New Theme: Elegant Grunge

Give your site a unique look with our newest theme, Elegant Grunge. With a touch of faded grunge the design gives your site a textured, hand-made look while remaining crisply artistic and structured.

Example of Elegant Grunge in action.

Elegant Grunge features a widget-ready footer and an optional full-width page template that removes the sidebar. Make it your own by choosing from four layout options and adding a custom header and menu.

Example of theme layout options.

Designed by Michael Tyson Elegant Grunge is now available for and, for self-hosted sites, from the Themes Directory.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. One sidebar: main column width is 490, sidebar width is 220.
  2. Two sidebars: main column width is 490, primary sidebar width is 220, secondary sidebar width is 220.
  3. No sidebar: main column width is 760.
  4. Custom header image dimensions are 956 by 160 (width, height).

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Lance Willett

  • Oct 25, 2010 @ 6:56 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Hetal

    Simply elegant!

  2. Mikalee Byerman

    Cool effect on the page — definitely elegant…but grungy! ;)

  3. selfawakeningyogastudio

    Love it! Keep the great designs coming.

  4. dstavila

    I kinda like the third layout of the grunge theme

  5. trinabaker

    I just switched to Spectrum, but I think I might want to try this one as well. Thanks for all of the new themes :)

  6. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Great theme, but my current theme is the greatest. So far :-)

  7. Intan - Rado

    Wow. Another theme… Thanks WP you guys are awesome! Will look for it now.

  8. Pulkit Kaushik

    Nice theme! Switching now! ;)

  9. rawqueen

    Love this. So clean and crafty. Might have to slip it on and have a look. Thanks again WP!

  10. Salih Emin

    Holy cow! I was waiting this theme to be ported to! Tonight I will have a long night testing this theme… thanks a lot!

  11. Mihai

    It is too simple. :D

  12. Erik

    You guys are really tempting me away from my Bueno theme! ;)

  13. Chas Underwood III

    Smells Like Teen Spirit! I love the Dr. Strangelove reference on your menu bar… well played sir!

  14. bobsoldout

    Just switched. Thanks!

  15. gbvaz

    Nice theme! Very customizable!

  16. Eric

    Nice and simple!

  17. dneprdance

    New theme! Again! I think this one isn’t so perfect as the previous one.

  18. cOokie

    Elegant! I like it! :)

  19. gramatrudy

    I like being able to have more options. Thanks.

  20. technogran1

    Wowee! Another great theme, both Grunge and wide! I’m off to try this one out!

  21. Intelligent Challenge

    Love it. Looks more elegant than grungy, but definitely a keeper! Good work.

  22. Kevin Neilson

    Alright, this is an oustanding theme, the first in a good long while. Well done. Only suggestion: the font needs to be a little bit darker in the main content area, as well as a slight but noticeable difference between main body copy and citations.

    • Lance Willett

      Thanks for the feedback. We are trying to keep the design as much as possible to the original, but we appreciate your comment and thoughts on how to improve it.

  23. American Elephant

    Cool theme—will go try it out, but you know what’s funny? I’m really starting to HATE that cherry tree. :D

  24. littleacceb

    Love this… Very much in danger of becoming the new Bueno!

  25. Fraghera

    Great theme. already start using it. This theme rocks!

  26. Wez

    Great to see the range of theme options continuing to broaden.

  27. Gally Lines ~

    Very nice. It’s like a toned-down version of Greyzed. I like being able to choose the layout and adding headers.

  28. FLYNN

    OMG! It’s crispy and clean! I love it – the monotone colors and footer/bottom bar, too! I’m using it right now (until I get bored – as usual).

  29. Recis|Rules

    Nice mix of grunge and organization. Will consider it for my upcoming blog change. Thanks Theme Team!

  30. trollboy

    Nice. I really like the ability to change the layout.

  31. Brenda Nepomuceno

    That’s such a great option! I love clean layouts… and its little bit of edge makes it very unique! Good job, guys! :)

  32. Christy aka Mamarazzi

    Really like this, keep ‘em coming guys!

  33. TheNorEaster

    The moving sidebars are a great idea, but it still doesn’t have the exact feature I have been asking for from WordPress, which is a left and a right sidebar with the body in the middle.

