Boost your self-hosted WordPress with Jetpack has grown into one of the most amazing cloud architectures in the world. This has enabled blogs hosted here to have features unavailable on self-hosted WordPress installs. This makes us sad, since here at we want every WordPress install everywhere to be amazing.

In this spirit, we have great news. We are now making the power of available to almost all WordPress blogs, regardless of where they are hosted.

With Jetpack, a new plugin from Automattic, people not on can now access features that depend on Jetpack also provides convenience features that don’t use the cloud, but are now easier to install, or were unavailable as plugins before.

To start, go to and read the backstory from Matt on why Jetpack is so important for WordPress.

(Mozilla Jetpack is a wonderful, but entirely unrelated, open source project run by Mozilla Labs. We checked with them first and we’re mutually cool on the use of the name.)

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Scott Berkun


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  2. Eric

    Cool! One question: if I host my own domain, could searches still find me?

    • Scott Berkun

      They won’t find you as of today. But it is possible we will add a Jetpack feature at some point to change that.

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  5. Max Strauss

    Too bad I don’t selfhost, but for those that do, AWESOME!

  6. thebettingheadhunter

    I for some reason unknown to me have a site at – should I be moving lock stock and barrel to a locations?? Please advise



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  8. beyondanomie

    Good to know.

    I’m considering moving a business site of mine to a self-hosted wordpress format, modified a little to suit its needs. What puts me off is inertia (currently someone else manages the technical side of that business), and also uncertainty as to whether the knowledge I’ve acquired while personal blogging here on would be transerable to a self-hosted platform. This is a reassuring development on that score.

  9. thefengshuidiva

    I think I am speechless. Technology is amazing. The possibilities are endless and for someone like me; more than I can can think about.
    You really have to be out there and forward thinking this stuff. The developers that come up with the all this is astounding.. Thx

  10. westwood

    This is great! I had been putting off the move to self-hosting (though I’ve been paying for the domain name for ages now… yuck) because of the loss of functionality I was expecting to experience. However, this puts me at ease and reassures me for the future. Now to actually come up with the gumption to get my act together and make the move…

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  12. Genna Sarnak

    This is wonderful, as I just changed to a self-hosted site! Thanks so much! :)

  13. Andrew

    It’s always nice to share.

  14. Charlousie

    I am still thinking about self-hosting or not…
    I am undecided, but this feature seems to be very good/simple and great working! ;)

  15. Intelligent Challenge

    I was thinking about self-hosting too – this looks like a great addition

  16. Brian Patrick Cork


    Are you saying that if we have a blog people searching tags on can’t find our posts?

    Why are we being carved out of the community?

    Brian Patrick Cork

    • Beau Lebens sites are self-hosted and separate from Only sites (which we host, and all run on our infrastructure, with shared code between them, unlike sites) are included in tag pages/searches on You’re not being carved out of any community by using, but is its own specific community. We’re hoping to bridge that gap with Jetpack though :)


    thats ‘great news’. . .’nice one WordPress people!’. . .(cheers!)

  18. Brian Patrick Cork

    Thanks Beau. How does Jetpack bridge that gap?

    And… This raises an interesting question… How are the people reading my blog finding me? You may not know this answer, but maybe you can speculate?


    • Beau Lebens

      Currently users get a lot of features as part of their experience that users don’t get (and often don’t want!). Jetpack is our way of making more of the .com features available to .org users, so that they can pick and choose what works for them.

  19. dartiss

    I have a big concern. There is no way to individual activate and deactivate the various plugins that make up Jetpack.

    So, for instance, if I install Jetpack and want to use a third party YouTube embedding program that uses the Youtube shortcode, I’ll find it clashes with Jetpack, which has the same.

    What if I want all the functionality but with, say, the shortcodes switched off?

    This is more concerning as your FAQ says that the individual versions of the plugins will be discontinued and users pushed towards Jetpack.

    • mdawaffe

      You can deactivate specific Jetpack “modules” by clicking the “Learn More” button for that module then the “Deactivate” button that magically appears. Hard to find, we know.

  20. jessiepeace

    Coool! :)

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  22. koztoujoursfr

    Would probably be great but I have a some troubles with sharedaddy and twitter.

    With sharedaddy : I made numerous attempts to share a post by e-mail (with various emails) but I don’t receive any mail. I looked in the spam folder but they’re not there either. What should I do ? Also, I find it quite difficult to add services (in fact, I did not make it). Maybe a little more explanations would be useful.

    With twitter : I was happy to be able to hide the answers. So I activated it. It seems to work once then it shows that twitter experiences a problem…

  23. Brian Patrick Cork

    if you deactivate pieces of the jetpack will the other individual plugins reactivate?

