It’s 2am, Where Are Your Posts?

Have you ever read one of your old posts and thought something was different? Maybe a few words were changed, the formatting was different, or an entire paragraph was missing. You poured your heart and soul into the post and didn’t know someone changed it after you hit publish. If this sounds familiar, you probably have a multi-author blog. :)

Today we’re launching a feature called Email Post Changes to help blogs with multiple authors collaborate better on the same posts and pages. If you turn it on, we’ll instantly notify you by email whenever a change is made to a post on your site. You’ll recognize the format of the email is the same as post revisions, making it easy to see exactly what has changed.

More than 460,000 sites have multiple authors, with one site having 641 users, so we think this will be a great feature for a lot of you. We’ve been using the email notifications at Automattic for a while and hope it will be as useful for you as it has been for us. If you have an interesting usage, let us know in the comments.

For more details and configuration help, head over to the Email Post Changes support document.

The Email Post Changes plugin has been updated for self-hosted users.

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Nick Momrik


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  1. Rahul Vittal

    Useful for me as my friend and I are constantly editing stuff on Truly useful! :)

  2. eastbird

    Lovely feature .. !
    I’m impressed evertime you develop something new ^^


    Thanks for the info, Although I don’t have anybody to share my blog with, but would love to try it out sometime! :D

  4. Eric

    I love this! I hope I’ll get a team going for my blog real soon. :)

  5. NoClue

    Nice new feature this will come in handy.

  6. nazish0151

    Even though my blog doesn’t have multi-authors, it’s great to know about this, maybe I’ll try the multi-author thing someday, if I trust someone a lot.

  7. adventurewriter

    Perfect! Now I can start a team blog… without having to worry about issues regarding their revisions.

  8. Jean

    Sounds like a good improvement. Some questions:

    I assume that other team members will get automatic notification only after person #1 has made all the draft changes and then SAVES those changes? Otherwise it’s multiple email alerts for incremental changes each time a person hits SAVE button, then goes back into it to make the next change.

    I’m often Save changes when I work on a post because I need to preview each stage, before moving onto next section of post, etc.

    • Nick

      If the Drafts option is turned on, every time you click the Save button, an email will be sent with the changes.

  9. Jornal do Whisky

    Just in time. I´m thiking to call friends to blog with me :idea:

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  11. reflectionsofaprodigalson

    Another useful feature. Well done wordpress.

  12. shamballa9944

    I guess the problems this new feature addresses show the up side to blogging on your own ;)

  13. Gally Lines ~

    Great new feature. Thanks, wordpress!

  14. xboxoz360

    excellent idea for those who have writers submitting articles for the editors to preview and change where nessecsary. It can show the writers where changes were made and why, as well as how the changes have enhanced their work.

    Only other addition to the UI would be to add ‘Pending” access from the drop-down menue that allows access to the Drafts, New post etc in the upper right menue, as well as access from other areas in the side menue area. As it is now, the Pendings is several clicks away, rather than one click from the menues.

    That would be a great help guys/gals. As it’s an area editors have to access a great deal when placing the items in there prior to publication so that they are separate from those in ‘Drafts’ (ie – works in progress)

  15. sociosound

    Wow – cool! I don’t have any collaborators, but this is SUCH a cool feature!!

  16. Tom Baker

    Great for those who need this feature. Six hundred forty one users is a lot!

  17. Jean

    I tested this with someone else several thousand kms. away.

    It would be even better if the blogger administrator had the choice to check off only certain articles that team collaborators needed email alerts on changes to a post or page.

  18. keikomushi

    One site has 641 users? Wow! I can certainly see a website such as that needing a feature like this to keep the quality high and errors minimal.

  19. Little Professor

    That’s awesome! Now I don’t have to worry about post changes anymore! My blog has jus one author (me), but it’ll help me know if anyone or anything edits my blog. I once had a spambot edit my blog (I have no idea how it got a hold of my password, but it did), but now I’ll know if any changes are made before anyone notices them.

  20. the rufus

    I’ll invite some people to my blog to make use of it – anyone interested? :mrgreen:

  21. xboxoz360

    I have a Q?

    If a site has multiple authors, and you enable each authors email contact details, do they get every alteration from any post, or only the alteration to THEIR post, otherwise you’d have numerious authors getting emails about other authors posts that have nothing to do with them.

    So am I correct in assuming that the alteration to a specific post only notifies the author of said post, rather than every author that has been selected in the ‘Notify’ section – would that be correct??

    Thanks . . . .

    • Nick

      Every user or email address set in the Settings will get notified for every change, even if the post is not their own.

