New Theme: Koi

Say hello to Koi, our newest theme. This light and colorful theme provides a beautiful framework for your site with delicate, hand-drawn illustrations and refined typography. The tasteful artwork featured in the header and footer are suggestive of koi, an ornamental fish often considered a symbol of love and friendship.

Example of Koi's layout showing the lovely illustrations behind the header and navigation bar.

Enjoy the playful artwork and textured background, or customize the look with a custom background color and image, custom header image*, and custom navigation menu.

Add a background image and change the background color via the Custom Background menu.

Koi’s right-hand sidebar and three footer columns are ready for all your widgets. If no widgets are enabled in the footer widget area, it will not appear.

Example of Koi's three footer widget areas and more of the design's gorgeous artwork.

Designed by Nick La of N.Design Studio, Koi is now available for your site and is coming soon for self-hosted sites.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. Main column width is 545, sidebar is 266.
  2. Main column width for the single image layout (no sidebar) is 873.
  3. Custom header image dimensions are 980 by 200 (width, height).

* Koi allows both title and description text to be hidden completely from the custom header area.

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Lance Willett

  • Jun 22, 2010 @ 4:08 pm
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  1. Milo

    Oh that’s pretty – like it!

  2. raditherapy

    Beautiful themes! :D

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  4. rafaelsieber

    It looks good.

  5. chrisspyrou

    Quite a pleasant theme.

    I still prefer the two Journalist style themes.

  6. Mary Fletcher Jones

    This is a truly lovely theme! I love the Asian art and colors.

  7. kkhalifax

    Beautiful. Just inherited a blog and am looking to change the look. Looking at Bueno but I’m really impressed with the latest additions. Way to go, WP!

  8. devilevilgod

    Not really my type, but keep on the good work!

  9. dhimasln

    Nice theme. :) But, where is the fish? :)

  10. liveyourbliss

    GORGEOUS! More like this, please. :-)

  11. Jerry Jacques

    This is different alright! Great work guys!

  12. Barbara

    Very appealing!

  13. David W. Boles

    Excellent look. The aesthetic is strong and pleasing. I love all the “eye room” you provide in this new theme!

  14. Debbie Bates

    THIS is the theme I didn’t know that I was waiting for! It is beautiful and fun and fits like a favourite little black dress! Thank you for spoiling me WordPress. Viva los art themes!

  15. Mohammad Elsheimy

    WOW, I like it! I’ll apply it now to my personal blog.

  16. mrasherkade

    This is awesome… I might try it. I know the girls will like it. However, I might be more apt to change the background as I am a guy!

  17. Max Soutter

    Jeepers, this one is different! Have to say i like it, and I’d use it… if i was a girl, blogging about girlish things!
    But, alas, it might prove a little too confusing for MY readers, but maybe i can finally get my wife blogging, with this.

    Thanks WP, keep em coming – especially them creative ones. Nothing more exciting than new themes!

  18. Music

    It’s not my thing but it IS really nice. Thank you for making it available to everyone.

  19. Michael Horn

    I liked the one before this better. Still using it. Good stuff though. Thanks!

  20. mynameiscassiex

    Awesome theme. Very cool.

  21. Tomcat in the red room.

    Wow! I really like it. If the name of my blog wasn’t so closely tied to my theme, I’d change my blog to this one!

  22. ApocalypseGrrl

    I’m loving all these new theme to play with! Koi looks really beautiful.

  23. giovanna

    Wow, really great. This is a departure for WordPress, and an extremely welcome one!

  24. Andrei Sun

    Wow, this is BEAUTIFUL, I love it! Bravo, bravissimo! Keep up the good work with happy coloured themes! YAY.

  25. Sandra Lee

    Very pretty! I love the symbolism behind the name.

  26. Ashikin Abdul

    I love it!

  27. Amy

    Very artistic! I like the “custom background” option. Thank you!

  28. Fiore Jewelry


  29. Denise

    Well done and a big thank you. :)

  30. Reggie

    Ooh, I really love the artwork on this one! Can we have more of these, please? :-)

  31. Andrew

    Nice design!

  32. Olivia

    That’s perfect for my MindlyMatters Blog. I have already taken it. Thanks. Cheers!

  33. Anne Lessing

    Oh my goodness, it’s beautiful! You’re trying your hardest to tear me away from Twenty-Ten, aren’t you? :)

    I love it, and keep making themes like these! I hate to admit it, but I like the girly ones. But I also would love to see more themes like Greyzed, with a rugged military/apocalypse vibe.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Lance Willett

      Our goal with new theme launches is definitely not to have everyone switch over to it. Instead, we want to offer great options so that everyone can find a theme that fits them perfectly.

      So don’t feel bad or apologize if you are going to stick with your current theme—we think that’s great!

  34. Birdwhisperer

    Yay! A pretty, girly, COLORFUL theme! Thank you WP, you’re awesome!

  35. Mahfooz Hasan

    Wow, that’s really nice. Have to give it a go.

  36. deadpoet88

    I love this theme, very beautiful! Though I am too fond of my current theme to switch over to this one.

  37. Drahpish

    OMG, how pretty!

  38. JC

    I love it!!

  39. Cristiana

    Love the theme and I’m using it! Great job! Even the background goes well with my blog. Really awesome… and thanks! :P

  40. Daniel Romo

    I don’t like it. Not at all.

  41. AutoAnything

    Wow, very artsy. Nice work with the layout and design, the hand drawn graphics are a great touch.

  42. Pearlie

    Very beautiful and pleasing theme. :)

  43. mariescottstudios

    I absolutely LOVE IT! I may switch over from “rounded” to this theme… it’s almost too beautiful to resist.

