New Theme: Fusion

I’m proud to introduce you to Fusion, our newest theme. The versatility of this theme makes it great for a variety of uses including technical blogs, long-form writing, posting code samples, and displaying large images. You can use Fusion just like any other theme or, if you prefer a wide layout, this theme is ready to accommodate.

Example of Fusion's out-of-the-box layout and design.

Fusion comes with a widget-ready footer, support for custom header image and custom menu, and options for you to customize the layout. Layout options in AppearanceThemes include fixed or flexible layout, choice of left, right, or two right sidebars, or a full-width main column with no sidebars. You can also choose to display full posts or excerpts only on archive pages.

Theme Options screen for Fusion.

It’s easy to personalize this theme by adding a custom header image and custom menu and using the various layout options to change the look. Here is an example of a wide design using the one-column, no sidebar layout option, flexible width main column, and custom header image.

Example of Fusion customized to display a full-width main column with no sidebar.

Designed by digitalnature, Fusion is now available for and, for self-hosted sites, from the Themes Directory.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. Fixed width (one sidebar): main column width is 646, sidebar width is 245.
  2. Fixed width (two sidebars): main column width is 490, primary sidebar width is 206, secondary sidebar width is 165.
  3. Fixed width (no sidebar): main column width is 980.
  4. Fluid width (one sidebar): main column minimum width is 514 (no maximum width), sidebar width is 177.
  5. Fluid width (two sidebars): main column minimum width is 390, primary sidebar minimum width is 146, secondary sidebar minimum width is 125.
  6. Fluid width (no sidebar): main column minimum width is 780.
  7. Custom header image dimensions are 980 by 148 (width, height).

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Lance Willett

  • Sep 21, 2010 @ 3:50 pm
  • Themes


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  1. raditherapy

    Wow! Finally a new and awesome theme!

  2. Andrew Rowley

    Looks shweeeet. Trying it out now :)

  3. PA

    Quite like this one!

  4. memsaab

    Fabulous flexibility and simplicity. Wish I weren’t so lazy, I would try it. :D

  5. ileaneb

    This is what I’ve been looking for. I love the flexibility of the sidebar locations. Thank you.

  6. faymusblog

    The best ever… you just gave the masterpiece… superlike!

  7. Piotr Kaźmierczak

    Looks very nice, pity it doesn’t support ‘asides’ and ‘gallery’ post types though…

  8. Pulkit Kaushik

    AWESOME! I. Am. Switching!

    Thank you ;)

  9. Lisa

    Yes! This is AMAZING! Thank you so much. I’ve been wanting to have a full-screen option just like this, and be able to customize that/change it to whatever. Thanks guys!

  10. chrisspyrou

    Really nice layout. OK, very tempted.

  11. Sajib

    Another theme with beautiful-looking font. That’s the main thing, for me, that catches eye (the font).

  12. chefhermes

    Really nice, like the flexibility, is it going to be available in black?

  13. Tomasz

    I’ll try it tonight ! :) Thanks!

  14. latebloomerbuds

    Wow, this is a neat one! I like that you have so many customizable options!

  15. lusysunsetgirl

    I like the layout choices in the Theme Options!

  16. planejaner

    This looks clean and wonderful! Thanks!

  17. LadyLindy

    I MUST try it… it’s so customizable!

  18. Jean

    That’s really pretty. Might use it on one of the blogs.

  19. Sinan ERYİĞİT

    Clean and elegant!

  20. Sandra Lee

    The flexibility of this theme is amazing. I love Inuit Types (with my CSS changes), but Fusion is a theme I will definitely explore. Love the simply, classy, and flexible theme.

  21. melo g3 ongini

    That actually looks fantastic!

  22. lindseytinsey

    Nice but I wished we could change the colour scheme…

  23. rosedale Gardens

    I think I’ll stick with my current Twenty Ten. I like the looks of it on my gardening blog, esp. the background.

  24. Mary

    Nice! I like the options too.

