New Theme: Modularity Lite

Grab your extra-large images and check out today’s new theme, Modularity Lite. If you want a photo blog or portfolio site our one-hundredth theme might be the perfect thing for you. Let’s take a look at it.

The Modularity Lite Theme

If you’re attaching large images (950 pixels by 425 pixels and up) to your posts you can turn on the optional home page slideshow in Appearance → Theme Options. Modularity Lite grabs the first large image attachment from your most recent posts and turns them into a dynamic, full-width slideshow.

Also available from the Theme Options page: a welcome message you can enable on the home page just above the slideshow and a checkbox for making Modularity Lite a full-width, no-sidebar theme.

Modularity Lite Theme Options

We’ve also made sure that Modularity Lite is really customizable. There’s a Custom Header (950 pixels by 200 pixels), Custom Background, and a fully-widgetized footer at the bottom of every page. Check out the Modularity Lite demo and take a closer look.

Designed by Graph Paper Press, Modularity Lite is now available for and, for self-hosted sites, from the Themes Directory.

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Ian Stewart

  • Jun 24, 2010 @ 2:30 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Jerry Jacques

    This looks great! I need to experiment! Keep em coming guys!

  2. dhimasln

    Hooray, a new theme again. :) Like this.

  3. Louy

    It’s really cool, I will use it for my photo blog :)

  4. kkhalifax

    Happy 100, WP! Another sleek design.

  5. Sven Seebeck

    Awesome theme. I think this is almost what I have been looking for. Loving Twenty Ten but if I can’t sleep tonight I will give this one a try.

  6. Pulkit Kaushik

    100 themes but I am still addicted to iNove. ;)

  7. Mahfooz Hasan

    Another brilliant theme, will give it a try.

  8. Susan Burg Zanchi

    Looks very nice … so many fun themes. Thanks!

  9. raditherapy

    Wow another new theme, awesome!! :D

  10. Max Soutter

    Now this i like! This will work like gangbusters for a unique ‘Business picture blog’ I’ve been ruminating on. Soon, with your help, I’ll rule the world of ‘Graphic Business Pictures for Education in Zimbabwe’. Ok, so maybe it’s a small niche, but still!

    Thanks for making it possible!

  11. carsonmatthews

    I really like the slide shows. I would like to see more of those. Are older themes typically updated? I like Vigilance which I am using and would love to see updates to it as opposed to switching around.

    • Ian Stewart

      We do indeed update older themes (Vigilance has customizable menus now, for example) but header slideshows will probably remain a theme-specific feature. That said, if you like slideshows you should check out our new slideshow shortcode for sharing photos in a post.

  12. Carla

    I am really loving all the new themes! It’s getting really hard to choose between them all!!! :D

  13. Guy

    That’s quite nice if you’re looking for a heavy image theme. Good work :)

  14. chrisspyrou

    Nice theme. Doesn’t work for me, but can see this being popular.

  15. eaw00002

    I tried it, it was nice but not for me I’m afraid.

  16. ridethewildwind

    Looks very nice : )

  17. helios2k6

    I love it. Keep up the great work!

  18. Anne Lessing

    Not for me, but still stylish.

    Way to go on your 100th theme! Can’t wait to see the next 100!

  19. doublexplosure

    Yay!! The theme I’ve been waiting anxiously for every day!! I moved instantly from Duotone. As cute as the background colors were, sometimes they were horridly wrong…

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou from the bottom of my photoblogging heart!

  20. Olivia

    That’s a very nice one with so many customizable features; I am still in love with 2010 and Koi for its neat and old- bookish look respectively. Though, I have checked the slide- show option and that’s wonderful..

    You are spoiling us with choices.. Congratulations on exceeding a century.. Cheers..!!

  21. mrasherkade

    WOW. Very nice!

  22. 21dayconversation

    Awesome! Very crisp and clean my friend! :D

  23. deadpoet88

    This is your best theme ever!! I am going to try this one out. Thanks a lot. Keep them coming!

