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Months ago we added the ability for readers to like your posts, and ever since thousands of people have been liking posts every day. But something was missing: there was no way for post authors to discover when someone liked something they’d written. Or even when someone new subscribed to the entire blog.

Today, these problems have been solved:  We’ve added two new email notifications, one for likes and one for subscriptions.

Post authors will receive an email notification from, telling them which post was liked and who it was.  And blog owners will receive an email when someone new subscribes to their blog. This gives instant feedback every time your post or blog gets some positive attention.

If email notifications are not for you, no problem. You can turn these notifications off by going to Dashboard→Settings→Discussion and deactivating the appropriate checkbox under “Email me whenever”.

And if you have a particularly active blog, we decided to leave some features off by default so you wouldn’t be annoyed. You can turn them on if you wish as described above. More details can be found in the support page for email notifications.

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Scott Berkun


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  1. Louy

    Great actually! I like that :D

  2. S.Donuts

    Thank you! This is definitely something we needed. Just last week I found out I had a number of subscribers I didn’t even know about!

  3. technogran1

    Brilliant idea! You guys are really making this blogging site the best there is!

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  5. Sajib

    Brilliant. Now I don’t need to check periodically. :)

  6. Dan North

    But what if nobody likes my posts? :-{ Will I get an email saying nobody likes me?

  7. gramatrudy

    Oh do I like this new feature. Thanks for your hard work.

  8. Mikalee Byerman

    I like that “like” is now far more likable! ;)

  9. plg

    That’s really good, even if I already receive hundreds of emails every day, I appreciate to get notified for this kind of good news! Thank you Team

  10. Carole Brown

    This is brilliant! Thank you for adding this and for the most excellent blogging software tools and ease of use.

  11. EuropeanDeity

    e-mail spam :(

  12. Piglet in Portugal

    What a great idea!!

    Not being a techie I have been wondering how I discovered who had subscribed to my blog etc


  13. katrinamajkut

    When is WordPress going to add a feature that allows bloggers to give/send people a link that allows people to click and subscribe to a blog? So far people have to go to the specific site and that can deter people from signing up easily.

  14. cOokie

    Nice ;)

  15. Joy Corcoran

    This is great! I love how wordpress is getting more user friendly all the time. This will really help me focus on what my readers are responding to.

  16. sylviahubbard1

    if i could have a first born again, i would name them WordPress!

    • mdawaffe

      Nice! We may have to launch that time machine gizmo we’ve been working on in the back room just to call you on this :)

  17. arm5

    My blog is connected to my facebook and when people press like on my facebook it doesn’t to go my blog.

    • Scott Berkun

      Hi Angela: Facebook has its own system for likes that works independently from the one on

  18. 365daysofpeace

    Thank you so much for this new feature! I hope you and the WordPress team have the happiest of Thanksgivings!

  19. Little Johnny

    Two questions I have regarding subscribers:

    1) When someone subscribes to receive automatic updates of my blog, does their act of opening and reading the automatic generated email count as a “READ” on the number of page views for the day?

    2) Is there a way to limit what is included in the automatic email, i.e. only half of the blog, a “teaser”, so that they do have to click directly to my blog to read the rest or is that bad form?

    • mdawaffe

      1) We try to track this, but it depends on the email client your reader is using.

      2) We don’t currently have any plans for this feature, but subscription emails for posts with a more tag will only show the part of the post before the more tag.

    • mdawaffe

      2) I was wrong. In your blog’s dashboard, go to Settings → Reading and check out the “For each article in a feed, show:” setting. If you pick “summary”, your blog’s feeds and subscription emails will show only a snippet of your post. If you explicitly set an excerpt, that will be used. Otherwise, the first few lines of your post will be used.

      If anyone has further questions, please contact support.

  20. goldebrane

    no puedo leer si no esta en espaniol

  21. Nora Weston

    This is wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at WordPress. :)

  22. SIGLO

    Spanish: Excelente, sólo que muchos emails pueden no gustarle a los editores de blogs, sin embargo esto depende desde luego de la popularidad o grado de calidad de los post´s.

  23. tiallarising

    That’s a great idea! Thanks WordPress!! :D

  24. msyoungmd

    Great!! thank you!! :)

  25. marathonnicki

    Very much liking these features…now just need to get me some subscribers!


    Great!!! You always anticipate our expectations.Much-needed notifications and good time savers.
    Thanks a million

  27. Mahfooz

    As good as it is, I think we need a place where there’s a list of people who liked a post, similar to how it is for comments.

