New Theme: Fresh News

We’re always amazed with the way you continually push the scope and depth of your blogs on It only makes sense that you’d also want themes that can take that work and organize it in easily readable, neat layouts. Like our newest theme addition, Fresh News! For the one time price of $45, Fresh News offers a solid design that can accommodate many different websites. From its feature post slider to the 18 color schemes, this magazine style theme is an elegant and feature rich way to display your content.

The looks of Fresh News

Developed by WooThemes, Fresh News also makes use of two fully customizable navigational menus as well as several widget areas and layout options. If you love customization in your themes, you can’t go wrong with Fresh News. Of course, there is much more for you to explore and discover on the Theme Showcase.

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  • Apr 26, 2011 @ 5:15 pm
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  1. flyingmonkey

    Monotonous uninspired blackness.

  2. Charlousie

    Wow, that’s beautiful, but I like the new theme mystique too much. I wouldn’t change it by now ;)
    Go ahead like that! You guys are doing a great job!
    Thanks for creating those nice and awesome, stylish themes! :D

  3. Pamir Times

    When will the best things be sold free of cost :-p

  4. Margie

    So many nice themes and only one blog to test them out on. Will this be the theme that makes me want to leave Choco?

  5. mrasherkade

    I love Mystique too. When I can get my blog fixed by the security breach, I will probably change over to Mystique. Isn’t it awesome Charlousie?

  6. The Writing Runner

    I like this a lot! Nice job!

  7. guard13007

    This is a very nice theme, unfortunately, I do not have money.

    Oh well, maybe someday.

  8. Vanessa Vu

    Pretty nice :D

  9. Pranab

    Kinda costly for me. But I love the looks. Wish you guys would add a free theme like this! Keep ‘em coming…

  10. Eric

    What a clean theme! Like Charlousie, Mystqiue is my favourite as of right now. Can’t wait to see what WordPress will create next!

  11. Brandon


  12. Aimee

    Very nice! I like the look. It’s clean but not boring. I also like the organization with the tabs.

  13. josie987

    Wicked, I’m loving it but sadly I wouldn’t pay that much for it. I can get a theme just as nice for fee so I will be sticking to the one I’ve got. But still great work, I think it’s a real work of art. WELL DONE!

  14. John Hayden

    Very sophisticated and very reasonable price. One thing I’ve noticed on a lot of the themes, especially the sophisticated ones, is the relatively small, sans-serif body type. Looks very clean and modern, but not easy to read. Not a problem if your blog is mostly a photo blog.

    You can’t beat the large, serif body type in Twenty Ten. I’d like to see some of the themes with sophisticated features also offer a choice of a readable serif typeface for the body.

  15. Rookie Photographer

    Cool theme, but it is paid.

  16. Monteverdy

    Awsome theme … gonna be my theme right now :)

  17. Stephanie Selby

    While I wouldn’t pick this for my blog, it’s always nice to know that there’s a growing amount of variety!

  18. Waqas Ali

    Fresh News is good news. ;) Please get us some free magazine themes like The Morning After.

    Also heard that Duster is coming up with more features, will love that. Thank you for everything you guys do to make a fun place.

  19. Hunter

    Looks Sharp. It’s a lot like my LightWord theme.

  20. Deepak

    Wow… That’s really elegant…!! :)
    I like the simplicity!

  21. Crystal

    Clean and professional. Well done!

  22. JawGeX

    Very nice, but I swear I’ve already seen this – and secondly could the article boxes be enlarged as the pictures I used get shrunk and become pixelated :(

  23. Hudson

    Looks great! I won’t be using it, but it still is great to see all the work you put into new themes.

  24. asociadoscontigo

    It’s really nice… We always are waiting for more!!! ;)

  25. Feng Shui By Fishgirl

    I might have to change my theme this year… you’re providing so many temptations! :)

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  27. Tracy Zhang

    Really like the navigation menu on the right!

  28. chuckredfern

    I’m not seeing any provisions for widgets on this theme.

  29. metaglossia

    Great work. I love the header of this new theme. I wish most WordPress themes were just like this.
    Thanks a lot for all these new proposals. Keep them coming please.

  30. jessiethought

    You described it well–solid.

  31. jessiethought

    Oh yeah, and it has nice widgets. Clean and simple.

  32. PanicMonster

    Oooh, I like this one.

  33. Max Strauss

    DANG. This one is much better then the one I bought.

  34. Tomcat in the red room.

    I’m always so tempted to change my theme after having the same one for so long.
    Maybe I should give this one a try…

  35. sanityisknocking

    Looks cute! I really appreciate all these themes that give us more room on the page. For awhile there, I all the themes I found attractive were super narrow and not conducive to longer blogging! Thanks for all the hard work!

  36. It's My Thoughts

    Very nice… but I’m sticking to my mystique, it’s just awesome :)

  37. Ochiudo

    Meh. Nice, but too much like others we’ve seen before. It’s solid work, but… it somehow lacks that extra spark.

  38. The Teenage Taste

    I LOVE this theme! The sidebar layout is fabulous. I’m thinking of switching…

  39. John Ryan Recabar

    Very simple, sleek, and clean.

  40. My Camera, My Friend

    Looks nice. I like the idea of multiple color schemes to choose from, and 18 is quite a few to pick from.

  41. J Roycroft

    Looks good. I’ll have to decide if I really want fork out 45 bucks for this one. At the rate you folks are introducing new themes, The smart thing might be to wait.

  42. cosmonavigator

    Nice and neat :d

  43. Samantha

    WOW Great THEME!!

  44. J. W. Hankins

    This is a cool theme, but any chance of a premium version of “Structure”.

