Welcome Windows Live Spaces Bloggers

We’re excited to announce that WordPress.com is now the default blogging platform for Windows Live Spaces users. We’ve worked with our partners at Microsoft to create a simple migration service for Spaces bloggers to easily bring all their posts, comments, and photos to WordPress.com.

Over a six month period, beginning today, Windows Live Spaces users will have the option to move their blogs to WordPress.com. To make this possible, we’ve created a brand new importer for Windows Live Spaces to WordPress.com. New Windows Live users will also be offered a WordPress.com blog when they choose to create a new blog.

All current links to your Windows Live Spaces blog will automatically redirect to your new WordPress.com blog after you set it up. In addition, this redirect we’ve set up will maintain your current traffic levels from search engines, as it automatically notifies search engines that your content has a new home on WordPress.com (the technical background on the 301 redirect method we’re using, if you’re interested, is here).

As part of this project, we’ve added support for Messenger Connect as a Publicize option, which enables you to automatically share updates to your WordPress.com blog with your friends who use Windows Live Messenger.

For detailed information on how the migration will work, check out this post on the Windows Live blog.

We’re very happy that Microsoft chose WordPress.com as their preferred new blogging service for Windows Live users. It’s a sign of how strong WordPress.com has become, and credit for that goes to every one of you who’s been creating here.

Getting the most out of WordPress.com

For Windows Live Spaces bloggers who are new to WordPress.com, we wanted to share a few tips for getting up and running with your new WordPress.com blog.

Learn WordPress.com
Get started with WordPress.com with this fun 10-step guide to becoming a blogging hero. We cover everything from the basics like creating your first post, through advanced topics like working with social tools.

Check out “How To” videos on just about every feature of WordPress.com on the WordPress community video site.

If you need a little more help, make sure to browse our extensive support knowledge base, and get in touch with the friendly WordPress.com support team, known around here as the Happiness Engineers. You can also get user-to-user help on our support forums.

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Paul Kim


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  1. sushubh

    Holy cow!

  2. AdamVonWillis

    Wow! This is fantastic news! It really shows how sophisticated and mature the WordPress platform has become.

  3. squarebrackets

    Wow, this is really great for WordPress and also exciting to see the amount of new content that this will bring.

  4. turtlexpress

    Will my Windows Live Spaces be deleted immediately once I move over to WordPress?

    • Ryan Markel

      Once the migration is complete, everything is redirected over to your new WordPress.com site. If you want an archive of your space, you should grab a zipfile export from WLS before starting the migration process.

  5. turtlexpress

    Will the migration preserve the post creation date that appear in Windows Live?

  6. lightbiker

    This has to be good news for the future of Windows Live Writer which has always worked well with WordPress despite being created for Windows Live Spaces.

  7. Tom Baker

    Great news! Now more people in the WordPress community! More visitors perhaps.

  8. gubatron

    Wonder how this is going to affect the internal code base of Windows Live. All of wordpress code is GPLed and enforced by it’s dictator.

    Can Microsoft engineers (by contract) even look at GPL code? Wouldn’t they be getting “too many ideas” from the extraordinary genius in the wordpress code base?

    Big win for WordPress.com nonetheless, with the user base of Windows Live (whatever it might be) they’re now the biggest player in the blog authoring landscape of the internet.

    • Ryan Markel

      Wonder how this is going to affect the internal code base of Windows Live.

      It doesn’t; the upgrade is an export of a user’s Windows Live Spaces site over to a new or existing WordPress.com site. Everyone’s going to be over here. :)

  9. Gally Lines ~ LestISmiteThee.wordpress.com

    Great job, WordPress! You’re the best!

  10. Omar Modesto

    Finally, I can have all my blog entries in one place. Already imported them to my current blog, and now I’m just tagging and updating wherever I see fit.

    Thank you so much for this feature.

  11. rubiescorner

    As always, you think of everything. This is an amazing place to write, and have blogs. Thanks!

  12. chicostein

    Congratulations, WordPress! Wish you a smooth transition to all these new blogs.

  13. nickelgreen

    This has been a beautiful surprise to me. :)

  14. Sami Malallah

    Excellent, now everybody would be WordPressing!

  15. 3viewer

    Congratulations to all at WordPress! And a big hefty welcome to all you Spacers out there!

  16. kOoLiNuS

    GREAT win of GPL and FLOSS movement and products too … since WordPress.com (and its foundations) is one of the best examples of the good that it produces ;-)

  17. razvanrc


  18. Gouri

    Awesome! Let’s welcome our new community members..

