New Theme: Clean Home

Are you the type of person who enjoys simple and uncluttered looks on a theme? Clean Home, our new addition, is a crisp and structured theme wielding a traditional two column layout with two widgets areas.

Example of Clean Home's look and feel.

But don’t let Clean Home’s simple looks deceive you since it hides some great functionality to help you personalize how your site looks. It also comes with four color schemes, including a “snowy” and a “sunny” look —so both northern and southern hemisphere people out there can rejoice.

Go discover more about Clean Home at our Theme Showcase!

Designed by Mid Mo Design, Clean Home is now available for and, for self-hosted sites, from the Themes Directory.

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  • Jan 14, 2011 @ 3:44 pm
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  1. Swathi Pradeep

    Did not like it… no plain themes… some creative themes pls :(

  2. Администратор

    Looks nice :)

  3. ThatGuyKC

    I may have just found my new favorite theme! Gonna test drive over the weekend!

  4. chorwin

    Wow, another new theme for bloggers!
    Looks like keeps putting more features for us… Great work!

  5. raditherapy

    Awesome theme!

  6. butterfly2488

    That was cute. I love how you worded everything, it sounds interesting to me, can’t wait for your other postings.


  7. David (1MereMortal)

    This looks great… I will be checking it out soon.

  8. Jonathan

    Ok… for the first time in ages I am going to try a new theme out…

  9. exe

    More green themes, please.

  10. James O'Brien

    I quite liked it. However, the pics in pages (not posts) don’t align properly. Everything going to the left. If you can fix that, I’ll use it again :)

  11. Carlo Briones

    This is so clean! I love Minimalist themes!

  12. barrycyrus

    Looks very neat! Nice :)

  13. Jenn

    Thanks for the new theme! Looking forward to more themes. :)

  14. phoxis

    This is a good one and will go directly into my choice list.

  15. TopCat2x2

    Theme looks crisp and clean with great white space . . . but my soul lives and breaths beautiful, brilliant color.

  16. Kelly Whitman

    Like it, sleek, simple, clean & easy to read. Looks great, may have to try it out soon!

  17. Tom Baker

    I like the header widget aspect of this theme. “Almost” makes me want another blog!

  18. e2s4

    I like the idea looks great!

  19. stratos fountoulis

    Almost there…
    overwhelming title font sizes, the principal reason.

    distinctive low profile is the future…

    ah well, chaque un son gout!

  20. Mr. Nomad

    Seems quite comfortable, but its too simple. Looking forward to more creative one :)

  21. Olivia Tejeda

    I love a Clean Home! I may have to change from Coraline to this one. I’m going to go play with it now. Thanks WordPress!

  22. awkisopen

    Problem with the “Dark” theme – captions on pictures are the same light color as the rest of the text, making them unreadable.

    Awesome theme though – I might just roll with it!

  23. J Roycroft

    It’s not bad… I would like to have more journalistic type theme choices.

  24. Susanne

    Like that too.
    So many themes, so little time… ;-)

  25. Mikalee Byerman

    Modern, simple… in a word: clean!

    Good name, great design. ;)

  26. Lee

    They’re starting to really look alike. :(

  27. CraftyStaci

    I really appreciate the fact that you guys keep coming up with new themes for us. For some reason, when I previewed it came up in the same screen as if I had changed it rather than a separate screen like it does with other themes. Caused me a little panic for a minute!

  28. michenerlrc

    I wish there were drop-down menus and maybe a Home tab (when I preview by blog with the theme there’s an odd looking empty space). But otherwise a clean, well spaced, visually appealing theme that’s great for everyday blogging. Thanks!

  29. Max Soutter

    Now this is what I’m talking about! It may be very different from what I’m currently using on my business blog, but i wonder if it wouldn’t work better?! Gonna give it a shot!

  30. X-Evolutionist

    Thanks for continuing to add more features! I look forward to getting notices of new posts in this blog. X

  31. kkhalifax

    Love it. Love, love it. It’s amazing how much work we put into looking for a really simple look. This is what we were looking for back then:)

  32. pankumi

    It’s great.
    But I can’t like the blue line in there.

