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Have you ever wanted to quote or share a tweet but had to painstakingly take screenshots of said tweet, upload them, and then embed the images in your post? Today we are launching a new feature dubbed Twitter Blackbird Pie. The new feature makes displaying tweets in all their glory as simple as pasting a link in your post as shown below.

What is Blackbird Pie?

Twitter Blackbird Pie is a method of displaying tweets as rich full content rather than as just simple URLs or images. With Blackbird Pie Twitter, hashtags link to search pages and usernames link to twitter profiles. An individual tweet, or pie, includes all the details, design, and information that a single tweet page would include.

As a blogger, Blackbird Pie offers a great way to engage Twitter on your site and bring discussion to your blog.

Get Going

To embed a tweet in your blog, all you need to do is visit the tweet on that you would like to use, copy the URL from the address bar, and paste it into your post on a line by itself. will do the rest and your link will be converted to a full tweet once we pull the relevant data (there may be a short delay).

Twitter Blackbird Pie will work for posts and comments throughout For self-hosted WordPress blogs we recommend the Twitter Blackbird Pie plugin which we modified to work on

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Justin Shreve


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  1. Mar3ek

    This is a very nice idea. Good thinking.

  2. City Mom

    This is a genius idea and one I know I will get a lot of use out! Thanks WP!

  3. Piglet in Portugal

    Another innovative idea from WordPress!! I think Twitter is a great way to attract people to your blog!

  4. Mikalee Byerman

    What an amazing idea! I guess that means I now must return to that long-defunct Twitter account…

  5. Gerrit Eicker

    Another nice integration. – BTW: You could add Google Buzz to Sharing. ;)

  6. Christy aka Mamarazzi

    Very cool! Love this new tool. Thank you!

  7. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Ah, WordPress and Twitter. Simply a great combination :-)

  8. scottmcmillan

    This is cool.
    Bonus would be if there was a plugin that could aggregate your tweets and write them as posts…
    Double Bonus would be if it could aggregate via hash tags imagine using that with p2? That would be an awesome back channel site tool for conferences, classrooms etc. Maybe there already is a plugin just haven’t seen one out there.

  9. Affordable RV Solutions

    I am very confused how this works and what it will look like, etc. Maybe more of a visual would be helpful.

  10. Jennifer

    Saw Blackbird Pie first on the twitter blog and just sighed wishing we could use it. Thanks for making this wish come true.

  11. schoenswetter

    Right now, it’s not working for me. What’s wrong with my edit?

  12. ptrplease

    Awesome! The features-train just keeps rolling on out this Season. Keep up the great work guys! :)

  13. chicostein

    Great idea, worth tweeting about.

  14. tapegeek

    This sounds like a really useful feature, I’m pretty sure i’ll incorporate some tweets into my blog postings in the near future. Once again a brilliant addition to the ever growing feature list. Thank you wordpress.

  15. Andy Von Pip

    Excellent stuff as ever, this will be very handy! Thanks.

  16. Li Li

    And I DIE. LOVE this….thank you so much!

  17. Steve

    How do I get the URL for a specific tweet? All I see in the address bar is the URL for the twitter profile, but not the specific tweet I want. When I right-click, I see no option to copy the link URL either.

  18. ctredhead

    Great idea. Having this feature for Facebook too would be even better though.

  19. Max Soutter

    Aha! It all makes such perfect sense now…We’re all being slowly brain washed into worshiping WordPress aren’t we? And now with this great feature, i fear it maybe too late to save ourselves!

  20. Piglet in Portugal

    PS…can we add a twitter widget?

  21. AA

    Nice. Can this show up in email as well? Currently it doesn’t.

  22. lusysunsetgirl

    Oh YES, dreams do come true!!! THANK YOU for this. You guys rock!!!

  23. Leslie

    So, how long is the delay. I think I followed the directions accurately…my post is still showing the url instead of the tweet. Am I missing something?

  24. Cheri Lucas

    How long is the delay? (Unless I did something incorrectly)

    • Nick

      You had some other HTML around the Tweet URL in your post. You can switch over to the HTML editor to check that. I fixed the post for you.

