New Theme: The Morning After

Say hello to The Morning After, a classic and popular magazine-style theme that has withstood the test of time. Based on its great success for self-hosted sites we’re excited to bring it to you for the first time on

Example of The Morning After's front page.

Introduced in 2007 by Arun Kale, The Morning After was a game-changer as the first magazine style theme for WordPress; it is still considered by many to be the top of its class. In June 2010 WooThemes announced it was taking over the theme:

Considering the significance of this theme, we jumped at the opportunity. We felt that [The Morning After] started so many things in the WordPress community… and we wanted to put our weight behind one of the “pillars” of that community.

The Morning After sports a special home page template with featured posts, three available widget areas, and special styles for posts in the “Aside” format. Also included is an optional full-width page template that removes the sidebar and full support for a custom menu, header and background. A robust theme options menu allows for further customization: header links, page headings, full or partial content an archive pages, and more.

Read more about The Morning After on the Theme Showcase.

The Morning After is now available in your dashboard and, for self-hosted sites as a download from WooThemes.

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Lance Willett

  • Apr 8, 2011 @ 8:40 pm
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  1. aceman

    This is a great theme, I just wish I could get it to work properly on a self-hosted site. :/

  2. delaorden

    Very nice theme indeed ! But I’m still waiting for a theme with no sidebars, only footers, similar to “Modulaity Lite” but with capability to post huge pictures, full size, above 1200×800.

  3. cosmonavigator

    Nice work. :D

  4. Jennifer

    In a word, spectacular!

  5. Sara

    I like this look though. Very nice and clean. I love what I have now but wish I had a larger header image area and viewing the menu on a laptop sometimes cuts off all the pages in the menu.

  6. Tom Baker

    I really like this one. Awesome addition!

  7. Kojiki

    Wow, what a great theme! One of the best.

  8. Slik

    Thank you, very nice theme. I really like this theme! :)

  9. John Hayden

    This is a very nifty theme. I will try to use it soon.

  10. journeytoloseweight

    Ohhhh, I love it. :)

  11. plrang

    Looks nice, will try it later.

  12. Word Lily

    Looks like a good one. I like “robust theme options.”

  13. Eric

    Sorry, but this theme makes me think of the morning after pill. Rethink the name?

  14. Margie

    Clean, but not boring and colorless. Nicely done.

  15. sila

    I like it. Very elegant, classy, clear cut. Thank you!

  16. genb7

    Fantastic! Very well done!

  17. deepbellylaugh

    I initially thought the screenshot looked a little too cluttered, but considering it’s a magazine style, it’s actually quite effective. Cool.

  18. My Camera, My Friend

    Very sleek and functional. I didn’t know certain themes were so well known in the WordPress community. Should have figued some were, though. The choice of a theme and how to personalize it are important.

  19. 4GE

    Very attractive one!

  20. Dzulqarnain

    Thank you so much. I will try this theme.

  21. wdednh

    Thank you for this theme, great job.

  22. David (1MereMortal)

    By far, one of the better themes developed for WordPress this year.

    • Lance Willett

      Glad you like it. But, do you mean, “one of the better themes developed for WordPress in the last 4 years?” It’s new to but it’s not a new theme.

  23. J Roycroft

    I’ll have to give this one a try. Thanks.

  24. yudiastri

    I love it.

  25. wonderyan88

    Thank you for introducing the theme to us, thanks.

  26. corzgalore

    Interesting, not my style but very nice.

  27. Arumsekartaji

    Of course I’ll try this theme as soon as possible, very nice.

  28. Rosedale Gardens

    I would consider switching from 2010 if the header picture was a little larger. I can’t see all of my Cahaba Lily like I can on 2010.

  29. mrasherkade

    IT’s funny you came out with a new theme today…because last night I got totally bored and fed up with my blog, then thought about deleting it, then decided to completely change it this morning. LO and behold, you have this….so now I need to revamp AGAIN what I started last night. :)

  30. chorwin

    Just try out “The Morning After” theme, it looks good if you like the default 3 column layout. There is no option to allow you to turn off or change it to single/two columns, thus you need to like what it has for you! Anyway, this theme is very suitable for frequent updates, or multiple author blogs, where it will display the profile of the author at end of single posts. By the way, so far still cannot find any perfect theme for photography showcase…

  31. bakebooks

    Yeah, it looks great, but not much room for a header picture. And the writing is smaller. I often wonder if shortened posts to “read more” is an attractive feature or a turn-off to people though? Thoughts anyone?!

  32. eateastindian

    Very clean. Love it!

  33. routeen

    Amazing theme, love it! Much better than any of the other themes I have used prior to this point.

  34. Borut Peterlin

    You’ve made my day! This is exactly how I imagined my new blog, although if I’m honest, this looks better then I imagined. :-)

  35. Sandra

    Very intriguing!

  36. Sajib

    This is a great, if not the greatest, adaptation in WordPress Theme gallery. Congratulations guys!

  37. suntonlain

    Wow, this is fantastic! Thank you, very nice theme. I really like this theme! :-)

  38. Evandro Teixeira

    Interesting! Nice work. ;)

  39. JawGeX

    Nice, I like it, but it’s more a new style theme so it wouldn’t go with my blog.

  40. Tono

    The word “Classic” should be reserved for cases like this one. Thanks for the work guys!

  41. Caroline Westbrook

    Great theme which works well with my techmum work in progress concept. Would be nice to see a few more magazine style themes as well.

  42. phoxis

    The colour combination, fonts, and the wide body makes it an excellent match for my choice. But I think it does not have footer columns, like theme 2010. I will check it out.

