WordPress Takes SXSW

WordPress Takes SXSW
Next week a bunch of us from Automattic, the makers of WordPress.com, will be attending South by Southwest Interactive. It’s one of our favorite events of the year, and we hope to see many of you there in person.

This year WordPress and Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg will be interviewed by John Battelle live onstage at 3:30pm on Friday, March 11. Matt will be talking about “The Future of WordPress” — more details here.

The WordPress community will also be staffing a WordPress Genius Bar at the SXSW trade show, where we’ll answer your toughest WordPress questions and give away great swag. We’ll be at booth 829, right across from the SXsaloon.

Come join us next week for Matt’s talk and at the WordPress Genius Bar — it’ll be another homecoming for WordPress, which was born in Texas. :)

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Paul Kim


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  1. Mike Little

    I think WordPress was born somewhere mid-atlantic actually. Matt may have been in Texas, but I was in Stockport, England when I wrote the comment that kicked everything off http://z1.tl/wpbirth

    Mike Little, WordPress co-founder.

    • Paul Kim

      Conceived on the Internets, born in Texas? :) Respect, Mike.

    • Matt

      The adianoeta of “Born in Texas” is deliberate, but I agree that WordPress’ birthplace can’t be simplified to a geographic location. It was Mike in Stockport and me in Houston and servers in Dallas and the b2 codebase from Corsica (and probably dozens of other places), the commonality between all of them is simply “on the web.”

  2. allaboutbasic

    hmm…hope i could join there from Bangladesh… I Will miss it

  3. onelifeoneplanet

    hello, is there a webinar available or live conference ?? Kindly advise Thks KIM

  4. mariser

    take me with you!
    I’m useful, can order drinks in three languages, and require little maintenance

  5. Erika

    How exciting! I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing! :-D

  6. Kelly Whitman

    Sounds like fun!

  7. Waqas

    WOW! Matt sharing future of wordpress. I don’t have a tough question but would love to have a wordpress.com swag. Can I buy/get from Pakistan.

  8. adventurewriter

    Neat, will this be live on the internet as well? Or archived?

  9. analyfe

    That sounds so cool, I wish I could go! My cousin is performing his music at SXSW this year: check out Galapagos, if you have a chance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tfpQFuom7o

  10. Mikalee Byerman

    I hope you post a recap of the “Future of WordPress.” Inquiring minds want to know! ;)

  11. News Desk

    What are the chances WordPress brings conferences and/or presentations to other countries?

  12. calaurore9

    You’ve done Texas proud. Thank you! thesidetrek

  13. Eric

    Wish I was in the area or else I would totally come! Good luck!

  14. themeatcounter

    I went to it once. Had an awful time.

  15. newyorkwebdesigner

    Texas is great, how about New York? Best of luck in tumbleweed town.


    Hope, I could join this programme from Indonesia ;)

  17. btheisen

    Looks like the weather is going to be great for SXSW. Welcome to Austin….hope I get a chance to participate in all the events! (great being an Austinite!)

  18. Lissa Rabon

    SXSW is a treat. You will enjoy Austin, great food, great people. Born and raised in Austin. I know!

  19. All About Article Writing

    That is soooo Great for the WordPress Team and all the people hereunder.

  20. fever18

    Future of WordPress Returns again.

  21. S.T.D.

    I LOVE SXSW! I’m from Dallas, though. But I can still represent (:

  22. DineshBhardwaj

    I think WordPress was born somewhere mid-atlantic actually.

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  24. basicdiscipleship

    That is good man. thanks for the updates!

  25. aimeemarcos

    Well, as I’m a new member, hope this event is a good one compared to others. I’m looking forward to it, anyways. Pls do update us what was goin on. Many tnx, smiles for u,aimee

  26. eof737

    Enjoy SXSW Wish I were there! :-)

  27. David H. Deans

    I’ll be there — FYI, my top three theme predictions for SXSWi here http://bit.ly/sxsw-2011

  28. Hathor

    …one phrase, I keep repeating over and over again, and with every year I spend with you guys, I am more and more convinced that I will never stop saying: I LOVE YOU WORDPRESS!!

  29. Olivia

    All the very Best Matt! I am glad to be a part of this ever- growing family named WordPress :)

  30. evecong

    it’s amazing how sites like this build, we’re all interconnected. Just great. I can’t make it but i’ll be there cyberly!

  31. py3cvsclaudio

    Unfortunately I cannot go, however, want to congratulate you for the fabulous WordPress, I love to disseminate important issues of our land, I do not have the professionalism of journalists, however, often do much better than them, always looking for subjects above relevance to my friends and readers. Congratulations to WordPress. PY3CVS, amateur radio.

