New Theme: Choco

Say hello to our newest theme, Choco. If I had to sum this theme up in just one word, it’d be stylish.

With dark colors and stitched borders Choco will give your site a classy, contemporary feel. It is well-suited for any site but works especially well for journal-style blogs: the traditional two-column layout with a right sidebar frames your stories in familiar—yet beautiful—style.

Choco is chock-full of style.

Choose from three color schemes and further customize the look with your own background, menu, and sidebar widgets. Learn more about Choco on the Theme Showcase.

Designed by CSSMayo, Choco is now available for, and for self-hosted sites, from the Themes Directory.

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Lance Willett

  • Feb 25, 2011 @ 5:35 pm
  • Themes


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  1. nimashinki Kim Hyun Rin

    Awesome, I want to try it. :)

  2. Valence

    Sweet! This theme’s as sweet as chocolate (ha.) Will test it out.

  3. Tomasz Pepliński

    Choco! :) Great theme.

  4. dvblg

    Very nice! In particular the “stitched” border and the various colour schemes. Next time I update the blog I’ll be sure to use this.

  5. raditherapy

    I love this theme, awesome!

  6. Mahfooz

    Awesome, going to give it a try. :D

  7. allaboutbasic

    Really awesome theme…I like it.

  8. Sassy Jeweler

    This might be my new theme!!! Thank you for a tasteful yet darker color scheme theme!!!

  9. Danni

    Very slick. I can’t say that I’d use it though. Its beautiful to look at, but maybe not my style. ;) Nevertheless, great work!

  10. PrinceConnoisseur

    Looks great and has the right extras!

  11. enjoyingthejourneys

    Awesome! I may try this theme… love the chocolate color of it.

  12. Margie

    Looks great – seems to have just about everything I wanted!

  13. thefengshuidiva

    I like the simplicity. Well done!

  14. John Ryan Recabar

    I love the color and the simple lines and design.

  15. Jennifer

    Woo hoo! Keep those dark themes coming!

  16. El Santo

    Oooooo! I like it! I made the switchover already on one of my blogs! You guys are really hitting it out of the park with these latest updates.

  17. Chen Li Yong

    Already tried it, and it FITS perfectly for my blog. :D. Thanks for CSS Mayo who has been workin’ very hard at this theme. Bravo!

  18. Nickie Wang

    Full of style indeed. Nice work!

  19. marjorie

    The stitching has a lovely look. Manly yes, but I like it too!

  20. vanessajaded

    I absolutely LOVE this! I would switch to it, but when I put in my custom background, I can’t see the page links at the top unless I hover over them :( Very beautiful theme.

  21. xnicc ♥

    Really cute design! I love the journal feel to it.

  22. bakedyum

    Well done, I want to try this theme. :)

  23. KChristoph

    I think people in Hannover, Germany will like choco[late] too!

  24. horsewhispertje

    Great theme.

  25. nervymike

    Looks cool, like a notebook. I like! :)

  26. Aidyl

    Beautiful. Not my favorite color schemes (blue), but I still love it. :-)

  27. thf2

    Really nice theme! Love the simplicity & the colors!

  28. pkhatiwada

    I’ve been waiting for this theme on for so long.

  29. Kevin Neilson

    Very nice, in particular the content area, which pops very cleanly, crisply.

  30. sylviahubbard1

    I love the artistic expression of the theme, but you know I love three columns. This is really nice and xnicc was right, it has a great journal feel.

  31. Missey Twisted

    Looks great! Very classy and appealing.

  32. bakebooks

    I just like the name. :) But I’ll have to check out the color scheme. I’m still not happy with my layout but nothing else seems to ‘click’ either…

  33. Chillers

    Looks delicious, nice. :)

  34. apollodorosh

    Nice! But I’m happy with the one I have. :-D

  35. Anthony Watts

    Meh, seems sticky.

  36. der29

    Very nice style, awesome colors.

  37. deepbellylaugh

    My goodness, it’s beautiful! Probably one of the best in a while. Thank you!

  38. Thomas

    Pretty sweet design, I’ve already switched one of my blogs over to it! I’d give it a full five stars if it had a custom header option.

    • Lance Willett

      We looked at adding a Custom Header (it doesn’t have that option in the version) but decided it wasn’t a great fit for this theme.

  39. Mikalee Byerman

    Oooh… dark and brooding. Just like my mood of late.

  40. aliabel

    I have a feeling I may have a new theme shortly!

  41. Simply Tim

    Should be called “Choco & Leather”!

  42. Sandra Lee

    Very attractive and different, which I think will appeal to many. The light writing area with dark background works well. Thanks to all the new themes, I’ve changed my theme so many times in the last months that my readers will think I’m nuts if I change again. I’m quite happy with Duster for now.

  43. David Spira

    Thanks. I’m going to activate this one.

  44. CraftyStaci

    This would be so perfect for me if it had a custom header option!

  45. oreillydavis

    Hi! Being a chocoholic, myself, this was an offer I could not refuse! It’s now my WordPress theme. Thanks for letting us know about this new option.

