Guided Transfers to .org

When we launched Jetpack a few days ago Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg said to Techcrunch, “If you’re on WordPress you’re part of the family, it shouldn’t matter if we host you or not.”

Today we’re taking that a step further: we’ll actually help you move from to .org.

We’re launching a new upgrade called Guided Transfer where for a $99 one-time fee we’ll handle every detail and tech thingamajig involved in moving your content, theme, domain, and more to any one of the recommended hosts we’ve vetted. (And of course your new site will be Jetpack-powered.)

Guided Transfer Upgrade

Of course we love having you here with us at, but we understand that there are situations where a self-hosted site may be a better choice.

What’s included:

  • Install the WordPress software at the recommended host of your choice.
  • Transfer over your entire site.
  • Install and configure Jetpack and a few other plugins to provide features that you have been using on
  • Configure and test permissions so that you’ll be able to have one-click installs and upgrades.
  • Switch your domain(s) over.
  • Provide full support for you on your new WordPress installation for a two week period.

While we’re doing that–you can:

  • Head to the beach!
  • Read that novel you’ve been meaning to dig into.
  • Chase antelope on the savannas of Africa.
  • Work on that rocket ship that is “just a few tweaks” away from liftoff.
  • …or do anything else. (Be sure to take pictures and blog it later!) :)

Update: Please note that there has been a price change, read our Guided Transfer Guide for more information.

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  1. franksfunnies

    This sounds awesome but does it mean that all of the search traffic I’m getting today will be directed to my self-hosted blog going forward? Will my existing domain remain in existence? Thanks, Frank

    • Hew

      Yes, all of your existing traffic will redirect transparently if you already have a custom URL mapped here at,. We also have a Site Redirect feature if you don’t that accomplishes the same thing.

      You will continue to own the existing blog (and domain) after the transfer. It will remain here (hidden) unless you intentionally choose to delete it.

  2. Omar Modesto

    The WordPress team’s got tiger blood.

  3. jessefogarty

    If i were to pay the $99 one time fee would that include hosting forever, or would i still have to pay for hosting?

  4. Grandmom

    So if we have to pay, I’ll lose my blog if i don’t have the money?

    • Hew

      This is a totally optional upgrade that is only if you are wanting to move to a self-hosted instance. Nothing is changing about the way works. :)

      If you’re interested in full details about vs sites, I’d recommend this article:

  5. Pur3Bolt

    It’s a bit to pricy for my taste. Why so much? :(

  6. jessefogarty

    @Grandmom I’d assume you have the option whether to upgrade to the self-hosted .org or stay with your current blog.

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  8. AA

    You guys got an awesome business! Even better than Starbucks. :)

  9. timethief

    One of the issues that arise when moving from a free hosted blog to a self hosted install is the loss of stats. The insallation of the stats plugin has not included stats in the past. Will a guided transfer include the transfer of stats?

    Another issue is the loss of in-house widgets that are not included in the install. Will a guided transfer include the in-house widgets?

    • Hew

      The old stat data is not transferred over, but it will always remain accessible via the dashboard.

      Yes, most of the widgets have already been released as plugins. We configure those during the transfer to ensure smooth transition. There are a few that are only available within still, but we will be closing that gap in the future with Jetpack.

  10. Sara

    I just paid for domain mapping through WP like two days ago and I’m so excited about it! I’m definitely going to keep this in mind when I’m ready to do the full self-host option.

    Thanks again WordPress—you guys rock my socks! :)

  11. garydenness

    Hew, just to go over the first comment in more detail. I have my own domain, which is a Google PageRank 3. But the domain to my blog is a pagerank 5 and I believe I get plenty of traffic from it.

    With this transfer, will my .com and personal domain traffic come with me?

  12. Andrew

    I noted a few days ago that Jetpack “will make it easier to migrate from .com to another WordPress host.”

    Now it’s even easier.

    This is a brilliant move by Automattic. People feeling restricted by and thinking of moving are more likely to stay with WP, rather than switch platforms. Then there’s the $99 per transfer, plus, I expect, a referral fee from the new host.

  13. pshasta20

    I have no idea what Jetpack is, even though I read your announcement twice. And why would you suggest chasing antelope? Don’t they have enough worries about being chased by lions without a bunch of technology addicts running after them?

