New Theme: Basic Maths

Reminiscent of primordial grid designs used in different print mediums, Basic Maths is one of the most elegant, and smartly-designed themes we’ve ever seen. We are thrilled to have it now available for sites as a Premium Theme.

Basic Maths, a grid based theme.

Apart from a thoughtful design, Basic Maths also offers some cool features, including the possibility to choose custom colors for links and other visual elements, helping you make this theme feel more personal to your site. If you want to make a statement about how important your content is, Basic Maths could be the answer.

You can check more about the theme, designed and developed by Khoi Vinh and Allan Cole, on the Theme Showcase. We hope you like it.

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  • Mar 30, 2011 @ 6:21 pm
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  1. chrisspyrou

    Nice fresh theme. No flashy gimmicks. Like it.


    1 cool theme
    + WP support
    = cool!

  3. mandythompson

    “Primordial grid designs” ha! Well put! I like the clean/simple look. Nice.

  4. happypoppeye

    Great looking theme, but does it resize photos to fit it. It seems a lot of these new themes aren’t “backwards compatible” with some that have many posts with a lot of pictures. The theme looks great but the preview looks like h*ll due to pictures all over the place. Is this just the preview?

  5. sylviahubbard1

    I’d love to see how the custom header fits on this.

  6. JawGeX

    Don’t like it. :(

  7. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

    Wow, I look forward to seeing this theme around the web! Very sharp! (I’d consider it for one of my blogs if not for the $$).

  8. Hunter

    Very clean. Makes for easy focus on content.

  9. John Hayden

    Wow, this theme looks very professional. Reminds me of a clean, modern newspaper layout. With the support, clearly worth the $75. I’m not sure I have a blog that’s worthy of this theme right now, but I hope to be able to use it in the future.

  10. Pur3Bolt

    Don’t like basic themes, hate paying money for making custom CSS :(

  11. 2010calibaja

    Need more colors

    • Matías

      You can customize the background color on Appearance > Background and the link colors on Appearance > Theme Options, to any color you want.

  12. Glipkerio Kistomerces

    Too clean but very ordered.

  13. floodingupeconomics

    Looks clean! If I had a blog about Math or Computer Science maybe I’d use it… that being said I blog about Economics, so given the nature of the field maybe its not such a stretch… smooth looks and the color customization is a must!

  14. Polaris

    This one is too busy for my liking, and I don’t really get a math vibe from it.

  15. Konrad

    I don’t like it either. (It’s very boring.)

  16. mimoriarty

    Simply amazing. I love it!

  17. Juan

    This has to be my favorite theme so far, but I don’t get enough traffic to justify the purchase. Will there ever be a free ‘stripped down’ version of this? At least, until I can convince my wife of the “investment opportunities” of going premium? :)

  18. Sameer

    Excellent theme. Would have used it were it not for the 75$ fee.

  19. GADEL

    What a very simple and awesome theme. Thank you WP! Keep the themes coming. We like that.

  20. Sajib

    Way too basic, or better said, simple.

  21. auberginepizza

    I love how the selected text appears in blue. Blue is so calming.

  22. Mikalee Byerman

    I’m really digging the grid — makes the info very clear and accessible.

  23. Eric

    “Basic” Math sounds great. If it said University Math I would be hesitant. :)

  24. krate

    It’s awesome what we can do with this theme… the customization is really nice, and with cool typography the result could be just great!

  25. obsidianfactory

    Nice theme—please make more free themes, too. Like Vigilance.

  26. admin

    I don’t like it very much, but it’s clean and simple.

  27. Ardee Napolitano

    Very neat! But almost too neat… Great job though! :)

  28. Mike

    Beautifully clean. You should get Allan’s Autofocus theme on here, that’s stunning too.

  29. wanhasbulhadi

    Yes, I agree with ‘john hayden': it’s obviously a modern newspaper layout, and looks cool and ideal. I hope to use it in the future.

  30. Wez

    Not sure I ‘get’ this one. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s used.

  31. Mary

    Ooh, love the custom colors for links!

  32. justjim2

    A little pricey.

  33. Jean

    Too much use of grid lines, makes it look dated or awkward. Yes, I know some people LOVE Excel and this would be totally for them. But that’s not a design feature, that’s doing mathematical calculations and being able to read all the dense, fine numbers.

  34. foobarph

    Well, I still like Grid Focus, though. :)

  35. Shafali

    Nice theme. :) However, I’ve just moved to Choco… and my visitors just love it. :) Thanks a ton.

  36. amandajeannesnow

    Clean as a whistle. Nice!

  37. Eve

    I don’t really care for it. I like more fun, feminine but customizable designs. What is up with all these paid designs lately? I guess it would be okay if they were flashy, but there is nothing exciting about them.

  38. My Camera, My Friend

    It has a lot going for navigation. Great for displaying your stats and archives, but I don’t think it would meet my needs.

  39. Jennifer Avventura

    Clean and smart, just how I like em. Nicely done WP. :)

  40. Intelligent Challenge

    Very nice. Another one to try.

  41. Mihir Nayak

    I am not too sure I like all the Premium Themes coming out lately.

    The biggest thing that attracted me to was that the themes at least were free. While I understand that has to make money, I personally contribute by paying for a hosting upgrade.

    I would also like to know whether the Theme Team is planning to come up with special mobile friendly themes (flexible width!!!) in the future, considering that in the future, the Internet will be mostly accessed by mobile devices ?


    • Matías

      Premium themes are in addition to free themes (which we continue to launch steadily), not at all a replacement.

      Currently some of our themes are using media queries to better adapt to smaller views (Duster does, and Basic Maths does, too), so you should definitely see more of that practice around here.

