New Theme: zBench

Today’s new, feature-packed Theme has a really polished design that can give your blog a more technical look—without appearing too cold. I think you’ll really like it. Let’s take a look at zBench.

The zBench Theme in action

zBench has a lot of great features that make personalizing your blog a snap. Features like custom background images and colors, a custom header image, bonus widget areas in your site footer, and custom menus with beautiful drop-down effects. My favorite feature is probably the alternate layouts available in Appearance → Theme Options. With one-click you can have your site sporting multiple sidebars in several different configurations!

The multiple layouts available with zBench

Designed by the enigmatically named zwwooooo, zBench is available now for users and, for self-hosted sites, from the Themes Directory.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. One sidebar: main column width is 633, sidebar width is 263.
  2. Two sidebars: main column width is 633, feature sidebar width is 263, primary sidebar width is 105.
  3. One sidebar on either side: main column width is 472, sidebar width is 186.
  4. Footer widget areas are 187 wide
  5. Custom image header dimensions are 960 by 200 (width, height).

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Ian Stewart

  • Oct 27, 2010 @ 2:12 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Alex Ninamori

    Wow…talk about great timing! This is exactly the kind of layout I have been looking to use! Thanks WP!

  2. chrisspyrou

    It’s a nice theme, but I’d prefer a few more journalist style themes in future.

  3. gbvaz

    Another great customizable theme! Cool!

  4. Green Day Mind

    Oy… I just changed mine to the Elegant Grunge, but this one is exactly the kind of stuff I’ve been looking for with multiple sidebars. Good on ya!

  5. Christy aka Mamarazzi

    Really like the ‘Options’ on this, I’ve been wanting to try a change.

  6. plg

    Very nice theme, clean layout.

    I also agree with chrisspyrou : do you plan to add some journalist oriented themes in the future. I don’t know if “journalist” is the same as “magazine” but I’m interested in themes like Arras Theme.

  7. Mahmoud Metwally

    Very cool and simple :D

  8. rubiescorner

    I’m always looking for a new theme! This one looks swell!

  9. Matt George

    Awesome new theme. I may just give it a whirl!

  10. Lindea

    Great, I love this theme. :D

  11. Pearlie

    Love the layout customization. Thanks!

  12. Ljubomir Gatdula

    It’s a nice theme, but not as nice as my current one :-)

  13. purplexity

    This may just be the most flexible themes of all!

  14. neurotype

    I’m never going to get any work done while I play around these :O (on my other blogs…I need a really wide one/flexible width for my main blog!).

  15. Adrienne

    I’m trying it – I like the 3 column left & right sidebars…

  16. blattdorf

    It’s a really flexible theme, but my love for DePo Masthead remains strong. It helps present my translations in a very professional manner and it relegates all the standard website clutter to the bottom, instead of to the side (gives more space, conducive to reading).

  17. aangron

    Clean and nice … but not for me. Thanks anyway.

  18. Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun)

    Once I have some time-I’m switching over for sure!

  19. suchglidingwonders

    Another one so fast! You’re spoiling us (and we like it :) ). Almost as good as the previous one (I don’t like the font in this one too much, but all the rest looks great).

  20. lusysunsetgirl

    I haven’t done exploring “Elegant Grunge” yet and there’s a new one already? Looks nice!
    I’m going to check it in the Theme Directory asap. Thank you!

  21. jeyaphoto

    Thanks for all the new themes, I really mean it! But….they look all the same… why?

  22. Gally Lines ~

    This theme looks a lot like a couple others. But I like being able to choose layouts.

  23. arvind

    Now that’s more like it. I didn’t like the previous one but this is awesome. :) Thanks, guys.

  24. Sourav Roy

    I like this theme. Although I have settled with my theme long back and I am quite happy with it, I’d like to congratulate the WordPress team for coming up with newer and better themes every now and then. Cheers!

  25. Tatu

    These great themes almost make me want to have multiple blogs, so I can use them all.
    But then again I really have not that much time or things to say to ‘fill’ more than one blog.

  26. Mary

    Nice. I like the options.

  27. Mikalee Byerman

    Random question: Where do the names come from?

    I’m trying to find a “bench” in the design, but no luck. Since the designer’s screen name begins with a “z,” that was my first thought…

  28. Admin

    Great theme, really nice, I like it. :)

    Thanks for this.

  29. Jennifer

    Thanks so much! Had zBench active yesterday on my demo blog trying it out and really love the look and the layout options.

    One thing I would love to see the Theme Team continue to do is a demo blog for each of the new themes. It really is incredibly helpful.

