

    I really like the dark one. Will try this out soon.

  88. deepupradeep

    These themes are making me “WordPress addicted.” Great job.

  89. kendylau

    Very simple and clean! but not my style. Thanks anyways for providing:)

  90. Maryam

    Simple and beautiful — thanks.

  91. wildcrane

    Very nice. I love the philosophy of Wu Wei. It would be even nicer if there were black ink calligraphy of the two Chinese characters.

  92. trinabaker

    Excellent! Simple & elegant. I am off to try it right now.

  93. mattvolke

    Very nice! You guys are the best!

  94. flatland57

    Hi Guys! Great theme, very clean and elegant. It is so much fun to look at the new themes & try them on for a spin around the block. This fit just perfectly.

  95. ebooksandreviews

    Very nice and simple. Great stuff.

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  97. Tom Baker

    This looks interesting!

  98. alangettis

    Elegant in its simplicity.

  99. joemomma076

    Very nice. Love the simplicity. The font’s great too! :)

  100. David

    A bit quixotic – huge post titles, but I like it.


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