Not Just A Contact Form

The short version of this story is that the contact form on has been upgraded. But that leaves out so many of the juicy details :-)

A couple of months ago we took a step back to look at what sort of things the contact form needed and what it could be. While this is still technically a contact form, it is now so much more.

First up, the new interface. Typing in the shortcode still works fine, but we wanted to provide a graphical way for people to manage the form. To do this you click on the ‘Add a custom form’ button:

Add a new form

Add a new form

That will bring up our new custom form builder:

Form Builder

Form Builder

The form builder gives you a simple, but powerful, set of controls on how your form will look and behave.  Common changes you can do that we think you’ll find handy:

  • Add and remove fields
  • Re-order the field list (drag and drop)
  • Select from several types of fields (text, drop down, checkbox, radio button, textarea, etc.)
  • Mark fields as required
  • Enter a specific email address you want the form results sent to
  • Custom subject line for the form results email

Clicking on the ‘Add this form to my post’ button will insert the shortcode for the form into your post.  If  you forgot something you can either edit the shortcode by hand, or simply click the ‘Add custom form’ button again and the form builder will re-load the form details and allow you to change them.

Now if we had stopped there, this would still be a great upgrade, but we decided to turn the volume up to 11.

In addition to emailing out the form results, they are now also stored in the WordPress database.  You’ll notice a new menu item called ‘Feedbacks’, just below ‘Comments':


The feedback management is patterned after the style of comment management.  Form submissions that Akismet marks as spam are under the ‘Spam’ section.  If for some reason Akismet made a mistake you can click the ‘Not Spam’ action and the details will be sent back to Akismet so that it can learn from the mistake.  And because you indicated that it wasn’t spam after all, the form results are emailed out again.  You can delete, restore, and permanently delete each entry as well.

For more details check out the updated support documentation on the contact form. For powered blogs we have released this as an update to the Grunion Contact Form plugin, version 2.0.

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Joseph Scott


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  1. Otto


    Hmm… the reference here may be too subtle for me.

    • Alex

      It’s just a name. Grunion is a fish that’s native to California, where several of the plugin’s original authors live. There’s no particular significance.

  2. Salman

    Awesome. I just love the power of Open Source combined with WordPress. It really shines out.

    I hope, that we can add custom texts like your WordPress Support Information displays. I came I saw and what should actually happened.

  3. adventurewriter

    Most helpful! Many sites make forms either costly or difficult to create.
    This feature will most certainly prove to be a terrific addition to the
    vast plethora of features already at our fingertips.

    Also, as I use forms all the time for other purposes, this will most certainly
    be a great asset to me personally,

    Another great job WordPress!

  4. adventurewriter

    Does the form support multiple choice questions?
    Or simply a field for text?

  5. Thomas James

    Really a brilliant addition. Thanks for making things easier. Cheers.

  6. Intelligent Challenge

    That’s too cool. So many WP Christmas presents I don’t know where to start!

  7. Mahfooz

    Brilliant christmas present!

  8. pltprincess

    And the hits just keep coming! Way to end the year. Thanks.

  9. Mikalee Byerman

    Thanks for the “juicy details!”

    Awesome upgrade — can’t wait to try it out.

  10. Sergio Ortega

    It works great if I try to add a new contact form on a brand-new page but I’m having trouble editing an existing default contact form. I sent a message to support, but I’m wondering if anyone else has that problem too.

    • Joseph Scott

      I think you hit a bug that was discovered just after it was launched. I’ve already made a fix for it, so give it a try again. If it still isn’t working correctly please contact support and we’ll help track it down.

  11. markjepson

    Great feature. Thanks.

  12. katharinetrauger

    Zowie! Just re-routed a not-spam yesterday. Does that count? Katharine

  13. Frank

    I tried to add it to an existing post . The shortcode appeared but the rest of the post in the editor and preview had evaporated so I aborted . I’m probably misunderstanding how to do it but will the post disappear if I click update ?

  14. X-Evolutionist

    Possible bug: I sent a test email, and it never came. It turned out that my own email was determined to be “Spam” and was never sent. I noticed it when I checked the “Feedback Page”. I was logged into my account, and used the same email that all my WordPress email goes to. X

    • Joseph Scott

      You can mark the feedback as not spam, which does two things:

      1- lets Akismet learn from the mistake
      2- sends the email out as if it wasn’t spam in the first place

  15. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

    Yahoo!! I’m ready for this–gonna add it to a post right away! And pages too! Yay!! Thank you WordPress for the great holiday present!