  44. katiejoyb

    I love this one! Great job!

  45. elenasc

    Love it!

  46. kendylau

    Wow, very artistic! Honestly not my style but still this is a beautiful theme! Especially the header and footer! Thanks. :)

  47. navybound

    Very pretty!

  48. Sara

    Love the theme! This is the girly theme other bloggers were looking for. I love the art work and custom background.
    Keep up the good work! :mrgreen:

  49. Shinlee

    Oh, very pretty!

  50. Adriana

    WOW! Love the header and footer! Perfect accent to the background.

  51. Viviana Vargas

    I love it, it looks chic! I’m using it already. Congratulations great job!

  52. designerdenise

    Wow, that’s gorgeous! Well done.

  53. dothedevo

    Whoa, I really love this theme… I’m almost tempted to change from my beloved Cutline now!

  54. timethief

    Thanks for the very attractive theme with customizable features.

  55. Hathor

    Oh-m-geeee! Such a pretty theme! Oh, we do need a lot more of this type. Pretty <3

  56. LadyLindy

    Think I’ll get it!

  57. tabosho

    Love it!

    Love it!
    Love it!

    Love it!

  58. guard13007

    Now you’re doing much better! I like it.

  59. leocheungblog

    A very beautiful WordPress theme, especially the color. Nick La is amazing.

  60. ioanalupascu

    GORGEOUS! Best one so far — congrats!

  61. justholic

    It looks great! :)

  62. Gracie

    Just beautiful!

  63. theya

    I have been waiting for this for ages! Awesome, thanks!

  64. Dan North

    Fabulous, beautiful. If I hadn’t just changed my theme, I’d switch again. But I’m going to go and try it on for a few minutes….

  65. gebarr

    I like the Koi. In aestethic terms. It appeals to the artist in me.

  66. Rogue|Hero

    Hey Lance! This theme renders a peaceful pace when you look at it. Keep them coming, Theme Team! Thanks very much! Cheers!

  67. art predator

    Very pretty–but I hope people customize it so the blogs don’t all look the same.

  68. covering4him

    I think this is one of the most beautiful themes that you offer! Wow!

  69. ishabelle

    I like this new theme. I might try it one of these days.

  70. omgitzbrianna

    I totally love it! I already know my new theme.

  71. JLI

    I love that you’re beginning to offer more themes that have background images/patterns/colors that still have some flexibility for personalization. Thank you!

  72. 365daysofpeace

    Thanks to all of you for the incredible support you provide. Gorgeous work!

  73. irisofthewayfarer

    Gorgeous but can’t use it. Keep going people, I can’t wait to see what’s next. :)

  74. Gally

    Very nice! I have to say I’m not a fan of having the widgets at the bottom of the page — I prefer them on the side as you scroll down — but the theme has nice aesthetics.

  75. Donna

    I switched to it immedately! I love it!!!

  76. madame evangelista

    Lovely; have switched to it immediately.

  77. Courtney Vail

    Love it. Gorgeous.

  78. Sefra

    I LOVE IT! Soooo much better than recent “minimalist” gray, cold themes that have been coming out… love it.. Very warm, and seems easy to navigate. Will change to it immediately! (Still waiting for a horse-related theme though… :D)

  79. proseverus

    Really a beautiful theme!

  80. remembertimes

    Very inspiring and individual, procures a light and happy—but also thoughtful—with some kind of draft. Amazing work! :D

  81. whatnomints

    How lovely! I would totally consider this look if I were on the hunt for a new theme. :)

  82. Sephani Paige

    Is there a way to change the font color as well? When using a darker background image the font color gets lost. :(

    • Lance Willett

      Sephani: only the background color can be changed for this theme. Based on the way the theme is designed, it’s best to use a lighter background color since the text is dark.

  83. Saerwen

    I LOVE IT. *Jumps up and down and tries not to squeal with excitement.*

  84. teasme

    This is so awesome. I am using it for my tea blog already. The design works very well with the worm, peaceful but colorful and lively looks and feel of tea theme. Just looking at it makes me happy. Thanks very much!

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  86. giuliadventures

    Beautiful! Guess I’ll try it. :) Thanks!

  87. Exodus

    Stunning! What else can I say? Thank you, guys!

  88. Earl

    Aw, after Notepad now Koi. Great! But I’m still waiting for Modern Clix!

  89. kummy

    Nice… love it. :)

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  91. Guillermo Bautista

    Pretty. Keep up the good work.

  92. danliew

    Now that’s a lovely Asian theme.

  93. thaddeus98

    This could be handy for our Costa Rica Artificial Reef Project site. With a tad bit of color change it would be totally oceanic. Condofish is using “Bueno” right now and it’s working well. I’m always looking for something new though.

  94. gbvaz

    Wow! Cool theme!

  95. VatuBarok

    If the color of the background is tweakable, and you change it to something dark, will it change the whole page and simply place the (lovely) illustrations on top of the new color, or will the new color only change in the post’s backgrounds, with the peachy color around it? :)

    • Lance Willett

      If you just change the background color, the illustrations will still appear but the color will fill all the rest: post background, page background, header, footer.

      If you you upload a background image, the illustrations will disappear and the entire background will use the image you upload (depending on the settings you choose for tiling, repeating, et cetera).

  96. Muhammad Joe Sekigawa

    I’m using this for my Nihongo blog.

  97. Nox

    Nick is very talented… I’ve liked his work for awhile now.

  98. readandeat

    Wow, pretty!

  99. masbadar

    Yeah, I love it. An ornamented oriental theme! Is it inspired by an instrumental music titled ‘koi’? :)

  100. Lulu



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