  25. Richard

    This is the best theme on in my opinion. As soon as I tried it out on my test blog I had to have it!

    Nice work, thanks.

  26. Ed

    At last: a good-looking flexible-width theme with tweakage!

    Now, to conjure up a suitable header image…

    A heartfelt thank you!

  27. angelcasiano

    I love this one! I am going to use it right now!

  28. lindseytinsey

    How do you get that green bar under the heading? Mine is just grey…

  29. lindseytinsey

    Ooh I see. Loving the theme!

  30. Samantha

    Really dope! :)

  31. watsonneil

    Seriously tempted to change the look of my blog to this…

  32. Anne Lessing

    This is amazing and I just might switch to it! I’m too attached to my widgets to go sidebar-less, but the design is fantastic! Awesome job, WordPress!

  33. Mahfooz

    Looks great, need to try it out!

  34. Little Professor

    This theme looks really nice but I still prefer Motion, my favorite theme.

  35. reflectionsofaprodigalson

    Looks good, might try it out.

  36. Viviana

    Nice theme! But, is a pity that in the option of the extracts can not set a featured image.

  37. Gally Lines ~

    Nice, crisp theme. Love the additional header.

  38. Slik

    Oh, I am digging this very nice and clean theme, I must switch! :)

  39. Lee

    These are all starting to look alike.

    • Lance Willett

      Lee, we try our best to launch themes that allow customization—that way you can make it yours, which helps avoid all sites looking the same.

  40. Giorgio

    Nice… I’m really loving all this themes with “options”… easy to modify and change the look of the blog.

  41. frankywolff

    Great theme! Very stylish! The only downer: no left sidebar and right sidebar combination, which is my favorite. So I remain with the Coraline theme.

  42. timethief

    I like it! Thanks do much for adding all the specs to this post too. I appreciate it.

  43. bassitone

    Hmmmm this one might finally have me convinced to switch :)

  44. Thomas Pichette

    Excellent looking theme!

  45. Recis|Rules

    Hey Lance! You guys at the Theme Team really capture users’ hearts! This theme will definite attract more bloggers with the many desired customization settings. Good job, guys! Cheers!

  46. Mr Rhymes

    Ohh… I’ve been looking for a good theme… I might have just found it.

  47. sabahsongs

    Yes this is great. The flexible widths / columns are wonderful. Space! I will use this soon.

  48. Mrs. HaeFishie

    It looks nice and simple… Love it. Good job!

  49. bitbyteme

    Great, an excellent addition to an already excellent lineup of themes. :)

  50. shamballa9944

    Cool theme! I love the tabs on top. :)

  51. Sefra

    VERY nice! I like it a lot! I’ll try it out for a few days… see how it turns out!

  52. John Ryan Recabar

    The three most recent themes look alike.

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  54. Prey

    Finally a new theme! Will you guys be planning on posting new ones more regularly?

  55. squarebrackets

    I like idea of the really wide theme (:

  56. mrasherkade

    Buy me some rum, cuz that’s about the only way I might understand all of the techno options. It sounds great though!

  57. Tom Baker

    I’ve been looking to change themes and I thought I had decided on one because I like a wide writing palette but maybe I will use this one instead. Just in time for my one year blogiversary. Thanks WP.

  58. Christopher

    Yay! No columns! Woo Hoo! Full-width images! Okay, maybe too many exclamation marks, but this is GREAT! :)

  59. rouju

    Cool, maybe one day we will get a full customize theme (I still dig Chaotic Soul as my favorite).

  60. jalalspages

    This looks to be one of the best themes on

  61. WordCrafter

    I like it, but it’s a little too simple for me. Greyzed is still my fave, and I will forever be indebted for it.

  62. miphz

    Very cool, another minimalist approach. :)

  63. nancysmoments

    Thank you Lance! As soon as I know there’s a new theme—everything else waits so I can preview it. Another thank you to WordPress for making the previews available right away. It’s like shopping for new decor, all with one click.

  64. agito

    Finally… a theme from digitalnature available on I’ve always love digitalnature themes.

