New Theme: Linen

Today’s latest theme is as clean and fresh as you’d expect a theme named Linen to be. It’s also an impressively adaptable theme with an array of options that make personalizing it simple and easy. If you’re publishing articles in a magazine, pages for a business site, or your own personal blog, you’ll find Linen’s elegant style perfect for you. And it’s yours for the lifetime of your blog for only $68.

The Linen Theme

Just like the other premium themes from The Theme Foundry Linen is packed with features. Linen beautifully highlights posts with featured images by sliding them across the home page. You can add thumbnails to each post and upload your own logo or custom background. You can even customize the typography with a selection of seven accent fonts and eight different body fonts!

Read more about Linen’s features on the Theme Showcase and preview it right now, live on your blog, from Appearance → Themes.

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Ian Stewart

  • Apr 28, 2011 @ 7:21 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Lee

    Looks too plain and too similar to the ones we have.

  2. raditherapy

    Love it!

  3. Casey

    It looks too basic, as if it’s just…really ordinary?

  4. cosmonavigator

    Nice job, I’ll give it a spin.

  5. mscunited0950

    Looks too plain. And especially for $68.

  6. sychela

    I love it!

  7. Sassy Jeweler

    I love all of the font choices!! LOVE IT!!

  8. Waqas Ali

    I was expecting a free, clean, magazine theme. :) But this theme is worth the fee it requires. Thanks for the all work you do.

  9. Margie

    I like the idea of being able to change fonts. That is the biggest thing I think is missing from many other themes.

  10. jessiethought

    It looks like freshly cleaned linen! (Is that how you came up with the name?)

  11. myluckytown

    Looks good, but not what I’m looking for I think.

  12. Tito Salgado

    When are guys going to release some Tech Themes or more Darkier?

  13. the domestic fringe

    I really, really like this one! Thanks.

  14. It's My Thoughts

    Nice theme … but still gonna stick to Mystique. :P

  15. The Carrying Place

    Simply gorgeous.

  16. mrpatrickblog

    How seasonably appropriate!

  17. kellifleck

    I am really happy with this one! I will say I have not liked some of the previous themes coming out. Yet, I do think it is a bit pricey, perhaps you could explain to me if there are some hidden features that make this the price it is?

  18. Mike

    It’s a nice looking theme … I have to say that these premium themes are way too rich for my pocket though.

  19. At Your Service

    Very sharp!

  20. Sandra Pawula

    I was just admiring this theme on the Theme Foundry site. I love it’s simplicity and elegance. It’s the first paid theme that’s appealed to my sense of style. Congratulations on adding it to the menu of possibilities.

  21. PGreen

    It seems every new theme requires payment. Not the best way to treat loyal WordPress bloggers.

  22. Johnsonas

    Looks way too nice to be paid for. :) Consider dropping the fee on this one please!

  23. Stranger

    Τhis is exactly what i want for my blog.
    Please give us a free magazine style theme with Featured Post Slider!
    None from the free themes have something like this.

  24. Earl Migriño

    I love the focus on typography and the clean white space. Thanks for this! Modern Clix?

  25. Mikalee Byerman

    Thank you for constantly coming up with different theme options — the diversity of options on WordPress is amazing! :)

  26. Kelly Whitman

    Nice ‘n clean!

  27. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

    Wow, this is gorgeous — just wish it were free! So many new free ones to choose from — I think I’ll stick with one of those!

  28. Wez

    Nice. Eventually I’ll take the plunge and buy one of the slider themes.

  29. bakebooks

    I like the lighter themes – I find you have too many dark themes. But something with a unique header space and small-print fonts are nice. Something classy.

  30. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Pretty, but I’d stick to my present theme. :)

  31. Bobbie Rae

    I was just lamenting to myself how limited the fonts are for the .com blogs like mine. This is intriguing. Can one have a trial spin?

  32. bernardjustbernard

    Just getting started will soon try it out. :-)


    Easy theme again.
    I like it!

  34. My Camera, My Friend

    Very fresh and crisp.

  35. corzgalore

    It’s very plain and simple.

  36. mimi

    Love it!

  37. chorwin

    Look like has been pretty aggressive in rolling out new theme recently.. this is GOOD!
    Although most of the users may not be willing to pay for a theme, but sometime it may be an exception too, just to make the blog look per what you need!

  38. caitlinwu

    Great work! But looks similar to previous ones. can we have some more colorful choices?

  39. mattyeahyeahyeah

    Like it!

  40. Kale

    Not so new really. But it’s always nice to have one more option.

    And, yes, more dark themes, please!

  41. Bosstiger

    It’s really clean, simple, functional, and the best of all it reminds me summer. :D

  42. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes

    Is there a way to see what you mean by sliding posts and thumbnails (and the different fonts) without buying this first? I have tried previewing it, but I don’t know what you mean by these terms.

  43. Jenn

    I love the simplicity of it. Unfortunately, it’s not free. I’m looking forward to new free themes.

