New Theme: Mystique

Example of Mystique's single page view.

I think you’ll agree this theme has a certain mystique to it. This fun, colorful theme is flexible enough to fit any type of site — it’s simply loaded with options. A long-time favorite for self-hosted sites designed by digitalnature, Mystique is now available in your dashboard.

What doesn’t this theme do? It offers layout choices of one, two, or three columns, six color schemes, four footer widget areas, and support for four post formats. Not to mention built-in links to your favorite social networks in the header, a unique custom widget with quick-switching tabs, and special treatment for a “featured” post at the top of the site.

Read all about Mystique on the Theme Showcase — I think you’re going to really love this one.

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Lance Willett

  • Apr 21, 2011 @ 3:26 pm
  • Themes


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  1. pxndxs

    Wow! Great!

  2. Intelligent Challenge

    This is very cool. A nice Easter present.

  3. Gaurav Tiwari

    Mind blowing! It’s too beautiful.

  4. Jerry Jacques

    This is amazing!

  5. Egnaldo Oliveira

    Great theme!

  6. Gbenga Awomodu

    Fantastic. Going ahead to preview my blog on this new theme! Happy Easter, Y’all!!! :)

  7. Charlousie

    Wow! That’s very … Mystique ;)
    I like it. Too bad, that it won’t fit for my plans. But maybe… I will try it in spite of that. :D

  8. mrpatrickblog

    Mystique looks magnifique!

  9. My Camera, My Friend

    I love the background, but I might go with a less contrasting shade for the area behind the text.

  10. VatuBarok

    Oh, that is PRETTY! I love how you can tweak the buttons and links, I’ll give it a try in a few weeks, it looks like a blast!

  11. 有里

    Yes, this one is cool indeed.

  12. Jennifer

    Fun, colorful and flexible! What’s not to like?

    (Love those post formats; keep ‘em coming!)

  13. Lusy Aaltje

    I like the build in links in the header. Nice!

  14. yen

    I admire how you guys keep coming up with new and interesting themes! Keep up the good work!

  15. doctorwhofan98

    Really nice theme! I might use this…

  16. Crystal

    Love the social tracking buttons at the top.

  17. Missey Twisted

    Woooo, like it. Just changed my blog to this theme to give it a try.

  18. jessiethought

    It is cool… clean and simple-looking. Not confusing. Would be a great theme for great writing; would fit seamlessly and awesomely.

  19. Kim Hyun Rin (nimashinki)

    Wow, I like it.

  20. kensbackhome

    Very nice. I like all the options.

    This could be the one that finally gets me to change my theme.

    Maybe… :-)

  21. Margie

    I like the more dramatic themes. This might be a candidate to replace my Choco Theme.

  22. ljhheo's blog

    I will use it.

  23. Spinny Liberal

    Cute! Techno looking rainbows. :-)

  24. deblync

    Very nice theme… great features! Might try in future.

  25. Tex Arty

    This theme really looks good. I intend to try it out.

  26. Jennifer Avventura

    It’s totally hot.

  27. rocknroli

    Wow…finally one that I am definitely going to update my 2-yr look with. :) Thanks!

  28. pltprincess

    Some really nice features in this one! Thanks.

  29. sigalsart

    Great look & feel!

  30. spaziomente

    Really great! I’ll use it soon!

  31. KathrineROID

    Nice! I shall have to try it. I love those theme options, and hope to see more customizable themes in the future. I hope it doesn’t do funky things to my pictures like some other themes do. . .

    This may be an answer to my never-ending theme search, honestly. I’ve been looking for a good theme for an adventure/thriller science-fiction/fantasy writing blog for a while, and am not entirely happy with what I’m stuck with now.

  32. Rookie Photographer

    Great, I will try this.

  33. Sassy Jeweler

    LOVE this theme!! Thanks for creating such fun, unique themes for us to use!

  34. David (1MereMortal)

    Very much like the design of this theme…well done.

  35. schloertenaehtwas

    WOW! This is one amazing theme!

  36. ShadowWing Tronix

    I plan to switch over this weekend. It looks really good, but I’ll have to give a proper test run before I commit to it.

  37. Mahfooz

    Love the theme, I’m using it now :D

  38. musiksinne

    As Daft Punk would have described it: Technologic.

  39. Mary

    Wow, I really really like this one!!!

  40. Sandra Pawula

    This looks fun! I love all the options and flexibility. I would like to see more elegant themes with a one column layout like Duster for the front page and blog pages. No side bar, but not full width as in 900+ px and not super skinny as in Day Dream. Bottom widgets of course. With the focus on content.

  41. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

    Love it! THIS may finally be the new theme I’ve been looking for! All I really want right now is a theme where I can customize my own 404 error to send people to the home page…

  42. Jessica

    Great theme, I love the social network icons on the top!

  43. gothichydran126

    I like the background colors mixed with black.

  44. Lord Vader

    Thank you for offering such a great theme for free. :) Almost ideal.
    WP is the best!

  45. Eric

    This is a FANTASTIC theme! Changing mine today!

  46. djbaroque

    Excuse me whilst I pick my jaw up from the floor. Time to change the blog theme!

  47. sevgici

    I like it. Thanks.

  48. Mikalee Byerman

    I must admit to being nervous about changing my blog theme — do readers like change or consistency? But I love this theme and may consider it…

  49. emilyakin

    Mystique does a lot of things, but I wish that the dates on the posts showed the year. Example: June 21, 2011 or 06-21-2011 rather than what is shows now: Jun 21st. I use it for my self-hosted site.

