Theme Updates for Custom Menus and More

Last year we—the Theme Team—were quite busy, not only offering you 29 great new themes, but also improving the themes you already love and use on your sites. In case you haven’t looked closely at your theme in a while we’d like to point out several recent improvements.

Custom Menus
61 of our themes now support Custom Menus—we’ve enabled it for all themes that previously supported top-level navigation with pages.

For themes without top-level navigation support you can still create Custom Menus and add them as widgets to your sidebar. Read the Custom Menus support page to learn how to get the most out of this feature.

And More…
In addition to Custom Menus we also enabled Custom Background support for 72 themes, added Post Formats support to a few themes, and updated all themes to use the standard WordPress comment form. The comment form changes—though invisible to you—pave the way for cool new social features involving comments on sites.

Many themes also received small updates. For example, two options were added to one of the most popular themes on, MistyLook: single post navigation links and hide the search bar from the header (both are available via Appearance → Theme Options if you use MistyLook).

Help Us Improve
Several of you recently said that your theme is almost perfect and we are curious about the last missing piece. Help us improve themes on by answering our question over on the Themes forum: If you could change one thing about your theme, what would it be?

This year we will continue making improvements and launching more new themes—all to ensure you have a theme that fits you perfectly and that you are excited to show off.

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Lance Willett

  • Jan 6, 2011 @ 2:00 pm
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  1. stickinsect

    To freshen up my blog, I am trying to decide which theme to change to. Good to here that some of the older themes have the options I have become used to with my current theme.

  2. Tom Baker

    The theme team is most definitely a dream theme team! Great work!

  3. Nickie Wang

    I have just changed the theme for my blog a while ago, and this a great way to give my blog a new twist. Thanks Theme Team!

  4. Emma

    Thanks for the updates. I always look at the updates and see what will be best – I am constantly updating the look of my blog to give it the look and feel I want – mostly I rely on new styles of graphics etc but these changes I will look for within the template I use.

  5. Jeannetta Vivere

    I will have to experiment with this custom menu, didn’t realize it was there, thank you for that. :)

  6. Ljubomir Gatdula

    “Theme Team” is quite a tongue twister :-)

    Anyway, thanks for this, WP!

  7. Susanne

    This is great. You’re doing a great job. Thanks!

  8. Kelly Whitman

    Thanks for updating us. Debating on keeping my theme, or freshening it up with something brighter!

  9. sunlady2

    Thanks for the information.

  10. Dr. Skeptic

    There is little one can say except you guys are doing a fantastic job! :) Just keep going. And oh, one more thing: more snazzy looking mag themes would be awesome!

  11. ganeshmuthiah

    WordPress Theme team has DEFINITELY done a great JOB in 2010. Thanks for making my blog look better with LOVELY THEME.
    This is fantastic! Thanks theme team. Cheers. :-)

  12. রুপসী বাংলা

    Thanks for updating continuously.

  13. thecareerpractice

    Thank you for this – very helpful – keep on trucking!

  14. Mikalee Byerman

    Thanks for the great tools! :)

  15. E.C.

    Thanks for the new features and updates! :)

  16. Christy aka Mamarazzi

    Thank you for all your hard work! Things are looking better all the time. :)

  17. X-Evolutionist

    I love how you keep giving us new and improved options for our blogs. Thanks! X

  18. phoxis

    Excellent. Thanks for that.

  19. raditherapy

    Can’t wait for more great stuff from WordPress Theme team.

  20. ganeshmuthiah

    As I browse more WordPress blogs, I notice many bloggers feel WordPress has the most coolest themes compared to other providers. :-)

  21. Eric

    Cool! Thanks WordPress.

  22. portaleazzurro

    For the moment I do not intend to change the theme of my blog, but it’s nice to know that everything is in motion.

  23. Charlousie

    It is true! My theme is almost perfect! ;)

  24. sandromaggi

    Thanks! Very helpful!

  25. Breland Kent

    Oh wow this is really nice. Thanks!

  26. djbaroque

    I feel a-tinkering coming on.

  27. pltprincess

    I really love that the teams there at WP are on a quest to continually upgrade the features and functionality. Totally appreciated!!

  28. Sandra Lee


    It really helps to have this update about general theme improvements. I see Inuit Types now has the custom menu options. Great! My theme is quite perfect because I have the CSS upgrade. :)

  29. AnotherSociety

    Thanks for the updates keeps me wanting to mess around with my blog :-)

  30. Mai Pen Rai

    Thanks! This was very helpful. I created a custom menu in a few minutes after reading this!

  31. frugalchristianliving

    I’ll have to check my “theme” out and see how the custom menu would work—thanks!

  32. longevity0211

    Wow this is just awesome! I’ve been trying to find a theme that suits just perfect for my health & longevity blog, thanks!

  33. adventurewriter

    Terrific, this will almost certainly help with long-time theme users.

  34. gs collector

    Great–always good to know that things are going upwards and onwards.

  35. mrasherkade

    I noticed the other day that my theme, Coraline, has a “aside”, “gallery” or “standard” post format. I LOVE it!!! Thanks!!

  36. wahyu85

    I change my theme often, and it’s because I simply cannot decide which I one I love the most, they’re all great!
    You guys in the theme team have done a really good job. Keep the new themes flowing, will you? Many thanks :)

  37. shamballa9944

    No question about: it Theme Team at WordPress is the BEST!