  25. Anne Lessing

    I would use this…if I was allowed to have a Twitter account. XD

    But if I ever get one, I will certainly put this feature to good use! Thanks, WordPress!

  26. sushubh

    So the plugin for WordPress is different because it does not seem to include the ‘Retweet’ link into the embedded tweet. Would have been cool if it was the same version running here.

  27. Hinano

    Can you guys do the same thing for the twitter widget on ? Right now its kinda just…boring text and nothing else. Something like a nice design or something similar would be great!

    • Nick

      The problem with the widget is that there isn’t much room in the sidebar. Maybe something in the future.

  28. vitajex

    Could someone let me know what I’m doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

    • Nick

      You need to remove the HTML links from the URLs. It will only work if you have the URL on the line and nothing else.

  29. Sharon

    Now THIS is fantastic. I will make great use of it and I love the name.
    If I link to a tweet by someone other than myself will they somehow be notified that it has been linked?

  30. Stein Ink

    Think about it: re the instruction “paste it into your post on a line by itself” which line would that be? The Subject/Title line of your post? a line in the box/test section of the post? Let’s try to be more specific and show an example.

  31. bassitone

    Dang, I could’ve used this about a month ago! Will certainly be using it in the future, and now I’ll have to edit that post :)

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  34. Mark Wilson

    Silly name “Blackbird Pie”. Tweet Pie would have worked. Something with tweet in it.

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  36. Lorna

    Amazing idea! :D

  37. IslandEAT

    I’m impressed with all the innovation coming from WordPress these days – this and the FoodPress (and not just because I was one of the earliest bloggers with a featured post on the latter!).

  38. PEZ

    So Sweet!

  39. Eric

    Finally! Thank you very much.

  40. famela

    Nice! Thanks. I’m still wishing and waiting for that Twitpic widget to appear though. :D

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  42. GuillaumeB

    what happens if a quoted tweet is deleted by its author ? at least a screenshots can prove that it was indeed published.

  43. Charles Fernando

    And if the person change his photo or background on twitter?

  44. Wove

    Excellent!! I was needing this week ago! Now a can create a good post with this! :)

  45. Susan Nicole

    Yay! Great idea! Definitely going to use this.

  46. Xavier

    This is a pretty sweet feature. I like the formatting of it so that it looks the same as it would be on Twitter. Well done, guys.

  47. Samantha

    You guys just keep on keeping on. Thanks!

  48. Admin

    Thanks this is really nice. I’m already using this. :)

  49. RandomizeME

    Very cool! This is one feature I never thought to ask for, but it’s definitely going to be a very useful feature!

  50. The Silent Spectator

    Wow. I’ve been looking for a way to “embed” my tweets for a while now, then suddenly there’s a way and it’s amazing! :)

  51. Pranab Chatterjee


  52. barrycyrus

    Sweet idea :) Only from WordPress geniuses :)

  53. Gally Lines ~

    Interesting. Will try it out. Thanks!

  54. mrityunjoyS

    Wow!! Wwitter, the microblogging site now working with WordPress. That’s great.

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  56. nauzikaa

    Thank you Justin, for this!
    Thanks to the whole team for doing what they do and the enthusiasm it brings. ♥

  57. Andrew

    Nice. I’ll try it out for sure!

  58. ayguldiscovers

    Good News! I like it! Now I need to try it.

  59. manticoreblog

    I never knew you could get the URL of an individual tweet – thanks for the info and the new feature

  60. Chittaranjan

    Great feature. The first thing I did was link to a tweet and then delete the tweet…just to check if it still shows on the blog.

    And it does ;)

    Any way to turn the Twitter background ‘off’ in the blogpost? I don’t really like that background to show through on my blog.

  61. Barry Houldsworth

    Very nice.

    One suggestion. It doesn’t convert the tweet in the emails that are sent to subscribers, it just shows as a regular hyperlink there. That means that people that read the posts from their inbox are going to be missing this one. Can we get that added too?


  62. aangron

    Love this. This is awesome! I’m one of those who do the screenshot thing! Twitter Blackbird Pie will infinitely make things easier! Hooray! Thanks. =)

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  64. xrockbottomx

    Genius! I’m going to have to try this out once I find a relevant thing to post a tweet about. I’m by no means an expert blogger but I sure love and don’t think I could have found a better site to put my son’s memorial page on. :) Thanks so much for making this site, you have no idea how much having my blog helps me cope!