  24. VatuBarok

    Not exactly what I`m looking for for my photoblog, but it’s a very beautiful theme!
    Thank you all for providing us such lovely options!

  25. devilevilgod

    Got to try this one later. Nice job.

  26. Eric

    Very nice guys!

  27. cmblake6

    Very nice indeed! Another “if I change from what I’ve got, I believe I’ll give that one a try!” types! Excellent.

  28. nickie wang

    Pretty simple but looks classy!

  29. Maxtus

    Superb…Very Nice….Clean & Simple

  30. Ivar

    I can’t get enough new themes. Good work!

  31. seaportsoapopera

    Wow! I like the slideshow!

  32. David W. Boles

    I love the look and feel of this BIG IMAGE theme!

    Serving the wide variety of theme tastes is what makes so entirely special and unique in the content blogging niche.

  33. Miss Mali

    Crisp indeed. Now you’ve got me thinking of changing mine. :)

  34. Shinrin

    Wow, there’s like a new theme every-other day! The slideshow option at the top is pretty cool, think I’ll try it for my art or photo blog. Keep up the great work!

  35. Alex Wyler

    It’s amazing!!! I don’t have proper words to describe my feelings about it!

  36. youcantcallitit

    Wow. I might have to tinker with this. LOVE.

  37. Zaeriuraschi (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    Congratulations on 100 themes! WordPress has come a long way!
    I just don’t like the first picture of the post… I hate bugs.

  38. JoDee Luna

    THIS IS IT! I have waited for a theme just like Modularity Lite! I am crazy about the large header with slide show capacity. You hit this ball out of the park!

  39. nancysmoments

    Wow. Just wow to the 100th theme you guys have created. Thank you for all the choices! This theme is just awesome for mega images. I may have to start another blog just for the use of getting big time photos up. How much fun is this!!! Thanks guys!

  40. barrycyrus

    Keep the new themes coming! Super good job! :)

  41. Olivia Tejeda

    This looks great. I’m going to use this theme just for my photos and link it to my main blog. Congrats on 100!

  42. Tomasz

    Awesome theme :) !!!

  43. paytrick7

    This theme is really great. I mean really, really great. Good job

  44. sharma24

    Nice!! But for me Journalist that I am using now is just fine. Good for those who use photos more. Beautiful.

  45. N Atta Kusi Adusei

    I think I finally got what I’ve been waiting for. Thanks.

  46. Lulu

    Photo blog? that’s wonderful!!! you know what? I have wanted to share my photos ONLY, and I think this is going to be my choice!
    Thank you

  47. 2010alperyazgan

    It’s amazing. Thanks guys!

  48. creativemachine89

    Definitely using this one. Looks great! Keep em coming.

  49. sbwphotography

    Perfect! Exactly the kind of theme I was looking for!

  50. Mary

    I love that it’s really customizable!

  51. LadyLindy

    you’re doing well lately…. :)

  52. katiejoyb

    Too dark, nice hundred themes though :)

  53. shamusoconner

    100 Themes! Awesome!

  54. rimboval

    It’s good, but I still think TwentyTen is the One

  55. GManon

    I love the colors!

  56. kendylau

    Perfect theme for photo blogs! Thanks

  57. Milan Turek

    Thank you. Best way to present photos.

  58. Gracie

    This looks great – perfect for displaying photographs. Thanks

  59. cynthia j

    Playing around with this theme now. And Graph Paper Press is known for it’s photo blog templates. Thanks WordPress!!!

  60. willowbatel

    I love darker colored themes as they’re easier on the eyes and take less energy to display. My current theme (Motion) is very nice except that it doesn’t have a large photo header like this.
    Very nice. Certainly one of the best recently added themes I’ve seen.

  61. jopkin

    I’ve just realized fairly recently that I want to be a photographer, and this will be great for when I’ve started really getting going. Thanks.

  62. art predator

    this would be a great theme for artists I know and am working with!

  63. Sara

    This is fantastic for those with photo blogs. I love the features, especially the home page slideshow! This is not the theme for me, but it is great for bloggers that tell their story with photos. :mrgreen:

  64. David

    Cool theme…can’t wait to try it out.