  14. Planet WordPress

    That’s very interesting. I assume we could also take the premium themes that we might be using along the way from to self-hosted blog.

  15. webguide4u

    Wow WordPress moving one step further, that’s a nice step. Hope this will not affect for freelancers which are offering to service like me.

  16. selfservicecafe

    Uh, … hi … family don’t charge family, in my family!!! He he! No, that’s good price & if I was thinking of becoming an org, I’d apply. Will pass for now though. Thanks! :D

  17. René Fabre

    What a fabulous service! I have several clients I’ll pass this on to… thanks.

  18. zentocoach

    Great. i was hoping for this. would you suggest webhosting service providers? what would be annual costs? would the domain name carry through without additional url cost? if not , how much? cheers

  19. Eric

    This is a quick response! Thanks for making WordPress more accessible.

  20. Rich Copley

    Is this a limited-time offer or a new set price? I anticipate becoming a .org user someday, but I’m not ready yet. When I do, I’d love to take you up on the offer.

  21. Fiona Stolze

    Sounds fabulous. I just did the transfer myself a week ago….could have done with this help. I’ll certainly pass the information on as it could be very useful to many other people I know.

  22. Mikalee Byerman

    Great option. Thank you!

  23. amyz5

    greatest thing ever. now I might actually do this!

  24. Jennifer

    Excellent! Those needing a little extra help moving house will definitely keep this in mind when the time comes for that big upgrade to self-hosting. But it isn’t clear to me what happens to the Theme we’ve chosen to use here on Will our Theme be transitioned for us as well to the new home, especially if we’ve purchased a Premium Theme?

    • Hew

      The theme you are using at will be installed and configured on the new site with the exception of premium themes. Premium themes purchased at are only valid here at

  25. Angela

    This is honestly the best news ever! I have been wanting to upgrade to self hosting for a while now, but it boggles my mind. Thank you!

  26. Miller School of Albemarle

    That’s great! What about move TO wordpress? I have a Square Space blog I want to move to WordPress, but don’t know how to do it.

  27. Bob B

    FANTABULOUS!!! El Perfecto! Count me in. I am in the middle of another muddle right now, but as soon as family matters allow I will be signing up!
    Bob B

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  29. the rufus

    Wondering what you do if your several million bloggers on order this upgrade :lol:

  30. Tara R.

    Once the transfer is made, can a different WordPress theme, not one limited to .com, be used?

  31. plg

    This is a very good “upgrade”. Congrats for taking the decision to propose it (this is far more a strategic decision than a technical difficulty). As an opensource web application creator, I don’t think I would need it for myself, but this is definitely a great option for standard users. The price is really low compared to the list of services included in this pack!

    This is the way all web services should go: easy to start with a hosting included or host it by yourself (and with the very same features).

    What about the premium themes? If I buy a premium theme on, would I keep it if I move to another host?


    Is there an option to say ‘no’ to this?

    • mdawaffe

      This is totally optional. You don’t have to leave; we’re super happy with you here on, and is not going away.

  33. sewjournal

    What a great idea. I wish this had been available when I moved my blog.

  34. Intelligent Challenge

    It’s getting more and more tempting to self host. Great work guys

  35. palmerbennett

    This is a wonderful offer and I am seriously interested but I don’t think I’m ready for this type of commitment, I mean we’re only at second base.

  36. newsy1

    Great timing. I’v been here a while and have been thinking of doing this for the last few months. Since I’m technically challenged I was too chicken to make the jump. Terrific news.

  37. Borut Peterlin

    Guys, that’s fantastic! But just because you’re offering us solutions to the problems we don’t know there exist, I’m reluctant to leave .com family :-)

  38. aamiene

    Thats great, it really is :)
    However, if we are all big one happy family….why do the blogs/sites who get free hosting miss out on all the great theme choices? After all, it doesn’t matter if you host us or not, right?

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  40. FLYNN

    Is this another dark chocolate temptation or something better? Team Automattic/WordPress Warlocks have done it again! Neat!

  41. Tara R.

    Thanks for the quick response. This sounds like a great idea.

  42. thokitts

    Does this service also apply to moving an existing blog from a Blogspot account to a self-hosted WordPress account?