  42. adidoel

    Wow…. good idea, it just like the name of it, kind of sistematical desgin.. more text than image. good work!

  43. 有里

    I can’t stand too much blank spaces. Not good for your eyes.

  44. jeyaphoto

    Nice, different.. I like it! :)

  45. linalifeblog

    Simple and elegant, yet a bit serious.

  46. sila

    I simply love this design simplicity. Beautiful!
    Really like the theme I am using now and looked very long to find and settle for it, but this one is very tempting…

  47. BaNi MusTajaB

    I love it… Good job… Thanks

  48. Thor Falk

    Seems to look nice. Now if you could turn off the iPad theme on the showcase I might even be able to have a closer look at it….

  49. Jason Wingate

    Love the ‘Asmodeus’ category…

  50. sudhagee

    Loved this theme. :-)

  51. nelson RN

    Nice theme!

  52. genb7

    Fantastic! It’s elegant and neat. A great theme! Well done!

  53. 4valentines4words4poetry4you

    Yes, it’s a lovely new theme.

  54. Miss Mali

    This is fresh! Thanks. :)

  55. highschooler

    Why is it every blogger loves every new theme as if its the best thing in the world. For once I would like to see someone say they dont like it or the designer did a bad job. I’m not saying this one is done badly but its not very appealing to the eye. I think why Rusty Grunge for example, was so good was the colors. If your gonna show something off show it with color. I know you can customize and add color but you should show it with color. And the name ‘Basic Maths’ it reminds me too much off school, better yet math which is my least favorite subject. Seriously dude where do you get these name? Shouldn’t they be more like the actual theme?

    • Matías

      No worries, not every theme is meant for every individual. :) We also try to keep the names of the original works for the themes we launch on

  56. Jessica

    Interesting theme… It’s really unique and simple but growing up, I despise math with a passion so this is out of my style, haha.

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  58. agirs

    I like it; it’s got a newspaper feel to it… too bad it would not look that good on my site.

  59. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Cool, but I’ll stick to my current theme :)

  60. infofoc

    Simple and cool.

  61. meicaa

    Absolutely math :D Nice, good job :)

  62. evifadhilah

    Nice theme! :-)

  63. mybusinessaddiction

    As a maths junky, I’m loving it!!

  64. engrmuh

    I hate maths but I liked Basic Maths :D

  65. kishkish2312

    Now “Basic” doesn’t mean basic… it’s more than enhanced.


    Good name “Basic Math”. It reminds me of my Calculus Professor Mr. Harper. Very clean, organized and professional

  67. offalf

    Not bad.

  68. Martin Tjandra

    I think the theme is great, and it will be, if it’s fully flexible and customisable. :)

  69. V.Kirillin

    Cool theme! I will try it, thanks!

  70. Invisible Immigrant

    Oh gosh, I don’t like this one at all, sorry WP Team! I hate math too, maybe that’s why? Just too many lines, and too much going on all over the place here. That’s ok though, can’t win ‘em all. :) A for Effort?


    Really cool… I always love light themes. :)

  72. pltprincess

    Nice and clean. And, while not for me personally, it is another great addition. Thanks.

  73. Charlousie

    Hmm. The first new theme I am not liking. But doesn’t matter! ;) I already love my recent theme :D

  74. mcself

    It is cool, but it is also overpriced.

  75. AparnA

    Too simple and plain.

  76. Danniel

    Very nice this theme, thanks for sharing!

  77. thf2

    One of the more intriguing designs in a while! It doesn’t fit my site’s scheme, but it’s pretty cool! Thank you!

  78. davidreidart

    This is the best theme I have seen yet. It is simply stunning. I will start a new blog just to use it!

  79. Tiong Pilo

    Whoa, Math. It makes me chill. (Way back in my former course in college.) This theme is good!

  80. birdiechamp

    Too busy for me. I’d be afraid it would turn viewers away because of cognitive overload.

  81. Tom Baker

    I’m not too keen on this theme but with so many wonderful WordPress bloggers I know someone will like this! Keep ‘em coming.

  82. Elspongebob The Widget Master

    Well, Its fine but its seems confusing to get around and stuff.

  83. shoghunuk

    Nice clean design and one I would love to have on my blog, but $75 for something only a few people read. Not for me yet!

  84. yeah778

    Need more colors and WordPress magic.

  85. Jessica S

    I LOVE this!

  86. Kale

    Nice. If only it were for free…

  87. RBST

    Nice. Been waiting for this theme to be available… Subtraction.

  88. Samantha



    Good work!

  90. George Hawke

    We need more themes with dark content area and light text as these are easier on the eyes than white space. Why are only a few WP themes like this? I changed my blog theme recently and I only found one that I liked: Modularity Llte, with black content area. There should be some other options for the color of the content area. For example, I would like to change a WP website theme to a blue content area.

  91. Inga

    I wish I could afford this unfortunately I can’t. It’d be nice to see some free themes :D I know they are a lot… :D but still :D

  92. agentsarr

    Looks kind’a dumb to me.

  93. Tobi-Dawne

    Love this! But are there options for the home page of the blog? I have featured images for many posts, and like there to only be a preview on the front page vs having the entire post show up. I adore how each post looks, but would need to know just how may options there are for customizing the front page before even considering laying out the purchase price on this one.


    Cool theme, but costly.

  95. tuerenkontor

    Wow, looks really great.

  96. anakmuslim99

    Exelllent job, bro. :) I love it.

  97. Cassie

    Oh, I like it! Very clean and easy to read. Definitely considering switching.

  98. Joy Farrington

    I really like it. It reminds me of a newspaper layout. Good job WP.

  99. PanicMonster

    Don’t like it. Way too basic for me.


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