New Theme: Beach

I love winter and I bet you do too but if you’re like me you probably don’t like the cold very much. You might be wishing you could take a trip to a beach somewhere right about now. Well, if you can’t make it to the beach yourself how about taking your blog there? Today’s new theme, Beach, will let you do just that.

The Beach theme

Originally developed by Gibbo for Drupal Thailand, the Beach theme can bring the warmth of Thailand’s shores to your blog all year round. But the Beach theme isn’t only just sand, sun, and sea. It has 4 different post formats built-in for short Status and Aside posts, and special styles for Quote and Gallery posts. Beach even has a bonus vertical menu area in the header.

You can read more about the Beach theme’s great new features in the Theme Showcase or activate it on your blog right now. Beach will be available soon in the theme directory for self-hosted WordPress users.

Bonus: If it’s too hot where you are right now and you’d like to take your blog someplace cold, give the Iceburgg theme a shot! Pine trees, snowy hills, and cool colors might just be what your blog needs right now. :)

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Ian Stewart

  • Jan 18, 2011 @ 3:42 pm
  • Themes


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  1. barrycyrus

    Neat :) More themes please. :)

  2. Galen Gidman

    Nice looking, Ian – very different from the rest, but refreshing.

  3. Carlo Briones

    I agree with Galen Gidman, this theme has a refreshing look! I like it! Thanks.

  4. David (1MereMortal)

    Very nice theme…I like how the blog appears submerged beneath the ocean.

  5. dhimasln

    Nice and warm looking :)

  6. Maja

    It’s a nice theme.

  7. Intelligent Challenge

    That’s cool. Nice and chilled.

  8. AnotherSociety

    Nice and clear looking. Good job.

  9. J. B. Thomas

    Too cartoony but thanks for the effort. :)

  10. horsewhispertje

    Nice theme.

  11. princesstiara247

    Mmmm…. cant wait for summer now. :)

  12. Me

    Very, very nice indeed! Well done theme folks.

  13. titlejunction

    Looks great!

  14. beastlymonkeyman

    I’m always glad to see new themes coming in, but this one doesn’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s not a good theme. It just doesn’t suit my style.

    I like themes that let me express myself visually, not just in text. Let me display photos in the header, pick the colors or images for the background, the font style and color.

    Keep up the hard work. :)

  15. sheila365

    Nice, but i would very much like to see more themes tailored for photoblogs on

  16. laurentiu vlad

    I may have just found my new favorite theme! Gonna test drive over the weekend!

  17. Mary

    Really “cool” looking. :)


    It is honestly so beautiful, breathing new life into the WordPressers However, any snow-covered Themes for us here in Greece? Please send us some snow…and we can send you as many beaches as you like and plenty of sunshine. It is just a joke.Your allowances to your bloggers are always so generous, hardworking WordPress staff.
    Once again congrats!!!

  19. devry

    We need more themes, Bro. :)

  20. Katzoo23

    I love these types of themes, they give a bit of colour to your blog!

    More like this please!

  21. Mikalee Byerman

    Way to make us all look forward to warmer days! :)

  22. over50andbroke

    Great theme. Beaches are always nice to look at. But give me New York City anytime.

  23. Charlousie

    Seems to be interesting!

  24. MGS

    Very nice one.

  25. Max Soutter

    Relaxing. Very relaxing.

  26. Nickie Wang

    Nice theme. Cool for summer. =)

  27. Becky Horodyskyj

    Wow that looks awesome! It’s totally unique, compared to the other themes. A big city theme would be sweet too, or a relaxing resort type theme.
    Awesome job, i wish i had a reason to use it! I shared it with my friend who is starting a blog on writing children’s books, so this would go perfect! Thanks, and keep up the great work, i love it. :)

  28. Lorna

    Looks good. :)

  29. thinkinginaperfectcircle

    I like it. Seems good for a little change every now and then. :)

  30. Laura(lea) H

    FIANLLY! Color! Keep em’ coming! I’m so happy!
    Thanky thanky!

  31. EmO

    Like it and very much but – still NOT me. Like everything else in the world I have to feel “it’s me”. Water Yes, Sand (beach) Yes but less Palmtrees – (doesn’t mean i don’t love Palmtrees in nature) maybe to “grind” a rock would “be cut out for” me – be mooore me. Sorry. But. Love the idea.

  32. Erik

    VERY nice edition to the other themes.

    Now the question: Do I change MY theme? Hmmmmm….


  33. Heather B.

    This looks great!

  34. cjhines

    I wish it really was as warm as it looks on there!! :(

  35. ropeli

    I love it!!!!!

  36. neurotype

    This is wonderful! And now I can’t wait till summer. Only six more months to go…

  37. jaylethbridge

    Nice crisp, clean theme. Great work indeed. ;)

  38. Curves79Lady

    Awesome, keep em’ comin! ;D

  39. Christy aka Mamarazzi

    I’ve got a little spring on my blog today, now you have me dreaming of beaches.

  40. icultgen

    Seriously… this is the worst theme EVER :-( Too much old 90s influences… it seems that WordPress themes are going backwards. This is almost blogspot. :-((((

  41. Eric

    Reminds me of the beach.

  42. Breland Kent

    Wow this is pretty! Thanks so much. :)

  43. elements de reponse

    Very good, man!

  44. Mel

    I want to go swimming with my computer. :-)

  45. miz7267

    I’m in Buffalo, New York! Any thing resembeling a beach is needed right about now!!!

