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Do you love themes? Have you ever wished you could view all the available themes without being logged into your dashboard? Curious how other sites use the theme you’re using? Want to be sure you’re using your theme to its full potential?

If you answered yes to any of those questions you’ll be happy to hear this news. I’m proud to introduce the official Theme Showcase.

Example of the Theme Showcase landing page.

The Theme Showcase exhibits the amazing collection of themes available on, documents theme features, and gives you a central place to explore themes outside of your dashboard. With colorful screenshots, detailed specifications, links to sites using the theme, and a list of suggested uses, I know you’ll be inspired to learn more about your current theme or try something new.

The Theme Showcase acts as both a tool for existing site owners to learn more about their theme, such as special features and quirks, and for new owners to explore all our themes and make an informed decision before signing up and choose a theme. Large-size screenshots and links to example content will demonstrate real-world usage of themes.

Example of a Theme Showcase inner page showcasing one theme.

To explore our themes you can browse by subject (Photography, Lifestream, Magazine, Holiday, Single Page, …), appearance (Color, Number of columns, Width, …), features (Menus, Background, Header Image, …), or style (Outdoorsy, Techy, Grungy, Girly, Colorful, Conservative, Simple, …). Or, search for a theme that matches any combination of criteria you choose.

Theme Showcase search and browse interface example.

The Theme Showcase should be your first stop when thinking about themes. If you are considering starting a blog, begin here to pick the perfect theme. If you’re a veteran, come explore themes and maybe learn something new about your favorite theme. Prepare to be inspired!

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Lance Willett

  • Dec 20, 2010 @ 4:45 pm
  • Themes


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  1. peixesloucos

    Thanks for this!

  2. Jay Collier

    This is just what we needed to help clients identify optimal themes for custom styling.

    Thank you!

  3. ganeshmuthiah

    WOW, this came just in time as Christmas Present to me.
    I just stated of with new blog with less then 30days experience in my belt. :-)

    This is excellent, EXCELLENT and Excellent.
    Thanks WordPress.

  4. Intelligent Challenge

    What a brilliant idea – I’m off to browse. Great work and happy Christmas.

  5. Max Strauss

    ALWAYS awesome work WordPress.

  6. Olivia Tejeda

    This is a great feature! WordPress has given me exactly what I wanted, and I didn’t even know I wanted it! Very useful function … I will be putting it to use immediately. Thanks, WordPress!

  7. Andrew Rowley

    Awesome stuff. I’m always on the hunt for that perfect one! Hopefully I found it with this one :)

  8. Word Lily

    I was looking fur such a tool as this a couple months ago, before I revamped my blog. Glad it exists now, though!

  9. Val Erde

    This would be very good but for one thing that is (I think) missing. There’s nowhere (that I know of) where I can I see the comment layouts for each theme and how it relates to the theme and its options?. Some of the themes are beautiful but have absolutely horrible comment areas.

  10. শেখ আমিনুল ইসলাম

    Excellent work before Christmas! Thank you :)

  11. Waqas Ali

    Thanks for the great feature, it’ll make easier to choose best theme for the content. :D

  12. Charlousie

    THAT IS SO…. Wow! I do not know what to say, because it is so admiring! I am gonna check it out! Thanks!

  13. giovanna

    Fantastic. You guys are amazing.

  14. tapegeek

    This really is a useful posting, I have been wondering for quite some time if I’m using my blog template to its potential. I’m now off to compare!! Thank you!

  15. Rahul

    The post’s title just made me all excited. Thought maybe will now allow me to upload my own themes :p Anyway, nice initiative right at the stroke of Christmas. Cheers!

    • Lance Willett

      Haha, good one. No, we aren’t allowing themes to be uploaded. But, we do want you to be able to get the most of the 100+ themes we have available.

  16. technogran1

    What a wonderful Christmas present for all of your users! Now choosing a theme for your blog should be a snip! You guys rock. Merry Christmas to all at

  17. Mikalee Byerman

    I love the idea of seeing how others use my theme…great option.

    I’m totally tempted to change my theme (I get bored of themes like I get bored of cars) … so I’ll be checking this out!

