New Twitter “Tweet Button”

For those of you who have been dreaming of an easier way for your readers to share your posts on Twitter, that day has come. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added an official Tweet Button as an option for all blogs.

How it works: When one of your readers hits the Tweet Button, they will be shown a popup that includes a shortened link to your post. Readers can add in a quick message, and then hit “Tweet” to send the post to their Twitter feed as a tweet — all without leaving your blog.

Additionally, each time a reader tweets your post, you’ll know it: The tool keeps a live tally of tweets, so you’re never in the dark about how your blog posts are performing in the Twittersphere.

To enable the button on your blog please visit the “Appearance > Extras” menu and select the “Show a Twitter Tweet Button on my posts” option.

We have moved the Twitter Tweet button into Settings > Sharing. You can read more about this move here.

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Andy Peatling


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  1. raditherapy

    finally…i’ve been waiting for this…awesome!

  2. Mayu

    Yay, that’s awesome!

  3. Egnaldo Oliveira

    Great! I hope now for a Facebook Button :)

  4. starrygirl1

    Finally! Thank you so much for this – beats trying to remember to put in a script every time you write a post! Thank you for listening to us!

  5. shoutabyss

    I love this!! Not that anyone will ever use it on my blog, though. :)

  6. Scott Thomas Photography

    Slick! Thanks!!!!!

  7. Slik

    This is great news I was just reading a blog post that had this tweet button and I was wondering how they got it on their blog then I went over to twitter to see if that tweet went through from me pressing the button and that’s when I saw that had an official blog post about this new button via Twitter… Thanks again for all the hard work staff does for WordPress, :)

  8. ghost301

    OMG! I was just thinking whether will take the initiative to integrate the Twitter button to the post and there it comes! Thanks! Please consider to integrate other social networks also!

  9. fotdmike

    Excellent! Exactly one of the things I’ve been hoping would happen. Well done.

  10. Sara @ Tedious Life

    I was actually thinking about starting a Twitter account 5 minutes ago. How weird is that? This may come in handy if I do create an account. Thanks! :mrgreen:

  11. T. Mathis-Payne

    Very cool!!!!

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  13. bassitone

    Does this mean the Tweetmeme shortcode will become obsolete?

  14. timethief

    Thank you for this very useful feature. I appreciate it. :)

  15. Dinesh Wagle

    why not enable put an option that lets blog owners to put the tweet button wherever they want like you have done for the rating option that can be put at the top or at the button of the post.

  16. kkhalifax

    Suh-weet. Enabled.

  17. kaitvinson


  18. dhimasln

    WOW,, this is what i’ve been waiting for. thank you :D :D

  19. Matches Malone

    Will this post on all my past posts, or only on those in the future?

  20. cOokie

    Suuperr !! i like it !!

  21. Rookie Photographer

    Much need functionality, Looks like next stop will be facebook “Like” button

  22. Maria Clara Paulino

    Hi, It sounds great, but it is not working for me. I added it on extras but no tweet symbol appears on my blog.

    • Andy P

      Please check that the option is selected under “Appearance > Extras” then take a look at a single post, you should see it at the bottom as you do on this post.

  23. Randy Osae

    You guys at WordPress are incredible!

    My works greater now!

  24. sharma24

    Nice, comfortable for WordPress audience. Thoughtful. Technology at its best. Thanks!!

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  26. VotingFemale

    Great feature addition!!!

    just used it and woosh! It worked.

    This saves me a lot of time and now I much more inclined now to tweet announce my posts.

  27. joshi daniel

    this was something needed :)

  28. Dan North

    Excellent! Will sign up for it immediately.

  29. shivas1regal


  30. gallantecology

    Wow great! I just noticed it appear by itself on my blog postings… very neat! I wonder, are you likely to also do this for other common social media-siite? Like the “likes” of facebook, and the “digs” of digger, etc, etc, etc ?

    I think most bloggers are “hyper-sensitive” about knowing that somebody, somewhere, is reading them.

  31. David W. Boles

    This new Twitter feature just appeared on my blog and blogs. When I checked APPEARANCE | EXTRAS, I saw the new option, but it was NOT checked to be active.