  19. sungame

    Awesome! If only I had this opportunity when I migrated from Microsoft Spaces four years ago…

  20. jeffkunins

    @everyone — on behalf of the Windows Live team, again we couldn’t be more excited about partnering with WordPress to give our 30MM bloggers and viewers an awesome upgrade to the best blogging platform in the world. And to give -all- WordPress.com bloggers an easy way to publicize their posts across Messenger, Hotmail, and the rest of Windows Live. These kind of “peanut butter and chocolate” moments is what it’s all about.

  21. Raoul

    Amazing win for WP.com. I wonder how many millions of blogs you’re hosting now?

  22. Jamie

    Great news, the quantity of users is what makes WordPress awesome, the more the merrier!

  23. stylefashionista

    Lovely news! I love WordPress.

  24. Johz

    Congratulations WordPress! I love you!

  25. Guy

    A lot of Spaces users (writers and readers) are from China. Unfortunately WordPress.com is blocked in the PRC, so they’ll be missing out…

  26. celiayu81

    Why are my albums in Windows Live Spaces gone after transerring to WordPress?

    • Ryan Markel

      If your images were used within posts on your Windows Live Space, they will be imported into your WordPress.com site automatically.

      If you had photos in your Windows Live Photos library that were not used on your site, those are not imported. You should still be able to log in to WIndows Live and find them. You can continue to use them in the future.

  27. Peter Wissinger

    Cool, will there also be a new WordPress client for Windows Phone 7?

  28. hitzws

    Great! I love WordPress!

  29. Hussain Kadhem

    WordPress ! I love you more day by day ~
    Brilliant addition …

  30. cravates

    Good news for wordpress.

  31. himynameisroman

    Lately Microsoft’s been getting better lol I haven’t been let down by them since Windows 7′s arrival, never thought I’d say that.

  32. jnf6

    Congratulations to both Windows Live and WordPress!! This will allow for more exciting services!! :) excellent move! just don’t mess up the transition! :P :)

  33. Steve

    If I have both a Live Spaces blog and a WP.com blog, will there be a way to combine the 2?

    • Ryan Markel

      If you already have a WordPress.com blog, you will be asked when you begin the upgrade process if you would like to import your Live Spaces content into one of your existing WordPress.com blogs or create a new one.

  34. myfriends091283

    How can I transfer WordPress space back to Windows Live Space?

    • Ryan Markel

      It’s not possible to go back to Windows Live Spaces. The move to WordPress.com is permanent.

      If you’re running into trouble with your WordPress.com site, please check out our Support resources for more information and help.

  35. shamusoconner

    Great news for WordPress!

  36. Slik

    Wow what a surprise & great news at the same time! :)

  37. moivoila

    I have a blog at spaces since five years and this one here. I love my blog at spaces since I can have both my photos, and my music playing in a mediaplayer and I have my lists with all my music and other stuff, so I think it`s complete, but as I understand I can`t keep neither my photo albums nor my mediaplayer so I`m very sad. Even if there has been some trouble now and then during these years, I must say I haven`t found any other blogging place that can match the space blog.
    I do hope that you will let me have ny mediaplayer. Now and then I`m writing about music and I will have the possibilities to play the music which will be the best for that special day.
    Please ?
    Thanks! ;-)

  38. dreamsburnred

    Congrats and welcome windows live spaces bloggers :D.

  39. thecitruslens

    way to go WordPress !!!

  40. deathgleaner

    Oh yep! Never thought Microsoft would do this!

  41. Eric

    It’s awesome how WordPress is connecting to all the bloggers in the world!

  42. tellthetruth1

    Hiya folks! Just caught your post here tonight. (Been out all day)! Any chance we can still use Live Writer for blogging, or is that being derailed?

    Actually, I’m glad to get this update – I used to use Live Spaces for everything but have been here for perhaps a couple of months, now, so thanks for writing and updating us all. I can remember some ruffled feathers on Spaces – loads of people were worried it would be shutting down. Shame, that. I started there and have many fond memories. It’s good to see some of you from MSFT on here. Glad you’re enjoyihng it:-) Regards, Jen

  43. shamballa9944

    The more, the merrier!

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  46. peterbdunn

    Im a newbie here and have sucessfully added my 1st blog here, but what of my windows live groups, NSW truthtellers. how do i transfer that across from windows live to wordpress? i assumed that all my windows live stuff would be transferred like my photos etc? whats the go ?