  33. Jan O'Hara of Tartitude

    The typography is gorgeous, and I’d consider switching just for that, but there’s insufficient room for pages. They run into the top widget.

    Also, please consider offering a link and archive page. It would help keep the clean aesthetic.

    Thanks for all you do!

  34. Isaac Keyet

    This one is super sweet, nice work Matias!

  35. putignanonelmirino

    It seems interesting.
    is very nice feature of being able to place the widget in the top.
    Thanks !

  36. Farghana

    Dont like such clean themes… :(

  37. Jennifer

    I love clean themes and this one is especially inviting. Thanks!

    Just one comment on Posts with Galleries, it doesn’t appear that there’s a link back to the main Post from the Gallery attachment pages.

  38. Intelligent Challenge

    Ooo I’m tempted. Certainly worth a preview. Good stuff WordPress.

  39. Eric

    Yeah new theme! If only my room is this clean haha.

  40. Sierra Michaels

    I’ll have to try this one, especially since I’m spring cleaning my home this month.

  41. Hinano

    This theme is really nice but the deal breaker for me is it’s only 2 columns! Would be great if we had more themes that had custom header, custom background AND had a 3 column option :D

  42. Sandra Lee

    Love the way you are constantly rolling out new themes. I too love clean themes and will explore this one. It does look a bit similar to some of the other themes like 2010. I look forward to more clean magazine style themes like Inuit Types.

  43. Rony Parvej

    Awesome template. Thanks WordPress.

  44. bobbydingillo

    Lovely, going back to Minimalist … Thanks for another theme to try out.

  45. deepbellylaugh

    I’m digging the header widget concept. Aesthetically not very exciting though. But always love new themes – thanks for your hard work!

  46. adventurewriter

    Terrific. Simple, clean, orderly – as the title suggests. Yet I somehow find myself liking Freshy over the many other themes I’ve seen.
    Does this theme (Clean Home) permit a custom header and whatnot?

  47. Hisyam Hananto

    Wow, very simple!

  48. joannaaslinn

    Nice one–and I love the title!

  49. moch vpn

    Nice & simple. :)

  50. Eszter

    I think there are just too many plain themes. 10 of them should be enough, really. Otherwise I love the fact that new themes are coming more and more often these days. :)

    ps.: Automattic-guys, please don’t forget that those who have once switched to featured-image-themes can only change to other featured-image-themes now, and this really narrows down our possibilities.

  51. MyLucilleBallDiary

    Very nice… clean & simplistic is always in demand. Thanks!!

  52. moneymakingjus

    Nice theme I would use it soon.

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  54. virtuellerotique33

    It’s simple and clean ;)

  55. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Thanks, but I’ll stick to my current one :)

  56. BusinessAdvantage

    Very, very nice! I might need to consider changing my current theme.

  57. Erik

    Uncluttered. Simple to navigate. Easy on the eyes. LOVE this ‘clean’ look. Well done, well done!

  58. parsnipfeet

    Too bland and lifeless for my liking, sorry. Tell you what, I would love, and I’m sure many other too, to have quaint jazzy art-deco and pop-art influences integrated in WordPress themes! Pretty please with mascarpone on top? :D

  59. Dr. O

    Hey WordPress, I like the new theme, Clean Home but the blog title at the top is too big and I hate the font. Can I change it for free in my free blog? If so how do I do it without paying. That’s the only think I want to change now; the title, color and font. Please assist and here is my blog url. Please respond soon.

    • Matías

      You can’t change the look of the site title unless you use the Custom CSS paid upgrade. You can experiment with the different schemes (dark, snowy, sunny) for a different site title color, nonetheless.

  60. Nickie Wang

    It looks clean but a little less attractive. Nonetheless, it appeals to those who prefer simple and tidy layout.

  61. shamballa9944

    Snowy and Sunny looks? Really :) I must check that out!