    • Scott Berkun

      If you look near the like button on your blog post, you’ll find rows of Gravatars, one for each person who liked your post. This isn’t displayed in the same way as comments, but it is a list you can use to see who has liked your post and who they are. Mouse over each image for more information about them.

  28. VincentVonDuck

    Hello WordPress

    My comment to your e-mail announcement is, that I think it is a good idea.

    Have a nice day.

    Kind regards

    David Amon Dahl

  29. Ron_Voyage

    This works for our blog! Thanks!!

  30. ArtsinWonderland

    Wonderful Thank you!!

    Is there anyway that we WORDpress users can get the same (followers app/thingie – by google) like they have on blogger?? Or do we have that already? I am new to wordpress ….. so sorry for the question!!

    Joseph Palotas

    • Scott Berkun

      Hi Joseph: My mindreading machine isn’t working at the moment – what do you mean by thingie? Can you provide a URL or a screenshot or a sketch on a napkin so I might know what you’re taking about? thanks.

  31. Ljubomir Gatdula

    I like this :)

  32. Dan North

    Thanks, Scott. That makes everything better. I’m going to click the “Like” button so that someone somewhere gets a happy email.

  33. step64

    Like the layout of the blog and fairly easy to use; would like to know if anyone is acually reading my comments. Thanks

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  35. gasstationwithoutpumps

    Seems pretty useless to me (I hate getting auto-generated e-mail). It would be nice to have a stats page that would let me drill down to get who liked particular posts or who my subscribers were. That would be far more useful than more spam for my e-mail box.

    • Scott Berkun

      More email isn’t for everyone – we’d be most pleased if you made use of the checkbox to turn it off.

      We are thinking about better ways to give bloggers feedback on the activity on their blog. Thanks for the feedback.

  36. npthompson

    Can we be notified when someone hates our posts? How about when someone is actively indifferent to a post?

    • Scott Berkun

      At the R&D lab we experimented with an “actively indifferent” button: no one clicked on it.

  37. randais

    I like this we need to know. Thanks much.

  38. Zack

    nice. i like this feature ever since it has been added.

    - Zack ( )

  39. Margaret

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

  40. Madame Rashid

    Yeeeaaahhh!!!! this is nice.

  41. Anna

    I agree with what’s been said before, having this somewhere in the stats would be way more useful than getting even more e-mail. :-/

  42. Susanne

    everytime I think of a feature, which would be nice, but is missing – soon, you put it in. do you have cameras in my head?

  43. Sandra Lee

    It was a great surprise to receive my first email about a new subscribers. Thanks so much. I really appreciate this feature as well as the ability to turn it off and on. is the best as always.

  44. Bruce Stambaugh

    Thank you. Bruce

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  46. Eric

    Nice! I’ve love to know who likes my posts, I think I have 2 lol

  47. Samantha

    liking this

  48. Tom Baker

    “And if you have a particularly active blog” Don’t I wish. This is another great idea. What is it with other people who don’t use WordPress?

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  50. nelia73

    Awesome. Thank you!

  51. beyondanomie

    NIce… “Like” :)

  52. mindleader9

    It is needed. Thank you!

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  54. Icicleblue

    Good to know about it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  55. chiapellis

    Scott, I just started this blog. It seems great, but I find Word Press to be a bit cumbersome. I just can’t replace the long, rectangular picture with my own picture. Can’t easily find the photo edits commands. Do you have an idea of how to swap out my main picture? Larr

  56. Icicleblue

    Good to know about this feature. Thanks a lot and have Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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  58. Icicleblue

    Good to know about this feature. The people at the R&D are very considerate of users’ needs.

  59. Stephen Mc Elligott

    thank you for this. very informative indeed.

  60. শেখ আমিনুল ইসলাম

    Thank you!

  61. cparente

    Good news — thanks a lot.

  62. Hani

    Great! :-)
    just when I was thinking of having this feature you introduced it. (Y)

  63. adventurewriter

    Terrific! Finally something I can use at this very moment – I’ve been meaning to find more ways of gaining feedback.
    Great job WordPress!

  64. Dhyan

    that is wonderful
    but would be much greater to have that in the stats page rather than the current need to fly into the post page to see if someone liked a post. simply giving this stats in the stats pages would make, at least me, happier.

    thank you for all the great work.

  65. Arcalot

    That´s a great idea! It makes sense to know the “audience” you´re getting.
    Thank you :D

  66. La SuSea

    sounds like a great idea! I might even be surprise to find subscribers that I didn’t even know about!
    Thanks WP

  67. lusysunsetgirl

    Just what I’ve been waiting for. Thank you!