    • Beau Lebens

      If Jetpack auto-deactivates a previous stand-alone plugin, you’ll need to manually re-activate it if you decide to turn off the Jetpack version. Note however that any stand-alone plugins which we’re rolling into Jetpack (Sharedaddy, Stats and After the Deadline) will no longer receive updates outside of Jetpack (you will need to switch to the Jetpack version to get any new updates).

  24. Simply G

    This is good I suppose, before I say more I should probably search a little more on the offerings of this. However, I assumed self hosted or otherwise hosted wordpress blogs (like from would allow the administrator more freedoms. There are a lot of features that .org has over .com. I’m possibly stating something completely irrelevant to this news, so I beg your pardon if that is the case. But eventually I plan on moving my .com to .org obviously requiring another host. Would Jetpack be advantageous to have when I do so? (Rhetorical of course- I plan on doing my research now. I am still a newb)

    • Beau Lebens does provide more freedom than, but with that freedom comes the responsibility of maintaining your own website, keeping up to date etc. Jetpack provides users with some of the additional features that were previously only available to users.

  25. indialeigh

    I want this so much but I do not have a plug in button to intstall it. Is there another way? My blog is Thank you.

  26. Chen Li Yong

    So, does it mean that new features will be popping out immediately at a self-hosted wordpress blog? Does it mean jetpack plugins will download and install new plugins immediately from wordpress’ plugins gallery?

  27. eof737

    That jetpack picture is so cute… we need t-shirts! :-)
    Excellent bonus for those on the self-hosted sites… inching closer for me!

  28. thf2

    This will definitely change things for the better for some folks….Nice work!

  29. B.G. Mitchell

    Maybe I will go self-hosted after all…who needs a website when WP does so much work for you?

  30. Jennifer

    “With Jetpack, a new plugin from Automattic, people not on can now access features that depend on”

    While I’m very happy for our friends that these features are now available to them too, I’m confused why this was announced on the blog. The ORG blog looks like it could use some lovin’ <3 or did you confuse the two, too. :)

  31. jfb57

    Sounda great! Does this mean that my site & my site will now be able to combine stats?

  32. ebiansyah

    Would be very nice if WordPress like button come into pack.

  33. lusysunsetgirl

    My main blog is self-hosted but I also have blog on I love both!
    This is great news! Checking the link…
    Dank je wel!

  34. melewbhm

    This is great news….

  35. Vivian J. Paige

    I’m with Jennifer on this: why was this announced here? It doesn’t affect us!

  36. DimondBlogger

    thats cool!

  37. braveskimom

    I am thrilled with this. But, careful! Jetpack Stats crashed my site and I still cannot log in. Hoping for some good 24/7 support from Anyone else have a problem with anything?

    • Hew

      We received your support ticket and I see that you did receive our reply as you’re back up and running. :) We’ll dig into your particular setup a bit more in support to see what we can find.

  38. Nox Dineen

    This looks awesome.

    As others have mentioned one of the key reasons I use vs a self-hosted installation is the discoverability and built-in community. I know it’s asking a lot, but if those could be incorporated into a future release of Jetpack I might actually faint from sheer bliss.

  39. bloggitivity

    Sounds fantastic. And a few juicy features already available. Can we look forward to the dot com email subscription feature as part of the jetpack offering? I’m loving this feature on dot com – easy subscription plus smooth looking mails to subscribers every time a new blog posts goes online – and have so far failed to locate a plugin that does exactly the same for the selfhosted blog I’m currently developing.

  40. nelson RN

    Wow this is awesome. I might give self-hosting a try now. Hmmmm…

  41. Ryan

    Seems like a pretty useful tool.

  42. indialeigh

    Dear Beau

    Oh, I did not think that I could get video clips on my blog without paying for it? If I’m trailing behind in the uptake, let me know. I cannot see how to do that. Thanks so much. Great name by the way! When I tried to open Jetpack after saving it there was no (obvious) way to install it.

    Thanks so much. Great name by the way!


    • Beau Lebens

      Jetpack does not host the video clips, it just makes it easier to embed them when they are hosted on another site (such as YouTube). If you install Jetpack then there are some links in the Learn More section under the “Shortcode Embeds” module.

  43. earthdivasaffiliates

    already love the Twitter feed functionality. Very nice.

  44. gdnf

    Waow just what i needed

  45. Kevin Gilbert

    So a quick question. I noticed the Gravatar hovercard feature here on the site. I clicked on the “Turn Off Hovercards”. How do I re-enable the feature now on this page as I’m viewing it.

  46. James Bell Photography

    I’m considering a self hosted WP blog so I can show swf files in my posts. If I goto self host and instal jetpack can I still display swf files in posts. Thanks

    • Scott Berkun

      Hi James: Yes. You can display .swf files in your posts on self-hosted blogs.

