Twitter Blackbird Pie Just Got Even Sweeter

Last November we launched Twitter Blackbird Pie, a quick and easy way to reproduce beautiful,  full-fledged tweets — not just static screenshots of tweets — in your posts, pages, and even comments.

Today we are happy to announce that we’ve made it even easier for you to interact with tweets on  Thanks to the new set of tools that Twitter just announced, you can now reply to, retweet, or favorite content without ever leaving the page you’re on.

Try it out on the tweet below!

This improvement takes effect immediately for all tweets on, so there’s no action necessary on your part. Enjoy!

Bonus Tip: Drive Traffic to Your Twitter Account

To gain additional exposure on Twitter, add your account as a verified external service in your public profile under Users -> My Profile in your dashboard. Anytime someone replies to, retweets, or favorites one of your tweets on, they’ll be prompted to follow you on Twitter.

Additional Ways to Integrate Twitter with

  • Display your latest tweets in your blog’s sidebar using the Twitter Widget
  • Add a Twitter sharing button to the bottom of your posts or pages with the Sharing feature
  • Tweet new blog posts automatically to your Twitter account with Publicize

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Justin Shreve


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  1. igneous

    Jetpack it!

  2. richardjames2

    Thank You.
    This is absolutely FANTASTIC.

    R James

  3. darryldorris

    i think this can be called in street slang “big Pimpn’. to be able to integrate is powerful!

  4. admin

    man! don’t i love wordpressdotcom love you guys for awesome backend support

  5. Mary


  6. Hunter

    Love it. Now, if only I could get some Twitter followers.

  7. Eric

    Very nice! I like the social media integration.

  8. pachuvachuva

    Wheeee! Me likey!!! :D

  9. Lusy Aaltje

    Nice! Hope to see it in Jetpack too. Thanks for everything!

  10. Wong Sher Fu Stephen 王社夫

    cool indeed

  11. Martini Maidens

    Great! Absolutely love it! Always thinking of ways to create synergy, and you just simplified it immensely.

  12. sylviahubbard1

    i’m loving ingenious idea! jetpacking it would be the coolest!

  13. reybango

    What a great feature!! Is it available as a plugin for hosted WP blogs?

    • Justin Shreve

      The current Twitter Blackbird Pie does not currently support the new retweet/reply/favorite features. We may be releasing this as a module for Jetpack soon.

  14. theknowledgebiz

    My on-line life just got better …

  15. kiwidutch

    I’m new to twitter so I haven’t figured out how to get this to work yet :(
    but it definitely sounds like I need to get over my lack of techno-know and try and get “publicise” to work.

  16. Nickie Wang

    This is great!

  17. Martin Tjandra

    tweetilicious!!! ^^

  18. Intelligent Challenge

    Awesome stuff. You peeps are great!

  19. thf2

    It just keeps getting better, and easier…wordpressage rocks!

  20. eof737

    What a brilliant idea and concept! :-)

  21. Kim Hyun Rin (nimashinki)

    i like it…

  22. Thor Falk

    Nice one!

  23. Magnet for Foolishness

    Will there soon be a (free) way to integrate Facebook status updates into our blogs? Or is there already a way and I just don’t know how to do it?

  24. oshobuge


  25. kiwidutch


    THANK YOU so much for the links, I used the step by step instructions in the first one and it worked!
    (despite my techo-ignorance!)
    Steps so clear the even Kiwi-the-idiot-Dutch managed it LOL
    I still don’t know much about twitter but I suppose I will now see tomorrow a “tweet” that my blog post has posted, yes?
    THANK YOU!!!!

  26. investoradvice

    What exciting news. As a blogging junkie I appreciate new features that help me spread the word without adding cumbersome tasks to my already social media efforts!
    Thank you for the information

  27. Dustin Smith

    Very cool. This is pretty exciting :). Thanks for the update!

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  29. zulfikaralex

    Just try it. Awesome!

  30. mlchung

    Thanks for putting all this info together in one place! Very helpful!!

  31. wordpresswithnewideas

    Good job !!!!!!!!! Thank you :)

  32. 2010calibaja

    Loved it

  33. survivalnowblog

    I just added the twitter widget to my web design blog. I LIKE IT! Thanks for sharing!

  34. obinnasucks

    How could I not have known about this feature? Very useful for my blog followers

  35. highschooler

    dude is jetpack free? i wanted to get it but wasnt sure of the cost. this blackbird pie stuff is pretty advanced. five years ago someone wouldve laghed had you told them there was something with this advanced capibilities.

    • Justin Shreve

      Jetpack itself is, and always will be free. Some individual features that Jetpack provides will be free, but others in the future may require payment. Installing Jetpack is free and requires no payment information.

      Twitter Blackbird Pie is not yet included in Jetpack.

  36. krate

    really cool!

  37. Iñigo

    love it!!!

  38. lubna2011


  39. livingwithfibroids

    This is great! Thanks!

  40. nelson RN



    Good Job..

    Thank You :).

  42. E.C.

    Very handy. Thanks so much! You all create the cleverest features. :)

  43. cupcakejunky

    I’m looking forward to trying it out.

  44. Modern Funk

    Love for WP!

  45. mbconsulting

    Love it!!! simply the best! Thanks!

  46. Leslie @ MEfurbish


  47. mrpatrickblog

    Sweeeet! Can’t wait to try it out!

  48. American Persian Pakistani...hmm...what a bad combination

    Wow that awesome :D cant wait to try it out! thanks man ;)


    This is great!

  50. knight

    What about Twitter Ice cream Sundays? I’m so hungry.

  51. CruzBaggio


  52. Sunny

    so nice…

  53. ALIVEalways

    Twitter…..tweet… you go to my blog!

  54. jolyonwagg1

    Took alittle figuring out, but fairly straight forward, I just had to remember to use the HTML and not visual when pasting on, and hey presto an active tweet on your blog. Looks great WordPress,thanks.

  55. rangeradith

    I like this :)

  56. bbmconvos

    Amazingly fantastic!

    *rat dance*

    Thank you!

  57. Maureen

    Love it!

  58. My Camera, My Friend

    Cool. I’m going to have to check this out.

  59. amalkattoua

    I like it

  60. خزعبلات


  61. day2011

    Ingenius idea!!

  62. thf2

    Sweeter! Sweets are good!

  63. actcom

    good job

  64. Zen

    thank you, sir..

  65. akm24

    I like it very much


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