  16. Leslie

    I’m having trouble with mine. I’ve tried adding a contact form to a page, but I don’t see any shortcode. Does it go into the page immediately or do I have to wait until after I publish to see it?

  17. Tiffany

    This is great! But I have both and .org sites. Is this available for

  18. Arno

    It looks like a great feature, but it is not quite working for me in Chrome (version 8).

    Anyone else having difficulties in Chrome?

    • Joseph Scott

      I’ve used it quite a bit with Chrome (version 9) and it has been ok. Please contact support with details on exactly what isn’t working correctly and we can take a look.

  19. Jennifer

    What a wonderful improvement to a much-used feature! Thank you!

  20. beyondanomie

    Absolutely brilliant.

    I’d been hoping for an improved contact form with just these sort of changes. This is like an early Christmas present. I’ve been able to remove my own email address from public visibility (and therefore lowered the potential to be spammed on an email address I prefer to keep clear of distractions), while retaining the ability for interested readers to contact me directly and in confidence about specific matters. This is a change I’ve wanted to be able to make since starting my blog.

    I’ve just added the improved contact form to one of Pages on my site.

    Well done WordPress! :)

  21. X-Evolutionist

    Joseph, Thank you for the info. X

  22. X-Evolutionist

    Re: Frank’s comment about the Contact Form “evaporating” anything already in pages. This happened to me in all my blogs. I ended up having to copy and paste to save my original content. X

  23. beyondanomie

    PS. I just noticed that it auto-fills the name & email details on the form for any registered WordPress user browsing to the site. Cute touch.

  24. The Velo Hobo

    Okay, I just added it to a post and it seems to work well. I don’t think I will be using it often, but it is a nice addition to our toolbox. Thanks, Jack

  25. zainura66

    Great !!! Thanks a lot for your information Joseph. I’ll try it in future.


    that is sooo sooo cool! thank you!

  27. sannekurz

    I am using Fjords04 @
    I love the contacts form – easy and intuitive to use as usually. thanks!
    My PROBLEM however:
    in my theme the e-mail and website boxes are not adjusting their width automatically to my column width – any idea how to fix this?
    Message box is fine.

  28. shamballa9944

    Very cool! I’ll have to add it to my list of new WP things to explore!

  29. Anne Lessing

    Awesome! What a great new tool! Thanks for the early Christmas present, WP…now I want a form, even though I don’t really need one… must…resist…too shiny…

  30. João Canali

    Very nice note that you are always improve our interface and tools… I have some suggestions and claims… Sorry my English…

    1 – From Painel I’m not able to see all text of a comment in order to answer. A bottom to expand all text will be very practical.

    2 – Another day I try insert an image (from a URL that was tested from my browser) on a comment (an answer) on panel, it not worked, without any error message.

    3 – I strongly suggest that you developed form tools to readers vote from a post… Something that I can setup to make a kind of pool in a specific post, something that readers can vote clinking on a button (yes/no), for instance, without need make any comment. The results must appear automatically… I know that it must send a cookie to reader to prevent more than one vote for each one… but it will be a great possibility to explore.

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  32. Vince

    Does this work on I cannot find the button

  33. ganeshmuthiah

    Awesome upgrade — can’t wait to try it out.

  34. timethief

    Thanks so much for this long waited improvement to the contact form. I appreciate it and I’m sure many other members will too. :)

  35. 那尼。Nalie

    I tried to add the form to my page. My name, email address, and website address are shown up in the form as default… is there any ways to hide those??

  36. sharma24

    This is just what I needed for my posts. However, when I tried incorporating it into my existing post the article was erased and what remained was just the new contact form! Is this possible only in new posts henceforth? Thanks for your help.

  37. Sajib

    Special thanks for that plugin. We’re so confused with lots of different third-party contact form plugins out there. Just like the stats one, I was looking for contact form plugin by you guys.

  38. jaydeejapan

    Great idea! I’ll have to consider adding this to my blog.

  39. Redge

    Yet another great tool. Thank you!

  40. RandomizeME

    Wow, there you go again, giving me something I never asked for, but somehow really needed! :)

  41. madadgar2009

    Thanks wordpress for the great post. An awesome contact form like this has always been the requirement. Now we got it and we’ll adopt it. We believe wordpress is not just a wordpress but it’s a king wordpress.

