Now share Google Docs and Google Calendars

For many of you, your site isn’t just about communication, it’s about collaboration, too.

We’re taking collaboration and sharing one step further today at by enabling you to embed  presentations, documents, forms, spreadsheets, and calendars created with Google Docs and Google Calendar.

We’ve had a lot of users request this functionality from our awesome Happiness Engineers, and we are listening.

To get started sharing Google Docs and Google Calendars, just copy/paste the code provided by Google into a post, page, or text widget, and you’re done!

We’ve created two new Support documents to guide you through this step by step:

Note: if you’re sharing a private (not public) document, the viewer will have to be logged into Google and have permission to access the document.

Get sharing!

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  • May 9, 2011 @ 4:30 pm


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  1. Word Lily

    This is great news!

  2. mguizzardi

    Thank you!
    Is it possible to do it with jetpack in selfhosted wp sites?

    Best regards

    • Evan

      This isn’t in Jetpack currently. For now, you can always just copy and paste the embed codes from Google into your blog.

  3. doctorwhofan98

    Great feature. Do you know whether there will be any support for Windows Live Office and Windows Live Hotmail Calendar in the future? I don’t use Google. :-(

    • Evan

      We don’t have any plans for Live or Hotmail just yet, but if Google Docs and Calendar are popular we might look into doing more embeds like this.

  4. Kim Hyun Rin (nimashinki)

    i like this.. i wanna try :)

  5. jiajinye

    like it

  6. Charlousie

    Nice Invention. This thing with log in to google, if the post is private…
    Seems to be a nice function.
    We’ll se, if it’s that great, how it seems to be!
    I am going to check this out. Those things are the reasons for blogging with WordPress! ;)
    THANKS! :D

  7. Kaarel Arb

    Nice! Have to try that soon.

  8. ana pauper

    unexpected good news :)


    Good job!

  10. novellavialli

    Does this mean we can now use Google Friend Connect as well?

  11. It's just a web site man!

    Not crazy about this feature. Just tried it. Copied the iframe code to my post, and it embeds my doc as a small window with scroll bars? Very unappealing. It may be ok for some applications, but not for my blog.

    • Evan

      Hi there, the embeds should be automatically resized to fit in whatever area they’re embedded into. If you embedded something like a wide spreadsheet we may not be able to shrink it enough to fit, so in that case we need to use scrollbars.

  12. امین

    you are the best!

  13. Andrew


  14. Pranab

    Great update this, sorely needed. This takes our wordpress experience one step closer. And especially for doc-ey people like me, this is a wonderful, wonderful update. I am so going to love this one!

  15. vanessajaded

    Fantastic! I have been waiting for the ability to display my Google calendar! Thanks WP, team!

  16. Christoph Heindl

    Thanks a lot, I’ve been waiting for this feature!

  17. Jennifer

    This just made my day (even though I noticed it a few days ago). And with Gmail announcing today that users can color code their Google Calendar, it made it even better! Thank you!

  18. Scott Hunter

    Wonderfull. Will this functionality also be coming to sites? (Or is it already there and I just have not discovered it?)

    • Evan

      You can already embed whatever you like in your sites by just copying and pasting the embed code into the editor. On we don’t allow flash or many other embeds for security reasons, but for popular services like YouTube, Slideshare, and now Google Docs and Calendar, we make special exceptions. So if you’re using you can already do this with no changes needed.

  19. Tom Baker

    Awesome new feature!

  20. brandingthinking

    Thank you for informing us

  21. Jay Collier

    That’s great news!

  22. brecksbicycleshop

    Hot damn! Thank you! I was just talking the other day with another designer (whom I’m trying to make a wordpress convert) about all the things I love about designing our website with WordPress, but that one of the few things I didn’t like was that I couldn’t use google calendars. You’ve made me eat my words! She, in particular, works with a website that is heavily focussed on events and thus needed a site where she could pull in her google calendar.

