New Theme: Liquorice

Add a dash of color to your site with Liquorice, a wonderful new theme now available on

Gorgeous textures and smooth-as-silk typography make this a striking backdrop for your content. This theme’s design is light and airy without being too plain or minimalistic; it’s a great fit for any type of site.

Liquorice features custom subscribe icons for RSS, Twitter, and Facebook for your site header and built-in support for the bold and adventurous Lobster typeface. If you choose to enable Lobster via Appearance → Typekit Fonts you’ll add an extra touch of retro feel to your site. Lobster’s bold, calligraphic strokes make it perfect for calling out titles and headings.

Make this theme your own with the custom background feature, custom header image, and custom menu. Learn all about Liquorice on the Theme Showcase.

Designed by Nudge Design, Liquorice is also available for self-hosted sites via the Themes Directory.

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Lance Willett

  • Mar 17, 2011 @ 5:40 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Sara

    Ooh, I love that header font! I think I may be switching over to this theme.

  2. raditherapy

    Wow, awesome theme!

  3. Jessica

    Beautiful theme, it’s a surprise it’s free too! Can’t wait to use it now. :D

  4. PrinceConnoisseur

    Thanks WordPress guys! This is another great theme. It looks classy.

  5. Di@

    Still not mine…

  6. Eric

    Looks classic and I like the amount of changes you can make. I hope all themes have the Facebook, Twitter, etc. icons soon.

    • Lance Willett

      Hi Eric: we don’t plan to add the icons to older themes, but new themes might have them. It really depends on the design and the intention of the theme designer.

  7. Jennifer Avventura

    Awesome cute theme.

  8. nicozbalboa

    Lovely! A little vintage and a little minimal! :-)

  9. Charlousie

    Oooooh beautiful! And I like the name! ;)

  10. Sara

    I changed over! I really wish that if you changed the background color that the sidebar background color would change also—it doesn’t. That’s so weird! Having a white background and a tan sidebar is bizarre, or any other color than the original background color would just stick out strangely.

  11. Birdwhisperer

    Wow, that’s nice! Kinda has a 1950s soda fountain feel to it. =) Thanks again, WordPress.

  12. Isabella

    Love it!

  13. stickinsect

    This looks like a perfect theme for summer.

  14. Mary

    Really cool!

  15. jeyaphoto

    Just beautiful… amazing theme.

  16. Murtuza

    A very good theme indeed. I simply love it!

  17. El Santo

    Oooh, lovely! I’ve been switching over to a lot of these new themes, since they’ve overall been excellent. I have a fourth blog that frankly calls for something more retro (it has to do with old comic strips), and this theme might be just the ticket! Thanks!

  18. Intelligent Challenge

    Cool, but not for me – too casual. Good work though – it’s all appreciated.

  19. Margie

    So many nice new themes – hard to know which to choose!

  20. David

    The absolute best theme for ages – well done!

  21. Sandra Lee

    This is a fresh style in themes and I’m sure quite a few will love this one. I’m wondering if it’s a new trend to include so much space at the top of the blog as we now see with Licorice and Duster? I like people to be able to see my material at first glace instead of having to scroll done so far.

    • Lance Willett

      Hi Sandra: it’s not a trend but rather a design choice for this theme. As you say, this theme probably isn’t one you’d use if you want a high density of content at the top of your site.

  22. marjorie m.

    It looks like a 50s advertising poster. I like it.

  23. thf2

    I really like this! When I read “Licorice,” I wasn’t sure, but it’s my favorite theme I’ve seen come out in a while. Well done!

  24. deepbellylaugh

    So cute and retro!

  25. Mikalee Byerman

    Looks like a very casual and fun theme — can’t wait to play with it to see how it all works together (and how it works — or doesn’t — with my blog’s content).

    Thanks as always for the options!

  26. Gradus

    Like Sandra said, to much unused space. Looks nice though.

  27. Polaris

    I really like this one, especially for the choice (and size!) of fonts. After all my cribbing about so many themes with tiny fonts, this one kinda shuts me up. :-) Good work!

  28. razalba

    I really like it, this theme is one of my favorites – I like the Facebook, Twitter and RSS feed at the top, I’m just not crazy about the design in the upper right hand corner. But for a free theme, this is great, wish more were like this!

  29. amandajeannesnow

    I love it! Is it a free theme?

  30. thistownisfolly

    That’s really pretty in a cool kinda way – would be great for a blog on travel!

  31. preciousbaby1106

    I think Licorice is one of the coolest themes.

  32. mrasherkade

    Good job… each one gets better.

  33. David (1MereMortal)

    Nice… keep them coming.

  34. BrittanyAmelia

    I love this theme!

  35. Crispin

    I’m gonna give this a look and see if I like it, I was expecting it to be black though.


    I am considering to use this theme. Thank you. :D

  37. invisibleimmigrant

    Wow! This one is really neat! I also LOVE Big Sur! :)

  38. pltprincess

    The retro font and social site icons are a nice touch! Thanks.

  39. chuwey

    Arrrgghh! You guys make it so hard to be faithful to just one theme! I keep falling in love with new themes nowadays… and this one might make me cheat on Duster. :(

  40. dhenztm

    Great looking theme! Testing it on my ‘secret’ test site. :)

  41. Robbo

    You guys keep putting out great stuff without us having to spend one dollar. Fantastic, and for those who want to spend, they can, on the premium themes. I love the free ones. My blogs look fantastic, thank you.

