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Learn WordPress.com is a step-by-step tutorial that includes lessons on how to start a blog, customize your site, and connect with other bloggers in the WordPress.com community. It’s a great resource for anyone who:

  • Wants to create a blog but isn’t quite sure where to start
  • Needs help choosing a blog topic
  • Wants to better understand how blogging works
  • Is interested in attracting more blog visitors

Sound like someone you know?

Now you can share the Learn WordPress.com guide via email, Facebook, and Twitter using the buttons at the bottom of each chapter:

You can also print out hard copies of each section by clicking the Print button:

But it’s a bit of a pain to go through each section, so we have a brand new feature that gives you all of the pages in one giant page, so you can print out the entire thing — today it’s about 66 pages.

Click here for a printer-friendly version of the entire Learn WordPress.com tutorial.

Congratulations to all of you who have utilized Learn WordPress.com to become blogging masters. We knew you could do it!

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  1. Saint Paul Homes and Things

    This sounds great. Thank you.

  2. Lee


  3. Joy Victory

    Nice work, Erica! :-)

  4. putignanonelmirino

    WordPress never ceases to amaze!

  5. Mikalee Byerman

    What a fantastic tool and opportunity for new bloggers. Thank you for making it that much easier…

  6. henrystept

    nice job!

  7. stickinsect

    This looks like something I could have done with when I started my blog. Having not done much blogging before, I was a bit overwhelmed with all the features at first (e.g. how to add a picture into a post).

  8. Sajib

    I find this quite helpful for those who are technically afraid of blogging. :D

  9. Intelligent Challenge

    Great stuff. We love you too!

  10. DefeatedandGifted

    I guess I’d better read this!

  11. Breland Kent

    Oh wow, that is really awesome!

  12. iano10

    learn.wordpress.com helps a lot. I would recommend it to anyone who needs help with their blog.

  13. rdable7

    Thanks,it´s good to be here.i need it

  14. Eric

    Awesome! I’m always trying to learn more about WordPress, my favourite blogging website!

  15. Betina Ganteng

    It would be awesome if it’s also available in Bahasa Indonesia.

  16. eof737

    This is fantastic and definitely worth reading by bloggers at all levels. :-)
    Every day you guys demonstrate the true meaning of excellence; going beyond the norm!
    You rock WordPress team! :-)

  17. worldufobrazil

    Nice job!

  18. Chip

    This is great especially for those who just started using wordpress.com

  19. J Roycroft

    Excellent. Thanks for all the help you folks offer.

  20. adventurewriter

    I’ve found Learn WordPress to be most informative and quite helpful. I have a few people, off the top of my head, who could most likely, greatly benefit from the tutorial.

    Bon Travailler (Good Work) WordPress, a most terrific idea.

  21. Hisyam Hananto

    Yes, its very awesome if available in Bahasa Indonesia.

  22. praheladprajapati

    Thanks for giving a guideline for the operation of blog

  23. Taufik

    very useful site
    great work guys :)

  24. moneymakingjus


  25. X-Evolutionist

    Thanks WordPress.com!

  26. Paul

    Yes, it is a great resource for newbies and will get them off to a good start.

    I still remember starting out on wordpress, wasting a lot of time to explore the features and checking out forums for help. The time could have been better used to write great content and commenting on blogs.

  27. Gally Lines ~ LestISmiteThee.wordpress.com

    Thanks, I’ll pass this on to my friends.

  28. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Thank you, WP, for this one.

  29. Kristie Raburn

    Excellent idea! I have been trying to get my friends to join me on wordpress but they are a bit technically scared that it would be too hard. This will help a lot! Thanks!

  30. nayyirnensi

    Ok. I will share wordpress! lol. :D

  31. masbadar

    Just sharing? how about to translate and re-posting it?

  32. abdullahahmadpg

    It certainly would be very helpful and useful for new bloggers like me.

  33. haroldwoodcrafting

    wish I had this a couple months ago, thanks!

  34. sweetscraps

    this sound really do-able. now I want to try. thank you

  35. Mary

    Nice work!

  36. shamballa9944

    What a great resource!! I’m going to have to check a couple of those chapters out!!

    Many thanks WP!


    I agree with Betina Ganteng. I hope It’s also available in others language, especially in Bahasa Indonesia. :-) :-)

    Thank you!

  38. kickdrumer

    that a good information guys….keep it…

  39. carmelderwin

    Just what i needed.. Great idea!!.. I am new to this and I would love to link with new people.

  40. oxydizer

    Wow! Loved it. Thanks a lot and this is going to really help get better wings with WordPress. Happy New Year.