  22. fracas

    I’m far too anal to allow anyone to post on my blog (lol)… but still wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how much attention and time is put into improving the options available to users. You folks are some of my favorite people in the whole fraccing world!

  23. phelonas

    although i dont have a multiuser blog, that is very usefull. thumps up

  24. ikiru2009

    Looks cool. I’ll be surely going to use it on our teamblog.. as soon as we get one set up

  25. Jayant Raj

    A perfect update….
    Now i can start a multi-author blog without much tension.Now,I’ll try to make a 3 to 5/6 people team after some months. Keep it up, as you’ll bring new every time

  26. draabe

    This is a nice feature that is available elsewhere, so I’m glad to see it at WordPress, too.

  27. Classique

    excellent!!! i don’t know if this applies to me [im sure it will take long enough for me to find out] but it sounds like a good idea for those who do need it. Peace of mind all the way around on this site huh!!!

  28. tonirand

    This is very nice, thank you! So much more efficient than emailing changes back and forth between writers. Sweet!

  29. nickie wang

    So what happened to the “It’s 3am, Where Are Your Posts?” post, which you guys posted yesterday?

  30. heatheraurelia13

    I might be adding people on my site as well, that would be a useful feature.

  31. Comfy Cook

    Bravo, I am on two sites with multiple authors. I can only imagine how helpful, this could be.

  32. zakton

    It’s something useful to have, but I currently I don’t have any intention to share posting with others.

  33. Mr Rhymes

    I might add people to my site! This could help a lot!

  34. bowmanlamps

    Thanks! I look forward to giving it a try.

  35. Nasifriet

    Thanks!! Another cool feature. What are you guys thinking of next??? Keep ‘em coming :-D

  36. wightsnowolf

    Great! I don’t actually have a multi-user blog. But I’d like to set one up.

  37. pcvita

    This will really help for small to medium organisation who are leveraging the WordPress to promote their objectives, thoughts and products.

  38. parahita

    Thanks, it will help me a lot.

  39. myconsumersearch

    Yea, this will be a big help.

  40. Sarah

    This will be great if my co-blogger ever jumps in and actually contributes! :)

  41. theredsaber

    This will be a great aid. Another useful feature. Thanx WordPress.

  42. normalboy

    Wow! I’m the sole author of my current blog, but if I ever create a multi-user blog, this feature will be extremely helpful.

    You guys never cease to amaze me. Thanks WordPress!

  43. hendrybdg87

    That is a great feature. I could add another person to write on my blog without worries.

  44. Romant

    Short and right to the point. Great info.

  45. gitde

    Thanks for the good stuff. This is really useful for me…

  46. bookworm4evr

    Wow! Thanks! I mean, it’s not like I don’t trust my trusty co-authors, but still. It’s a good precaution.

    On another note, isn’t there some way to make your co-authors not be able to edit your posts though?


    • Naoko

      You can assign Author role to your co-author, instead of Editor or Administrator role. Uses with Author role can only edit, publish and delete their posts.

  47. highaspirations

    Great! I have been waiting for this feature, can wait to use it :)

  48. Darren Lipman

    This will be a great help for my school’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Thanks, guys!

  49. priyankkumawat

    nice feature…Keep up the good work :)

  50. fouadtadros

    This is awesome I would definitely use this feature as my friend and I might work on some posts together

  51. winxrocker

    This is a great feature! My blog hasn’t exactly started off yet, but if other people post or make changes to my post, I would most definitely want to be informed.
    Thanks so much!

  52. mediaedward

    Good feature. Thanks!

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  54. Posky

    No way. This is a one man show.

  55. Annie

    Good stuff. A friend and I have been planning to start a blog together and this could be really helpful for both of us. THanks!

  56. norri-bakecookies

    Thanks for this good stuff, I have not use multiple authors on my blog. Will come to that when I’m ready

  57. caretourism

    It’s great feature I’ve been wondering so far if it was available, as I’m planning to have my blog pals as co-author. It could be helpful for us.

  58. passionateaboutbaking

    Still trying to get familiar with WP, and loving it every moment!

  59. ezifun

    Wow it ‘d be more beneficial for viewers. Now they can read multi-authors opinions in the same blog and issues.

  60. alexibad

    With my blog – average 100 persons a day – only one blogger – it’s quite impossible to change the content of my posts … unless is another ME ? Or drunk ME:)

  61. mach3

    Awesome dude!

  62. thoughtpatrol

    I was hoping this blog was raising some sort of philosophical question, but I like the idea of the feature regardless.

  63. lageegee

    We only have 3 users on our blog, just starting out, but it seems like a nifty feature to have!

  64. Sex and Headaches

    This is great. Opens up a whole new opportunity to expand blogs. Thanks!


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