  47. accuratecb

    This is great. Keep up the good work guys :)

  48. Kale

    That sounds nice but… One thing…

    Shouldn’t you change the name because of Mozilla’s Jetpack?

  49. vop0

    great! love jetpack i always wanted shortcodes for wordpress sel hosted blogs as a plugin now we get is all in one i wanted someone to code that into plugin but luckily for me after about a year this comes straight from the awesome automattic wordpress stats and shortlinks were available separately in the plugin Stats i always used wordpress stats for links on every instance i have of self hosted wordpress

    thanks developers! thanks for the awesome plugin
    i especially like the foot note you guys being cool with using jetpack as a name i love mozilla’s awesome open source project too
    it’s a win win for me
    thanks again!

  50. Putu Yoga

    cool, will try it :D

  51. PEZ

    This is such a wonderful initiative!

  52. Jim

    Aww why could this not have been available two weeks ago before I moved back to from a self hosted blog.. Still excellent work you guys

  53. Hottie Contest

    Nice function and all, but it seem to slow the my site down a bit..

  54. ahrengot

    Fantastic news! Just great. Stats, Video short codes and spell checking are great add-ons.

    I know a couple of sites i need to add this functionality to right now.

  55. Kevin Gilbert

    Why is my previous comment/question still awaiting moderation?

    • Scott Berkun

      Hi Kevin: It doesn’t appear to be in moderation. Not sure where it went.

  56. katscafe

    Okay – spell it out for a Newb – what are the benefits of this? A for instance … I have my own blog and one for my new nonprofit organization. The site I host my domain through keeps crashing or otherwise having major issues, plus I am just not that much of a tech person. So …
    What makes more sense – keeping my new non-profit organization’s blog on the .com version and figuring out how to pull my other site, adding the content under the pages option and then redirecting my URL? (that really sounds difficult to my technology challenged behind)
    Switching the whole thing over to a self-hosted site?
    It sounds like the first option would work best for me, but is there a resource that points out the steps (for the HTML challenged) one would need to take to complete this? I love the ease of – and the reliability, but have held off on acting as I was unsure of the best choice.

    Help for a newb?

  57. メイプルキッズEnglish

    My impression is that Jetpack helps you change the style and size of your font …. I have a site but I don’t know how to change the style or size of the font. Is there a feature to do that already on the .com sites?

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  59. Brian Patrick Cork

    It’s wonderful that everyone wants to lavish all this love and support onto WordPress personnel. And, it’s generally warranted.

    However, I do believe there is confusion around Jetpack and it’s direct application to and/ or

    This might be a great time to explain to everyone what the vital differences are and how Jetpack does or does not affect Blogs on either platform.

    With naught but good intentions, I’m asking WordPress to step-up and be very clear about all of this. Now is the time.

    Brian Patrick Cork

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  63. ChrisWrites

    What are the advs and disadvs of self hosting?

  64. dsusetyo

    The mystery is finally unfolded. I’ve been asking myself why don’t my self hosted wordpress have a stats by default, instead I have to install a plugin.
    Thanks a lot, I now can use this lovely features.

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  67. BoyMan

    thanks for sharing..i will try

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  69. Tim Meiers

    Wow!! Nice one – now I’m even more thinking about hosting the blog myself :-)

  70. Recipe Chefs

    Thanks for the post great job

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  72. scottdreyes

    I love this plugin, and I am excited about what it will be able to do.


    The site stats function work intermittently, and I get this error when it is not working.

    “You have failed to authenticate with the API.”

    Does anyone know whent this will be fixed?

  73. jarwatchesfilms

    very cool stuff!

  74. zechmann

    I just want to thank you so much for this! I’ve always wanted some of the .COM features and now I can :) :) :)

    Now to wait for some of the plugins to be integrated with Jetpack….

  75. admincantik

    i have several self hosted wp and installed with Stats plugin, several hours ago Stats plugin suddenly not working, is this bcoz Jetpack replace Stats plugin? bcoz i love this simple Stats plugin.

  76. lnxwalt

    If I already have a one-click install of self-hosted WordPress (on one of the above-mentioned hosts), is this going to be in the next update, or should I go ahead and download the plugin myself?

    • Beau Lebens

      Most hosts will not be including this in previous one-click installs. Probably best to just go to your admin panel and search for “jetpack” in the plugin directory then install it from there.

  77. maurandk


  78. X-Evolutionist

    This is no longer applicable to me, fortunately… I used to be self-hosted using But, I decided to move to because of the extra security and convenience. I no longer have to constantly backup my databases and update my WordPress and plugin software. I have everything I need here in, without the muss and fuss! Keep up the great work everybody! X

  79. Nerdy Robot Builder

    This would be great if I had a self-hosted site…


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