    Then I read this post.

    Then I went back to those two blogs — and noticed the Twitter buttons were not longer there!

    That was mind-warping. SMILE!

  32. Aditya Mehta

    This is really tweet of you guys.

  33. Zeenat{Positive Provocations}

    OMG! I think all my dreams have (speaking asa twitterholic) have come true :) Thank you guys! You rock!

  34. phildarb

    Finally got it to work, but it only appears on the post page and not on the Home page posts.

  35. Sir Emeth Mimetes

    Absolutely a must-add! I have been waiting forever for this. :D

    Still want the facebook ‘like’ button though. ;)

  36. deadpoet88

    Yay! Woo hoo! Super like! I don’t think I have enough exclamations to show my gratitude. Your guys are awesome!

  37. Arun Shanbhag

    Awesome! Was dreaming of this for sometime :-)
    Can we position it to the TOP of the post?

    Great job!

  38. rejistania

    How can I switch it off?

  39. Brendan Locke


  40. Kevin Phillips

    Thank you. This is a very nice feature.

    I was able to enable it easily as noted in the instructions. However I was bummed to see it not work on my main page because I have the three current posts on my main page. It seems to only work on pages with a single post.

    For a future feature request, it would be nice to see it work on a page with multiple posts.

    Thanks. Good work!

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  42. richardmpotter

    Excellent. I’ve been waiting for this option. You must’ve read my mind. You guys are awesome.

  43. Matthew Guay

    Where’s the plugin for self-hosted installs? :)

    Still, great job on the quick integration in!

    • Andy P

      We’ve got a something great in the works, keep an eye out next week for it on the plugin repo.

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  45. Justin A. Peters

    Great feature! Thanks for the work involved! Would love to see a Facebook button!

  46. sbafarms

    Great, is this available for wpmu buddy press installs on our own domain yet? the tweetmeme is what we are using now. this would be much simpler Thanks you guys rock

  47. Flynn

    Neat! With one arm extended to the heavens, I pray that one day to own one of those fancy cellphones so I could `Tweet` at the moment.

  48. सोलु अनलाईन

    Its really awesome and I am waiting for “share on facebook” as well.

  49. Barb McMahon

    Thank you so much! You guys rock!!!!

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  51. Egnaldo Oliveira

    Only for posts? And pages?

  52. craftystaci

    I guess it’s time for me to take the Twitter leap. A similar button for Facebook would be nice!


    Thank you…
    I hope can be done for FaceBook and other social bookmark….

  54. theosophywatch

    This is a much sought after plus, thank you guys & gals! But my dreams have more of a “facebook” wish…when can we expect to see that ubiquitous “F” on wordpress blogs right next to tweet?

  55. sathitharan

    That is indeed a great function.
    But you notice this only when you open a post, but when you are in the home page which displays two of my recent posts, I don’t see the tweet button.
    Also it will be great if it would automatically tweet (like it does on facebook) when we post a new post.

  56. P&M Equitacion


  57. samedifference1

    Thank you wordpress… this is brilliant!

  58. Bibson

    Keeps getting better and better. Thanks for all the good work. :-)

  59. CurtissAnn

    Whoo-hoo! Thank you for simplifying my life!

  60. Don Pezzuto Lighting & Electrical Srvices


  61. Driving Instructors UK

    I don’t have an extras section in my appearance menu.

    • Andy P

      If you go to your blog dashboard you’ll see the “Appearance” menu on the left hand side. Under this menu is the “Extras” menu where you’ll find the setting.

  62. Mary

    Awesomeness! :)

  63. Tarah

    i’ll try this out later; it makes the blog look more high-tech.

  64. Joe

    Terrific new feature. And placing the button on older posts retroactively is particularly useful. Thanks.

  65. lazarusdodge

    Good idea and appreciate it. But the Tweet button only shows up if I open the comments section. Would be much more useful if it was available when you open the blog itself with multipages displayed. Similar issue with Like button…why is it hiding?

  66. Milo

    Thank you! And Finally! Have been manually adding the tweetmeme shortcode on every post for months. Hope this works as well. That said, it doesn’t appear to visually show (on the button) how many people have tweeted it…

    • Andy P

      It will show the tweet count by default. I think Twitter are tweaking things on their end right now so the count is a little intermittent.

