New Theme: Spectrum

I’m happy to introduce Spectrum, a fine new addition to our ever-growing collection of themes. Spectrum comes as a colorful and fresh theme sporting a clean layout with one main column and a sidebar on the right. It supports custom menus, background, and header image, so you could configure the look to your liking.

Example of Spectrum's look and feel.

The subtle transparency on the main body is built into the theme so you can put your own background color and image under Appearance → Background and still enjoy the smooth look given by the transparency. Here is an example of how you could change and customize the theme’s default look.

Showcasing customization with drop-down menus, background, and header.

When it comes to showing your images Spectrum hides its sidebar and uses a full-width layout for maximum space so you don’t have to worry about your images looking too small. There is also an option for showing a special colored tag cloud on the theme footer if you feel like it.

Personalize your fonts with Typekit, already supported on the theme stylesheet.

Designed by Ignacio Ricci Spectrum is now available for and, for self-hosted sites, from the Themes Directory.

You could see Spectrum in action if you visit

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. Main column width is 540, sidebar width is 270.
  2. Full width: 878.
  3. Custom header image dimensions are 938 by 150 (width, height).

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  • Oct 13, 2010 @ 4:01 pm
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  1. gbvaz

    Wow, cool! I really like it! Thanks.

  2. tapegeek

    I think I may have to give this one a try! I’m still learning wordpress and trying to find what works best, maybe this will be it? :-)

  3. MGS

    A really nice theme.

  4. Ljubomir Gatdula

    I like it but I like my present theme more :)

  5. Matthew Lovell

    I’d be hard pressed to change the look of my blog but this is very tempting! :) Thanks guys.

  6. kkhalifax

    I wondered when WordPress was going to include a theme with that funky overlap folding left edge deal. You know what I’m talking about. Funky little theme.

  7. raditherapy

    Awesome! I like it, great work WordPress…!

  8. Tom Baker

    Really nice theme and I like the dimensions but I will stick with my new favorite Fusion!

  9. Eric

    Sweetness! Fantastic theme :)

  10. Christy aka Mamarazzi

    Ohhhh, I like! I think I may have to give this one a try for a while.

  11. chefhermes

    Looks really good, flexibility is the key, excellent

  12. Tatu

    Looks nice, but I don’t think I can easilly incorporate the style of my customized theme to this theme.

  13. s-dee

    Nice :)
    I wish there would come a theme like the one I am using ( only with twice as tall header space :) Or maybe the option to chose your header size yourself… THAT would be awesome

  14. Th0r4z1n3

    Really digging all the new themes here lately, good job WordPress team!

  15. Anne Lessing

    I love this new colorful theme! More like this, please! My favorite themes are those with customizable colors–my tastes are fickle. XD Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  16. ishabelle

    Wow! This theme looks really nice and neat! Great job!

  17. lusysunsetgirl

    I like this part a lot:

    When it comes to showing your images Spectrum hides its sidebar and uses a full-width layout for maximum space so you don’t have to worry about your images looking too small.

    Glad it is available on the directory. Thank you for this!

  18. riversrun

    Spectrum looks amazing! I wish it came with two sidebars, though.

  19. PrinceConnoisseur

    I’ve had the same theme since 2008. I think later tonight I will be sneaky and change to this new theme. I wonder if you can get rid of the side bar or is that what full width 878 means?

    • Matías

      The full width option with the sidebar removed is currently for single image posts only, not a site-wide option.

  20. tropicaleats

    Very nice! I love experimenting with different themes :)

  21. FLYNN

    Yummy, eye-candy! My favorite background of rainbow colors! And bigger-than-life fonts, too!

  22. thisisalifestory

    Really lovable! I like it, thinking about trying it soon… congrats, it’s a good one :)

  23. RickySmart

    A colorful theme for colorful people.

    It’s a shame that I’m already happy with my actual theme, Motion, but I like there is always a lot of others options, and more every day…

    Thank you, colorful people.


    It’s a stylish theme, I will try.

  25. Макс

    Wow, nice theme! I like it!

  26. Debbie

    Yeah! Thank you! A readable font size + some of the perks of the newer designs! Good job WordPress folks! I’m thrilled to see a font that is easier on the eyes. :)

  27. Topmace

    It’s great that you add new themes regularly. I just hope though that you also add more minimalistic designs. I just want to publish content and a plain white background with two columns is all I want. We, the minimalistic theme lovers, want more choices, please!

  28. Rick Daddario

    I’ve been on the 2010 since it came out. I like the possibilities with Spectrum so I’ll give it a try, thanks. I like the direction the new themes are moving in…

  29. Mahfooz

    That looks brilliant, can’t wait to try it! Great work, people at WordPress.

  30. cOokie

    I love it! It’s so cool 8)

  31. snikelarten

    Looks really good! I like the color options, and the customizable header. Great job!

  32. Intelligent Challenge

    Nice: the first image looked a bit whimsical for me (but great for other content) but then I saw the customisation and think I may give it a whirl.

    Thanks as ever WordPress team.

  33. technogran1

    Love the colours in this theme! It’s practically perfect as well, just wish you could have it slightly wider but, hey! We users are never satisfied are we? Love the lovely easy to read fonts. (Ideal for us blogging Grannies and senior out there with less than perfect eyesight!)

    Think I’ll give this one a whirl!

  34. The Silent Spectator

    It’s so colorful and lovely. It’s gonna be my blog’s theme for next month! :)

  35. PEZ

    Yes, bloody excellent.

  36. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

    Wow, this is gorgeous! I may need to play with it and see how it looks for at least one of my blogs!

  37. Iftekehar Ahmed Amit

    Cool New Theme. Great Theme worth using.

