New Theme: Rusty Grunge

It is time to introduce a new free theme which goes by the appropriately evocative name of Rusty Grunge. It goes without saying, this theme has all the rusty and grungy elements needed to appeal to all those who embrace grunginess in themes. It has a light content area over a dark background, and some color splashes around on its design.

The Rusty Grunge Theme

The theme comes equipped with options for Custom Background, Menus, Post Formats, and Header Image. It also bears two distinct widget areas, making this theme not only grungy but also highly customizable.

As usual, find more about what it has to offer on the Theme Showcase.

Designed by Chris Wallace, Rusty Grunge is also available for self-hosted sites via the Themes Directory.

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  • Mar 25, 2011 @ 4:46 pm
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  1. abook

    “Not only grungy but also highly customizable”, I love it.

  2. thecynicalarab

    I like it; though I’d much prefer if the header wasn’t red. Still, it’s nice looking.

  3. Jennifer Avventura

    Another grunge theme. Love it!

  4. aisha200bc

    Work of Excellence, it seems creativity has gone Rampant, beautiful work by Rusty.

  5. Kojiki

    Very nice theme but not my cup of tea… There is always a theme for everyone… Thanks!

  6. genb7

    I think it looks awesome, although I would have preferred more red as opposed to blue and green. However that’s just my personal preference. Great theme! :)

  7. John Ryan Recabar

    The themes look quite similar with each other, especially the new ones.

    This one looks hip, though.

  8. Mary

    Looks awesome, love how it’s so customizable too.

  9. Eric

    Great way to start off the day! Thanks, WP team!

  10. uditgoenka

    Looks nice! Love this one :D

  11. jeauxmoer

    Looks like the nicest one I have seen. Now how do I use it?

  12. allaboutbasic

    Nice and Beautiful theme… But I would appreciate if you add “Like Box” feature of Facebook in


  13. Margie

    Just when I thought I had found the theme I liked the best, this one comes along! Now I don’t know which one to choose!

  14. cosmonavigator

    Good job… The more customizable the best.

  15. Test

    Decent theme. I might check it out.

  16. Editor


  17. Ell

    Adorably coloured! Wonderful theme and, did I say adorably coloured? :)

  18. Mikalee Byerman

    Love it! A bit more moody and dark…with some fun color! :)

  19. bakebooks

    I feel like a lot of the themes are grungy and darker though? It would be nice to have something that’s very customizable but also bright and appealing – like many of the “bigger” blog themes out there.

  20. dvblg

    Not bad… not bad at all. Might even revamp the blog with it!

  21. dicasdedesenvolvimento

    I like it very much.

  22. El Santo

    Aww yeah! I love it! Seriously, you guys are awesome.

  23. obsidianfactory

    Very Nice I’m happy that WP is making good blog themes for the web

    I hope you guys actually make more things like “Vigilance” though because I think it is one of the most preferred themes on the site and one of the most beautiful and professional looking ones. It allows one to have minimalistic design but at the same time a very sophisticated approach to blogging. ^_^

  24. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

    OK I love this theme! I’ve been using vigilance on 2 blogs and I love that one and I was going to switch to Liquirice on another blog which is using Bueno–also very nice but now I think Rusty Grunge it is for at least one of my blogs!!

  25. Sandra Lee

    This looks like fun! It seems like there’s no end to the Theme Team’s creativity these days. I’m jealous of the new themes that have the various post formats. I wish all the themes could be update to have these formats. I agree with obsidianfactory though ~ more themes like Vigilance would rock. I love the clean design and sophisticated touches of Vigilance. It would be nice if it had bottom widgets or some of the features like the child theme. Thanks Theme Team.

  26. BackCheck

    I will try it because the Contact form appears to be built-in. If it’s not I go back to my old theme.

  27. deepbellylaugh

    Love the extra colour!

  28. The Teenage Taste

    I like the layout of this theme. The colors… not so much. :-?

  29. mrnormall

    Terrible name!

  30. mrpatrickblog

    Looks great!

  31. Livi

    Best grunge theme I’ve seen so far! I’m going to switch right now!

  32. bevydawn

    I like Rusty very much, ( sorta matches these old rusty parts of mine) *laughing* Nice to have someone there working away in the background to make things even nicer for us all. Thank you theme team..

  33. hospitalitybrainwave

    Looks fantastic, can’t wait to use it!

  34. My Camera, My Friend

    Nice, colorful, but not too loud. Neverless, I’m quite happy with my current theme.

  35. Laura(lea) H

    Color Yeehaw!
    Thank-y thanks!

  36. Aisha

    I like you always introduce simple and cool theme! Thanks

  37. mrasherkade

    Very, very nice. My fav is the post options!

  38. rikzaadhia

    I also like it very much ^_^

  39. Gracie

    Very cool!

  40. nelson RN

    You guys never ran out of new themes! I love this one.

  41. guowenchen

    I like it very much.

  42. dianluffi

    Wow, this is very good :D Thank for you sir :D

  43. J Roycroft

    Looks nice but would like to be able to change the side bar color.

  44. Michelle

    One of my favourite themes. :)

  45. Ali Reza

    More with link-blogroll page template, please.

  46. imadeinspirations

    It could be better if it’s more rusty.

  47. corzgalore

    I love that, very masculine in a sense. I like all the new themes that are coming out recently, progress.

  48. jepoygreen

    I like the theme but I didn’t like the colors.

  49. captainice15

    It’s real nice! Does it come in blue?

  50. Mike

    I do like it. The only problem is the red header: I’m not sure if that suits me. The two sidebars, though, are incredible!

  51. schloertenaehtwas

    Nice one!