  32. Tamanna A. Shaikh

    Texas?? You guys going to be in Austin??!! Meeet meeeee!

  33. Modern Funk

    I knew there was a reason I liked WP so much…Texas born? Ditto. :)

  34. Elspongebob The Widget Master

    Is there gonna be fun games in the booth?

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  36. Iñigo

    wow this is cool! congratulations wordpress!

  37. ushapatel

    like the progress of WordPress from all the directions of the world. That is my best wishes for WordPress. Flying with WordPress forever!!!

  38. Austin Americana Photography

    Wow! Sounds like a whole lotta fun! Hope to see you all there…

  39. Caveman

    What does this cost? Do they have Motorcylce parking?! Will they allow a 32 year old bio-hazard of a Harley on site? I’ve been needing a good reason to go to Austin other than 6th street (per the wife’s request)!

  40. raincoaster

    How long till Steve Jobs sues Automattic for using “Genius Bar”?

  41. Khusnul Huda

    When in Indonesia???????

  42. leocheungblog

    It is cool. I hope to fly over there!

  43. digitechwebdesign

    Hey guys, I am a Web Designer from Austin and LOVE WordPress! How can I get into this event? Thanks!

  44. digitechwebdesign

    I see all of the event information here http://schedule.sxsw.com/events/event_IAP000438 but I can’t seem to figure out how to get in or buy tickets. Hopefully no wrist band required! Any help would be greatly appreciated

  45. Intelligent Challenge

    Sounds nice, pity it’s 1000s of miles away for me. Enjoy though!

  46. DropTimes

    Thanks for the update

  47. UMT Stage

    Next time you are in Stockport, let us know. You deserve a treat for developing this site.

  48. auntiecarol69

    I’m from Philly. Where is the exact location of this because I’d like to come providing it doesn’t involve hopping on a plane. And my friend, Lynda Appell would like to come too.

  49. formerkline

    I’ll be there. See you soon!

  50. dannym

    I have only just joined wordpress but I am having a lovely time and every day I find something new. good luck in Texas

  51. visual operator

    The event sounds great. I wish I could be there, but can’t make it, sorry. I’m right into hearing abut the future of wordpress, though. WordPress rocks.

  52. Zak Klemmer

    Well done! I’m excited to be part of the worldpress community!

  53. digitechwebdesign

    Paul, what about a Free pass to this event for a Austin local and I show you guys the best places in town?! I am the #1 WordPress Fan but my business is not yet to the level where I can take off from my day job and drop $700 on a pass ;) man I would love to attend though! I grew up in West Austin, can tell you guys all of the cool spots!

    • Paul Kim

      Appreciate the offer of local info — while we can’t offer a free pass to the event, we hope to see you there in the future or at a WordCamp soon.

  54. HeshamHamed

    Sounds like fun!

  55. Samantha

    see u there!

  56. Texas Red Worms

    See you in Austin.

  57. auntiecarol69

    Sounds like fun but Lynda and I are living in Phila, PA. We’d be there if you’d pay for our plane trip and hotel,. lol. Seriously hoping everybody who can make it gets a lot out of the conference.

  58. erhu ianyce

    sounds exciting but i’m way too far from the event itself sigh ahehehehe….

  59. Inspector Vaqas

    Sounds exciting all of it, wonder when wordpress becomes a major success in mobility of technology and logic of understanding.

  60. Gracie

    Sounds great – keep us all updated in real time.

  61. ocweddingphotographer

    I’m so proud to be a WordPress user … You guys rock … With you the best in Texas :)

  62. thevideogamereport

    Would love to attend if it was local but I’d be happy to take some of that WP swag off your hands! : ) I look forward to reading about it.

  63. Annoyed Conservative Christian

    I am glad there is an event like SXSW in Mid-America, or as the people who live in California and New York call it, fly-over country. There some really talented IT people out here in fly-over country.

  64. vaquous2011

    How was it???

    I am so sorry I could not make it ———however, I was there in SPIRIT:)

    Did you meet anyone from MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada? We had a whole lot of indie bands that went down looking for their fortunes in in the Hollywood/Gold Rush Scene!

    I live for WordPress.com——GREAT WORK!

    Take Care


  65. fhamortgagelenderstexas

    Wish I could have been there to see the WordPress coverage. Glad to see WordPress is getting the recognition it deserves. Thanks!!

  66. abdulwajidck

    Eager to hear what Matt will tell us about the future of WordPress.

  67. TinyKoman

    hope everything goes well… :)



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