    That would be a great feature for my blog because I could have widgets quotes on the left and widgets links on the right (most people are right-handed so that would be very easy for them to use).

    WordPress does a great job developing new themes and features, but I’m still waiting for The Killer Blog with left and right sidebars.

  34. Susan Nicole

    Very, very pretty! I definitely agree… we need a new sample picture! Down with the cherry tree! :D

  35. lusysunsetgirl

    This is very tempting. The “hand-made” look got me hooked. Glad it’s available in Theme Directory. Well done!

  36. Birdwhisperer

    Wow, this one’s really cool. A nice balance between minimalist and artistic. Nice sidebar options, too.

  37. mrasherkade

    Too plain…I was hoping for something with grafitti or street art or something edgy. I guess that’s why we have so many wonderful options….not everyone will like the same thing.

  38. pltprincess

    Another great theme!! Thanks again for the hard work and keep ‘em coming.

  39. Jillian

    I adore this one!

  40. Shinrin

    It’s cool, but I still like the theme Koi & Modularity Lite… white backgrounds hurt my eyes. I think it’s great that you have so many choices & ways to personalize a blog!

  41. Arch

    I’ve been waiting for this theme to use on platform for long time.
    good work guys.

  42. CDL卜向化

    Very nice. But I am sticking with Bueno for now. It’ll be great if WordPress can introduce some new themes based on warmer color tones such as burgundy, purple, or something in that neighbourhood. There are so many black/white/blue link based themes already. It’ll also be great to have wider posting area, high lighted feature articles, featured post widget. Bueno is very nice but I can definitely appreciate some other fonts. Yes, I tried Typekit fonts but is not too crazy about it. I’ve always had only good things to say about to my readers. Please make it even better. Thanks for the great effort.

    • Lance Willett

      For colorful theme check out recent launches Spectrum and Koi. Also keep in mind that many themes allow background color changes so you can apply a purple or burgundy flavor to your site.

  43. Alexa Marsden

    Eeeeek I’m so glad to see this one available for us! I loved it when I ran my own site… one of my favorite themes all of WP offers. Yay!

  44. kathrynbalado

    Good job! Keep up the good work!

  45. Tom Baker

    This is a nice one too, but I’m stuck on Fusion!

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  47. andrihdt

    Nice to try, I like grunge content—the sidebar is so natural. ;)

  48. deepbellylaugh

    Beautiful. Clean simplicity with a bit of character. Probably one of the best yet. Keep it up!

  49. npthompson

    Mystery: Why do these “new” themes all look exactly alike? Except for the names, they are indistinguishable from one another.

  50. suchglidingwonders

    I love it. A clean and elegant design, great choice of font to go with it and many tweaking options. It took me only 10 seconds to decide if I wanted to switch.

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  52. ocr

    Just switched! Have to agree with Kevin Neilson though. The fonts are a little too faint and some distinct difference in fonts for the body & sidebars would help. Overall, I do notice the fonts are actually rather big… I’m going to stick to this for a while and try to get use to it…feels a little cramp with the larger font compared to Twenty Ten… I think…

  53. zyxn

    The themes are interesting: products of creativity & hard work.

  54. kenkoisanchez

    Wow. This is simple but it rocks! Nice one! =D

  55. Samantha

    Nirvana would be jealous. Great theme!

  56. Prophetsong

    Okay… I was skeptical at first glance, but I have to admit that this is a pretty good theme (and I may just have to make a switch).

  57. Che Hanin

    Well done! I love the layout though I have to agree with some comments that the fonts are a little too faint. I’m very much contemplating whether to switched from my PressRow to this. :D

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  59. arvind

    Options are great but i was expecting more… as someone said the text appears quite dull.

  60. Neelima

    Very elegant… but I think I’m sticking to my Connections theme for now.

  61. Kilmore Fisz

    Nice, I like the flexibility of layout.

  62. after40sex

    I think I’ll use this one!

  63. Ron

    Excellent theme! Just switched. Exactly the style I’ve been waiting for. :)

  64. technogran

    For all those of you complaining about the ‘greyish’ colour of the fonts which aren’t clear, if you made use of Windows Live Writer to compose your posts, you can then change the colour of the fonts in this theme or any other theme on to black to get around this problem. FYI.