  52. aliefqu

    Simple and attractive design… I love it :-)

  53. Missey Twisted

    Like it. It’s easy on my eyes. May switch to it soon. Keep up the excellent work! I really appreciate the creativity that goes into WordPress to make our sites unique.

  54. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Cool, but I like my present one more :)

  55. barrycyrus

    Lovely! :)

  56. dhenztm

    Looks like an interesting theme :D

  57. Kevin Neilson

    It may be “grungey,” but the content certainly lays out nice and clean. A very fine theme. Well done. Cheers, Kevin

  58. Kevino Nathanies

    like it but kinda grim I think for the colour so I keep using choco.

  59. cozycottagewholesale

    Love it! I keep changing my favorite one and yet another to add to the list. Thanks for all the new templates!

  60. lazyoli

    Like this theme. Want it!

  61. K

    This is a really theme — it has a lot of art built in to it :) But I dont like the way it handles the “recent posts” widget. The post links are too close to one another and at first glance it looks like a paragraph! Also I really wish most of the themes would handle tags better like how Vigilance does, instead of making the font very large !

    Thanks for the new themes anyway !!

  62. lucapost

    I like it, but I prefer more pixels between item. Especially in rss item, recent comments, and those with more lines contents. right?

  63. Charlousie

    Wow. It is similiar to “Elegant Grunge”, isn’t it? ;)
    Looks pretty cool, but I prefer theme zBench :)

  64. VatuBarok

    Ooh, that is very nice looking theme! Still very clean while a little edgily colored.

  65. Visual Studio Programmer

    Thanks, please keep the new themes coming!

  66. yelena m.

    A very beautiful theme, I like the way you put colors together.

  67. adventurewriter

    Has that nice artistic feel to it, with a bit of an edge accounted for by the uneven patterns. Very well done!
    Sports a great deal of personality in and of itself, a fairly stand-alone theme.

  68. Hunter

    Love it. I describe it as redeveloped inner city… blight begone.

  69. Maria Albina

    This theme is the best of all out there… Finally I found what I would to love stick to….

  70. srinivas

    Very nice theme.

  71. Thomas

    You guys have been putting out some pretty sweet themes lately. Keep up the awesome work!

  72. jakestephenson

    It’s great to have your team inventing NEW themes! But how exactly do you find out if it’s worth it? Because you may think it’s absolutely great… but how do you know if the public think anything of it? It’s a test I personally think you should do. Thanks for your creativity!

    • Lance Willett

      We didn’t invent this one, as Matías noted in the post it was designed by Chris Wallace. It’s been on the theme directory for a few years: It caught our eye and we decided to port it over to for you.

      As far as what you like, it seems you like everything, so we’re continuing to launch all kinds of different themes. As far as grungy themes go, they’re the most popular themes on right now.

  73. Metal Blade

    Very ugly theme!

  74. thistownisfolly

    Nice one! It’s be really good for a music photographers blog!


    It is suitable for young people :)
    Thank you so much.

  76. mariaiva

    Hm….very…very…very nice!

  77. Anne Lessing

    Wow, you guys outdid yourselves with this one. Red and blue happen to be my favorite colors! I’m in love with Under the Influence, but I think I’ll try this one out.

  78. Takusha

    It’s good but I don’t like it (Everyone has different ideas.) : )

  79. John Todaro

    Nice going, Rusty.

    Very cool color combo.

  80. arzki

    Looks promising. Keep ‘em coming.

  81. psnlavaster

    How do I change the text at the top of the site? (Not the header.) I’m sick of the site saying my site’s name, then “Just another blog.” Because that’s kinda unprofessional and I’ve always been able to change that top text, except not now. How do I change the “subtitle?”

  82. Intelligent Challenge

    Nice – I tried Greyzed for a while and quite like it, although my readers preferred Freshy. Maybe it’s time for another trip back to the world of grunge! Thanks again

  83. MNN5

    I love it especially the customization options. I’m not activating it though. I’m happy with my current theme.

  84. amandajeannesnow

    I was hesitant to check this out based on the name, but it’s not that bad! Not a style for my blog but I do like it. Nice add to the Theme Vault, WordPress!

  85. Mahfooz

    Using it now, I seem to change the theme every time there’s a new one :D

  86. mindslam

    That one does look pretty cool! I have worked pretty hard getting mine to look like it does…would hate to change it now, but will sure keep this one in mind!

  87. coleseus1919

    I thought I had left the, “grunge thing” behind when I left Seattle, yet like a loyal friend and shadow, it’s appearance is welcomed.

  88. Alli Horror

    Great looking theme. Thanks!

  89. Lorna

    Oh that’s really interesting :)

  90. Annoyed Conservative Christian

    Thanks for creating new themes, please keep them coming!

  91. shellshe

    When you said rust I was looking for a burnt rust look. Something with dark red and burgundy.

    This is more like Tea Time. Dissappointing.

    May I propose something of a rusted metal theme?

  92. Jessica

    Beautiful theme, I love the colour scheme!

  93. youwouldalwayswin

    Love the theme! You guys are freakin’ awesome. :)

  94. highschooler

    It’s kinda weird. Don’t look grundge to me. Not that it’s bad but I just wouldnt use it.

  95. silky95

    Wow, cool! I like its red color… ^-^

  96. Kale

    Nice. But I think, there’s too much color in it for me. Also, is there a widget-ready footer?

    I guess, I’ll have to find out about that myself.

  97. menantihujan

    Great WP ‘grungy’ theme! :)

  98. Ade Truna

    This theme is really me! Love it!

  99. jeyaphoto

    This reminds me of another theme on WordPress. I want something new… a photo theme for example! :) But still… you’re great.


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