New Theme: Vertigo

Today we are excited to introduce a new, beautifully designed, free theme called Vertigo. It makes great use of WordPress post formats. It has a charming, hitchcockian typeface for site and post titles. And it’s dark.

The Vertigo Theme

With Vertigo you can set your own accent color for links, which is used in several places throughout the theme, if you don’t feel like red is a good fit for your blog. You can also have a second color of your choice for the site title by using the settings in Appearance → Header.

The theme is inspired by the design work of the late Saul Bass, Art Goodman, and Dave Nagata. Based on the original design by Matthew Buchanan. We hope you like this new theme and start creating incredible blogs with it. As usual, go exploring on the theme showcase.

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  • May 9, 2011 @ 6:32 pm
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  1. AnotherSociety

    Nice looks good ;-)

  2. Will Cookson

    Must say that love the fact that you are using all the post formats. They are great fun to use

  3. mrpatrickblog

    Aw man… Would have been perfect for my Working in the Clouds blog post…

  4. blackshirt13

    This was my Tumblr theme before. o.O Seriously.

  5. noirciplume

    Way too dark!

  6. Nickie Wang

    Wow. This is something different. =)

  7. peixesloucos

    I used this in tumblr. Good but still I am looking for a better photography theme.

  8. Eduardo Miguel

    I didnt like it.

  9. whatnomints

    “You were a very apt pupil!” … One of my favorite Hitchcock movies :) O! Nice theme too …

  10. alterandom

    I remember seeing this over at Tumblr and wondering how it’d be to have it on WP. The header font reminds me less of Hitchcock and more of Fred Quimby as the credits rolled for Tom & Jerry. This is good stuff!

  11. guldarmband

    I just love this theme, there’s only one simple small little little detail that makes it completely useless for me, IT DOESN’T SUPPORT Å, Ä, AND Ö :(

  12. bakebooks

    Yeah, I hate the dark themes. Lighter backgrounds are more appealing. What else does it offer….

  13. Margie

    Vertigo might be a good choice for someone who wants to post lots of photos. The font choice is very casual and fun. Congratulations on another wonderful Theme option!

  14. cosmonavigator

    I’m trying for a month to change my theme… but this could be it :)

  15. Mary

    I really like this one!

  16. PanicMonster

    Ooh I’m gonna try this one out. Love the font.

  17. corzgalore

    I love this actually. Alot.
    This looks amazing.

  18. Alive aLwaYs

    I’m loving it. Using it for my other blog. 10/10
    Can we not have sidebars, for if I use more widgets it gets pretty clouded down there in the footer.

  19. Scott Carmichael

    Can’t you guys ever make a theme that is dark, uses san-serif type for everything, has a large custom header image (that can either be behind or totally disable the text title) and that uses business/cool/boring color palette (like maybe mostly black, grays and rich blue) or something? Oh, and can you please make it a 3-column layout?

    I just feel like every theme WordPress is coming out with is girly/gimmicky/too cutesy (with overuse of serif fonts) and very few have real custom header image options that can replace the text title if you want it to.

    • Matías

      The body font in Vertigo is sans-serif. Also, regarding the header image, you should be able to hide the header text in Vertigo from Appearance > Header.

      All things said, though, more themes are coming. :)

  20. Nox

    Dark is good.

  21. kensbackhome

    Quirky, offbeat, fun. I like it…

    Are there perhaps other iconic-movie-style themes in the works? James Bond? Pink Panther?

  22. El Santo

    While I don’t think I’ll be changing to it, I’m glad that there’s an alternative for all those folks (including myself) who use the super-popular Greyzed theme!

  23. cheesecake

    Looks very cool to me. But i think i have seen this in tumblr.

  24. Stranger

    There is a problem.

    The greek letters don’ t appear at the headers of posts.

    Every greek header at posts or at menu are…invisible!

    • Matías

      Yes, unfortunately the font used doesn’t contain a complete character set. We will let you know if this gets better.

  25. Intelligent Challenge

    Very cool – won’t work for my blog, but I do like it

  26. Birdwhisperer

    This looks really nice! I don’t like that it doesn’t have a sidebar, but I’m sure it’ll work for others.

  27. Fredrick Gorge Anderson

    Ooh! How about a Transformers theme?

  28. Charlousie

    Nothing for me. I don’t like dark themes. Exhausting for my eyes and very difficult to read more than a second… Stupid, but except of the darkness vers nice! ;)

  29. Saif Aslam

    Love the theme, but don’t think it would suite it for what my blog is about.

  30. stickinsect

    Very good. I like the fact that this is so different to most of the other themes.

  31. John Ryan Recabar

    Avant garde.

  32. Midnight Orgasm

    I am now using this theme.

    It is very refreshing to see a FREE theme. Something that we poor people are sick of having.

  33. Feng Shui By Fishgirl

    I was expecting Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novack in the background :)

  34. deepbellylaugh

    So cute and cartoonish! Might be a bit too dark to look at for a long time but I definitely like its uniqueness. Nice work!

  35. Lee

    This one is from Tumblr… well that’s where I saw it first.

  36. My Camera, My Friend

    Nice graphic look.

  37. pragmanocache

    It looks unique and different from the others. Nice.

  38. Simon

    Way cool! A bit too stylistic for me, but it’s definitely a quality addition to the free template family!

  39. Eric

    It thought it’d make me feel unbalanced haha :P

  40. guard13007

    I like it very much, suited to an idea for a blog I’m cooking up, but not my current one…

  41. jasphotograph

    If I have a blog set up already…. can I change over to say…. this, and it will keep everything the same OR do I have to start from scratch again?
    I do photography and photos look really good on black.

    • Matías

      You may change themes as often as you like with your blog. Your posts, pages, media, comments, etc, are all kept separate from the theme you use.