  65. Sherry

    How do I “visit” the tweet? I highlight it and the address is I totally don’t get your explanation.

    • Nick

      When you are looking at a Tweet on, look under the Tweet’s content in the lower left. You’ll see a date, ’20 minutes ago,’ or something similar. Click an that link to visit the individual Tweet where you can copy the URL from your browser’s address bar.

  66. Miss Mali

    Brilliant !!!

  67. drheights48127

    Thank you. When you pointed me in the right place to get the address, that made all the difference. Up and running. Worked just fine. Thank you again letting us know where to find the right address to use.

  68. Christine

    Wow, that is really cool! I just started Twitter , but I am super excited to use this when the time comes! :)

  69. L

    OMG. This new feature is sick! <3<3<3

  70. Dishin' With Daisy

    What a great idea! Thanks :)

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  72. Vernon~SPQR SF

    That’s amazing. Thanks for this!

  73. secrettips4u

    Real cool concept, I love it.

  74. RandomizeME

    Question, will this also work in a text widget for the sidebar?

  75. Camilla Stenmark

    Awesome, I just tried it and i like it a lot. It makes it way easier.

  76. joeyspizzaoc

    Hey, I’m not sure I get this. What’s the difference between this and having a twitter widget on my page that shows my tweets?

    • Nick

      This is for showing one specific Tweet in your content. It will show with the account’s user image and their custom colors and background. See the example in our post.

  77. Wendy

    Great tool and I’ve started using it immediately. Thanks!

  78. Hermione

    This is awesome! I love it!! <3

  79. V A Nichols

    Once I learned how to get the Tweet’s URL, this works great! Love it :)

  80. Leader Knowledge

    Looooovvvee it! Thanks!

  81. adirrtymind

    Nicely done.

  82. Brian Currin

    Excellent. Once again you come up with a useful feature that I didn’t even know I wanted, but now that I’ve got it I plan to use it a lot.

  83. M Stagg | The Voluptua Projectâ„¢

    Oh, this is WAY too cool! Thanks for making this feature available! :)

  84. Tobias Stolzenberg

    Pretty good idea, excellent stuff as ever!

  85. poddys

    Great idea. I also have WordPress blogs that I host myself, so not being able to use Twitter on my blog has been limiting.
    Tweets still are short and limited, so being able to include them in a nicely formatted fashion makes sense, and it’s a great enhancement.

  86. Intelligent Challenge

    Great idea, the more integration the better. Good work and thank you

  87. osothorizon

    Sounds great! Certainly something I’ll be putting to use soon! Btw, are you thinking of bringin the FaceBook Like-box for pages to wordpress soon? The little share button is neat, but….

  88. Sherlock Cole

    This is definately a a useful feature, the more twitter integration the better!

  89. Will Cookson

    Worked wonders. Well done. Loved it.

  90. jalexartis

    Thanks for the new tweet feature. It is functional and I want to use it a lot. I’d like to control its size. Currently, it uses my 700px wide posting area. Being able to scale its size will make it even better. I frequently use tables to place copy where I want it. My testing finds the tweet URL does not work within a table. So, may we have scaling and/or the ability to use this feature in tables. Thanks and please keep the enhancements coming. –jim

    • Justin Shreve

      As long as the link is on its own line you can wrap it in a table (or a div). Just make sure whatever element is surrounding it is on the line above and below the tweet. I was able to control the width this way.

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  92. babe917

    great idea!! im just curious like some others how long the delay is? i have it on a line by itself, its still just showing the url link.

  93. babe917

    4get the above question i just figured out why it wasn’t posting. if the person has their twitter posts protected, it wont show up then right? thats why we just see link?

  94. Umair Ulhaque

    Well done!

  95. toubanos


  96. eggfreckles

    This is cool

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  98. Isadora Menezes

    Nice, nice idea. ^^

  99. sara

    Eventually I’ll find usefulness for my Twitter account and make use of this. For those who are active on Twitter, this is surely beneficial for them.

  100. The Running Start

    WordPress continues to amaze me!


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