  38. PEZ

    And I LOVE the tag cloud! Just LOVE it!

  39. Salih Emin

    Loved it…. and used it immediately! So simple!

  40. bestantivirusblog

    Wow nice theme. I love it, looks really good!

  41. Brenda Nepomuceno

    The tag cloud is sooooo pretty! :)

  42. Jo Teh

    This is AWESOME! :D

  43. dukeofjax

    I communicate with Professional Clients and don’t find this appropriate.

    • Ian Stewart

      More new themes that are clean and professional-looking are on the way—along with more colorful themes too. Hopefully, we can find the right one for your blog in the mix.

  44. John D. Antesberger III

    This is what I have been looking for… this is a really good theme that doesn’t overdo it. Good work… very creative.

  45. shamballa9944

    I REALLY like this one! Love the rainbow, or even using the transparency of whatever background you might bring to the blog! Really cool!

  46. deepbellylaugh

    Nice to see some some colour being injected into the themes! Thanks!

  47. Birdwhisperer

    Ah, pretty! Nice features too. Just wondering, but are the widgets in the side bar customizable? I looked at the preview and it didn’t seem like it.

  48. fashionmighty

    Looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Matthew Lovell

    I’ve got to tell you. I added it. I like it. :) It’ll take me some time to get used to the change but the colour and the white is all so refreshing! :)

  50. Prey

    Nice new theme! I’m using this one starting November 1st! Keep up the great work WordPress Team!

  51. Stephanie

    Love it. Rainbows rawk.

  52. Américo Tavares

    I liked it. A question: it doesn’t have widgets, does it?

  53. rosedale Gardens

    Looks great, when the daylily and iris transplanting gardening slows down I’ll have to give it a try on my gardening around crazy Border collies blog. thanks Mary

  54. mrasherkade

    I don’t know enough to know if I would like it or not…though it seems it has the customizeable header and background that I must have….

  55. Arch

    That’s one fine looking theme. Good work.

  56. Nora Weston

    Wow! Dreamy… I am going to try this one. :) Nice job!

  57. ignari

    Hi! I’m very happy with the job the WordPress staff made to improve my theme. I appreciate it a lot.
    I hope you guys at will enjoy it, and use it :)

    Thanks for the wonderful news!

    Ignacio Ricci (a.k.a Nacho)

  58. wongyetyandavid

    Really fresh :) Hands down :P

  59. Zeenat{Positive Provocations}

    I love this new theme! I just finished customizing it on my blog. I love the colors… its awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you, theme team!
    Much Love,
    Z ~

  60. pltprincess

    Nicely done. I’ll have to try it. With so many to choose from I find I can’t stick with just one! Thanks for the time and efforts to provide us with all the wonderful tools.

  61. Shinrin

    Pretty cool, I also like all the customization.

  62. glennryan

    That is great, the color is awesome. :)

  63. Mae

    Another great theme. Keep up the great work!

  64. kchel

    Great! So colorful.

  65. livingwithfibroids

    Thank you! I recently started my blog using Twenty 10 but couldn’t customize it in a unique way. Spectrum is perfect for me! I’ll continue playing with it. Thanks again.

  66. kenkoisanchez

    Nice, cool. I have to try this! =D

  67. Eve

    I wish you guys would stop making these bland, boring themes and do more versatile themes with lots of options like Bueno. The themes is where you fall behind in blog comparison, that and how WordPress doesn’t have its own following system like google friend connect!

  68. Alexander Debkalyuk

    The best one yet!

  69. tamaRa

    This theme is really great, good job! But it would be ideal for me with custom heading colour. Green heading is not suitable for my red design. :(

  70. Neelima

    Wow! I really like the transparent look… Love your themes!

  71. dhenztm

    This is beautiful! Wow! :D
    Thanks guys for making this available.

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  73. Adrienne

    Interesting – I will try it.

  74. Ali Reza

    Still not my type :(

  75. donibanget

    Wow … cool, must try!!

  76. Sourav Roy

    Good one :) Loved it. Though I’m happy with my theme but I will still recommend it to my friends who blog :)

  77. Lorna

    That looks cool :)

  78. iamgypsy

    Definitely my favorite theme so far :)
    Nice work, guys!

  79. Mrs. HaeFishie

    Wow, It looks nice and fresh. Good Job!!!

  80. Darwin Tuscano

    Looks great man. :)

  81. aangron

    Nice, nice, nice. =) Thanks.

  82. mariahlou

    It’s really simple but cool! Good job!

  83. alamendah

    Good job.

  84. Victor

    Definitely I love this!
    Absolutely perfect! Congratulations!

  85. Cooking in Mexico

    Don’t tempt me! I just made the switch to Fusion. One new theme a year is enough… I think.


  86. charlousie

    I am already using it and it seems to be the best Theme for me ;)

  87. MJ

    This is really gorgeous!

  88. Américo Tavares

    I’ve changed today to it. My last question on the widgets has been already answered and I confirmed by myself. I have not yet created any personalized menu.

  89. Mr. S

    It’s really cool! Congratz!

  90. mylibrarycardworeout

    Really really really really really good. Good job.

  91. eviejane

    I think I may actually change my theme. Haven’t done that in years!

  92. Suraj

    Nothing great actually…

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  94. theblackstreak23

    Love this one! Kudos.

  95. liarudiyanti

    I like it, good job!

  96. Netty Gritty

    I love the colourful tag cloud! really needs to work on coding more and more beautiful tag clouds!

  97. harismoyo

    Great job. Colorful. But I like my present theme.

  98. cosminnelimitat

    It’s really simple and cool! Thank you! Good job!

  99. heartlessstar

    I love it <3

  100. aquariusff

    Oh, I like it very much.


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