New Theme: Tapestry

We love blogging, and we know you do too, but we also have a special interest in making blogging lovely for your readers as well. It’s for that reason that we’ve taken a shine to Post Formats and themes that make good use of them. Themes like today’s new premium theme, Tapestry.

The Tapestry Theme

The Tapestry theme accounts for all 10 Post Formats available. How? Tapestry designers, StudioPress describe it this way: “You take pictures, you write stories and opinions, you make videos, you link to cool stuff all the time. Tapestry takes everything you make online, and makes perfect, beautiful sense of it.” With 10 unique icons and a compact layout Tapestry lets you blog your heart out while keeping everything neatly organized.

But that’s not all. Tapestry has options for selecting your layout, custom Widgets, a Custom Header, and a Custom Background. You can even control what content is shown in your blog archive pages. Interested? You can find more information on the Tapestry theme in our Theme Showcase or preview it live on your site from Appearance → Themes under the Premium tab.

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Ian Stewart

  • Apr 14, 2011 @ 3:20 pm
  • Themes


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  1. lightcondensed

    Cool. Cool, cool, cool. :)

  2. aceman

    Nice theme, but I can’t help think that new themes on here are heading towards a more ‘Tumblr’ flavour and this is a prime example…

    • Ian Stewart

      We certainly do love Tumblelog themes (and Tapestry is definitely a prime example of the style) but we also love magazine themes, photo themes, serious themes, whimsical themes — you name it. :) We try and launch a variety so it’s easy for folks to find their perfect theme. If you have a theme suggestion of your own we’d love to hear it.

  3. Satellite for Entropy

    Very impressive theme – Seriously tempted to upgrade to this one!

  4. phoxis

    This is a very good one. We would probably use this if we are able to put up our travel blog.

  5. Charlousie

    Hmmm. No I am sorry, but that’s definately nothing for me! But it’s not worth, because I LOVE my recent theme :D
    It is the best. Great looking and easy handling.

  6. Brenda

    Nice look! I might have to try it!

  7. WineGoddess1

    Thank you. At this time I am not ready as I just got started but I will look again in the distant future for this.

  8. mrpatrickblog

    A nice addition and am glad to see WP embracing more post formats, although I generally stick to only one for my photo blog.

  9. Sean Giorgianni

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! TUMBLR schmumbler … I appreciate the variety of styles available!

  10. Jessica

    Beautiful theme. It really reminds me of tumblr! I love the little icons that tells you what post they are. :)

  11. Margie

    I’m pretty committed to Choco right now, but I really like the look of this new theme. I really like the variety of your new themes, and all the options they incorporate!

  12. Jennifer Avventura

    Super-flash! Love it.

  13. sirbuffalosushi

    A very nice theme. But, $75? I’d definitely try it if it wasn’t that much

  14. Eric

    I was going to say, “Wow, that’s a great theme, I’ll go change to it now,” and then I saw the price. Maybe when I’m a bit richer.

  15. Nickie Wang

    Another great addition! Thanks WP team.

  16. facebookfriendadder12

    This is very nice theme. Love it!

  17. raditherapy

    This is very cool!!

  18. Aimee

    Nice theme, very clean and usable. It does look a lot like tumblr, which isn’t really a bad thing. I might be tempted to try it if it wasn’t for the price (the whole reason I am using WordPress is because it’s free…)

  19. genb7

    This is absolutely amazing — FANTASTIC work! Well done to all involved!

  20. Виктор Крючков

    Are you planning to re-change my favorite White as Milk?

  21. bakebooks

    Is it $75 flat – or per year? And how would you rate this versus the previous magazine-style theme that just came out??…

    • Ian Stewart

      It’s a one-time, flat price, of $75. As far as rating against other themes goes, it’s really a question of what works best for your blog.

  22. John Hayden

    Wow! Suddenly we have an overabundance of top-drawer themes to choose from. Decisions, decisions.