    Thank you. :)

  18. Connie T

    Thank you, I change themes all the time. I will check it out.

  19. timethief

    Seasons Greetings and thanks for the Theme Showcase. I believe it will be a useful tool for many members when it comes to locating themes with specific features, selecting and activating them. All the work the Theme Team has done is much appreciated. Have a wonderful holiday and may 2011 exceed all expectations.

    • Lance Willett

      @timethief Thanks for your kind words, and the best for the holiday and 2011 to you, too! We very much appreciate you and your hard work in the forums.

  20. Jan O'Hara of Tartitude

    Thank you! I’ve been wanting this feature for some time and really appreciate it.

  21. biggles1000

    I think I already have the perfect theme, but some others do look amazing. After all, I did create my blog header to suit the theme, o would be a pain to change now :/

  22. Mary

    Wow, thank you!

  23. Tia

    This is really helpful, thank you!

  24. Sandra Lee


    The Theme Showcase is an incredible new feature. I’m happily stuck on Inuit Types with my CSS Upgrade, but I’m often drawn to consider a new theme. This will help me when the urge descends.

    I wish the Theme team and everyone at a meaningful holiday and fantastic New Year.

    • Lance Willett

      Thanks Sandra, the same to you. And, I hope the Theme Showcase can be your guilt-free window shopping experience while remaining loyal to Inuit Types. :)

  25. BlueSkyPoet

    Excellent idea. I really appreciate this and so many of your continuous updates and creative new features. Thanks!

  26. stickinsect

    That is fantastic. Perfect for obsessive theme fiddlers like me!

  27. tiallarising

    Wow that’s great! Thanks WordPress! ;)

  28. VAJRA, South America

    Nice Job. Thanks for the fantastic feature.
    Good ideas for you, too Merry Christmas and GREAT 2011!

  29. raditherapy

    Awesome job WordPress! I love this new feature!

  30. maukonen

    Thank you so much for this new trying feature!

    Keep up the good work!

  31. pltprincess

    Love, love, love it! Just the perfect have-to-have-feature-that-I-didn’t-even-know-I-wanted. This makes a great little digital stocking stuffer for us bloggers. Good work guys & gals!!

  32. Susanne

    This is great. Thanks a lot!

  33. X-Evolutionist

    Thanks for this great tool!

  34. NixNivis

    Thank you very much for this! This is actually something I missed before I signed up (not that it kept me from signing up anyway – obviously – since everything else about the site was so great). Even if I’m happy with the CSS tweaks I’ve made to my current theme, this will be a very useful feature if I want to change it some day – or just feel like theme window shopping. :)

  35. Sajib

    How on the earth do you guys come up with such ideas? :-o

    Brilliant. Although I believe I’m using my theme to its full potential, this will be useful to me because I can see other themes’ options. Wait, can I see other theme’s extra options from the showcase?

  36. pirano

    Nicely done folks!

  37. Christopher

    Wow, I cannot over emphasize how immensely useful Theme Showcase will prove to be. Efficiency, effectiveness, and minimized stress are just the beginning of how this incredible feature will bless WP users, especially first-timers. I’ve spend countless hours perusing themes the old way, so I greatly appreciate this. Once again, proof that rocks!

  38. Miss Mali

    Always looking… thanks!

  39. adventurewriter

    Wow, this is great – makes everything all the more efficient.
    Great job WordPress!

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  41. Salih Emin

    You rock people! This was something that was missing from! It was really frustrating to find the theme that fits your needs through Admin Panel. Now its fun!

    Keep rocking!

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  43. musicalmonkeys

    Hmmm… Not too impressed. WordPress still has a long ways to go on offering interesting themes. Other blogging sites such as blogspot have a wider variety of styles and backgrounds that aren’t so plain. I’m still hoping that someday soon WordPress will catch up.

  44. Martin de Goede

    This is great. Especially for all those new bloggers coming from Windows Live. One thing I really miss though is a simple clean and basic template the way blogger works. No predefined themes but just layout templates you can use to create your own personal theme. Right now I am using Pilcrow which comes pretty close and does the trick for me. Don’t get me wrong. I prefer WordPress over blogger for almost all other things but Blogger wins with a landslide when it comes to flexibilty causing a lot of less technical Live spacers to choose blogger over WordPress.