  23. mrpatrickblog

    Pretty convenient! Oh please please allow google analytics integration some day…

  24. cosmonavigator

    these could turn out to be quite usefull

  25. Mary

    That would be pretty cool!

  26. ismailimail

    Google Calendar is only showing up as a calendar (no different than the WordPress Calendar widget). It would be helpful if an individual calendar events could be shown in a list format. is there a short code to show only the future and individual calendar events?

    • Evan

      I’m not sure if Google offers a list style embed. If they do, it should work if you copy the embed code. If not, unfortunately we’ll need to wait for Google to support that feature.

  27. Mac


  28. According to Gus

    This is a great new feature! Maybe the ability to embed Google Maps is in the horizon?

  29. nathan2055

    Awesome! I’m sure this will come in handy!

  30. PanicMonster

    this is AMAZING!!!

  31. Jessica

    Great add-on! I’m sure it’ll come in handy once I get into the Google tools too :P
    But I can’t wait to give it try :)

  32. Jennifer Avventura

    super news! well done WP!

  33. njr711

    Sounds terrific. I haven’t needed those specific functions yet but I love the idea of being more cooperative with google.
    I would really like to see wordpress blogs show up in my google reader feature like blogger. That would be awesome!

  34. ClapSo

    Wait a sec! Ain’t bartenders happiness engineers?” Hey, photomatt, pour me a scotch on the rocks!

    It’s high time the winter of our discontent
    become the not so silent spring of ACTION!

  35. mainstreetmentor

    I’ll no longer use anything, any phase, any promotion that deals with Google or Verizon. Those entities have joined forces in an attempt to “own” the internet. The internet needs to remain “free”.

  36. Intelligent Challenge

    Your happiness engineers have a degree in awesomeness!

  37. mandeebooksandbling

    This is great! I do wish that Google Friend Connect would be added. That would be awesome!

  38. 1975jmr 侯壮马 Jean-Marc Rolland

    Great news, I’m waiting to try it…

  39. The Campus Beet

    By chance, just decided to create a calendar page TODAY. moment of clarity/technological breakthrough in uploading a calendar was definitely fueled by this becoming available. No wonder I was having trouble just a few hours before!

  40. The Campus Beet

    p.s. so thank you so much!!! huge time saver!

  41. portaleazzurro

    Simply wonderful!

  42. jessiethought

    Thanks a lot. This will be pretty useful, I’m sure!

  43. Érico Cavalcanti

    That’s why WP is the best blog server! Realy a awesome new! Thx n congrats!

  44. KathrineROID

    Utterly fantastic! I recently had a couple friends convince me of the value of google docs. Imbedding them into wordpress posts doubles their value and uses for me. I am a science fiction/fantasy writer, and love google doc’s method of sharing progress. Thank you so much, WordPress team, for all the new treats!

  45. stickinsect

    This is a great idea. Whilst I am not sure I have much use for this feature yet, it is nice to have the option. On that note, could people please suggest reasons why I would want to share Google calendar (or docs) on my blog (and not just give them the link to my Google calendar/docs)?

  46. dhimasln

    Oww yeahhhh… i reallllllyyy like this.
    dari dulu kek :)


    seriously, seriously? that’s AMAZING NEWS!

  48. moojaxee

    Great ……
    You guys are Rocking……….. after Jet pack it is a another useful application here…………

    I will try soon,

  49. Eric

    Awesome add!

  50. José Carlos

    Really good. rocks

  51. jordijs

    Great! Would it be possible to do the same with the Facebook “Like box”? ( It is much better than the “Page badge”, which is the only one that works with…

  52. Wez

    Thanks, this will be very handy.

  53. 850music

    THANK YOU! Just the feature I have been waiting for!

  54. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Cool! Thank you so much, WP!

  55. victorworang

    Yes, WP! Get it easy, easy, and easy! :P

  56. Aabhash

    Can we share ‘Scribd’ docs too?

  57. katscafe

    Thank you! This will be so nice when sharing longer documents! I love WordPress!