    • Ryan Markel

      There are no “groups” or “friends” here on WordPress.com, so those parts of Windows Live are not part of the upgrade process.

      As far as your photos, if they were inserted into posts, they came with your blog, but if you were using the galleries in Windows Live Photos, you’ll still find your images there. They are not imported as part of the upgrade process.

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  48. jitwadee38

    I’m sorry but I’m curious how can my friends see any of my photos on WLS? My ex-url has gone. How can they check them out?

    • Ryan Markel

      It depends on where your photos were. If they were part of your posts, they will be part of your posts here and you will find the images themselves in your Media Library.

      If you are referring to your photo albums, they are not imported as part of the upgrade process. You can still find them in their Windows Live location at http://photos.live.com/. If you’d like to begin using galleries on WordPress.com, you should read this Support article. Note that images you upload to WordPress.com won’t appear anywhere unless you insert them into a post or page.

  49. thechildrensark

    So you see, I’m proud to be a WordPress blogger!

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  51. troy

    That’s great news! …but let’s hope we can avoid that future scenario where WP is eventually bought out by Microsoft.

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  54. jackfeed

    Really good news. WP is simply the best blogging platform out there. Even Microsoft is acknowledging that :)

  55. hanin

    welcome, windows live bloggers, then !

  56. Bara

    great news! I’m glad to hear this…

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  58. kissmojo

    Yeah, just moved my Windows Live Spaces to here. Still getting familiar with the new interface and enviroment.
    So far so good.

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  60. kissmojo

    Will WordPress offer enough room for me to upload pictures? Just like skydrive on Windows Live Space?
    I have 25G room on skydrive.

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  62. crazyray2010

    Hi Paul, hi everyone! I’m a stupid woman, I also study now how I can create my new cinema community here… And I’ll be happy if some of the cool professional web developers will help me…cause I need support and advice…I need to create my site in Russian and English… So, I’m learning the possibility to make a good site! I need to add database for the actors, upload some videos, photos, etc. I hope I’ll do it!
    Have a nice week!

  63. thekortneyshanepillar

    Thanks, now I don’t have to post on both wordpress and spaces.

  64. dhenztm

    This is great news for WordPress and Live Spaces users. I wonder how my old posts would look like on wp… :)

  65. barrycyrus

    wow more people coming to WordPress then! :)

  66. skyfly280

    Hey, I just moved my windows space to wordpress.

    I found my blog is already redirected to the new wordpress blog I created. But I still want to visit my old space before Mar 2011 when the migration is finally done.

    It is really a heart-breaking process losing my old Windows Space that I have been creating over the past many years. Is there anyway I can retrieve my old Space?

    Any help will be very appreciated!!!!

    • Ryan Markel

      Once the migration is begun, your old Windows Live Space becomes a redirect to your new home. There’s no way to reverse the process or shut off the redirect.

  67. projectartshow


    But what about all the cool people who have Apple computers?!

  68. worlDOMOnation

    Official status from Microsoft is great news for WordPress! Congratulations!

  69. Anuraag Sanghi

    WordPress rocks … how long before Google throws in the towels or buys you guys out?

  70. Red

    Way to go WordPress!

  71. Gerrit Eicker

    Congratulations! And: Welcome to WordPress.com everyone. ;)

  72. intelligentchallenge

    Great stuff. Welcome aboard Windows Live users. You’ll love WordPress.

  73. raditherapy

    Wow!! Great news.. Welcome, Windows Live bloggers!

  74. Ying

    Cool. I don’t like Live Space’s original blogging service. However, it may be worse for Chinese bloggers to migrate from Live Space to WordPress, because I understand WordPress is blocked by GFW, isn’t it?

  75. connieemeraldeyes

    This is great, I have a Window Spaces blog, that I don’t use, because I use wordpress. I might move some of my posts over.

  76. muhansun

    I wonder after the migration, how my old MSN folks can visit my new blog here. Do they need to register on WordPress too?

    • hew

      After you migrate, your old Live Spaces URL automatically redirects all traffic over to your new WordPress blog for you.

  77. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Welcome to all of you! :-)

  78. pengparic

    Hi, I really really regret that I moved — all my albums disappeared!!! I know now I can only check the photos at live.photo, but I REALLY DONT LIKE THIS WAY! Is there a way for me to return to windows live? Can you help me stop the redirection on my domain address?!!!!!!!!
    You guys didn’t say anything about the album and this is unacceptable!! I need help!!

    • Ryan Markel

      Photo albums are not moved as part of the migration because they weren’t actually part of your blog on Windows Live Spaces—they were a completely different service.