  30. FLYNN

    Ah, great! Here is yet another monotone-colored theme! Plus, there is “Sidebar-Content-Sidebar” selection under the “Theme Options!”

  31. kannadasongsdownload

    Sounds cool. Let me try. :)

    And yeah, please keep on adding new themes from time to time.

  32. dhimasln

    This theme is zzzupperrr.

  33. Snarky's Machine

    Nice theme, but that font is ugly. Love the font used with Vigilance and Twenty Ten.

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  35. ikiru2009

    Now that’s a nice design! I think I’ll give it a try.
    Thanks, WP!!

  36. Rick Daddario

    Yeah. This is going where I’ve been interested. it’ll need the right background before I change over but I like a lot of what is happening in this one. Outstanding exploration and variation, zwwooooo.

  37. Tom Baker

    Great options with this theme. I also like the new search feature you have added to our toolbar. I like being able to search all sites. I do that with almost every post to see like-minded blogs. Today it was poetry. Who knows what it’ll be in two days. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — WordPress rocks.

  38. Akitaka

    I like this cool theme, but just wondering why there is no “featured image” support, although I can customize the header image.

  39. garymon

    Well done!

  40. Mahfooz

    Looks cool, going to try it now.

  41. chicostein

    These new themes always look nice but I hesitate before moving from the standard 2010 theme which looks/works nice enough. I cant forget the first time I tried blogspot many years ago and I spent more time customizing the design than writing posts…. Is there any ‘killer feature’ in these new themes that really justifies changing?

    • Ian Stewart

      If a theme looks like it will work better for your blog, that should be the most compelling reason to switch. If Twenty Ten is working for your blog, by all means, stick with it! It’s a beautiful theme—one of our favorites!—with tons of really great features. But if zBench looks like it might work, preview it in Appearance → Themes. We’d love to hear what you think about it (or any other theme) in our themes forum.

  42. boolscott

    I’ve been waiting for this simple design for way too long. Just right for me :-)

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  44. Colleen Young

    So spoiled for choice. WordPress, what impresses me so is what you provide for free. There are few like you! It is much appreciated.

  45. Sandra Lee

    Thank you for the new themese of late. I like the simple design and flexible features of this one. Would love it if you were to add featured posts as mentioned above. I’m still very happy with Inuit Types plus CSS, but I will check this one out for sure. Would love to see more journalist style themes too.

  46. rawqueen

    Hmmm, choices, choices. Keep ‘em coming!

  47. Anne Lessing

    Not for me–I like a little more funk–but excellent nonetheless. Very crisp and clean. I love it!

  48. dueperuno

    Molto bello!

  49. bassitone

    I agree with everyone asking for more journalist-style themes. I love a lot of the themes you guys put out, but I haven’t found a new one that quite fits my blog

  50. Lorna

    I like that! I wish you could make a Kubrick 3 column these but have the middle collumn to fit 500 wide images :)

  51. Samantha

    banjo KaZOOie that looks Awesome!

  52. Sekhemty

    It look really nice! I’m going to try it!

  53. shamballa9944

    Some really interesting configurations possible with this one! Very nice.

  54. Recis|Rules

    Hey Theme Team! This looks like a theme that I’ve been waiting for: One with a main column width of at least 600 pixels with sidebars! Will try it out now! Hoping for more “wide” themes. Thanks very much Theme Team!

  55. Eric

    Another theme already! Keep it up, WordPress Team!

  56. rosedale Gardens

    I love the twenty ten on my gardening with Border collies blog because of the custom background. Will have to look at this one. Thanks for all the options. I feel like a kid in a candy store.

  57. danyasteele

    I really love WordPress. But this is weird – nowadays it seems almost every design you roll out looks JUST like the previous design you rolled out.

    What’s going on, folks? Your fans love and miss your creative juices!

    • Ian Stewart

      We’re always trying to flex those creative muscles. There’s been some real variety among the past few theme releases and there’s more coming in the near future.

  58. Parsifal

    Awesome Theme and is nearly exact in what I have been looking for in overall flexibility.

    Much appreciated!

  59. mrasherkade

    Why does this remind me of Coraline (the one I have right now)?
    Oh yea, it’s Coraline with a new name…

    • Ian Stewart

      While Coraline and zBench are very different they do share the same multiple layout options. We hope that will let everyone take both themes and personalize them to suit their blogging style.

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  61. smcgamer

    You guys work fast!

    Great theme, but I’m thinking I’ll stick with Twenty Ten for now.