    • Lance Willett

      Hi Emily, Mystique shows the full date (including the year) on single posts underneath the post as “Posted on” [date]; you can change that format from your dashboard in Settings > General under “Date Format.”

  50. Dave

    Beautiful. Changing after this post. :)

  51. Abercjusz

    The best theme in the world. ;)

  52. Ron

    Changed to this brilliant theme. Thanks for the excellent work!

  53. kokoproxy

    I love this.

  54. RJ

    I have always wanted to use this theme on my WordPress blog! I’m glad that it has finally been added to the collection of available themes to use, what a beauty it is!

  55. Greg Lewicki

    It has been a while since I was last that much satisfied with a theme. Finally a great one for a variety of purposes. Custom background and the elegantly placed social media icons do the work. And it seems suitable for an ad website!

  56. Teacher Girl

    Just installed this theme and I adore it! Thank you WordPress! Amazing as usual.

  57. guard13007

    I really like this one!

  58. irinamix

    I’ve used it before on a .org site… and now it’s available for .com users. JUST AMAZING… gracias desde Ciudad de Panamá!

  59. lestat546

    I love it, greetings and thank you very much for this new theme.

  60. Elyas Mulu Kiros

    Very nice, I like it!! I would use it if Tags were not visible on the front page (I find that aesthetically unpleasant)! :( I dont mind seeing tags on the individual post, but I hate seeing them all over the front page.

  61. Kopf.Adeyemi

    Looks great! Will check it out, nice work!

  62. enamouredslave

    Oh, wow, that is pretty snazzy!

  63. Laura(lea) H

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Color! Yahoo! Thank you so much for this one!

  64. harrykosa

    Yes, thank you much. I love it.

  65. chorwin

    Tested out the single column setting of the theme, look great to showcase photos or as photos blog. The single column / main column setting for this theme is 915 – good to show a 900 x 600 photo! Anyway, I remain stick to Modularity theme, as so far it the only theme that allow to show image size 950 in width!! IMHO – this is the best theme to showcase photography / image, not to compromise the resolution / size of the image.

    Still hope there will be a free theme with single/main column with supported width size 1000 or 1100. As today most LCD monitor in width size, thus it shouldn’t be problem for most visitors. It still depend on blog owner – for their preference. :)

    Conclusion – Mystique is a great theme for me… !

  66. Ali Reza

    Overall, I love it. I just don’t like the blockquote style… too short or something.

  67. symonpum

    Wonderful theme, I love it!

  68. Aurie


  69. Nochecazador

    I love it. It will be used on at least two of my blogs if not all three.

  70. masbadar

    Wow, fantastic. It is a must-to-be-applied-now theme!

  71. Training Up My Boys

    I love the content area that way I don’t have to scroll so much. Love it!

  72. An Bội Thái Minh

    Awesome! Thanks, man!

  73. Adrian Pantonial

    Fantastic! Thanks! I wonder how the other color schemes look like.

  74. ζÔ§Η

    It’s absolutely beautiful! Thanks!

  75. Agung Rangga

    Wow! The most beautiful free Theme on! :D I like all the feature it has.

  76. ecoapollo

    Great theme!

  77. Cle

    Gorgeous! The theme for me, thank you!

  78. wonderyan88

    WOW, marvelous! Thank you.

  79. Kemi

    Really nice!

  80. Sharon

    Now THIS one I like. Clean, clear, and concise. Nice addition.


    Beautiful! Thanks for adding themes regularly to WordPress!

  82. Neelima

    I think I’m going to shift to this one!

  83. Nishant

    Love this and took no time in adding this theme to my blog.

  84. andy18809

    Great theme, I love the social network icons on the top!

  85. areefmsurya

    So cool, wow.

  86. odeegulmatico

    WordPress team, you did it again! the only thing i could complain is that i keep changing themes because you keep on introducing better ones! ;)

  87. Petra

    This is very pretty, a real spring inspired theme with a lot of color schemes. Nice job!

  88. pinky200011

    DEFINITELY mystique… it’s ADORABLE. In a beautiful, nice, pleasant way. It’s very easy to suit anyone. Once again, you’re awesome! :)

  89. hal786

    I’ve been waiting for a fun, colourful theme like this to pop up!

  90. astromasterprem

    It’s simply superb and useful, thanks a lot.

  91. Charles Fernando

    I will change back to k2 lite and will stick with it, not because I didn’t like this theme.. but still a big blog style and like to be an underground troll.

  92. fujis5

    Beautiful one.

  93. deepbellylaugh

    Wow, this is so different from the usual output from the Theme Team! Is it free? Almost looks too good to be true! Haha. Hope you guys keep trying this direction.

  94. phoxis

    Pretty impressive. A clean but spicy one.

  95. Lizzums

    I love it, shame though on the actual theme, the post text is different and rather hard to read… that’s incredibly off-putting. Or maybe it’s just not so compatible with Chrome. Otherwise, I love it.


    Wow… Really cool!

  97. jessiethought

    Cool graphics–I like the sidebar, especially! That sidebar will be useful to all who use it. It would be so easy to scroll through a blog designed like that.

  98. shalewaalli

    This is beautiful.

  99. mscunited0950

    This is AWESOME! Finally a good new theme that you don’t have to pay for! :)


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