  42. mrasherkade

    Now THIS I like!!!!
    Custom background and header? :)
    More of these types of themes please!

  43. rodi

    May be kind of hard on the eyes though… esp trying to read on phone.

  44. americantransman

    This is excellent! Not like any other theme really – novel and eye-catching. Thanks!

  45. Sr. Patrono

    Very nice. It’s really cool! I liked …


    I prefer to choose easy and light themes :)

  47. chorwin

    Very “fancy” type of theme, too bad the column width is 430 only, and with single column only… arggg….

  48. David (1MereMortal)

    Too much like Tumblr for me… might be a nice change for others.

  49. Alex Gonçalves

    I really liked, but I’m brazilian and write in portuguese in my blog. I saw that the font is a little irregular because of accents, cedilla and others. :-(

  50. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Thanks, but I’ll stick to my current theme :)

  51. Mikalee Byerman

    Red and black are totally my colors: blood and death, baby! Perfect theme for my irreverent posts…

    Love it! :)

  52. victorworang

    Good theme, I know some bloggers needs dark not dorky! So, why do you called Vertigo? Is that inspired by U2… ;-)

  53. Rashmi Kamath

    I think I’m going to use it. It’s soo cute! :)

  54. masbadar

    Hi, how to give “don’t-like” rating? :D

  55. Sandra Pawula

    It’s fun to see unique themes bursting forth, although I prefer a more conventional style. I would love to see a one column theme similar to this (but not so wild) with a wider blog post area (600…) and white background / custom background. Keep the creativity flowing!

  56. Aabhash

    This is my Tumblr theme. I don’t get it… Why is WordPress so much into releasing Tumblr or Tumblr like themes?!

  57. Jessica

    I love it! It reminds me a lot of a simple clean tumblr layout, especially the conversation part. Can’t wait to try it :D

  58. Inna

    Love it. This was my theme on Tumblr before. :D

  59. Mira Faraday

    WOW! This theme is so wonderful to have as an option. I love all the creative aspects that went into this design. My hat is off to you creative geniuses!
    I as well enjoy the fact that this will display large photos with ease on a post page.You are greatly appreciated.
    Many smiles,

  60. baolishi

    Very interesting.

  61. Manny Ramirez

    I like it! Needs different color options though, maybe grey?… Anyways, good job on this theme! :)

  62. danielxg

    I was expecting Bono and U2 in the background… No? I think I’m lost.

  63. Michelle

    Truth be told, it feels strange having a Tumblr theme on my wordpress blog. o.O


    Looks good. Probably a perfect theme for extreme sports. Like it!

  65. JD

    Oh my gosh! This is the theme I’m using for my tumblr account! So meant to be! :)

  66. xiaohui

    This one is nice, and it’s very different, thanks for it!

    Looking forward to more WordPress Themes – updates feel a little slow lately. :)

  67. jaygee7

    Hey Guys, Really good looking theme! Love it! Way to go!

  68. Jennifer Avventura

    Nice and dark. I like it.

  69. dhenztm

    Cute! :D

  70. eDdY s

    Wow, It’s very cool. I Like It :D

  71. ocean56

    It can give a refreshing change to some blogs that are just, well, boring and need spicing up a bit.

  72. testvessel

    Red on dark… awesome

  73. kiwilana

    I think it looks awesome. I may try this one out.

  74. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

    Love the font! But I hate reading black blogs, they make my eyes hurt…

  75. dhila13

    I’ve ever used this theme in tumblr.

  76. It's My Thoughts

    Nice but I’m too happy with mystique to change. :P

  77. Gtalk

    This is so different to most of the other themes.

  78. gothichydran126

    I like it! It’s very simple color wise.

  79. Antoinette Van den Berg

    Matias thanks for sharing this new theme with me… I love it because of the colors. Nice day and success for you!

  80. illage3

    Looks like a nice theme. Thanks for making it free as well.

  81. nate

    Cool… I’ve already changed my theme.

  82. X3

    Looking at this, I feel like those people that walk into a art gallery only see ugly paintings, clearly then I must be uneducated and as refined as a rock on the mountains you may think, cant blame you for my view is that, attributed A for effort and a F for sharing it with everyone else, very brave.

  83. Andika Satria Yudha

    I like it :D

  84. Denzil

    Very low readability: white text on black background may look nice, but it’s very difficult and hard to read.

  85. bloomsky89

    Hello, I’m very happy for using a new theme in my blogs… I am courious of trying Vertigo… Then I tell you what I think of it. Bye and thanks!

  86. replicahandbager

    Good article, nice, every greek header at posts or at menu are…invisible!

  87. usama795

    Nice, looks good.

  88. rossi789

    Very good.

  89. Luis Rosa

    Loved this theme – it is comic-like!

  90. Mae

    Love it! Love the red.

  91. rachelbg

    Hi, nice theme. But seems to does not support accents in the titles of articles.

  92. Kilmore Fisz

    Finally free theme!

  93. loungery

    It’s great man, really nice

  94. loungery

    How to get it matias?

    • Chelsea Otakan

      You can find this theme in the Appearance -> Themes section of the Dashboard.

  95. Devika

    Love the fonts, love the dark… most of all, love the Post Formats!
    Changed to it faster than you could say ‘Alfred’ :P

    Finally a theme that feels like me :D

  96. Devika

    Follow up…
    Would’ve liked there to be sidebars, and why does the title font do funny things to parentheses..?
    Also, most distressingly, the title of the post disappears if post-formatted as Image :O

  97. southernmusings

    OK. This one, fantastic.

  98. aecho

    Nice theme!

  99. mscunited0950

    Pretty cool!

  100. Imaginarium of Pau

    Looks good! This is a great start for a free theme. Keep it up WP peeps!


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