    And if so, how do I bring my existing traffic from Blogspot with me? My present blogger account is not a registered domain, but I would be happy to use my web domain to make this move, and consolidate my website and blog into one site. If I could bring my established Blogspot traffic with me.

  43. nrhatch

    You guys, rock!

  44. eof737

    Beyond Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  45. Erik

    After doing some pricing about whether or not to make the jump from to, $99 is VERY reasonable, especially considering you guys at WordPress know the in’s and out’s of both AND

    Question: I have over 800 email subscribers on my blog. Will I lose all these subscribers in the transition from to Do you have a way of transferring these email addresses to my new blog? THIS is crucial in my decision to make the jump.


    • Hew

      There isn’t a direct equivalent of the email subscription feature at the moment, but you can download a CSV of all your subscribers here at at any time via the Site Stats->Site Subscriptions->Email Subscribers->Download as CSV (at bottom) section of your dashboard.

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  47. John Hayden

    Jetpack by itself didn’t seem worth the hassle of transferring my own blog. I already did that once, and it involved more tech headaches than I had expected, plus the blog never fully recovered traffic.

    Guided Transfer is the final missing piece of the puzzle, I think. Thank you so much. I will be using it soon, I think. Bravo!

  48. willianamy

    yeah,I feel a little confuse,why you create it? what do you really want?

  49. Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

    Is there any possibility in future that you would smoothly transfer all the blog subscribers from com to org? If so, that will be great. Thanks.

  50. Sajib

    Very helpful for anyone with some bucks and no knowledge on how to accomplish this. For me, manual transfer is very fun. However, what will happen to my Search Engine Optimization? I mean, let’s say I have a custom domain name for my blog and I transferred. Is 301 redirect upgrade purchase the one I’m inquiring about?

  51. Trinidad Lookbook

    Thanks a lot for this option. If I had a WP theme from, would that theme installation be facilitated in the transfer?

  52. gregchristeas

    I have 5 sites, not word press, I would like to transfer them to How your offer applies to me?

  53. h20pix

    This appears to be a good deal.. My question is…

    I have a word press account, purchased a Photocrati theme and I have few available .com domains with Bluehost. Right now, I am not using word press, I havent figured out a way to load my photocrati theme and set them up on my Blue Host account. Will this $99 set everything up for me?

  54. Brigitte

    Is traffic only directed if you have the domain mapping or if you pay for the $99 upgrade? Is traffic always redirected? Thanks for the info!

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  56. bookjunkie

    oh thank you thank you…how I have been waiting for this. I am totally technically inept and didn’t want to try it myself and lose all my 1000 posts.

  57. Altsune

    Winning, tigers blood, Andonis, etc.
    I like this! I wanted to move to .org and really didn’t feel like figuring out the specifics of how to do so. I’d gladly pay 99 so I wouldn’t have to figure it all out :3

  58. nelson RN

    Gee I’m getting tempted to self-host now.

  59. peacefulone

    Is it $99.00 per Blog? I have 8. May have to pass…thanks. Love E

  60. beyondanomie

    Top notch. As another of those who have thought using .org for the flexibilty/control it provides, this is welcome news. When I’m ready to take the plunge, the knowledge that there’s a cost-effective helping hand to manage the process is hugely reassuring.

  61. Samantha

    Thats such a Great IDEA!

  62. Turkey Trot

    I am sorry, but anyone who pays $99 for this is a fool. Read an eHow guide or something – besides, the experience of transferring .com to .org is a technically enlightening experience – though I’m a tech savvy guy, I wasn’t especially tech savvy in the ways of website hosting, and switching to .org enhanced my knowledge no end. A waste of $99, and a waste of an opportunity and incentive to learn something new.

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  64. richardlwells

    I’ve been considering starting a new blog at and eventually moving it to Pointing my future domain name to the blog solves one problem and guided transfers seem to go a long way to solve another one. There’s only one thing keeping me from starting now instead of waiting to just start on That one thing is comments. When I transfer I would like to use Disqus or possibly Facebook comments. Will guided transfers help with transferring my comments to Disqus or setting up Facebook comments? I don’t think comments can be imported into Facebook’s commenting system yet, but if so would guided transfers include that?

  65. duskinchains

    Nice, but I think I’d rather save the $99 and do it myself.