  65. photogenicfelines

    Love the theme, but if it is truly meant for photoblogging, then there should be an option for thumbnail images to show on the archive page.

  66. niceandnew

    Ooh! Those are some large images, huh?!

  67. Netty Gritty


  68. Crispin Nisbett

    I love this theme and will most definately use it

  69. leocheungblog

    Perfect photo blog. It’s good for photographers or people who would like to share their photos on their blog. It’s a nice set up.

  70. Jacqueline

    I’m gonna give it a go, looks great.

  71. designerdenise

    Seriously love this option.

  72. timethief

    What a terrific addition to the theme parade. I’m sure photobloggers will welcome it. :)

  73. craftystaci

    Congratulations on number 100!

  74. Cristiana

    Wow, another really cool theme! The demo’s pretty nice. Thanks again, guys…

  75. Rogue|Hero

    I like themes that give emphasis to images. Hoping themes for photo blogs would be coming soon. Keep it up, Theme Team!

  76. Gally

    Very nice! Would be great to showcase my art and photography :3

  77. Evert de Vries

    Love the slideshow.
    Would have loved it even more if it was a bit smaller like the featured post in the Structure theme.
    I am going to use this one, but want to see more smaller slideshows on the home page next time ;)

  78. rosedalegardens

    I love the extra large photo box which would be great for my gardening blog, but the background looks dreary.

    • Ian Stewart

      Luckily, the background is customizable. :) You can set a custom image or color from Appearance > Background in your dashboard.

  79. ( ands

    This theme is so nice! That’s a shame its fonts are too small. Maybe you should work on flexible-fonts theme, like Mystique from Anyways, congratulations, wp! :)

  80. Nil

    This is what I have been patiently waiting for! Thanks guys!

  81. Boomer Beauty

    Congrats on 100th theme!!! You guys are doing great!!!

  82. Nate

    This is exactly the theme I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

  83. Kopfkribbel

    Cool theme…can’t wait to try it out.

  84. Kojiki

    This theme is extra ordinary. Normally I’m not fond of dark themes but this theme and settings rocks. Wow, what a great work. Thanks for all of your work and all the new themes. I have to say whole WordPress rocks. Thanks.

  85. gbvaz

    Wow! Really beautiful! =)

  86. deepbellylaugh

    Congratulations on hitting 100! I saw the homepage a while ago thinking “they need to update it from ‘over 60 attractive themes’” – the WordPress themes have been both quality and quantity, very much appreciated. This is really beautiful. I think I might start a blog for my hand drawn artwork and display it in this!

  87. shamballa9944

    How fabulous!!! Can’t wait to see it put into action!!!

  88. Ali Reza

    Another photo-theme-blog :( But I love the modern design.

  89. Courtney Vail

    I’m not really a photo junkie, so it doesn’t work for me at present, but it’s very nice. I love black or blue themes. Nice work!

  90. darmantomuat

    Wow that’s look so great.. I’ll try and hope will be better… thanks.

  91. Orange

    At last I have found the perfect theme!!!! Thank you, WordPress. *bowing down towards my computer screen.

  92. navybound

    That would be great for people who want to display their art. Good job!

  93. dhenztm

    I always love it when we can display our big pics propoerly on our blogs, thanks for this theme! :)

  94. bertbad

    I don’t have any pictures cool enough to put that big on my blog. Yet. I have photoshop so watch out.

  95. Ellen

    Wow indeed! I’m so glad that you keep making such cool new themes. That slide show is so nice, i just need time to remodel.

  96. hadeengg

    It’s so natural.. I like it.

  97. mudranch

    Awesome! I’ve been wanting a more “photo-friendly” theme that lets me post more than one photo. Thanks!

  98. phio_chan

    Another nice new theme. Thanks again! ^^

  99. S

    Love the colors…. maybe it’s just me and black ;) anything dark is good for the soul ;)

  100. Jane

    I love it! Thank you, guys! Really :).


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