  65. NiHAWmA

    It’s elegant really. Keep it coming … PLEASE and regards to all users. More power! More themes.

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  67. Adrienne

    Not fond of this – plain, yet looks messy. To each his own.

  68. Charles Fernando

    The header is amazing! Nice touch!

  69. Aheïla

    Brilliant. I had a hard time choosing a theme when I did my blogs visual overhaul at the begining of the month. I needed drop-down menus for child page, a custom header, widgets and a fairly neutral layout. There were very few themes that corresponded to these criteria. It’s nice to see more of them appear.

    And this one is just what I’ve been looking for.

    It has personnality but isn’t overwhelming. The color palette is softer on the eye than plain white and it’s frame my fiction nicely. I’ll just revise my header and switch. ;) Thanks!

  70. Nikollas Ramos

    Guys, I found above the link for discussion about new themes. I will give my humble suggestions there. I also think our themes look pretty much the same.

  71. stickinsect

    This theme is nice… clean and elegant, but looks similar to many of the other themes. I would prefer to see some more adventurous designs, even if some people hate them.

  72. Serewwka

    Sad and poorly theme.

  73. the rufus

    I’ll have to give it a try.

  74. mrpatrickblog

    Different and interesting – nice job!

  75. Mahfooz

    Simple and elegant, going to give it a go! :D

  76. LO

    Thanks for the great theme!

  77. জামাল উদ্দিন

    Very nice , but may be not suitable for my country since connection speed is very poor here . But thanks for the theme :)

  78. Lord Vader

    Finally! Simple and elegant 3 column theme.
    I can change now my design. :)

  79. dansrox7

    Wow, that looks pretty cool but I don’t think it really works for me.

  80. lexiandjamie

    That’s a cute one but I don’t think it would fit our blog but, hey, thanks for the new theme guys!

  81. adventurewriter

    Widget bar on the footer… sounds like that could come in handy. Great job!

  82. Aiman Amani

    I like it. It’s simple yet artistic and ‘elegant’.

  83. Nora Weston

    Very nice! I like the theme options and colors very much. :) I’m looking for something new…so I’ll try this one on for size.

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  85. jackiem293

    Only 2 days ago I spent hours searching the playing around with themes for my brand new blog. I couldn’t quite find (or create) what I was looking for. But this one….is prefect!! Thank you, love it, brilliant timing, what more can I say.

  86. Kolten

    Good mixture of elegance & grunge :) Great job.

  87. wow85

    This is great! It fits my blog perfectly, dirty yet organized. These themes just keep getting better and better.

  88. bartholomewallen

    Very good! But Ambiru is still the better theme, even though it has some problems.

  89. Umair Ulhaque

    Simple but full of elegance!

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  91. plainpainkillerjane

    One of the first themes in a long time that I can really say I LIKE IT. Nice one.

  92. mondoprinte

    Not bad, not bad. I love Georgia type. I would be even happier if the post headings were smaller and the dominating grey substituted by black…

  93. Sathya

    Would have been good if the main column width (without sidebar ) was 900+.

  94. Rose

    Looks great! I think I will use it. Maybe it will stimulate me into posting more often!

  95. autumnchilde

    Looks great, switched! Just what i was looking for.

  96. Laura(lea) H

    I’ve told you before, but I’ll say it politely again: add more themes with patterns, please! Colors make my day! Milk white and black and gray are just not my thing. What’s the difference between a white theme and a white theme? Sorry, but I don’t like it! I don’t mean color options on white themes. I’d like to see a theme with a few coordinating colors and is elegant, fun, and girly.

    • Lance Willett

      I recommend checking out colorful themes already here on like Koi, Girl in Green, Albeo, Flower Power, Sweet Blossoms, Fresh Bananas, Fauna, Rounded, and Spring Loaded.

  97. munir ardi WP

    I am using Koi and I don’t have plans to change it.

  98. Jess C Scott

    Beautiful — thank you so much for an awesome blog platform + SUPER aesthetically pleasing AND functional designs!

  99. MJae

    Awesome, now I have what I wanted! That similar look of Greyzed without the red. Great!

  100. Catetan Kibo

    I like it… but contrasts too much with my logo… uhhh.


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