  66. Debbie Young

    Sounds like a great service – but it also makes me worry that moving over to .org must be a difficult thing to do! – or maybe that’s only if you’ve got a big and complicated site already on Am hoping moving a very little site that I want to move will be simple!

  67. startupseo

    This is definitely a good option for professional and business blogs, for a personal blog $99 seems high rate…

  68. tuneblogger

    It’s a good option for non-tech bloggers, tech bloggers can save this money by following the easy guidelines available at

  69. trissalicious

    Hi… just want to find out whether you can also help me find a host if I do this? I don’t know much about technology so am wondering if it is worth it for me to do so – what are the steps to get this going?

  70. rubywildflower

    This seems a ridiculous question but exactly how do I start using this service? I can’t find a button to click anywhere to get this happening….?

  71. iip albanjary

    this is a good service,
    but it seems too expensive

  72. dbengroup

    Great one Hew, i guess i love this gesture

  73. ChrisWrites

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of self hosting?

  74. doctorwhofan98

    WordPress rules. and both. I’m glad you can switch between them easily! Also, thanks for having EcoPressed and FoodPress – they rule!!

    Basically, thanks WordPress. :-) Anyone who doesn’t use WordPress… well, shame on you. :D

  75. andrewinlondon

    I don’t quite understand what the advantage to me would be to upgrade ro, especially I don’t understand what advantage there would be in have having another web host. What I want most of all is my blog to appear on more lists of blogs so that I would have more hits. Would upgrading do this at all?

  76. xboxoz360

    WIll this allow for easier email use for those sites wanting their own domain email withoiut having to use the cumbersome google app email redirect?

  77. the domestic fringe

    This is an awesome feature!

  78. cubachi

    Question: While you’re transferring the stuff, I can’t blog for two weeks? Or I can continue to blog at the .com site, while you guys transfer to the .org?

  79. Kale

    I’d do the antelopes!

  80. tourhistory

    I think its good idea. Thank you.

  81. Max Soutter

    Awesome – BUT what about my subscribers on…do they move to the new org site or will they continue to get updates when i post stuff on the .org?

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  83. mrpatrickblog

    Wow… great idea!

  84. yoga-adan

    this is a great option, glad ya’ll are offering it -

    move my “content, theme, domain, and more to any one of the recommended hosts” – nice ;-)

    though i have no time frame for moving on with my wordpress blog, it’s possible someday i may need to or want to

    great job guys, glad i started my blog w/ya’ll

  85. My Camera, My Friend

    I love WordPress the way it is for what I’m doing right now, but it’s nice to hear there are other options avaliable.

  86. Jenn

    Do you know any free hosting sites?

  87. alohadev

    Aloha, this is what I’ve been LOOKING for! :0)

    What about comments? Will those migrate over easily?

  88. theresadorman

    I think it would be highly beneficial if you or someone published an article on the details of changes and how things like traffic reroutes from .com to .org will be handled so as not to disrupt SEO maturity for many existing .com implementations.

  89. best watches in 2010

    Very helpful for anyone with some bucks and no knowledge on how to accomplish this.

  90. The Axis of Ego

    This is perfect. I’ve been trying to figure out how I’ll make that transition if my wildly-unrealistic pipe dreams about my blog’s popularity ever come to fruition. I had already figured out that I would leave behind a redirect “shell” at my old WP-hosted URL, but I knew that moving everything would be difficult for someone who knows only a little HTML and who is completely ignorant of RSS. It looks like this is a very reasonably-priced way to accomplish this task when (if) I’m ready to move. Great idea.

  91. Michel

    actually I dont really mind paid wordpress for my too bad it doesnt offer much flexibility compared to selfhosting :(

  92. nonoturn

    So good.

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  94. equinetic

    This is great! You can spend time to save money, or spend money to save time. I opt for the latter.

  95. Margaret

    I know that the stats themselves won’t transfer over, but will the new .org version have the same (or similar) site stats format? I find the WP stats format so much friendlier and easier that google Analytics. Any way to have BOTH on the .org version?

  96. Melodyc3

    That sounds awesome, but it’d be easier for me to just move my stuff myself. I had to do that every time my site was hacked. I just found ways to back up my pages and posts.


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