  23. Shafali

    It’s a neat looking theme, and those icons look cool – but for my kind of content (drawings and text) they won’t be very useful. Still happy with my Choco:) (And yes, the price-tag does make it look less appealing.)

  24. Mary

    Really cool!!

  25. It's My Thoughts

    It’s nice but considering what we can get for free (and I’ve got a really nice one!) why should I pay for this one? I think I’ll pass …

  26. nelson RN

    Nice! But the price isn’t. I’ll just stay on my current theme then. :)

  27. blubberball

    Very, very nice. :-)

  28. Aurie

    Drop the price point from $75 to $45 and I think that there would an even bigger buzz for this theme. I would definitely purchasing this if the price were lower. Also, this should have multiple color options as well given the fact that the theme is so versatile. Again, it would bring tons of blog folks on board.

  29. sweetkari

    Very good … but it is expensive for us Bulgarians!!! :)

  30. shacoyo

    A beautiful addition.

  31. oneredsock

    Oh wow… that is sexy. Now I need to figure out if I can justify the cost. I *really* like it though – well done guys! Thanks for all the hard work.

  32. usoidesfero

    I wouldn’t pay 75 bucks for this theme. Sorry, but I think many of the free ones look neater than this one.

  33. cosmonavigator

    Not bad but not convinced.

  34. Teri Malo

    This is the first new theme to come along that I could use for an elegant arts (visuals) site – keep them coming.

  35. kyriosity

    Blue, blue, blue…are there any designers out there who like any other colors?

  36. Niko

    Decent theme but not at that price. In the titles of the theme posts, could you please make the distinction of “New PREMIUM Theme”?

  37. Valentine Bonnaire

    Very fab for writers I know! Thanks WP. Will promote to them and at Writer’s Conf! xxoo! WP forever.

  38. eDdY s

    Wow… It’s Very Nice Theme.

  39. angiecandelo

    Oh, it is a nice page.

  40. Hussain Kadhem

    Wow, lovely theme… always impressive.

  41. jessiethought

    Sleek, cool, and nice colors!

  42. deepbellylaugh

    This one’s absolutely beautiful. Love the colours too, nice to have a vibrant theme. Thanks!

  43. gs collector

    I like it. Congratulations on another lovely option.

  44. Boston Margy

    Gorgeous theme. I’m really tempted to get it, despite the $75 price tag. Is this a good theme for longer posts, though, or posts that combine media?

    • Matías

      Certainly. You may want to explore the Tapestry demo site to look for longer posts. The theme also works with all the regular media you can put into any entry.

  45. Lies Against China

    This should have multiple color options.

  46. mscunited0950

    I don’t get why these things are so expensive!?!?! I am never going to pay $75 for a silly theme. Even if it is a one time thing. I could buy a video game or guitar accessory for that price.

    But for the actual theme, I like it. The price is terrible though. But, the past themes that you have made (recent ones) have not been very good according to me. This one is OK though. I think that something like the P2 theme. Some variation on that!

  47. robertboazgalpo

    Very nice theme.

  48. rebelliousrock

    Hmm, awesome.. :)

  49. Ken W. Simpson

    I can’t quite see the point of making blogging ‘lovely’, or lovelier. You can embellish, but that has nothing whatever to do with good writing.

  50. fadlikadn

    Wow…great themes.. look stylist.. nice.. :)

  51. Daniel Romo

    A bit pricey, no?


    Really cool!

  53. rpnorton

    @aceman exactly what I was thinking! Very tumblr-esque

  54. airmaxfrance

    Just thank you for sharing.

  55. My Camera, My Friend

    Very versitile and nice colors.

  56. rkumar

    Oh this is really good and impressive.

  57. Invisible Immigrant

    Lovely! But I have to stick with ‘free’.

  58. Usup Supriyadi

    How the procedure using a premium theme?