  44. whatnomints

    I really love this new theme – Very fresh and clean and I would switch over to it in a heartbeat … But I wish it wasn’t $68 – It’s a bit too simple for that amount of money.

  45. Inna

    It looks nice, but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for.

  46. Inga

    I like it…too bad i don’t have spare 68 dollars. Maybe next one could be for free? :D

  47. Devin M. D.

    Really like this one but feels a little too minimalist for sixty eight bucks. I don’t know, but really do like it.

  48. Brandon

    Looks great! Does this work on self-hosted?

  49. lavendergirl12

    Sorry but it’s not really my style.

  50. Intelligent Challenge

    Slick. Good work. Price is a bit steep though.

  51. jcwusthoff

    I like clean. =)

  52. peregrine

    I like to change themes every once in a while, and having to pay for a theme is not worth it for me. I hope that WordPress continues to submit free themes and hope that paid themes are not going to become the trend or the rule rather than the exception.

  53. Aimee

    Nice! I would like to see a bit more color though.


    This is really nice. :)

  55. Myra's papers

    Nice and simple. Thanks.

  56. Polaris

    I like this theme. Well-designed, clean and (most important for me) good choice of fonts and font sizes. Don’t see what’s so linen-y about it, but I guess that is the designer’s creative license.

  57. Jennifer Avventura

    Crisp and clean. I like it.

  58. williamw60640

    Looks great-cleanly uncluttered.

  59. bkkmitrakarya

    It is amazing.

  60. John Hayden

    An extremely professional look, but without being staid or formal. My favorite feature is that you can easily customize type fonts. It is so cool to be able to harmonize type fonts with content.

  61. vanessajaded

    If this were one of the free themes I would be ALL OVER it! I love clean, crisp themes, they don’t take away from the content. Great work!

  62. pragmanocache

    Linen.. looks simple and clean.. I’m waiting for the free edition. :)

  63. funtl

    Looks great, but I want to see more free themes.

  64. allyfairly

    I like it, very professional.

  65. Sharon

    Glad to see continuing process on the themes. Looking forward to seeing what is coming up for both my free and self hosted sites.

  66. Joanna Schwarz

    Would be great if free!

  67. Anonymously Secret

    I hope you all will be releasing more colourful themes.

  68. VatuBarok

    Beautiful theme, hope there is going to be a similar free one soon.

  69. Martin Tjandra

    This is definitely for photography showcase blog, which is great for me in the future.

  70. nanagalore

    It’s just cool and simple, love it!!

  71. fergus

    I love this, but i am not willing to fork out that much money. We need more free themes!

  72. Stephanie Selby

    A little too simple for my taste, especially with the price tag!

  73. gabisa7

    I really like it!

  74. pandelicious

    I’d buy it if I get the option to dry clean. Otherwise I’ll stick with my blanket.

  75. akhyaarka

    I like black blogs.

  76. traviscc

    Interesting. But I like the one I have now.

  77. Ad V~

    Now that’s a very pretty theme! Just a pity I’m not writing regularly enough to get myself a $68-theme… yet. ;-)

  78. waterco

    I was expecting a free clean simple theme with large custom header image.

  79. jones5555

    Thank you! I like it!

  80. Kojiki

    The most beautiful theme ever. Worth every dollar. Thanks Foundry!

  81. nana_chan

    I love it! Very impressive!

  82. Adrienne Nicole

    If I didn’t love the theme I’m using right now to bits, I would use this for sure! x

  83. soozling

    I love this theme and am actually considering plopping down the moolah for it. Good job, WordPress!

  84. mark

    I like the minimalist ones like this one, I find they are the best for applying your own logos.

  85. Scott Dreyfus

    I like it, clean and Simple. Well done and easy to read. The most important quality is readability!

  86. swebdizajn

    Nice and comprehensive information for everyone. My compliments for WordPress!


    Nice! Simple and clean. Great job

  88. Jesse

    Oh my. Yes yes yes yes yes. Everything is right with this theme.

  89. soozling

    OK. I caved. Bought the theme and installed it yesterday. It looks AWESOME! Thanks so much WP.

  90. John Todaro

    Linen – appropriately named.

  91. Rene'

    It’s nothing different than from some of those already available.

  92. Stephen Nicolaou

    I actually like it.

  93. Tallest Nat

    Awesome and clean but I think it’s priced a little too high.

  94. jessiethought

    What does that say on it? Singing sand?

  95. dr.Abu Hana | أبو هـنـاء ألفردان |

    Nice and simple.

  96. Asko Nõmm

    Yes, definitely very well thought theme which catches the eye at the first sight. Reading content is incredibly good as well, 9 out of 10 from me as in it could always be better.

  97. nromano1

    It’s clean, simple, professional, and I love both the ‘Read More’ function on the articles and the slidebar at the top.

  98. nelson RN

    Looks neat!

  99. Ranziy

    This is almost the same as Duster, which is free.

  100. Kopf.Adeyemi

    I like the sliding option. Good work! :-)


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