Better Tagging with P2

When we originally released P2 our mission was to create an awesome feature-packed group blog theme. We have stayed true to that mission with new improvements to P2 functionality that will make collaborating with others much easier.

P2 now sports a site member autocomplete tool that takes the guesswork out of tagging people in your posts. P2 will also now display the most popular tags for a blog as well as the number of times a tag has been used. These new features allow you to better identify and organize your posts.

Site Member Autocomplete

When you write posts it is now possible to bring up a list of members posting on your blog. From the front page of P2, type the @ character with part of a username and the a list of username suggestions will appear based on username and display name. You can choose the correct member name to insert and the name should be added to your post content. After tagging a member in your post, the post will be filed under a special URL (for example:

Tagging Improvements

We have also made some great improvements to the tag-it box. The tags that appear when you begin typing will now be ordered by popularity. P2 will also display the number of times a tag has been used. This will allow you to better decide what tags to use. To use the feature just begin typing some characters and a list of available tags should display.

Using P2

Just like other themes, you can find P2 under Appearance > Themes on your dashboard. Those who are into the self-hosted version of WordPress can keep an eye out for the updated version of P2 in the coming weeks.

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Justin Shreve


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  1. Karanvir Singh Sangha

    it’s pretty awesome…..

  2. ganeshmuthiah

    This is excellent !

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  5. playproduce

    this is great cant wait to use it

  6. Eric

    Awesome add! Just like Twitter and Facebook.

  7. adventurewriter

    Interesting – and quite ingenious. Any sort of feature with Auto-Complete involved nearly always serves to make the job of blogging that much easier.
    Another great job WordPress!

  8. Fun with languages

    Good thinking, well explained. Thank you!

  9. Nickie Wang

    a very useful feature, thanks WP team!

  10. Valence

    Is it me, or does this eerily resemble Twitter…?

  11. Mikalee Byerman

    Totally digging the “most frequently tagged” list that comes up automatically…

    Thank you for the enhancements! :)

  12. Sriram.R

    well thought out

  13. Harshad Joshi

    best. waiting for an opensource microblogging tool from wp. :)

  14. 1MereMortal

    Another great enhancement/feature…Wordpress developers are awesome.

  15. Ljubomir Gatdula

    This is both cool and great :)

  16. SIGLO

    Thank you, we have that theme a long time and it’s fantastic!

  17. raditherapy

    cool!! can’t wait to use it!!

  18. slysun

    Awesome development. This is cool.

  19. hendrabozzie

    nice.. thanks for info

  20. lusysunsetgirl

    I love this:

    P2 will also now display the most popular tags for a blog as well as the number of times a tag has been used. These new features allow you to better identify and organize your posts.

    Organizing is the one thing I would like to do better in 2011. I can’t wait to learn more in WordCamp Indonesia next month! Thank you guys!!!

  21. Connie T

    Neat…I like it.

  22. Intelligent Challenge

    Nice work – more functionality is always appreciated

  23. 老虎

    Does this theme automatically replace the old p2 theme I am using?

  24. Jennifer

    This will make tagging P2 posts a breeze, thanks! Hoping one day that inserting media from the front page will be just as easy.

  25. Susanne

    this is pretty interesting. guess I will use that soon…

  26. parasdoshi1989

    sounds great!

  27. saldb

    This is a very fascinating tool. Thanks, WP Team!

  28. Daniel Romo

    Pretty sweet.

  29. steveosedo

    Good work.

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  31. sbressler

    Very nice, awesome to see improvements with this great theme. Are the Tagging Improvements part of the 1.1.9 release to the Theme directory on Also, it seems with 1.1.9 that dashes are automatically converted into bullets?

    • Justin Shreve

      The release including these tagging improvements has not yet been released. Key an eye out for an update in the next week or so.

      Dashes and asterisks will be converted to bullets on P2s.

  32. Hamlet Hamster

    This is outstandingly brilliant! GREEEAT!!!