  45. trollboy

    This is a great idea!

  46. chorwin

    This really a useful stuff! Previously, I needed to apply one theme by one theme, just to test out whether that particular theme able to display > 900 horizontal width photo without subscribing to the CSS paid feature. If this site had been available at that time, I think it would have saved a lot of time, and made a preferable blogging site.

  47. Tom Baker

    Makes short work of a sometimes tedious job!

  48. terrenceknight

    The designs seem to be getting better all the time, too!


    I know that themes are one of strengths of Of course, this feature is very important to shape that strength. Thanks.

  50. Eric

    Great! It’s time for me to get a new theme. Hope this will help me pick one.

  51. nancysmoments

    On the 20th day of Christmas Word Press gave to us, an official Theme Showcase.

    Thank you for the wonderful presents all year long.

  52. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

    This is very cool! I am always scrolling down on the websites I visit to see what the theme is that they’re using and to get ideas!

    • Lance Willett

      That is how lots of people do it! We will be updating those footer theme names to link to the Theme Showcase, making it even easier to find out about the theme.

  53. metaglossia

    Thank you WordPress!

  54. shamballa9944

    With all the new themes coming out every other week, it’s good to be able to go somewhere and get an overview.

  55. Cody Preychord

    Very nice and clean. Keep it up!

  56. RandomizeME

    I think I’ve already found my personal perfect theme, but this is a great resource for when I might feel a need for change. Happy Holidays!

  57. dhenztm

    Wow! This is so great! Thank you very much for this! :D

  58. neurotype

    Whoaaa. This is awesome.

  59. Ljubomir Gatdula

    I’ve already found the perfect theme for my blog. :-)

  60. Exodus

    This is great! It’s very useful for those who sometimes just love browsing themes for fun like me. :D
    Thanks WP team! Wish you all the best! Happy holidays! ;)

  61. Journey Photographic

    This is a great addition! Exactly what I was looking for when I was starting my blog.

    One possible thought for the future – you’ve provide some suggestions for subjects for each theme, which is excellent. It would be great if people using the themes could also offer their subject suggestions, based on their experience with the theme’s features. For example, I love Under the Influence for photography-focused blogs due to the combination of a wide main column and the custom menu, and I’m sure other people have similar experiences with the themes they’ve used.

    Keep up the great work!

  62. kembangbakung

    I always love to explore the blog themes. Thank you for sharing this info.

  63. Brian Currin

    “Have you ever wished you could view all the available themes without being logged into your dashboard?”

    Yes, often, especially when I try to explain to other people about themes compared to themes. Thank you so much for this…

  64. wendz

    Really awesome thanks! The only issue is I got really excited when I saw that there was a ‘sports’ category in the filter section but alas no themes are available under this category …… so I have to ask why it is there?

    I wish the WordPress crew a wonderful festive season!

  65. Jenn

    This is love. Thank you!

  66. jessdoporto

    This is excellent! I will be interested in trying the seasonal ‘Vermilion Christmas’ and ‘Iceburgg’ theme for the holidays. Thanks, and have a ‘Holly, Jolly, Christmas’ too!

  67. Jenn

    Why is there no “Who’s using this theme” for Zbench?

    • Lance Willett

      zBench is a newer theme, so it might be a few weeks before we find a site to add to that page since not a lot of sites have activated it yet.

  68. Jan Bury

    Nice job. Thanks for the fantastic feature.

  69. dylandraw

    Very helpful, thank you.

  70. nessafrance

    What a great idea. I look forward to exploring it in more detail: I’m sure I don’t exploit my theme’s features anything like enough. Thanks, WordPress and Merry Christmas!

  71. thewise1speaks

    Hello, I would like for the themes to incorporate a tree with snow on it, or have the snow falling down from a tree. This would be a perfect theme for winter.

  72. Living For Achilles

    Thank you for the help, this is great.