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  39. Robert M Palmer

    Perfect for consideration for 2011…

  40. iowajohnbirchsociety

    The move from Windows Live Spaces was filled with trepidation, but as it turns out, I couldn’t be happier with WordPress. Spaces was nice for the fonts, font size & font color, but overall I really like the clean professional look.

  41. Karan

    Great work WordPress!

  42. Mae

    Keep up the amazing job WP!

  43. Hisyam Hananto

    Once again, thank you WordPress, a new a lot of WordPress. :)

  44. madadgar2009

    Thanks to the WordPress theme team. Indeed they’re doing more than what we need. In fact, I needed some information on the Theme Updates for Custom Menus. And I got it. Thanks again.

  45. beastlymonkeyman

    I’d like to see more themes, please.

  46. Margaret

    This is something really good to mull over…. What a good way to organize things!…. Now I’ll have to think about what readers will find most useful and helpful…. Thank you very much!…. It’s good to know you’re always coming up with ideas to improve WordPress.

  47. sadiqtukur

    Fantastic. WordPress, you are making us more comfortable. Thanks.

  48. V.Kirillin

    Thank you for your hard work :)

  49. phuclam

    Thanks for the updates.

  50. glenselanroj

    This is nice… thanks for the update.

  51. iano10

    This is going to be SO useful! Thanks, theme team!

  52. mame

    Thumbs up for WordPress!

  53. metaglossia

    Superb! I really appreciate the theme team’s wonderful work. And I look forward to more themes, and more flexibility in positioning the blog title, in the height of the header picture, etc, in the number and width of columns, etc. Cheers! Keep the good work up!

  54. Angielopes's weblog

    Great job. Thanks guys. You are the best theme team ever :D

  55. salterszo

    Love the themes make things easier on the eye for readers…very nice, thanks.

  56. ganeshmuthiah

    I feel at home with WordPress. Lots of new tools and theme for all.

  57. thomasakesson

    Excellent. Custom Menus is a great feature which expands the number of use-cases that WordPress can support.

  58. miz7267

    Thanks for the useful info!

  59. misspinkles

    Awesome, thanks for the info.


    Very well done! Thank you for all your precious help!

  61. ndumbalista

    Keep on updating us! You are doing a great job WordPress.

  62. Kevin

    On all themes, stop forcing all-uppercase or all-lowercase for blog titles, page titles, post titles, etc. If I wanted all uppercase or all lowercase, I’d type it that way myself…

  63. Rio

    Great improvement, thanks for make wordpress more better by day. :)

  64. D.A.

    That’s awesome – thank you ! :)

  65. Dr Jalal Saleh

    Thanks a lot for the beautiful work you have been doing. I guess there’s need to change my blog theme this time around for a change (winks). Cheers to all!

  66. patbean

    I love my theme with one exception. I would like to be able to personally program the right hand column. Is there a way I can do this without changing themes. I’m not a geek, by the way, which is why I have so loved wordpress for my blog. Pat Bean

  67. AnotherSociety

    Nice, works perfect and just what I was looking for, and didn’t even know it. :-) Keep up the excellent work.

  68. Adrienne

    Upgrades are great – more flexibility using the current themes – how many more new themes are needed, anyway? Kudos.

  69. Arcalot

    You people don´t sleep :D ! Thanks for looking after our blogs, it´s really appreciated. Keep it coming.

  70. billiescraftroom

    Fantastic. I spent the last couple of weeks sorting out pages so I could add the new menu. My blog has Misty Look theme and the new menu is working GREAT. Thanks so much for all the hard work you guys do as I couldn’t do the tech stuff myself. Happy New Year, Billie.


    Thanks for all the creativity, I’m brand new at the blog game, but love the options you offer.

  72. Go Katayama

    GREAT WORK. Should be good for my photography.

  73. Andrew

    Thanks for asking, and for rapidly implementing my request (next/prev post links for Simpla).

    Now a sort of meta-request for the theme team: would you post here a summary of the “one thing” requests? For example, how many of them were font related, how many header related, how many requested more than one thing… I for one would be very interested.

    Thanks again.

  74. vickfight

    Thanks for theme updates for Custom Menus and more. It’s awesome.

  75. Yasir Imran

    Very nice update, I hope the WP team will continue to rock like this.

  76. JaJaBa

    Very neat features! Thanks.

  77. admin

    Great, is the best free weblogging service.

  78. Nora Weston

    The themes are super! I like a lot of them, but I’m always happy to see new ones. Three column themes have my interest at the moment. Happy New Year!

  79. Annoyed Conservative Christian

    Thanks for the themes, it really helps speed up the process of setting up a blog.

  80. David

    I am using the Enterprise theme and I am very pleased with it.

  81. Budisastro

    Thanks for updating continuously.

  82. stuffsforme

    Thanks to the WordPress team for their regular improvements like custom menus, contact form, etc. It’s good to work on WordPress.

  83. nayyirnensi

    Yes! More updates!

  84. navedz

    Another impressive addition by the WordPress team. You guys are fantastic!

  85. Nouveau Stitch

    I LOVE by theme and my blog now that I’ve learned basic CSS…thanks WP! I know I don’t say it often enough!

  86. demoncat4

    Nice work, you all are doing to keep WordPress the best it can be. Keep it up, mates.

  87. ilikecomicstoo

    Thank you so much for the update! I’ve been hoping for something like this so I can have my videos fed into a separate page on the menu. You guys are great! :D

  88. NiHAWmA

    Thank you for keeping us up to date. More power WordPress.


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