  45. happycontessa

    I am extremely happy with what I have, but keep on being creative. It is always good to have choices. Thank you for allowing me to have a great blog, according to my own opinion. :)

  46. maggieannthoeni

    It is so very tempting to justify running a slew of blogs just to enjoy theme possibilities! Would that I were 10 people!! :)

  47. Taufik

    Elegant and stylish theme!

  48. Tatu

    Looks nice, but my current one is still the best…. and free,

  49. antonatrail

    Very good! My compliments.

  50. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Cool, but I’ll stick to my current theme :)

  51. Sajib

    I’d suggest you guys don’t forget about free themes ;)

  52. Mary

    Nice! Customizable navigational menus and more widget areas, sounds awesome!

  53. Stephanie

    I really like the navigation on this one. Good job!

  54. chorwin

    Very nice theme, especially the feature post slider – where it showcase the feature photos in a smart and elegant way.
    It do allow full width page setting with 900 pixels – cool for photography showcase!

  55. enamouredslave


  56. pxndxs

    I like!!

  57. lestat546

    I love Mystique but thanks!

  58. Midnight Orgasm

    Another wonderful theme that only the rich people can afford. I hope more free themes would be available to accommodate those bloggers who are really up to the services offered without charge.

  59. masbadar

    I like it.

  60. Dê Xù

    Looks great! Thanks for all of your efforts recently to create those interesting themes. But I’m still in love with Artmov theme – a very old one, because of its simple – looking layouts and everything else inside it ;)
    One more thing, I hope that your cool design group can make more options about fonts – I mean, different fonts can create different emotions. Strong one. Gentle one. Tiny one. Wiggly one. Sorry if my idea seems to be weird, but after trying lots of theme, I myself found that really meaningful ;)

  61. Deb

    Clean, but not fun enough for me. I like my beach theme, thank you.

  62. Mikalee Byerman

    Loving it! Thanks for the extra options… choices = good. :)

  63. Robbo

    Hi all, I have to say I have been wrapped by the last bunch of new themes but this one to does nothing. I am sure it is customisable but all the good stuff is down the bottom in what I assume is the default theme. But who am I but a mere crime blogger!

    Might be someone else’s perfect choice…


  64. shekharonline

    Currently Mystique would dominate all :) Only reason of it – it’s SUPER COOL and Awesome :P

  65. jolynproject

    I LOVE it! First time I saw a theme on that has 99% of the things I want in a layout. Bought it and can’t wait to show it off to my readers. Thanks for making a little blogger’s dream come true! :)

  66. Borut Peterlin

    I’ll buy it! I’ll create an on-line magazine, but webmaster would charge me at least 1000 EUR, but if I buy your theme, fill a content on on, then pay you to move it to my server and I have a on-line mag for $99 + $45

    Not to mention, the theme is way better then I would dare to demand from a webmaster! You rock and roll guys!!!

    Thank you sooo much!

  67. ashwanibhatnagar

    Another Good One!

  68. BaNi MusTajaB

    Nice theme… I like it.
    Good job… Thanks


    I always love clean and light theme. Thank you :)

  70. The Soaring Eagle

    How can I try it? Is it free?


  71. slateblankwebdesign

    Seems a little to simple for $45… No offense.

  72. mstheresa

    A unique one!

  73. corzgalore

    Simple, but I like it.

  74. yvonne simon

    I wish some more scrapbooking themes.

  75. obsidianfactory

    I really wish there will be free themes soon — really can’t use any of the premium ones

    Also, please make themes more like Vigilance: it’s one of the best themes WP ever came out with ^_^

  76. Kilmore Fisz

    In my opinion $45 for this is a crazy idea. I really wonder how many people boghout this theme? 2, 3? No way that you find more then 10.

  77. Will Cookson

    Great theme. This was exactly what I was looking for my magazine blog.

  78. Kale

    Nice. Too bad it’s not for free.

  79. dianluffi

    Nice :D

  80. V.Kirillin

    Wow, cool theme! But I like my current theme more.

  81. schloertenaehtwas

    Totally like it!

  82. ourdiy

    Fresh News is good news. Please get us some free magazine themes like The Morning After.

    Also heard that Duster is coming up with more features, will love that. Thank you for everything you guys do to make a fun place.

  83. thedarmogandul

    Wow, it is simple and beautiful. I want to try it for my blog. :)

  84. eClinik

    WooThemes does it again!

  85. Ardee Napolitano

    This is so neat. I kinda like it, though the column in the right is a little bit dull… :D

  86. mattyeahyeahyeah

    This theme is just in time for the Royal Wedding!

  87. Gbenga Awomodu

    Nice stuff. This is quite a neat and ‘mature’ theme. Thanks!


    I LOVE this theme Great ;-)

  89. castorina

    All the really cool themes come with a premium attached to them.

  90. panovision10

    Pay? For a blog page?

  91. Le fille Ash

    Oh, this theme is really nice!

  92. eva626


  93. Martin Tjandra

    Cool theme. It’s very elegant. But I want to stick to Choco theme right now, because it’s more “journal-like”. :)

  94. trackerz

    Yeah… looking good, awesome… :)

  95. ពត៌មានវិទ្យាកូនខ្មែរ

    Beautiful :) !

  96. motsaufeminin

    Beautiful this one, WP I like it so much. :)

  97. Intelligent Challenge

    Lovely and clean, but probably not $45 better than Freshy.

  98. Author

    This is Awesome! But, i’m with mystique for the time. That is awesome as well ;-)

  99. rommel

    This is THE theme I’ve been wanting, but I can’t afford it. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for as it generates previews of your posts. With my current theme, on the stats it only shows how many people have looked at the “Homepage” and not for specific posts. With this new theme, people are gonna have to click on the titles to see the entire post. With that, I’d be able to see what specific posts interest my visitors.

  100. dimagios

    Little boring … :)


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