  73. Odee

    I always change themes because I’m unsatisfied with the look of my blog… I hope this will help me find the perfect fit!

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  75. Jenn

    Thanks for the reply Lance! I’m using Zbench and I’d love to see the sites of other bloggers who use the theme too.

  76. Red

    Wow! Excellent feature! Seasons greetings from the island of indonesia.

  77. thisgirlthislife

    This is awesome, thanks diligent WP team – y’all rock!

  78. Jennifer

    Really, really love this major addition to the website and want to thank the Theme Team for all your hard efforts in making it happen! Bravo!

    The only addition I could possibly hope for are the inclusion of theme vital stats, like maximum posting width and banner size.

    BTW-For those’ers wondering who else is using their theme, just copy your footer info (such as, “Blog at Theme: zBench by zwwooooo”) and do a search restricted to sites on ( Easy as pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

    • Lance Willett

      Hi Jennifer! We hope to add specs and stats to every theme on its Showcase page, we are calling them “Quick Specs”—and they will be at the bottom of the theme page in a table. It will be a bit before all the specs are added, but many of the more recent themes already have them there.

      Nice tip on searching with the footer info—and I could use a piece of that pie right about now. :)

  79. sara

    I was just thinking of something along these lines not too long ago! Fantastic :) Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!!

  80. Judy Marie Santiago

    Cool! I’m on a hurry to try this one! Cheers to WordPress team! Never fails! Merry Christmas, guys! ♥

  81. Mountain Republic

    Great improvement. Much easier to view themes now.

    Just one critique: To be fair to all WP bloggers, the blogs featured under “Who’s using this theme” should be changed on every page load.

    • Lance Willett

      That list is not random or generated or each page load—we curate it carefully and add in links there by hand when we see a great use of the theme.

  82. Sunflowerdiva

    Great new addition! Thanks!

  83. Deanna

    I am hesitant to hit the switch and change my theme – it is comfortable, like my favorite pair of jeans, but not a perfect fit, too baggy in the butt. Will WordPress be considering teleporting team members into households to help ease the transition to its new themes anytime soon?

  84. johnboy3000

    Now if I could just figure out how to get people to read my stuff!

  85. claudiaputnam

    This is great. However, it would be nice if in the feature list for each theme you explained what the features WERE. What is a “sticky post,” for example, and why do I want it?

  86. twilkey37

    Thanks for the theme improvements.

  87. Michael

    This is so great news!!! You are amazing!
    Happy Christmas!

  88. Varun

    A very nice idea, should save a lot of time. You guys are just improving, though one day I would love to see an option to upload my own themes. Thanks for this feature of though.

  89. Nicole

    Will you be expanding the “Who’s Using This Theme” feature? Most of the themes I checked out didn’t have it, and that’s what excited me most when I read this announcement. Also, why isn’t my theme listed (Prologue)?

    • Lance Willett

      Yes, we’ll be adding more and more entries to that section as we discover sites that make great use of a particular theme.

      Prologue isn’t listed on the Showcase because it was retired over a year ago when it was replaced with P2.

  90. Robin Grant

    Dear Behind the Scene Word Pressers,

    Heaps of Gratitude for a Great product/service.

    May you be all filled up with Joy and Peace and …..turkey??

  91. Carrie Marino

    Thank you so much for helping all of us bloggers maximize our efforts and enhance the quality of our content. Merry Christmas!

  92. Nora Weston

    Thanks! This is wonderful. I love to change themes, and it will be great to see some new ones in 2011.
    Merry Christmas…Happy New Year!

  93. DefeatedandGifted

    This is a great idea!

  94. xyulex

    Very good idea.

  95. Netty Gritty

    A great idea and about time, I say!

  96. fredders56

    Something for everybody. A great way to freshen up a tired looking blog too…Nice one.

  97. bginbc

    Some good information here. I’m new to this process, so am trying to get started.

  98. sfcmac

    My perfect theme, since I’m an Army vet, would be a camouflage or military theme. But, I don’t think WordPress will ever create one.

  99. Kédem Ferré

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  100. sunnyfunny124

    Good guidance, useful.


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