Texting: It’s Now For Blogging, Too

Sometimes, you can’t always get to your computer, but you may really need to handle something important on your blog. That’s when a new feature we’re launching today — WordPress.com Text Messaging — steps in to help. Through our shiny new 77377 (PRESS) shortcode, you can manage your blog using SMS messages. No computer? No problem.

Note: Currently available in the USA only. Standard text message and data rates apply.

We’ve added great free and paid upgrade features to Text Messaging that make it easy to blog while on the go:

Free Features

Here's what a text message would look like if your blog's theme was changed.

For no additional cost, you can receive text notifications when the following changes occur on your blog:

  • Users are added or removed
  • The theme changes
  • The privacy settings change

Upgrade Features

And here's an example of a text message indicating a comment needs to be moderated.

For ultimate control over your blog while on the go, check out the features you get with the Text Messaging upgrade:

  • Protect your blog by using a two-step login process. A text message will be sent to your phone upon login with a passcode that must be entered in order to access your Dashboard.
    WordPress SMS authentication illustration: Login - Receive Code - Authenticate
  • Get notified of new comments and moderate them on the spot with a simple text reply. You can also send in a reply to comments you receive.
  • Get a notification when a post is published on your blog.
  • Need to post something short and sweet right away? You can fire off a text and a new post will be added to your blog instantly.

The upgrade is available for just $20 per year. To purchase, select “Upgrades” while on your blog Dashboard and then select “Text Messaging”.

Get Going

Ready to get started? From your dashboard, click the “Text Messaging” link under the “Settings” tab to register your phone number with the service. After activating, you can select the Text Messaging features that you would like to use for your blog.

Full instructions for using the Text Messaging service are available at http://en.support.wordpress.com/text-messaging

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  1. Louy

    Nice… Hope to see it in more countries :)

    • Isaac

      If the feature proves useful for our users, we’ll definitely look into expanding it to other countries as well.

  2. tapegeek

    This sounds useful, so long as you don’t all start text talking! I really h8 that!

  3. PA

    Quite interesting!

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  6. Ljubomir Gatdula

    This is supercool!

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  8. Tracy Z

    It’s a long time coming! Woot woot!

  9. msyoungmd

    Very Good…. I love being able to handle business on the go :)

  10. nickie wang

    Yes, hope this will be available in countries like the Philippines. Great job WP team. You keep on impressing us!

  11. Tom Baker

    Very interesting innovation for WP users. Keeps getting better the longer I blog.

  12. Eric

    YES! I text and blog. Now I can have the best of two worlds!

  13. mrpatrickblog

    Cool feature! Will give it a shot.

  14. Mahfooz

    Need this in the UK!

  15. StruxTravel

    Sounds like a good feature!

  16. fightingedge

    Not bad, but I like the iPhone app! This would be handy for people without smartphones I think.

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  18. Brenda Nepomuceno

    ABSOLUTE need for WordPress in Australia – that’s all I’m going to say. Lucky Americans.

  19. recklessbitch

    I hope it will be at germany too! this would be soo cool! *____*

  20. Melme

    Too bad the cake is a lie… ;-)

    But really, nice feature for people without smart phones.

  21. Intelligent Challenge

    Great idea, especially for those who have remote access to their blog blocked by the corporate BlackBerry people! Good work WordPress.

  22. Lea Ann Garfias

    The WordPress App is much better. I would like to see more usability built into the App platforms, like making it easier to grab shortcode and instant notification of comments.

  23. thekortneyshanepillar

    This will be great. Problem is I just dont like typing on my phone.

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  25. Salih Emin

    Hope that this feature is not going to transform the wordpress blogs into another micro-blogging technology like twitter :P

  26. Mike Scribbling

    Cool thats a wicked idea!!.. And I have a BlackBerry too so typing is really easy!! Live on and live strong QWERTY !!! lol

  27. Mr. S

    It’s a great feature, but I do prefer the classic computer-keyboard thingy.
    We could try it and see it how it goes, but isn’t available in my country.

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  29. deadwednesdays

    Sounds really cool! I always love when websites I love can be accessed and used through my phone.

    Haha. That’s why I barely get on facebook on the actual computer. =D Thanks!!

  30. Linda Lewis

    Just don’t use this feature while driving!

  31. chrisroundhill

    This is great for those of us without smartphones yet. :)

  32. RandomizeME

    It’s not useful for me, but I can see how other bloggers might want this feature.

  33. arsytrilaksonosse

    That’s very cool!!

  34. Andrew

    Thanks for the new update. Appreciate it. :D

  35. rmv

    What?? You wanna charge me $20 for a service that others have free? Facebook and Twitter and others allow you to post free. Why should I pay $20 for the service?

  36. Samantha

    Nice Features!!

  37. Wolfgang's East Africa and Indian Ocean Tourism reports

    Lots of great innovations recently, BUT, when will you provide for a direct cross/up load of word files INCLUDING pictures… The present process to feature pictures is cumbersome and wastes time.