  46. therunninggarlic

    Perfect …just what I was looking for! Thank you!

  47. Daniel

    I can definitely see how this theme would benefit some users. Looks good!

  48. nfitch1

    Lame, just like Ubuntu. Its hard to get excited about brown.

  49. Jeff Winbush

    I’m trying it. I’m liking it. Subtle, yet cool.

  50. My Camera, My Friend

    Nice. Aside from the skeleton, it looks delicious.

  51. Nochecazador

    Awesome new theme. Changed my personal blog from Notepad to this and it fits like a glove. It’s a keeper for a long time.

  52. Eric

    It does look classy. Could be chocolatier.

  53. jaytra888

    Wow… It looks like delicious. Hmm.

  54. Dan North

    Oh, I just changed my theme to Duster. Now I want this one, but my readers will think I’m fickle if I change again. Choices, choices….

  55. Cassie

    Gorgeous theme! It’s not too masculine or feminine, and it’s nice and clean.

    Definitely considering it for my blog.

  56. bargaindomains

    Great work! Nice theme!

  57. sathitharan

    Oh! Man it is amazing. Love the stitched borders, tags, dark grey scheme. :)

  58. mybusinessaddiction

    I really like it. Not sure if it was work for my blog though- I have used a dark one in the past but it messed up the pages. :(

  59. Chris

    Great theme!

  60. Ann Elise

    Gorgeous theme. I’d be even happier if there was a blue and black (or blue and dark grey) colour scheme option.

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  62. Partite Calcio Gratis

    This very nice, you needed some chocolate.

  63. helpforyourenglish

    That’s a nice looking theme. I’m sure it will be very popular.

  64. Katherine Cox

    Lovely theme, thank you!

  65. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Looks “yummy” :) But I’ll stick to my current one.

  66. Wolf

    Very nice! Will definitely try it out.

  67. Sherwet

    Makes me crave for chocolate. I like how it’s so elegant and plain.

  68. adventurewriter

    This is certainly one of the best themes of seen in awhile! (and it is quite difficult to best many of it’s predecessors). I may just have to try it out sometime.

  69. David (1MereMortal)

    Looks nice.

  70. Gaurav

    Good work and great theme. But I can’t use this because I love Twenty Ten… and it is not suitable for a science blog. Well, I should give a try—to check out its features.

  71. Arcalot

    Wow, that’s beautiful. ;) I must try it right away. Thank you for this nice theme.

  72. dongan

    I like chocolate. Hope WordPress can bring another 3 column theme like I use now.

  73. mrasherkade

    I might consider it. Brown is one color that never goes out of style, and both genders seem to like it. Even though it is not as exciting as grey and blue or whatever, I find that some people have a hard time reading anything on that color of a background. Keep up the great work with journalism themes…that’s the kind I like!

  74. Blog du désir

    I love it so much, thank you. :))

  75. ChicagolandTim

    Love the new theme! I’ve made the switch.

  76. poetgranny

    Very nice! But still love my Twenty Ten!

  77. Intelligent Challenge

    Mmm chocolate! Good work.

  78. Rony Parvej

    Thanks. It’s awesome..

  79. Wez

    Very nice. So many themes so little time.

  80. oreillydavis

    I love the theme, I added the Choco theme to one of my blogs and I love it!

  81. sofijindan

    Wow it’s a great theme, I love it. Thanks bro Lance Willett, let’s rock, man.

  82. pinky200011

    Love this theme, almost as delicious as it sounds (see what I did there? Huh? Huh? Lol)! I’d love it and would like to eat it (use it) more if it had 2 sidebars. Thanks for the great theme though! Keep up the good work. :)

  83. Charlousie

    I love chocolate and this theme looks very impressing to me. :D

  84. JawGeX

    Very nice, won’t be using it though, won’t go with my blog theme. :(

  85. Courtney Vail

    Very nice. This is great for my book review blog.

  86. Admin

    Very yummy theme.

  87. hijabibarbie

    This actually looks kinda cool, looking dark but sophisticated, it’s what I’m going for in my blog. :)

  88. Erika

    Lovin’ the look of this new theme – I wish you offered it in more colors though! :-?

  89. sirbuffalosushi

    A little dark… I like it though.

  90. MountainHigh

    I’m gonna try it out, see how it looks.

  91. permencihuy


  92. Pearlie

    Love it!

  93. katje18

    Nice! I like the color. It would really have to match a certain theme if you wanted it for your blog though….but pretty good design.

  94. umminawrah

    Nice. I’d love to see it in pink with lots of love in it.

  95. Jenn

    Gorgeous! I’m about to try this. Thanks WP.

  96. indiequeen84

    I really like this! Will try it out when I need a new look for my blog! Thanks.

  97. fergubond

    Interesting looking theme. Will have to check out what it looks like in other colors.

  98. Jeroen

    Should be called Ubuntu theme, it really reminds me of older versions of Ubuntu Linux.

  99. Sarah

    “Stylish” sums this one up perfectly. Nicely done. *Goes to preview it on her new blog*


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