  46. WonderGoon

    Nice, but not my style. Keep up the good work, though. ;)

  47. shamballa9944

    What a perfect theme to announce on a perfectly miserable icy/snowy day!

  48. Jess C Scott

    Yes, most excellent (very cold where I’m at, at the moment!). :D

  49. wahyu85

    This is neat and refreshing… I love the header, and the idea of “the menu on the sand” is brilliant. Thanks theme team. :)

  50. adventurewriter

    A very fresh, clean theme. This might prove a suitable replacement for my current Freshy theme.
    Terrific work! Kudos to the designer.

  51. Birdwhisperer

    This is a nice, fun theme! Maybe some more themes likes this would be great. I’d switch to this now, but I like to hold on to winter as long as I can.

    Thanks WordPress!

  52. Heather Jean Schmeisser

    If only that’s what it really looked like outside. :)

  53. purplepenguin7

    Yep, I can’t wait till summer.

  54. hittasport

    Hi! I am Carl from Sweden! I like “Beach” very much. Very nice. I love it!
    Have a nice day, and keep up the good work.

  55. VAJRA, South America

    Wow! This is a beautiful theme, different with modern design. I like. Here, it is now summer, with a hot sun and amazing, I see this theme an very refreshing, ad hoc with the beaches here in Rio. Congratulations and good job Ian.

  56. windskipper

    This is very good this time of the year. Definitely time for vacation.

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  58. J Roycroft

    Not bad if you like color. Definitely beachy.

  59. mslee2006

    Very nice theme, I like it very much. Thank you.

  60. cpet8

    We are here to inspire and if you’ve been able touch just one person with your theme in that way than you have succeeded today.

  61. John Ryan Recabar

    Very cool to the eyes. I love this. But it’s too trendy, I must say.

  62. kellyannart

    Love the beach concept…yet a digital beach is not going to cut it with most beach lovers and/or world travelers. I mean absolutely, no disrespect, yet photographic imagery would be a necessary component in these displays. Cheers & much success to all.

  63. Jenn

    Thanks Ian! This is love. :)

  64. My Camera, My Friend

    Cute, but not too cute.


    It’s a beautiful theme. Thank you.

  66. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Nice, but I’ll stick to my current theme :)

  67. masbadar

    A silent beach…where is the life…?

  68. Mimi

    Cool and fresh. ;)

  69. yosiyana

    You make me wanna go to the beach! LOL

  70. Daniel

    I don’t think I’d have any use for this theme, but it looks very nice! Definitely one of my favourites.

  71. Karen

    I like this theme a lot! Can I suggest some tweaks? Like, the orange title header, can we make it in the shade of blue or green or even yellow? And then, can we add a turtle or two in the footer image?

    I really really like it. It lightened up my morning.

  72. maryulis

    A good theme, I love the beach.

  73. Nina Tidwell~Writer & Photographer

    Nice theme! Even for those of us who live on the beach…I like my current theme (Under the Influence) that allows me to post my own beach photos as my header…great work guys!

  74. eof737

    Here comes the sun… love it. :-)

  75. modlikan

    This is nice, I like very much!

  76. marjorie m.

    Clean and warm! Now writing is actually diving…

  77. warungwarung

    Nice theme… I think you have to come to Bali and make another beach theme. :)

  78. Netty Gritty

    Great theme. I wish it had custom background option…

  79. Gaurav Happy Tiwari

    It’s great theme! :) I love this one!

  80. Hisyam Hananto

    Great! It’s very awesome. :)

  81. foobarph

    Very cool! We’ll try it!

  82. নিশাচর

    I like it…I will try it for summer. ;)

  83. yoriyuliandra

    At a glance, it’s wonderful. Yeah, it really is. :)

  84. mybusinessaddiction

    Crisp and neat. Love it!

  85. Susanne

    Well, I do love summer—of course! But this one looks a bit cheesy. Sorry :-)

  86. tierov

    So it’s really nice!

  87. Robert M Palmer

    It is -15°C outside here… snow covered and crunchy when you walk…. the beach looks great! Almost makes me want a second blog so I can just spend time there.

    Thanks for sharing this…

  88. Ashley Ricks


  89. Kelly Whitman

    Looks great!

  90. cormac828

    That’s the theme I’ve just adopted for my own insignificant little blob of a blog. I’m no fan of winter as you’ll see from my blog. We’ve just emerged from a miserable month of snow and ice. Spring and summer are my seasons and it should show.

  91. wendz

    I love the layout of this theme, nice and simple (I am so a ‘box’ person). It would be even better if it allowed a little bit more flexibility in allowing us to individualise it i.e. header and background options but then I suppose it would be taking away all the beachy things… :-)

  92. Stargazer

    Very cute!

  93. duketsu

    I’d like a Tron theme. The closest I get was my theme + a custom header.

  94. longevity0211

    Lovely, keep ‘em coming!

  95. darkofpopo

    Looks nice and fresh.

  96. cupcake2eater

    Hey I had that activated but I decided to change it. I’ll put that on when it’s really summer where I live and then I can think about the beach all the time.

  97. pokekid1

    This theme is okay but it doesn’t make me feel warm or like I’m at the beach.

  98. Samantha

    Very creative. :)

  99. Debbie Adams

    Very nice and fresh.

  100. kenkoisanchez

    Looks okay. Nice one. :)


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