  62. Andrew

    Like it… maybe enough to change from Simpla.

  63. joelouisandrew

    Exactly what I was after, nice and plain, good choice of fonts. No complaints.

  64. thf2

    Really nice looking theme!

  65. amdphreak

    Simple themes are the best. Of course, typographically creative themes that are simply organized are what I mean, not boring themes. Boring themes are boring.

  66. Unordinary

    Way too clean for me

  67. Charlousie

    Might be interesting, but I recently added my favourite theme and I’ m lovin’ it! ;)


    Simple theme is my choice.
    Thank you…

  69. phio_chan

    Hey, it looks pretty good! Sometimes simplicity is the best. :) I have just changed my theme, though, so I don’t think I’d change it again this soon… But I’ll definitely consider it once I want to change the theme again. Thank you for your hard work! I’m expecting a more ‘wild’ theme.

  70. dhenztm

    I love the simplicity and the customization options! In good hands those two combined will make a wonderful site look and feel. Thank you very much for this theme :)

  71. longevity0211

    Nice one!

  72. NiHAWmA

    Thank you very much! Hope you have a great day.

  73. Trudy

    I like my current theme but I may fiddle with this one for a sec. It looks great.

  74. Mary

    Nice and simple- very nice.

  75. Michael Steeleworthy

    Excellent work reaching out the the right designers,…

  76. John Hayden

    First impression: This is going to be one of my favorite themes. Really crisp. This theme will be excellent for newsy blogs.

  77. Alan King

    I’m kind of bored with the plain themes. They all look the same.

  78. Curves79Lady

    I feel it’s kind of enough with plain themes now :(

  79. guard13007

    It looks nice for a future blog I may get, but just not my style for my current one. Good job though with something simple but different from the other simple themes.

  80. Sarah Gwan | Graphic Designer

    Very beautiful theme! Love the clean look! ;-)

  81. cathyscholl

    What is the maximum size for images on this theme?

    I have been waiting for something clean and white to come along which would be better than my present Journalist 1.3.
    I’m looking for two columns and the ability to upload images 1024 wide…multiple images (galleries) per post. Please take a look at what I have currently.

    So far it doesn’t seem to exist. Hope something comes along soon!

  82. Sandra Lee

    I love simple themes. I can’t believe there’s a theme that has magnetized me to switch from Inuit Types (with CSS)! I’m trying this one on and playing with the CSS. Can’t wait to see what other people have done with it when the showcase gets updated.

  83. Deepak

    Very simple…will not bring much attraction….. but thanx for that!

  84. ihowli

    Awesome one.

  85. Richmond

    I checked it out, it’s cool. Like it. You should have stressed on the article that you can do a lot of cool stuff with it. :) Thanks.

  86. Richmond

    I read the post again, yeah, you stressed that you can do a lot of things. :)

    I put a plaid background, and it’s amazing.

  87. Mya de Luna 7777

    Cool… more creative theme =)

  88. urbanreality

    It looks interesting

  89. grantangs

    Nice themes, so simple.. I love simple, like I use for my blog FADASTIC themes…

  90. فتافيت

    Brilliant idea …
    It reminds me of CPW site/blog.

  91. Achmad Fauzi

    Wow, so nice and clean … :)

  92. Gaurav Happy Tiwari

    Good :) Another new theme. I am using twenty ten & clean house is not good enough to attract me. Bring some scientific themes for science bloggers.

  93. Samantha

    So fresh, so clean.

  94. Bal-Q

    I like this.

  95. doctorbenzi

    I might try this…

  96. ikhwanalim

    It looks like so simple, another form of complexity. The color is white plain. I may try it.

  97. devry

    Very simple theme… :D

  98. kirkkitsch

    Why is it so hard to find themes/templates with widgets/columns on the LEFT?

  99. Castaka Crew

    I like it! It’s clean and “fresh”
    Maybe I will try it.

  100. Larry

    I’ve been waiting for this one! So relaxing to read without my attention jumping all over the page. I just love it.


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