  67. Sven Frauen

    Brilliant feature!!!
    Now I would love if you implement native Facebook sharing as well ;-)

  68. Matt Thomas

    Thank you. This is so cool it almost makes up for the Cutline/Coraline debacle.

  69. nexttolastblog

    Cool. Is the button retroactive on older posts or just new ones going forward? Thanks.

  70. Arindom

    Thanks for adding this feature. It’s great!!

    As you have already mentioned above, will wait to see the Twitter button in the page (main page where all the blog posts appear) also.

  71. Brigid

    FINALLY. Thank you thank you thank you!

  72. Aron F. Gibson

    Finally, that’s great. thank you!

  73. Madhuri Kumar

    Puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do a Facebook button sooner too!!

  74. Anne Lessing

    How thoughtful! I’m off to add this now!

    Thanks for all the awesome features. You make WordPress sinfully easy to love. ^^

  75. lestat546

    great wordpress….\m/

  76. Daddy

    Hey Andy,
    1) I am absolutely astounded that this feature is OFF by default.
    Kudos to WP for FINALLY establishing features but not popping things up on our blog without asking us first. It’s nice to be respected that maybe we DON’T want this feature. This is in stark contrast to the “Like” button that popped up on my blog with no forewarning and then my wife asked me WTF was that- as if _I_ had put it there.

    2) thanks for being here to respond to comments.

    3) thanks for the tweet button. I think, as others do, it should be on each post, not on the site as a whole. I currently do this manually, with GetSOCIAL.

    lastly, I hope you guys are still working on the Facebook linking.
    It was nice to have at first, but it had no image. Now it pulls an image, which is great, but it still doesn’t have a “Share” button.
    If I click on the image in Facebook, it takes me to the blog post.
    If I click on the title in Facebook, it takes me to the blog post.
    So there’s no reason for the “Read Original Post” which would be a thirdly redundant link to the blog post.

    But enabling people to “share” the item on Facebook, gets me a lot more eyeballs, because it can be shared, and shared, and shared…
    But right now, it can’t.

  77. C.L. Dyck

    YESSSS!! Rocks! Okay, I also vote Facebook button too plz.

  78. lestat546

    I need facebook button

  79. kendylau

    Great news and very excellent function. Hope that we would get facebook button soon enough!!:P

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  81. The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation (CCF)

    This is terrific — what a great addition. Thank you so much!

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  83. swordglint

    OH THANK YOU. I was wondering when!! And hopefully we’ll be able to add FACEBOOK and other media too soon!!

  84. rretsiem

    That’s really great!
    Thank you!!

  85. msyoungmd

    NIIIIIIICE!!! This is going to be LOVERLY :)

  86. carsonmatthews

    Good Stuff,thanks!

  87. Jafar Al-Hassan

    I like the idea.

  88. TeacherMom

    Why does it appear so close to the end of the blog post text? It seems very crowded! On your post here, there is a nice double-spaced effect, but on both of my blogs, the button seems to smash into the final paragraph of the post.

  89. plano10


  90. wendyokill

    This is great, I have enabled the tweet button on my blog page

  91. O. Braga

    That’s really nice! Thank You!

  92. Eric

    YES! Thank you so much for this!!

  93. CheapAppetite

    Thanks for the tweet button. Is there a way to move the button up to the top of the post instead of the bottom?

  94. r. scott stahl

    Thanks for the help. This is another great tool.

  95. The Silent Spectator

    Wow!! I’ve been waiting for that! Thanks a lot!

  96. Charlie

    I have enabled the twitter button on my blogs but it is not showing yet. Will this take care of itself in a day or so?

  97. Mike Dalgarno

    Good start, so any timescales when other social sites (such as Faceache) will be added so people who look can share to their hearts content?

  98. Travis Lambert

    Now how about a Facebook button?

  99. Dream Catcher

    add FB one too plz

  100. Sajib

    Good thing. I think you may add a bunch of other social media icons including Facebook, StumbleUpon.


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