  42. technogran1

    Another wonderful theme from the theme team! Love the header fonts! It’s just missing being slightly wider in the blogging area and as someone else pointed out, the sidebar colour really ought to be changable with the background colour. Keep up the good work team!

  43. myworld

    Wow, I like it very much. Simple but beautiful. :D

  44. Anny

    Nice theme, especially liking the font choice… but it looks very similar to a certain Tumblr theme… hmm.

  45. Yi

    Sort of unrelated to the theme release, but Big Sur is beautiful! ^ ^

  46. MGS

    Another great theme!

  47. Ermilov Vlad

    It’s a really good one.

  48. Kale

    I’d like it better if there were footers: widget-ready footers.

  49. Ljubomir Gatdula

    I like it, but I like my current theme more :)

  50. hulkfam

    Cute! It looks like it could be the front of some 1950s sodashop… if you know what I mean! Really cool.

  51. tinkerbelle86

    Not sure I can bring myself to change (I’m pretty in love with my theme) but it’s a GREAT contender!

  52. pimmypowerdiesel

    Wow! Just beautiful.

  53. Tom Baker

    Nice new theme. It looks more feminine than masculine though.

  54. ryo44

    Nice one… simple and casual.

  55. Nico Domnicu

    Beautiful theme!

  56. GADEL

    That is cool indeed.

  57. Kelly Whitman

    Looks great!

  58. MNN5

    Lovely but it is too simple for me.

  59. Paul and/or Jennifer Dare

    EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! Just changed to it! I sure hope I’m the only one… lol.

  60. Serigala Militia

    I love this theme.

  61. katia68

    I am going to try it and see if I like it. Thanks for the info… ciao.

  62. jessiethought

    Cool, but probably won’t fit my blog… everyone else have at it!

  63. amitabhaghosh

    Beautifully designed. I like it.

  64. The Teenage Taste

    Ooooh, I’m loving the look of these new theme! The fonts are my favorite! :-D

  65. Valentine Bonnaire

    Stunner, and so is the Lobster font! Fab design.

  66. J. Major

    It’s a hipster trap! Look out! ;)
    But seriously, it’s a cool looking design. Great for those Hipstamatic pics clogging up your phone. Get ‘em out there.

  67. themadjewess

    Nice theme, I lived in the Carmel Highlands, north of Big Sur. :)

  68. El Santo

    Hmmm… I tried this theme, but the header font doesn’t look like the one as advertised. It ended up looking too big and obscured my custom header. I went back to my old theme. Pity, because I did like the color scheme.

  69. noellbyerss

    Lovely! And free!

  70. nelson RN

    Cool! Very neat-looking!

  71. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

    Love this! Looking forward to switching one of my blogs over to it soon!

  72. mindslam

    That really looks pretty cool… nice & clean looking!

  73. Imaginarium of Pau

    I love this one! Nice! However, I think I should find time to personalize my page first. Ha!

  74. zohra2000

    Awesome, I think I won’t be the only one having this.

  75. sandramathews

    What an awesome new theme!

  76. PanicMonster

    Whoa! This is hot!

  77. Brigitte

    Ooooh, I love it!! Trying it out soon and will probably switch!

  78. angielah

    Oh wow. I really like this theme. I might keep this as an option for when I get bored of the default.

  79. My Camera, My Friend

    Cute and kind of nostalgic.

  80. Stairhopper

    This is an amazing theme! I’ve been using it since the day it came out and I have to admit I don’t plan on changing anytime soon!

  81. danyfarid5

    Such a unique and interesting theme, the addition of the three icons adds interest!

  82. topproductreviewer

    Nice one, I love the earthy feel to it. :) Good job, guys!

  83. ma7rooma

    It is very beautiful.

  84. heatherpinknyla

    It’s pretty. I love it.

  85. owlcity543

    Love it! Nuff’ said. :D

  86. crackgamesoft

    Looks simple but interesting. :-D

  87. ilkaclubdelamor

    I think it is very nice, and attractive!

  88. wika prima

    This theme is pretty girly, I love the header font.

  89. Lorna

    Oooooh! I think this will suit my blog- I love Notepad, or whatever I have at the moment, but I’m getting a bit bored with it – this looks exactly right! Thanks!

  90. John Todaro

    Friendly – both the colors and the fonts. Good stuff!

  91. Zack

    This theme looks very simple but awesome at the same time. Love it.

  92. mclains90

    Lobster is fast becoming the “Comic Sans MS” or “Papyrus”. Way overused now.

  93. sophiaharcourt

    Love it! Seeing this new theme actually prompted me to create a new blog just for my iPhone photos. Thanks!

  94. radicalchristians

    Interesting theme will give it a try.

  95. Pur3Bolt

    Very good theme! Already using it :D

  96. lauradowds

    This is A to the MAZING! Too bad I promised my readers I would be sticking with Rounded by Release for a while :/ What is with me and my silly promises?! ;)

  97. NiHAWmA

    Simple and yet so cool. Thanks and regards to all WordPress users.

  98. Deina Zartman

    OMG, this is just so… sweet! ;)

  99. Jorge Bernal

    That looks delicious :)

  100. corzgalore

    Very nice. Looks very 50s diner.


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