      Because Windows Live Spaces will be closing permanently at the end of the upgrade window, the change to WordPress.com is likewise permanent and cannot be reversed.

      If you’d like to learn how you can add photo galleries to your WordPress.com site, you can read here.

  79. dongan

    next step: wordpress for Yahoo!, Facebook, Multiply…

  80. NgocThuyShop.com

    Congratulations you guys, wordpress.com. I am maintaining 3 blogs over 3 different platforms: Windows Live Spaces, WordPress.com and Blogger. After a very short time, my wordpress.com blog became preferred choice among the options and my primary blog to sell cosmetics, thanks to it being easy-to-use, high performance and lots of cool features that I can utilize, and the most important thing is that wordpress.com blog is very friendly with search engines :)

  81. tellthetruth1

    Thanks for the answer, (Paul Kim). I already have Writer so I’ll just keep it rollin’;-)

  82. blanksportswear

    Thats great news!

  83. swansonphotos

    I am glad to see this revelation. My last blogging service was Windows Live Spaces, but soon found it to be rather limited. I spent some time setting up, learning and creating my own WordPress Blog using my own domain on a hosted server and found some great addins, plugins, and decent support.

  84. Ben

    Good for you guys. And for us too, since I’m sure there will be a lot more users around to read stuff. I use Linux though.

  85. billbbk

    Is the not any way to get a guestbook i WP?
    I am new to WP..came from LiveSpace.
    I read that WP.com does not have plugins, is this true?

    • Ryan Markel

      WordPress.com does not have a guestbook feature, no.

      WordPress.com does not have plugins, but for functions similar to the Modules you had on Windows Live Spaces, you can check out our widgets by going to Appearance > Widgets in your new site Dashboard.

  86. hkseven

    i really really need your help now…i used msn spaces for 5 years…and try to download everything from my space to my computer today…the problem is that i can only open the first page of it….when i try to see more of my diary…it says This Windows Live Space is no longer available.
    and there is nothing on my wordpress space….except the same name…..

    is there any possible you guys can help me to get my space back?
    here is the address:hkseven.spaces.live.com
    i cant open it right now….everything is gone….feel so sad about it….please help me….

  87. gcoupe

    While this partnership is clearly a feather in WordPress’s cap (and well done to them), as a now ex-Windows Live Spaces user, I think customer relations could have been better handled by Microsoft.

    I think many of us have felt in Mushroom Mode (kept in the dark) since services started being withdrawn without notice from WLS back in mid-year. At least now the reason is clear, but it could, and should, have been better handled.

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  89. lusysunsetgirl

    Just want to welcome everybody from WLS. I’ve used several blogging platforms before WordPress. Even though my own blog is a self-hosted WordPress now but I have a joined blog with my best friends on WordPress.com. I keep on being impressed at what we can do with both so I think, when it comes to blogging, WordPress is the best! :-)

  90. rogers749956

    Newblog, Newworld, New Challenges!

  91. ieuler

    What is going to happen to SkyDrive and Workspaces. I had convenient modules for them on my LiveSpace site. Is this possible here, too?

    • Ryan Markel

      There are currently no widgets that would take the place of the modules you were using for either of those Windows Live products. The services will still be available through Windows Live, but at this time there’s no way to integrate them with your WordPress.com site.

  92. gbvaz

    Awesome! Great news!

  93. remyzy

    It’s really great to be here.. But still to new here and just try hard to learn wordpress!

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  96. Emmanuel Ibok

    …and I will say “I started blogging with wordpress even before they became famous” Rock on! WP, you rock so good.

  97. quantcareer

    Why is my migration taking such a long time (over an hour now and still not finished)? And when people go to my “old” Windows Live Space they get an error message. This is handled very poorly.

    • Ryan Markel


      The imports take a short while to get started (depending on how many are waiting to get started), but should complete rather quickly. Yours appears to already be completed; please check out your WordPress.com site. Contact us at Support if you’ve experienced any problems on the other side of the upgrade.

  98. mndals

    Sounds impressive especially if it is able to accurately preserve everything – but sadly several months too late for me as I have now painstakingly manually recreated my Live Spaces blog here on WordPress.com. However, a big welcome to those migrating across. You will find a vastly superior blogging platform.

    As for the concerns about no guestbook – just do as I did and create a page called guestbook, link into your menu, add some welcome text, and allow comments!

  99. Pilot

    wow!! great news, although i already switched my blog from windows live space to wordpress long ago

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