  33. clare_lemmon

    Great! thank you!!!

  34. tbmusic2010

    Very nice it makes using WordPress that much easier.

  35. Charlousie

    Im gonna try it out!

  36. msyoungmd

    AWESOME!! Thanks for this!!

  37. berniepo

    wow! this means were in for great company of friends!

  38. Omar Upegui R.

    I always appreciate your constant upgrading of WordPress. It’s the best blogging software available today. Thank you so much for your outstanding work and absolute dedication to its users.

  39. jollof

    Yet another good addition to WordPress. Thanks!

  40. arbons

    Thanks, i like

  41. moviegeek

    Good stuff, thanks!

  42. emmanuel ezeofor

    I want to join the p2 members my name is Emmanuel ezeofor

    • Justin Shreve

      If I am understanding correctly: You will show up in a members list for a specific P2 if you are a author on that blog (if you have posted more then one post). Each individual site/P2 has its own members list and they are not tied together.

  43. @|3|-|i

    nice !! thanks

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  45. Hani

    this is really cool.. cant wait to try it out.. :)

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  48. TheBrotha

    great stuff!

  49. faizfizy39

    haha… nice (:

  50. abdecusbandy

    Wow. .thank’s its great..

  51. metaglossia

    Very interesting feature. Thanks WordPress. I shall experiment it asap.

  52. Mia Ankarvall

    I just love this!!! It’s sooo great!

  53. plussize4you

    That’s great! Thanks WordPress just makes something good even bettter.

  54. bestcherrystore

    Sounds interesting I might try that soon, thank you.

  55. grosirshop

    bravoooo….very helpful thanks

  56. adrakandil

    Sounds interesting

  57. ridiculousawesome

    That is dope.

  58. bashtube

    was thinking about changing to P2
    ill have a look

  59. sandrabates

    I want to learn more and apply. It might be helpful for my blog. Thank you.

  60. heather grace stewart

    As always, you guys rock.

  61. Amer Shah

    thats great

  62. arzki

    Excellent. great stuff, I’m sure I’ll use it!

  63. Myra's papers

    Good stuff. Thanks.

  64. deanna

    I have been in a fog about tagging, this sheds some light. My linking knowledge could also be upgraded, come to think of it!

  65. ARA$H_$OL

    Thank You :D

  66. lawrencearticles

    it’s cool…i like it.

  67. Veronika Gunartati

    will try

  68. fto0oo0o

    nice^_^ thx

  69. abelcasnadi

    thank you..

  70. jaimeestagner

    very cool, thank you!

  71. jbh301

    Loving the comments on here!!! Great stuff :)

  72. ibexinc

    Thank you!!

  73. Miss Mali

    yessss tagging help !!!!!!!!!!!

  74. fashionmile

    P2 its theme? or new wordpress function?

  75. nicblog110

    very good thanks

  76. bitofabelly81

    sweeeeeeeet! :)


    this is excellent

  78. PeachyNewport


  79. admin

    Now isn’t that just great P2 is one of my favorite themes on discussion based sites i particularly use P2 there should be an option to enable/disable tag count shown in posts itself after the title

  80. glenn1963


  81. mauri93


  82. coolfunnytshirt


  83. tiennganat

    helpful one

  84. clearcreditpath

    Sounds exciting, can’t wait to try it out.

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  86. lidia konar


  87. brulionman

    quite interesting but it’s too narrow for pics :(
    I’ll wait for similar engine update (tag counter) for my current theme as it’s good idea

    • Justin Shreve

      Thanks for the feedback. Not many other themes support the front end posting or collaboration abilities of P2 so thats why we chose to create these features here. If the theme is too narrow or there is something you want to change about it the Custom CSS upgrade ( ) can allow you to correct that. Otherwise, the posting editor in the WordPress dashboard also shows you popular tags in a different format.

  88. rkwebs

    that is better idea :D


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