  68. ArtsinWonderland

    It’s nice, but I do to wish there was a place to turn off the emails …. I’ve got like 20 messages in my box from reply’s from other people … :)

    Also the thingie, I looked and of course can’t find it … What I mean is … when I got to some other’s blogs, there is a side bar that has the word : Followers and you can click to follow the blog instead of RSS …… does that help?

    Maybe we could get the facebook like as well !?!


  69. Sabotadora

    it can be useful…
    I loved the ideia…

  70. Neeraj Bhushan

    A long time need fulfilled, especially the subscription thing. Thank you wordpress.

  71. Jenn

    Thank you WordPress!

  72. thomaschamberlain

    I just started blogging yesterday so this is great news as I won’t know any better, this sounds great! KEEP IT UP!

  73. Jess C Scott

    Thank you — I can hardly keep up with the WordPress changes/cool new features :P!

  74. Sunflowerdiva

    Great addition! Thanks, WordPress, for all the new goodies!

  75. RandomizeME

    I hate getting pinged by e-mail notifications, so I’ll keep this off. Thanks anyways :)

  76. shamballa9944

    Very cool! I LIKE that! Consider this my LIKE notification to you :)

  77. Rick Daddario

    yes. i like what you’ve set up as far as it goes. being able to turn it off is the key…. just in case you do start getting a lot of likes and subscribers (or for any reason). however, i’ve been wanting what others above have suggested. . . something in the stats, possibly that can be drilled down with a list of people who like post, which posts and how many posts that person has liked. i know i can see the gravatar info – but that is limited to what they’ve put in to be seen. most i’ve seen (which is not a lot) do not include their own blog. i’d like being able to go to the blog of someone who likes my post to see what they are doing and understand where they are coming from a little more – much as in a comment, i can go see their blog immediately. the stats page would be a great place for this imo. still, above all the learning curve when joining WP and that learning here is an ongoing study – this is a great blogging platform (imo) and i like what you do and your thinking and attitude and the direction(s) you are moving in – so thank you – keep at it, i am going to keep at it too. aloha and good T-day on you.

  78. Nishant

    I have 136 subscribers. I want to receive an email when someone unsubscribes. Is that possible?

  79. esweel

    Just smart!

  80. pumpernickelthecat

    As a blog reader, I find the idea of these notifications very intrusive. How much information is provided?

    • Andy P

      Your name, a link to blog, a link to your Gravatar profile and a best guess at where you’re from in the world. You can update your profile to change or remove this information.

  81. shanegenziuk

    It is good to be liked :)

  82. CheyAnne Sexton

    what a great idea, I’ve looked for that and now I know why I never found it
    thanks again
    peace n abundance,

  83. Laura

    Thanks. It would also be nice to have the option of being notified when someone hits one of the “share” buttons (Facebook, reddit, etc).

  84. R.

    Thank you WP! :)

    So now we know who subscribes to your blog and who likes your posts, but how about comments? I can only see the number of subscriptions to comments in particular posts but completely have no idea who the subscribers are and how to remove them as we can remove blog subscribers.

    I’d much appreciate if you guys can improve that :)

  85. perpetuallypeeved

    “actively indifferent” button response… total LIKE! ;)

  86. studiodumit

    Awesome. Thank you!

  87. thomasmichaelbacon

    Too cool. thanks guys. Now it gets even better.

  88. Evanand Paul

    If only my posts were ever liked :P

  89. vpat

    great…but no anyone liking my post hehehe…

  90. Dr. Skeptic

    I must say this is a great idea, but since my blog has only a couple of readers, it ain’t gonna make much joy for me! But yeah. the feature sets keeps expanding and keeps getting better! :)

  91. manishammaheshwari

    awsome facility it will give positive sign and will boost confidence of new bloggers. thanx for this.

  92. Babygirl

    I like how this works

  93. joshi daniel

    this is something really cool :D

  94. tksoni



  95. ncsahu

    Excellent effort ! Thanks a lot.

  96. anilsignity

    Someone likes your post definitely gives you a positivity and encourage you to another post. And your service regarding this is fantastic. I like it and appreciate you for this. Thanks.

  97. netmom22

    wonderful addition, thank you!

  98. smileinlife

    Like it to

  99. @|3|-||

    nice :)

  100. Ian Gardner

    All feedback helps. Many thanks.


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