  43. Blog du désir

    I really like this one. Awesome addition! I tried it and I love it. Thank you.

  44. Hunter

    Looks sharp. It seems like a good match for the magazine style I’m going for. Thanks.

  45. Jennifer Avventura

    Oh… I like it. Might have to try it on for size. :)

  46. notes 'n' tones

    Beautiful and I love it.

  47. Laura

    This is my new favorite theme, thanks.

  48. sylviahubbard1

    i could just stare at this and fall in love with WP all over again. thx so much for making this a regular theme.

  49. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Cool, but I’ll stick to my present theme. :)

  50. Mahfooz

    Looks great, will be giving it a try. :)

  51. iliketotakeracyphotos

    A lil’ messy looking…

  52. ragadozo

    Great!! I was waiting for a template like this. Nice!!!

  53. texasdruids

    I love the photo! Reminds me of autumn in Minnesota, where I grew up. I invite everyone to visit my home page and let me know if you like the header.

  54. Jamaludin IPAS

    Cool theme… i like it.

  55. Sam

    Really like the look of this theme.

  56. Alessandro Reffo

    Clean and elegant theme, activated at first sight. (I think my blog’s been the second one to migrate.)

  57. It's My Thoughts

    I like my Greyzed one the best… I’ve tried so many but none is ever feels like it “suits” me! When i do change it those who know tell me to change it back because its not me! I’m getting paranoid now!

  58. Wolf

    Not really my style, but nice theme nonetheless.

  59. gothichydran126

    Really nice! Great work!

  60. rodi

    Keep the designs coming! Love to try out the look of all your new designs, however I also love the one I have presently (Koi) much more. Any other similar artistic designs in the works?

  61. portaleazzurro

    As it has been around since 2007 I think it is well established.

  62. RBST

    Really like this and Basic Maths.

  63. Wez

    So many features! Love the range of options for home page. Great work!

  64. Charlousie

    I love the name “The Morning After”! That’s great. Sounds like music. :D

  65. kahoda

    Very cool and elegant! :)

  66. Matt George

    Yeah, I second Eric’s thoughts that the first thing I thought of, was the Morning After Pill, too. I’m sticking with the Modularity Lite theme for now. I will say that I do find myself visiting more often to find out if a new theme has been released.

  67. solidgoldcreativity

    Hi, I really like this theme.

  68. Viktor D. Huliganov

    This looks very good. I’ll have to check out if it can handle the tables I do from time to time nicely.

    If so, I think it would be worth changing onto it.

  69. Alberto Casing

    This is a very nice theme.

  70. Pranab

    Alright. I am so changing to this theme now. Thanks for introducing the nice themes. :)

  71. Not Available

    “Don’t say a prayer for me now… Save it ’til The Morning After…” (Duran Duran. Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Quite nice theme. Will it ever have a dark version?

  72. Intelligent Challenge

    That’s gorgeous. Heading straight over to preview town!

  73. amandajeannesnow

    Nice…clean and simple. Looks like a hybrid of a couple themes already offered on WordPress.

  74. GADEL

    This theme looks quite interesting though.

  75. banihafidzdzuhri

    Amazing! Good job. :)

  76. stegart

    Very nice work! Congratulations!

  77. Rav Casley Gera

    Oh my. That looks gorgeous.

  78. eClinik

    Oh yeah, I’m using it since yesterday, and baby, it’s good! Probably I’m gonna use it for a very long, long time.

  79. Tale of My Heart

    Lovely theme, mate.

  80. fadlikadn

    Looks cool, elegant, calm… nice template style. :)

  81. LindaLou

    I like it and I think I might possibly give it a try.

  82. koufaxmitzvah

    Maybe I spent too much of my growing up time in Reagan’s ’80s, but a Morning After theme makes me think of ABC doomsday-inspired mini-series scenarios. Don’t the Russians love their children, too?

  83. aguona

    Simply boring.

  84. keicia shanta

    I really look forward to accessing this theme. I need more variety.

  85. Josh Perry

    The layout looks pretty cool. I might use it on my blog.

  86. Jidhidhico

    Way to go!

  87. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

    So many great new themes to choose from! Thanks WordPress! Now for the hard work of re-thinking my blogs and trying out some new themes.

  88. highschooler

    Aguona is right. Simply boring. In fact I’m beyond the barrier of boredom and into a complete new phase of boring when I see this. It’s almost as bad as Basic Maths.

  89. ltpy

    Oh! My dear it is complety exciting! I Just like because of the structure and it various features and the simplicity of the colors.

  90. Mike

    It looks like a clean, elegant theme.

  91. pltprincess

    This one is definitely worthy of a try. I love the cool, clean look and the fact that it has the Asides. LOL … so many themes, I’m having a hard time staying with just one look!

  92. Sabanovic

    Thank you this is the BEST Theme that I have managed to come across. Looks great and loads of options.

  93. Gian Carlo

    Looks like I am gonna switch!

  94. teentalksfootball

    Looks too plain. On my theme there is action but not so much that it takes away from the content? The demo looks fairly busy, but if the “Latest Post” didn’t include a picture, it would be very boring. Thumbs down. :(

  95. DriftingSon

    It’s a neat layout, but please count my vote for a dark or customizable background color.

  96. J

    One word: nice. Great to know it’s for free.

  97. Fakeee

    I think I’ll put this theme on my blog.

  98. illage3

    A nice theme, but its not something I would use.

  99. hermeneutisk

    The morning after tomorrow. :)


    Nice theme. Really like the style.


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