  38. Sharon

    Right now I am using the WordPress App on my iPhone with much success… But still I wonder…

    Why is it so hard to pilot something in both the USA and Canada… We are practically the same place in terms of this type of thing. I find apps, codes, streaming and the like (not just WordPress) to be all sorts of bias against us tasty northern neighbors.

    Nice to see WP reaching out to non smart phone using USA residents tho… I guess. ;-)

  39. wonderwall97

    Wow. I hope this will be available in other countries soon :)

  40. karenguillory617

    This sounds like a new feature that will be fun and resourceful! Thanks much!

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  42. andrihdt

    Wow, very fantastic feature, great. ;)

  43. donyarisandy

    To me, send an email via cell phone is enough. Besides, text message has limitation characters

  44. metaglossia

    Great feature! But why the US only for now?

  45. Snehalk

    Hey thanks for this cool feature! Need this feature in India. Is it available yet?

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  47. raditherapy

    Awesome!! I hope this will be available in Indonesia :)

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  50. boomkaboom2608

    Make it available in India. :)

  51. thisisalifestory

    Such a pity it is only for USA bloggers :( We’re waiting for other countries ;)

  52. Ochiudo

    When I first saw the title I accidentally read “Taxing: It’s Now For Blogging, Too!” and nearly had a heart attack.

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  54. jaisreekumar v

    We want this facility in India. Hope you would help us.

  55. Zen

    Nice feature! ^^ I hope this feature available soon in Indonesia.. Thank you! ;)

  56. barrycyrus

    Hmm another great innovation!

  57. Jayant Raj

    Will it be ever available for India??

  58. Chris Barnhart

    I usually LOVE new WP features, but I can’t see the point of this one. The free features seem utterly useless, and the pay features seem pretty bare bones for $20/yr. The pay features of WordPress.com are reasonably priced. And no one begrudges WP the right to make some money of a totally awesome product, but I would most likely move to a self-hosted WP install than pay for something like text messaging. Especially when WP for smart phones is completely free.

    • Isaac

      The Text Messaging feature is perhaps not for everyone. It’s useful if you need to stay updated with what’s going on on your high profile blog – if there are more than 1 editor for instance. It’s great if you’re concerned about security, as the new two-step authentication process makes your account even more secure. It’s awesome if you’re in a no-3G coverage area but still want to post something small and nifty. And if you don’t have a smartphone, you can now moderate and manage your blog on the go.

  59. munir ardi WP

    I hope this feature will be available in Indonesia.

  60. Saad

    Would it be available for Pakistan as well in future?

  61. pratomodani

    Too bad it’s only in US.

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  63. Planet Reath

    New cool feature :D

  64. engrmuh

    It’s good but, it should have been all over the world.

  65. brennaliz2015

    Could you use this with TracFone too?

  66. Sangay Khandu

    Good news! Looking forward to it’s arrival to this part of the world (Asia).

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  68. kenkoisanchez

    This is great! I hope it will be available here in the Philippines soon. So that if we don’t have an Internet connection or shall we say a PC, we can blog through the use of WP text msg. =D

    Nice. Great job. You get the job done!

  69. oneill2010

    Seems like a good idea. Makes sure you never miss anything, or miss a chance to update, on your blog. However i think the $20 service charge is a bit steep as other social networking sites make this service available for free.

  70. samanthahees

    I really wish that this would come to Canada! Great for those times I’m not at my computer!

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  76. Zaeriuraschi (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    So is this like calling your blog?

  77. adventurewriter

    Very cool, great job WordPress!

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  79. philipscottwikel

    Texting is killing the English language. I prefer when people take the time to compose a well thought-out email or comment.

  80. FreeGeek

    Very good move…
    It would be nice, if we can get SMS if someone posts a comment on a blog…

  81. surewriter

    Sure hope I can start using this in Canada soon!

  82. lawrencegates01

    REALLY COOL! Now if it was only available in Canada.

  83. nikelili

    Quite interesting!

  84. twina24

    Great to know! I like how something new and interesting is always coming out. I think blogging can be a great career starter!

  85. phpbugs

    Looking forward to have this option globally.

  86. feistyfitness

    Great. I will now be addicted. Thanks, WordPress! :)

  87. revales

    Yeah it’s right… Texting and blogging are almost the same :)

  88. sunsetreflector

    Not keen in imperialist Amerikkka inventions.

  89. NiHAWmA

    WOW! Exciting. It’s nice to update my blog in my iPhone. Thank you. And regards.

  90. adibahri

    Yes nice… Interesting this idea…

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  92. City Daters

    I like this. Should start using WordPress on my iPhone

  93. RULoN-ObOEV

    Nice! Very useful for me!

  94. ღDreams☆of☆Shadowღ

    Why currently available in the USA only?

  95. kirstenamazing

    Wow how we all think that this should be all around the world.

  96. Miss Mali

    Now I need to get a cool phone :)

  97. adob21blog

    Very nice…when do you think this might be available in Europe?!

  98. ayunda

    Wow, great! I hope it will come soon to Indonesia.

  99. gabricarqueijo

    Now I have to buy my iPhone… rs

  100. fashionmile

    Now it will be like in Twitter? =)


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