  41. Ian Gardner

    I am nearly 77 years old and, with Internet experience since 2005 and computer experience going back prior to that, I came across WordPress and set up three blogs with considerable ease. It is great to be here and the HELP service is exceptionally good! So, to all thinking about starting here I say a big “GO FOR IT!

  42. surendranb

    Thanks. I would like to know more about latest trends and developoment in blogging, especially innovative ones.

  43. doctorwhofan98

    Only WordPress goes this far to please customers. :-)

    Thanks WordPress!!

  44. Rony Parvej

    Thanks a lot. It’ll be helpful for new bloggers…

  45. frizztext

    thanks for sharing!

  46. malateshb

    i like this

  47. pbus1

    This post is another example of the support that is given, at WordPress.com. Just recently my brother expressed interest in starting a blog of his own, after visiting my website. This would be a perfect place for him to start. Thanks again for all of the support! :-)

  48. Dinesh


  49. mukhratul007

    Awesome! I’m always trying to learn more about WordPress,Its a gr8 idea….

  50. ganeshmuthiah

    I started to blog since last year by referring to the wordpress resource

  51. Charlousie

    Cool! A good decision to work with WordPress.com!

  52. thecitruslens


  53. extrarandom


  54. Ummati

    Thank you for this information, we like WordPress.com.

  55. Deepak

    really wordpress is the best….my flavourite blogging site!!!!!!

  56. lameadventures

    Although I consider myself immensely cyber-stupid – last year friends urged me to start a blog on either WordPress or a competing site. I checked out both, and immediately thought the far more visually appealing WordPress was the way to go. By nature, I am deeply cynical, but as I fast approach my one year anniversary blogging on WordPress, I have very little to complain about, other than it would have been convenient if you had published this insightful tutorial when I started. Yet, even without the assistance of this excellent how-to guide, WordPress is so accommodating, it’s about the only area of my life that is essentially gripe-free – and that’s high praise from this normally negative New Yorker. WordPress rocks.

    • Erica Johnson

      Thanks for the kind words :) Congrats on your blogging anniversary!

  57. blinkboyz

    nice work

  58. thomasvandenbroek



    Wicked Thanks we need all the help we can get !!! Adios Blogging Amigo’s

  60. davehooper

    Just starting out. So far, so good.

  61. askmarji2011

    Great information..been in a slump and getting frustrated…

  62. bruce graves

    Hiya Erica…. you guys are great. I’ve just started making my blog (its still private) and I was unsure about things like sharing…
    thank you so much for the Learn WordPress tutorial

    …oh and I love your hapa blog :)

  63. Ella

    I am new to this site and the blogging world. this was and is a very useful tool. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  64. s4hrul


  65. galiciadc

    This is interesting and helpful.

  66. pantechniconpoet

    Great this is something i have been looking for forever.

  67. lilandtechnology

    Excellent job WordPress! Liland Technology is happy to be part of WordPress!

  68. vladrob

    Great job WordPress.

    This is the first time that someone really knew how to make
    directions – simple.


  69. Kelly Whitman

    Sounds like a great resource, thanks for the info!!!

  70. fatimabrasil

    I am try to learn how to use it

  71. AnotherSociety

    Nice Thank you

  72. cztheday

    This helps

  73. metaglossia

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing.

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  76. البنات

    wo0o0o0ow it is great, thanks Mr.Wordpress :)

  77. foobarph

    finally! i hope they have visual tutorial on how to create/adopt templates or convert wordpress templates as well. :)

  78. Austin Americana Photography

    Can’t wait to learn more! :)

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    very useful !

  83. adam2rehama

    thanks ,simply you are great.

  84. Aki Eman

    It’s great, thanks

  85. Tee

    My sincere appreciation ~ :-)

  86. firasoo

    Well done .

  87. Sanaa Zuri's Skin Care Solutions, LLC

    I am a new blogger so this will really help me – thanks!

  88. carolinabenoit

    Very useful!

  89. pngboy2011

    Thanks for that wonder instructions for newbees like me.

  90. praheladprajapati

    It’s a great resource for anyone who:

    relly, yes it is

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  92. themosteligiblebachelor

    Thank you very much

  93. kealnt

    Is there a way to save it so I can print it later or not print it at all?

  94. Visual Studio Programmer

    Thanks for the advice. It is greatly appreciated!

  95. *¨^¨* haLf-FairY *¨^¨*

    i like!

  96. vivamaxine

    Nervous but excited.

  97. mouljoyce

    I need all the help I can get, being such a “babe in the woods”.

  98. newauthoronamazon

    Hi Many thanks. I have visited the tutorial to learn what I don’t know.

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    Thanks for sharing! This is really a great tool :-)


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