  42. sungame

    Simply fantastic!

  43. doctorwhofan98

    This is GREAT! I now have a feedback form on my blog!!

  44. Ro

    Simple to use, clean interface and just fantastic! Keep up the great work WordPress!

  45. puzzle

    Great new tool
    At first, the just-written article disappeared, like some other bloggers above have experienced as well, after adding the contact form.
    For sure, there must be a better solution than mine, but for the moment, it works: add the contact form first, then put a dividing line above, and on top of it, the article itself. Wonder why, but both will stay and work.

  46. Moon Over Martinborough

    Thanks for this. Can’t wait to use it. But it seems that since you released this the standard ‘leave a comment’ form at the end of my posts has gone funny. The fields don’t appear aligned in Firefox 3.6.13. I’m using the ‘contempt’ theme. I wonder if this is related? The form appears fine in Opera.

  47. Alan King

    This is great!

  48. gasstationwithoutpumps

    Wouldn’t it make more sense for this “feedback” form to be a widget? I don’t see a widget with this functionality.

  49. haroldwoodcrafting

    I also lost my post from yesterday when I tried to add the contact form. I have sent support a note too.

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  51. Shari

    wordpress is so great! so glad that i came. the amount of improvements this year….keep up the good work you guys! :)

  52. kensingtonabida

    Just what I needed to add to my blog. Easily explained and works fine. Thanks.

  53. doctorwhofan98

    Thanks for adding this feature!! I have now got a feedback tab on my blog so readers can give me feedback easily. Being able to choose which fields are required, I can let someone leave feedback while keeping their privacy, or they can add their email address and website. Plus I can choose how they give feedback – whether with drop-down boxes, text fields and more.

    Thanks WordPress for being the best blogging experience out there! :-)

  54. Michelle.M.Photos


  55. Administrator


    I have about 30 fields I’d like to use. I discovered that there’s a limit on the number of fields that can be created. Is it possible to increase the field amount limitation?

  56. Deena

    Very cool! But guess what… I tried it out using my own account and my message was sent to spam! Either way I’m very excited to use it. Thanks for it!

  57. Phil Stilwell

    Great feature!

    However, it would make it a whole lot nicer if we could export the feedbacks into a common spreadsheet format for analysis purposes.

    Is this possible?

    • Joseph Scott

      We haven’t done any work on exporting yet. That would be a useful feature though, so we’ll definitely be taking a look at that.

  58. Rosedale Gardens

    Just wanted to say what a great job you guys do.
    Merry Christmas to all from myself and my 3 hooligans.

  59. Curves79Lady

    Well done WP team

  60. Jean

    Can you use the contact form in a text widget?

    If yes, is there additional settings to make it fit a particular width of widget, dependin on template?

    • Joseph Scott

      Yes you can use it in a widget. We’ve made a few tweaks so that it fits better there and have a few more coming in the next few days.

  61. memsaab

    I know this is pedantic and nitpicky, but “feedback” is both singular and plural. “Feedbacks” makes me cringe.

    • Joseph Scott

      Trying to find just the right word was something we went a few rounds on. I wouldn’t rule out changing it in the future :-)

  62. Tee

    So much for me to learn, so much for me to try. 2011, the year of the blog. :-)

  63. Jennifer Schlick

    Awesome! Thank you!

  64. rustbeltreboot

    Great! I just used the form builder to put a contact form in my blog!

  65. lochlomondhotel

    Hi. I have just started, and found this new contact form. well done. cheers. and to everybody all the best of success with blogging in the new year.

  66. Activist Resources

    Customization is a good thing.

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  69. Bre

    This is so helpful and a great new feature, thanks a lot! :-)

  70. wfxincheng

    i have learned a lot here , thanks so much!

  71. antopatterson

    great news! much better way to provide feedback..thanks!

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  73. kenkoisanchez

    This is what I need. Thanks a lot!

  74. PhotosbyJeni

    Fan-freakin’-tabulous! I was hoping for an easier way for my clients to contact me with the information that I NEED before I speak to them. You rock!

  75. PEZ

    Teh awesomeness!

  76. Dar Hosta

    What a terrific way to connect with my readers! Thanks!

  77. turbotad

    That is so many different kids of awesome, I can’t take it. Deploying it on all my blogs! Fantastic!


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