  59. yvonnesim

    More Scrapbooking Themes, please! Thx! ;-)

  60. adidoel

    Wow… it so cool, the color is good, it most simply for photo blog, nice work.

  61. selenabarry

    Do you have some other theme, such as some suit for the funny game? I am looking for that .

  62. illage3

    It looks nice, but I can’t help but notice that most new themes require us to pay for them. Shame as well I could have used this theme. :’(

  63. birdmaru

    Cool Theme!!

  64. Yangki Imade Suara

    Why don’t WordPress provide a premium account and user don’t have to pay for every premium theme. User can change their premium theme into another premium theme as long they are listed as premium user.

  65. Tausiyah In Tilawatun Islamiyah

    Wow… cool… this the greatest theme I’ve ever seen… nice work!!

  66. Imaginarium of Pau

    Looks nice and neat. I am still thinking if I should use this, though. But good job! :)

  67. Yuune Akira

    This is what i’ve been waiting, thanks :]

  68. thamnguyenit26

    Nice! But I don’t have enough money to buy it :(

  69. eva626

    Very cool!

  70. Ochiudo

    Not for me. Why anybody would want a theme that makes their blog look like their facebook-profile is beyond me.

  71. aRuL

    Elegant theme. :)

  72. Camille Anne

    Sorry, it’s a nice organized layout and all, but I just can’t see spending $75 on this.

  73. musiksinne

    Don’t like it at all, it’s boring. I was expecting more from a premium theme.

  74. giecell

    Very nice and cool theme.

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  76. poraliblog

    It’s a good two column theme, but I prefer other free themes. That’s my opinion! Thanks WordPress!


    Great theme, thumbs up!

  78. Aless Piper

    What I’ve noticed is that all the themes with postformats are premium, whereas the ones without (or with just galleries and asides) are free. Kinda makes me glad I recently moved to self hosting… I love post formats but $75+ is a little steep to pay just for them.

  79. by adminstrator

    Woo… Nice blog theme, I am looking for that.

  80. skyler2234

    I don’t think the theme is as nice as I thought. Don’t see anything good about spending $75 on it.

  81. Stuff Queer People Need To Know

    Looks a lot like Tumblr.

  82. GADEL

    Pretty cool theme. Wished it were free.

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  84. Sandra Pawula

    This theme has a nice feel, but I’m not keen on the icons. It would be so nice if all the themes had all these different post formats! I would love that.

  85. Stephanie Selby

    Do you guys have any scary, or dark looking themes? That would be a very nice fit for my blog.

  86. sarahrahn

    I wish i had 75$ That theme is awesome. But like the Basic math theme, you could lower the price. But good theme choice.

  87. Intelligent Challenge

    If I did more photos, I’d be tempted, although price a little high. Looks great though.

  88. corzgalore

    I agree that it looks like Tumblr as well. But alot of people really like tumblr, so I see no problem with integrating the two styles.


    I like the theme, but $75 is a little steep for a theme that I may or may not keep for longer than 1 year.

  90. Inna

    I love this theme. Reminds me of Tumblr.


    Clean theme… wish it was free.

  92. Dishan Savithra Rajapaksha

    Cool theme, but hate the price tag. :D

  93. Kunstellen

    I am still looking for a blog theme which can be used by artists. A clean white one, witty, two column, artistic straight font but not to complex. A bright color like a catchy pink in a modern way. The paintings must have room, should have to stand out… I could not find it yet, not in de free one I say… but perhaps it will eventually, just commenting. ;-)

  94. Dapo

    I like the theme! Cool and elegant.

  95. Midnight Orgasm

    Only for the rich people.

  96. hadyussari

    It’s cool. But it will more cool if we don’t pay for it.

  97. hallenru

    I love the theme.

  98. Magnus Anekwe

    The theme is very nice but I was wondering if my website can benefit and how it can.

  99. Pocket Money Marketing

    That’s looking very smart.

  100. It's My Thoughts

    Looking forward to more new ones!


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