  62. ivanmonroy

    Nice, I added it as my theme!

  63. tsatmbafeung

    Hmmm! I love it. Especially the header: light, simple, attractive. The flexibility of layout options is superb! That’s my theme now!

  64. sara

    I like this a lot! I just changed my theme, so I’m going to leave it alone for now, but I definitely wanna look to play around with this in the future. :)

  65. TheBrotha

    Keep them coming. 2010 has definitely seen more themes arrive than ever before. Long may it continue.

  66. kckbusan

    I love this!

  67. Adrian Lopez

    This is a FANTASTIC theme for anyone! Almost perfect! Customization is great, and it can suit the needs of anyone! Thanks WordPress, you out did yourselves!

  68. MJae

    One word: awesome!

  69. deepbellylaugh

    Interesting name but it looks quite similar to many other themes. Looking forward to some themes with personality!

  70. Dillon Chaffey (Chafflube)

    This is a great theme, perhaps I will apply it to my tech website soon. A little transparency and maybe a few drop down boxes here and there, would make is look no less than exquisite. Great work!

  71. alternativelyme

    Nice clean them. It will take a lot to make me change though – I just love my theme and how it works with my header image.

  72. Aiman Amani

    Cool! I really love this one. I especially like the ‘box-y’ look :D

  73. pltprincess

    WOW! Another new theme. You guys really make it hard to choose. I love this one as well.

  74. kkscs1

    This theme is amazing.

  75. guztaman

    Another theme already! Keep it up, WordPress Team!

  76. Jess C Scott

    ^^ what Colleen Young said :P thankful everyday for WordPress.

  77. jrsancheze

    Nice theme. Only one thing. I’d like to add one picture as a header background and one picture as a footer background. Thanks!!

  78. Thomas James

    I would like to add my vote to magazine-type themes like Arras. Cheers.

  79. 秋月 キサキ

    Wow this is epic. ♥
    Nice and clean but still interesting.

  80. 0nthiel76

    Wow. It’s another awesome theme. Cool.

  81. Intelligent Challenge

    Level of customisation is great – another one for the “let’s try” list. Thanks a lot

  82. apparelondemand

    Nice theme. It will be next on my blog.

  83. Steve

    Very nice! I like how you can change the configuration of the sidebars with the click of a radio button. Keep them coming.

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  85. Fidel

    Nice theme. I keep trying to find that theme that fits my writing and photoblogging style. Perhaps this is the one.

  86. rangeradith

    It’s a nice simple theme.

  87. subecumene

    Ok, as soon as I saw this layout I couldn’t resist and shifted to it, even if I had resolved to stay a little longer on the latest. The last three WP themes, however, are an embarrasingly wide choice of perfect design .

  88. Neeraj Bhushan

    More than the new THEMES, I wish our wordpress launches/provides new widgets for our blogs. Desperately waiting. O God!!!

  89. mdayalvish

    Yes it is great
    I got awe struck and instantly picked up

  90. stickinsect

    This looks quite nice, but very similar to many of the recent themes.

  91. adventurewriter

    Looks great! So many themes to choose from…

  92. dazedlittlemiss

    Is it me or themes seem to all look the same lately?

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  94. Ms.virgough

    Awesome theme! I like it!

  95. realfoodwarrior

    New theme looks great. Not sure however that I want to change at the moment. Keep new ideas coming though.

  96. taylorsoutback

    I agree with some of the other comments – the themes look so similar – and I am still not seeing one theme that features a more light-hearted look that is softer – something that fits a more artistic or hobbyist type blog. How about coming up with another option? Not all of us are techies…

  97. Boomer Beauty

    Could we please have a theme that had this type of great flexibility as well as a choice of fonts at a touch (fingers & toes crossed here)?? If such a theme already exists (I’ll bet I’ve just missed it) please direct me to it. This ever lengthening list of great WordPress themes is just GREAT!! Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

  98. Miku

    Hi, I want to put the tagline under the blog title, how do I?

  99. Leo (Leonnyes)

    It’s a beautiful theme, simple elegant and the sidebar doesn’t blend with the background either. Loved it and changed to it from spectrum immediately.
    Now I don’t know why, but its not in the theme list anymore.. I hope that it wont stop working at my blog suddenly, because I don’t want to change it anytime soon.

  100. alilovesloki

    I’ve been waiting forever for a theme like this! It just needs a few details, which I could probably do on my own, but It’s just what I have been looking for ever since I got my site… Thanks alot!!! 8-0


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