  65. dongan

    Thanks WordPress… your themes are the best!

  66. JL

    :D I was just thinking about one column, then scrolled down and saw the oh-so-wonderful column-number options. I love it! I’ll be trying this one out soon, I think. Thanks a lot!

  67. neurotype

    Holy Batman. This is why I spend more time screwing with my site than actually posting. :D

  68. shakanova

    That’s a sexy Theme. Thanks a lot for bringing such sexiness to WordPress.

  69. indiahomeschool

    Finally. A no-sidebar option. At least if not with Coraline…. I will try Fusion.

  70. FLYNN

    I love the colorful “mouse-overs”. They look like candy. I could eat those up. It’s just a thingy with me.

  71. intelligentchallenge

    Very nice. I’ll have a go with this one. Great work.

  72. sid

    At last a theme with an optional side bar. I would certainly try this and it is looking good. :)

  73. JofIndia

    Really neat theme. One quick preview and I knew I was hooked!
    Congratulations to the design team. It’s a wonderfully flexible theme.

  74. JoV

    This is the MOST FLEXIBLE THEME so far. Great job on this one, hope to see a few similar ones like this. ;)

  75. movienthusiast

    Still waiting for full CSS customization. :D

  76. snappit1974

    Fantastic theme!! How do I get it? :D

  77. Kilmore Fisz

    Themes on WordPress getting better and better… :)

  78. Jornal do Whisky

    Change or not change…This is the question :idea:

  79. Rose

    Great new themes. I think I’ll keep the one I have but I love the choices.

  80. eastbird

    It’s a fantastic theme. I love it so much.

  81. santoshbenjamin

    Nice. Any chance of getting a theme like Atahualpa?

  82. Dina Faoziah

    Oh, no!!! Please stop tempting me with new themes! I change mine every time WordPress introduces a new theme.

    I need therapy.

  83. sukabiru

    It’s truly awesome!! I must use it. :D

  84. Dillon Chaffey (Chafflube)

    I love the this theme. Well done, keep them coming!

  85. Tammy McLeod

    I like the wide layout look. Not sure I’ll try it but it’s a great option.

  86. Aiman Amani

    Cool! I love this one.

    I wonder when my dad is going to allow me to switch to a new theme. But then again, I would be so frustrated if I had just changed into a ‘better’ theme just hours before an ‘even better’ theme pops out. My dad would certainly not let me switch again.

  87. alwathaniyah

    I like the column setting… but there is no color scheme. So I still use Enterprise theme for my blog. I like the optional color schemes. :)

  88. Sportscargeek

    Love the theme. There’s only one factor preventing me from using it; inability to remove the header text over the image.
    If you could allow this I’d be satisfied. :)

    • Lance Willett

      We’ve enabled that option now—the header text can be hidden from AppearanceHeader. Though only the title will hidden; the description above the header won’t be affected.

  89. Edna

    I like the theme, but I still prefer my current one! Thank you.

  90. motakmarek

    Very interesting layout! I like it! ;-)

  91. Alexa Marsden

    Yay! Been a while since we’ve had a new theme. I love love love that is has layout options. I had a website that ran WordPress and I really miss all the neat personal touches you could add to a lot of the themes even without editing the CSS — like layout options. Thanks for another great one!

  92. Emmanuel Ibok

    Lovely… I’m using it now!

  93. Mariane

    Very interesting layout! I like it!

  94. adventurewriter

    Hmm, this’ll be most effective for some of my other blogs.
    Bon travail WordPress!

  95. Ben

    Looks good. I especially like that it’s wider.

  96. keikomushi

    I really like the options for this theme, and I might try it out quite soon once I decide on which blog to use it for. That, and I need to create a nifty banner to go with. :D

  97. lestat546

    Such a great theme.

  98. PiedType

    Oh my, that is handsome! I’m off to try it on my test blog.

  99. Posky

    Not half bad, although I’m unsure if I’ll trade.

  100. andrihdt

    Nice themes. And I like this one. ;)


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