Want Instant Delivery of New Blog Posts & Comments?

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Jabber is almost as fast as lightning.

Do you ever wish you could get instant notification of when your favorite bloggers update? Or even when a new comment is published on their blogs? If so, you might want to use a service called Jabber to make your blog conversations as fast as lightning (well, almost as fast).

With Jabber, you get split-second delivery of new blog posts and comments — for any WordPress.com blog you want to follow. This means there’s no need to wait for your RSS feed to update, or to use blog email subscriptions.

There are endless ways that Jabber might be used, but here’s a real-life example straight from WordPress.com headquarters. Of course, being a blogging company, our staff uses a lot of different team blogs to track information and to communicate. By using Jabber, we get instant notification when someone has published a new post or comment — and in return, one of us can respond right back. Often, these threads become full-on conversations, almost as if we’re in a chat room. However, because we’re using WordPress.com, we have a stored and searchable record of the conversation. It’s a super-fast, super-efficient way of communicating online.

Using Jabber requires that you have a WordPress.com account and use a Jabber client. You then connect following our instructions, and presto: instant communication.

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  1. kkhalifax

    This is a good recommendation. We’ve used Jabber with good results in the past. Thanks!

  2. Mayu

    Actually I’m waiting all the time for instant notification when one of our blogroll partners have updated their blog with new posts. On other blogs I’ve seen a blinking pic with ‘new’ or something else next to the names and it was listed at the very top in the blog roll widget. It would be nice to see such a feature here in wordpress, too :D

  3. Saqib Ali

    interesting use of Jabber.

    Question: Why not utilize pubhubsubbub and salmon for instant updates? this way you can interoperate with other blogging platforms (once they implement pubhubsubbub and salmon)…….

  4. Pulkit Kaushik

    Awesome! TheDolt likes it! ;)

  5. Rony Parvej

    Thanks a lot………

  6. Tom Baker

    Another grandslam!

  7. Ron

    Making my blog anything like a chat room is pretty close to the top of my Never in a Million Years List. Really, if that’s what I wanted, that’s where I’d be.

    I’ll pass.

  8. Anne Lessing

    Awesome. I love how you guys are always making the site easier to use. Go WordPress! ^^

  9. alamendah

    more advanced course. I like this one

  10. Lee


  11. عليرضا

    Thank you very much!
    دمتون گرم!

  12. Mary

    WordPress is just getting better and better. Thanks a whole bunch!

  13. garlicfriesandbaseball

    It just keeps getting better and better. Who thinks of this stuff. Thanks again and again!

  14. A R Shams

    That sounds a wonderful idea for implementation.

  15. Jennifer

    Jabber notifications been available for quite some time, but I am happy to see a real-time example. :) //furiously thinking how she can use this too.

    @saqib ali WordPress.com supports PuSH http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2010/03/03/rub-a-dub-dub-in-the-pubsubhubbub/

  16. Katrin und Andre Buchmaier

    geat!! THANK YOU

  17. Adrienne

    I’m checking it out as soon as I post this. Sounds handy!

  18. Jornal do Whisky

    like it!

  19. Michael

    That sounds interesting. I’ll try it right now. :-)

  20. Eric

    Wow this is great! You’re always thinking about us users :)

  21. kimberlymoore

    Given that WordPress sites make up about a third of the web content, I imagine tools like this will only increase that share. I’m in, and keen to stay in touch with what others I’m following are saying.

  22. Gally Lines ~ LestISmiteThee.wordpress.com

    I don’t really have an issue with the email notifications. I usually get them right away. Maybe I’ll check out Jabber later, though.

  23. Adriana

    Looks like a great system to use if you’re following a lot of WordPress blogs, especially if conversations are going back and forth. Love everything new that’s coming to WordPress all the time!

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  25. Ljubomir Gatdula

    I’ll try this one :)

  26. Scott

    Just a note, Trillian can be used to connect with WordPress Jabber as well!

  27. Sara @ Tedious Life

    Sounds awesome but I’m not sure if I want it. I’ll have to check it out first.

  28. Crist Giménez

    Perfect! :)

  29. pukirahe

    This is a simple and great service. I like it very much. Thank you.

  30. Miss Mali


  31. Saqib Ali

    @Jennifer: Yea, but with pubhubsubbub + salmon WP can provide real-time delivery of @mention comment/posts……..

  32. reflectionsofaprodigalson

    The more options, the better. I may not use it but a good variety of options helps to make blogging a better experience.

  33. h3steve

    i really need this

  34. raincoaster

    Mark told me about this ages ago, but I just didn’t get it. Do the images and videos come through? Or is it more like Friendfeed? I wish RSS worked better; if it did, I’d just use that!

    I cannot IMAGINE what it must be like to follow me via Jabber. You’d go insane from the noise.

  35. Ade Truna

    awesome! whatever wordpress does is always helpful…thx!

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  38. raditherapy

    yihaaaa wonderful!!

  39. mat4nira

    Awesome :)

  40. rejistania


  41. adisupe

    thanks to wordpress. :)

  42. Chandra Prakash Sharma

    just getting better

  43. Konrad

    That is pretty cool, but I can’t see myself using it.

  44. sociosound


  45. Mark Stoneman

    I can’t actually say that I ever wanted blog and discussion updates in real time. If I went that route, I would surrender far much too control over where and when to direct my attention. I can’t follow twitter in real time either. How could a body get any work done otherwise?

  46. Little Professor

    I like the idea of instant feed updates, but I don’t ever want my blog to be anything like a chat room. If I want to chat, I’ll go to a chat room! But it’s still a good idea.

  47. timethief

    I’m with Mark Stoneman on this. I don’t want real time updates thanks. I can’t keep up with them. But I do like the fact that the ability to choose to use Jabber or not exists.

  48. leocheungblog

    cool! awesome

  49. adob21blog

    something brilliant…It is more a lot more simple to use this than the e-mail subscription since it can bulk up in your inbox and mostly you just delete it without reading…this is nice :)

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  51. lilabyrd

    Sounds good….hmmm….staying in control of ones blog…..don’t know enough….still low tech newbie on the block…..have to look up and find out about Jabber…..but like the fact that wordpress keeps moving forward and giving us more! Thank you.

  52. I Love God

    Sounds Good and i’ll have to try it out

  53. ryzd

    wow, I like it

  54. mondoprinte

    Another tool to lose control over my blog? Dunno…

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  57. Novel Lines

    More options the merrier.

  58. Lulu

    I am going to give it a try

  59. A R Shams

    Yes, of course, I like the idea presented here.

  60. d4roel

    thanks it works :)

  61. amoswhite3

    Sounds like a lot of information to parse if real time.

    What would make it more relevant is if another service could parse and then forward only the key sections and phrases of the posts and updates I follow based on the propensity of keywords in both the meta data of the blogs followed and the sum of the posts I write. Real time cliff notes.

  62. Dean

    Tried it but not for me. Can see the benefits but I’d rather wait :)

  63. modestypress

    I’m afraid I’m a Luddite aligned with Ron’s comment. What modern technology does is allow us to do dumb distracted things faster and faster. No offense intended to WordPress, who in general run a good ship.

  64. Me

    This sounds interesting, although it’s probably more useful for bloggers who have the time and internet access to check even for new posts and comments constantly.

  65. roger9527

    I always wished I could get instant notification when my favorite bloggers updated. But I was failing to do it. Thanks very much.


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