  58. hanin

    Yet another surprise. Should move to Google Docs soon. Many many thanks..

  59. davetm29


    What about Google Polls?

    Incredible the new feature!!!

    Greetings from Mexico!!! :D

  60. esbateria

    great news^-^

  61. pradeepwiki

    Very Nice one. Thank you. I will share this article with my friends.

  62. Inna

    Can’t wait to try it out! :D

  63. Neeraj Bhushan

    Thank you.


    Things just get better. A great addition!

  65. Manoj

    Very good information. You the people suggest us so we are growing. Thanks!

  66. Raoul

    Awesome, thank you!

  67. revolt78

    wow That would be pretty cool!

  68. Antoinette Van den Berg

    Got started and having fun so far!

  69. Denzil

    A great enhancement. Looking forward to trying it out.

  70. Frank

    Nice feature. Not as good as the EME-Plugin, but already useful. THX

  71. Adam Blackie

    Brilliant idea. Thanks.

  72. nwn9

    Nice. Can you add funcionality to I can embed Facebook Like Box in my site?

  73. s.z.

    I love you guys! You are always striving to give the the customer needs and wants. I’ve been waiting for this. Thanks again!

  74. sylviahubbard1

    I’m so excited I think i just had a baby and didn’t know it… oh no… it was just excitement, but if it was I’d call him WordPress ! thank you thank you for this! I’ve been so waiting for this feature.

  75. muqatilah

    Interesting also for our german users!tnx

  76. Iñigo


  77. RandomizeME

    Very cool – another new feature I didn’t know I needed! Great Job WP!

  78. Minchie Israel

    Have you WordPress “Happiness Engineers” – or whatever you call yourselves – been eavesdropping in my study? Are you blog spies too or something? I cannot, for the life of me, imagine how I could have slaved over the weekend to post my Google Calendar on one of my blogs, had to settle for an RSS feed in the Sidebar and by Tuesday I can in fact post my Calendar of events in all its grandeur. You guys can bug my mind anytime.

  79. Jean

    YAY! Thank you so much… this is awesome!

  80. wcclibraries

    This has made me very happy :-)

  81. 4 ♥ 1 ♥ Love

    Always trying hard to please Worldpress, Thanks!

  82. jrudgesales

    thank you….this makes life easier for sure ! already added calendar….cheers !

  83. Salil Lawande

    Thanks a lot. I have been looking forward to this development for a long time. When is WP allowing Picasa slideshows on its blogs?

  84. Netty Gritty

    Excellent! Thank you!

  85. The Urban Class Boutique

    This is great. I go to 3-5 fashion events a week and now that I can post them to my blog. It will prevent me from having to send one mass emails. Thank you, thank you, thank you veryyyyyyyyy much!

  86. 8oni

    This will be awesome if I can get my swf to embed. Dunno why I can’t do that. :(
    But thanks for the work, good job. :)

  87. Guillermo Bautista

    You guys are just God-sent. Awesome job!


    I Like This Feature

  89. vancouvercoupon

    Great for telling me this. It is simple and easy to embed the google docs or calendars thanks a lots

  90. association51

    WordPress is now PERFECT!!!

  91. robotcookies

    Wow thank you wordpress! I didn’t even know this was a feature. This will literally make everything so much easier :))

  92. centurionmultimedia

    A long over due feature many of us are going to benefit from, excellent work guys.

  93. Kyler Starks Blog

    Love it!

  94. kinwar

    great implementation….

  95. youngbloodtim

    That is great! It means that communities using google groups internally can work well with facebook externally!

  96. Photocoustic

    great news !!!

  97. grekai

    this is very useful! great for all of us !

  98. Ad V~

    Now that’s what I call craetive thinking!

  99. driftwoodparkcc

    This just made my day!!!! I had a link to our calendar and did not like that it couldn’t be embedded. Love the change. Thanks!

  100. safesexcampaign

    Great news!


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